Hello there! My name is Kirbysakurai but you can call me Kirby for short! I am a big fan of The Slender Man Mythos, Creepypasta, pretty much anything horror related, Akame Ga Kill, Kirby and Puella Magi Madoka Magica! I am trying to get better at debating so please be constructive when you disagree with my arguments for why a character wins. I am also more active on Death Battle Fanon Wiki, DBX Fanon and One Minute Melee Fanon. I am also planning on using wheel decide to decide where the battles take place.

My Battles

Season One

Episode 1: Ghostface vs Jeff the Killer (Scream vs Creepypasta)

Episode 2: Billy Chapman vs Harry Warden (Silent Night, Deadly Night vs My Bloody Valentine)

Episode 3: Bunny Man vs Easter Ripper (American Folklore vs Murder House/Puppet Combo)

Episode 4: Jason Dean vs Rena Ryugu (Heathers vs Higurashi)

Episode 5: Ayano Aishi vs Yuuya Kizami (Yandere Simulator vs Corpse Party)

Episode 6: Alfred Drevis vs Herbert West (Mad Father vs Reanimator)

Episode 7: Chris Walker vs Michael Myers (Outlast vs Halloween)

Episode 8: Jason Voorhees vs The Trapper (Friday the 13th vs Dead By Daylight)

Episode 9: The Strangers vs Animal Masks (The Strangers vs You're Next)

Episode 10: Still trying to think of an idea so yeah.

Characters I want to use but have no idea who should be their opponent

  • Candyman (Candyman)
  • Chucky (Child's Play)
  • Shion Sonozaki (Higurashi)

I'll probably be able to think of some fair opponents eventually but feel free to recommend me some ideas

Memes because why not




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