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Hated the show, thought they had some pretty bad battles. Always thought I could do a better job so I found this place.

I'm interested in..



-Anything to do with Switzerland



-Particular special forces

-Elite infantry units ( French Foreign Legion, Royal Marines)


Battles of Warrior Past

  • Praetorian Guard vs Samurai.Winner=Samurai
  • Landsknecht vs Rajput. Winner=Landsknecht
  • Zande vs Ninja. Winner=Zande

Battles of Warrior Fiction-In progress

  • Guardians vs Spartan III's
  • Jason Brody vs Danny Archer
  • Master Chief vs Super Predators
  • Captain America vs Agent Maine
  • All battles have been reserved

To be made

My user warrior because its late and I am bored.

Gregori Pushkin was born into a rich banking family in 1979, Geneva and while his family was rich, they were in no way kind. He was no more then an accident after his mother and father had drank too much during a party, much to their dismay. His father would occasionally punch his wife in the stomach and throw her down flights of stairs to be rid of this unwanted mistake. However the child was resilient and so his mother gave birth to a healthy baby boy. His mother and father deeply resented him, beating and starving him for pure fun. His harsh upbringing caused him to take on sociopathic tendencies.

At the young age of five he was expelled from school much to his parents surprise. They always imagined him to be well behaved and (they hated to admit it) quite intelligent. They were shocked to hear that for the last 9 months that he had been bullying other students quite viciously. They were also told that he had set fire to a classroom after he had been told off by his teachers for whistling in class. Through out his child life he began to explore his dark urges. He would bully young children, mutilate small animals and continued with his obsession of fire. His urges became worse and worse, he started taking on larger animals like cats and dogs. After the family maid found a disembowelled dog hidden in the garden, his father realised he needed to be set away.

On his 7th birthday he was sent to an old boarding school in the mountains. There was no loving goodbyes, just a nod and a handshake or two for the sake of it. Although his father was still his guardian, he offered the boy ten thousand sterling and two fake passports to stay away from the family. The money was put into a bank account until he was eighteen which would come in handy for his future. The other boys in the school disliked Gregori, instinctively realising that there was something wrong with him. He was physically attacked on more than one occasion but one assault left him badly injured in a field just outside the school. A Jesuit priest in hiding as the school groundskeeper took pity on him and healed his bruise's. The two became somewhat friends and grew to trust one another. The priest taught him advanced techniques from jujutsu and kenpo karate in return for books from the school library. Gregori trained in these arts religiously for two hours everyday. As he grew more confident he started fighting boys three years older than him. He left each and every one as nothing more than a bloody pulp. He spent alot of time in the woods on weekends and holidays, killing small animals to satisfy his urges. However the priest noticed this and began to realise that he needed to be further stimulated. He encouraged him to take part in heavy physical activities to tire him out in the evenings thus giving him less energy to kill. He became a talented acrobat and with recent growth spurts, he took up competitive rowing alongside his combat training.

He graduated from the boarding school at the age of 16 with brilliant marks however he was forced to leave the country that night after killing two of the main bullies and the priest whom he murdered with a sickle and a fire axe for fun. He left for England with a fake passport which he had acquired before arriving at the school. Not being able to access the money however to go to college, he instead joined the army. He served with the Parachute Regiment from 1995 till 2000, becoming a medic in his fourth year and then a medical assistant in his fifth. Doing this only to better understand the human body and to secretly poison or further disfigure injured soldiers by pretending to help them. He chose to leave the army over suspicions of past human rights violation while serving a tour in Northern Ireland. At the age of 21 he studied Law in Kings College London under a sports scholarship. He started seeing a economics professor using his charm and used her to turn his ten grand along with saved and stolen money into fifty thousand pounds. He later strangled her in her sleep before hanging her to feign suicide. With excellent results he achieved a Masters of Law from Harvard.

He returned back to Switzerland in 2006, setting up his own law firm using the money earned in stocks. Within in a year it became the 3rd most popular firm in Switzerland. However he set up a secret hitman service to please his dark side by offering his serial killer expertise to get rid of people for money. Employers range from mobs to workers who just hate their bosses. He was eventually caught in 2024 when a victims son walked in on him killing the boys father before escaping. Later that night after an ensuing firefight with Swiss armed police in which 10 officers were killed, 2 were wounded and one police truck was destroyed by a grenade, he was eventually killed after a grenade was thrown onto the roof of building he was taking cover in. He was then crushed by the falling debris, cracking his skull, neck and several ribs.

Weapons and Equipment

Weapon: Information:
Remington 11-87

Gregori acquired this weapon after his first professional murder. An ex-detective who had been let go after receiving a bullet would to the knee from an international arms dealer hired Gregori to hunt him down. After sneaking into the dealers apartment he was held at gun point with the shotgun but managed to disarm him before snapping his neck.

It has a strange appearance with a shortened barrel and a silencer. It is loaded with eight 12 gauge rounds, being capable of blasting through a man's skull with ease. Although preferring to subdue his opponents with his hands before killing them, however when his victims are armed and in close quarter areas his weapon of choice is the shotgun. When he was killed after the firefight in 2024, the police remarked on his accuracy with it, being able to hit a police officer in the shoulder from fifty metres.


The P7M7 is Gregori's signature weapon when it comes to firearms. Its lightweight, short design makes it the perfect assassins pistol. Like the shotgun it is equipped with a silencer and a specialised grip which allows him to use the gun with either hand, coming in handy when firing while climbing or other situations where he needs his good hand for other uses during a killing.

One of the only seven pistols of its kind made in the world, he came across this pistol during an auction and bought it for five thousand euros. He constantly practices with it, using it for half an hour everyday knowing that the weapon is only as effective as the man who uses it.


During his time in the Parachute Regiment he spent two years with an early version of the First Battalion in which he was trained in additional weaponry. Among these was the M16 and if he had the capacity to love, it would go to this weapon. After he came under fire from a rich farmer who killed his employers dog after it wandered onto his land, he saw the need to pack some more fire-power into his armoury.

Like all of his weapons, it has been modified to his specifications. Its an M16A1 with an M203 grenade launcher attached. Gregori uses it only in strict emergencies however while drunk with a friend from college he riddled him with bullets while his friend was passed out.

Saxe Knife

Gregori gained this knife from an unsuccessful mugger while studying in America. After stabbing the man he decided to keep the blade, finding the design perfect for his many needs. With a length of 25 inches, it is the perfect CQB melee weapon. The priest from his school had taught him a few techniques with a knife making him a dangerous opponent.


Although not exactly a weapon, Gregori used this in one of his first murders to dismember two bullies and the priest as they slept. He has shown good use with it, being able to sever limbs in a single swing through regular sharpening and training.

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