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Hayden does a great deal for the pages of this wiki- he always has... He also may be Edit-Man. If I were trying to find out Edit-Man's secret Identity, that's where I'd check first- all I'm sayin'.
You and your damn anal observations.
MrPacheco101, to me

About Me

I may be a regular user, but I have at some point or another held every type of staff position there is to hold except Bureaucrat, and then gone back to regular user. I joined as a regular user, then got promoted to rollback, then quickly to admin, then back to regular user, then accidentally to chatmod, then back to rollback, then to admin again, then back to rollback again, and then back to regular user a while later.

I am inactive as of March 27, 2015. I contributed to this wiki for three-and-a-half years starting on September 27, 2011, yet over that period I only did four battles, only three of which I like to count. Throughout my tenure as an active contributor here, I wanted to get into a groove of doing battles, but couldn't seem to settle down and get blog posts going with other stuff in life going on, as well as improperly configured pages running a muck on this wiki. Due to my OCD characteristics and perfectionism, most of my time on this wiki was spent editing and perfecting pages, which is part of what got me promoted to being a Rollback on May 19, 2012 (demoted on August 27, 2013). I haven't done much with it, but I do have a sandbox. I mostly just posted it here for my own convenience.

I pride myself on winning the editor of the year award twice in a row due to having revamped about 349 warrior pages to the format we know as of March 2015, as well as making fixes and tweaks to hundreds more. Of course, I have many regrets, such as only doing a few battles, not reaching my goal of 10,000 edits, and not being here when the pages in need of revamping category becomes empty. By the time that happens (if it ever happens), I probably won't care much. As of my retirement in March 2015, there were still 197 pages in need of revamping.


Editor.png Editor of the Year: 2012: HaydenStudios


Editor.png Editor of the Year: 2013: HaydenStudios


Edits1.png Warrior

Made 1,000 edits

Edits2.png Soldier

Made 2,500 edits

Edits3.png Out for Blood

Made 5,000 edits

Firstblood.png First Blood

Complete 3 battles

Secondyear.png Happy Anniversary Deadliest Fiction!
Thirdyear.gif Happy 3rd Anniversary Deadliest Fiction!

2014Award.gif Happy 4th Anniversary Deadliest Fiction!

Holiday.gif Happy Holidays 2012 Deadliest Fiction!


Holiday2.gif Happy Holidays 2013 Deadliest Fiction!



Master Chief vs. Nomad -- Winner: Master Chief (12.5-6.5)

Imhotep vs. Voldemort (Rematch) -- Winner: Imhotep (6-4)

Duke Nukem vs. John Rambo (Rematch) -- Winner: Duke Nukem (4-0)