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I love deadliest warrior and now I'm making battles. This will be fun.

My Tournaments

  • Mortal Kombat vs Marvel
  • Capcom vs DC   Cancelled

Battles I plan to do at Some point

Darkseid vs Freiza

Captain Marvel vs Captain Atom

Chimera(Greek) vs Manticore (Persian)

Kratos vs Dante Alighieri

Transformers (Both Autobots and Decepticons) vs Godzilla 2000

Galactus vs Unicron

Spawn vs Ghost Rider (Redux)

Mewtwo vs Shadow the Hedgehog

Sora vs Pit

Martian Manhunter vs Perfect Cell

Doomsday vs SCP-682

Captain America vs Deathstroke

Firstblood.png First Blood

Complete 3 battles

Secondyear.png Happy Anniversary Deadliest Fiction!
Slaughter.png Slaughter

Complete one season

My Title Cards (MK vs Marvel)

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