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Hey hey hey! This is my page as you can tell. You can call me Geek or G whatever you think is then better go for it. I love to play Xbox, and on my 3DS. My favorite movie of all time is Star Wars. My favorite game of all time is Bioshock. My favorite food is grilled cheese, my favorite comic is The Walking Dead, and my favorite anime is Ginga Densetsu Weed. I am usually a pretty easy going guy, as long as you don't make up an insult that really gets under my skin. I have lately been trying to get into more comics, as a comic store has opended right next to my house, so I have been hanging out there several times.  I came to DF several years ago, just interested by the concept of the wiki. While I am kinda busy lately with school, I plan to post battles any chance I get.

Ogres are like onions. They have layers
— Shrek


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None, as of now.

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  1. Battles (Season 1) 

1. Splicers vs Rangers: Rangers win

2. ODST vs Republic Commandos: ODST wins

3. Big Daddies vs Brutes: Big Daddies win 

4. Conker the Squirrel vs Fox McCloud: Fox McCloud wins

5. Corvo vs Ezio: Corvo wins

6.  Postal Dude vs Duke Nukem: Duke wins. 

7. Walking Dead Survivors vs Special Infected: Special Infected win. 

8. Vaas vs Profeser Genki: Vaas wins 

9. Shadow Company vs Hoyt's Privateers: Shadow Company win

The right man in the wrong place makes all of the difference in the world.
— G-Man

1. Booker Dewitt vs Tank Dempsey: Booker Dewitt

2. Super Mutants vs Brutes: Brutes

3. John Marston vs Silas Greaves vs Jonah Hex: TBA

4. Fireflies vs Rangers

{ Round 1: 

1. Rayne (Beastman14) vs Black Death (Geekboy27): Rayne

2. Xemgrond (WassBoss) vs Eilios (BattleGames 1): Eilios

3. Ancient Fear/Metus (Dark is Near) vs Scudders P. Keratosis (Dr. Las Moore): Scudders P. Keratosis

4. Eodisus The Bold (GSFB) vs Zan Lang (Pach) :Zan Lang

5. Obama (Utter Noob) vs Silas (Affectos): Obama (Utter Noob)

6: Silver Rhino (OshBosh) vs Aed Lugh (AgentXA564):TBD

7. Heiro (LeoLab) vs Equites Oculus (Skull)

Round 2: 

1. Eilios (Battlegames 1) vs Aed Lugh (AgentXA564) : Eilios (Battlegames 1)

2. Obama (Utter Noob) vs Scudders P. Keratosis (Dr. Las Moore): Scudders p. Keratosis (LAAAS)

3. Zan Lang (Pach) vs Rayne (Beastman): Zan Lang

Round 3:

1. Zan Lang (Pach) vs Scudders P. Keratosis (Dr. Las Moore): Zan Lang (Pach)

2. Equites Occulus (Skully) vs Eilios (Battlegames 1): Equites Occulus (Skully)

Round 4:

Zan Lang (Pach) vs Equites Occulus (Wanderingskull): TBA

Your suit sucks.
— Sly Cooper
Firstblood.png First Blood

Complete 3 battles

Slaughter.png Slaughter

Complete one season

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Name: Black Death Race: No one knows for sure. Some say he is a demon, an ghost, but no one can see under his mask. Appearance: Black Death wears a mask which is worn the face of the comedy mask on theateres. He also wears a black hood which hides most of the mask. He wears a metal brestplate. Personality: Black Death is usually quiet, and emotionless. Few have heard his voice....And lived. Backstory: Black Death was trained by the Dark Assassin lord: Nanto. Even before he was trained, Black Death would sneak around and take things, only to put them back. But then, his village was attacked by Dark Elves, where he was seperated from his parents. He moved to a near by city, and lived on the street. He would steal from the market place and any possessions to sell for food. Then the Assassin found him an decided to take him in. He was trained, and then perfected his art. Today, he takes contracts for people to assassinate, and he assassinates people who he thinks deserves it. Weapons: A short metal sword, which is the same size as Corvo's. A Crossbow, which fires incendiary darts, and stun darts. A Dagger which has a jagged edge, and a straight edge. Several throwing knives, which won't kill, but can hurt the foe momentarly. Magic: Dark magic: BD can summon a swarm of angry crows, rats, and beetles to attack his foes. Strengths/Advantages: BD can move quickly, and is very quick. Corvo's training and experience means he knows how to take down several types of fighters. Weaknesses: When BD uses his powers, this makes him vulenerable to several attacks. He also wears less armour below his waist, making him more exposed.

— Dimitri


  • Bioshock
  • Sly Cooper
  • Ratchet and Clank
  • Halo
  • The Goonies
  • Star Wars
  • Jurassic Park
  • Warriors
  • Halo books
  • Walking dead novels

Why Wolves are Groovy (Inspired by Drayco's fear of horses)

  • As pups, they are just outright adorable. 
  • With their fur, they just look outright majestic. 
  • They know when to step off from a fight. Such as when a bear aproaches.
  • They work together more than humans do.
  • They are one of the most intelligent species of animals ever. 
  • They can (somewhat) be tamed. 
  • They are the ancestors of dogs. 
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