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I maybe an eceentric and annoying to some, but I tell ya, nothing makes me smile than to spread information to everyone XD 

My Season 1

  • Miyamoto Musashi vs Julie D'Aubigny (Winner: Miyamoto Musashi)
  • Undead John Marston vs Nemesis-T Type (Winner: Undead John Marston)
  • Texas Rangers vs North-West Mounted Police (Winner: Texas Rangers)
  • Jason Voorhees vs Casey Jones (Winner: Casey Jones)
  • Oliver Cromwell vs Gonzalo Fernández de Córdoba (Winner: Oliver Cromwell)
  • Cowboy vs Cossacks (Winner: Cowboys)
  • Erwin Rommel vs Tadamichi Kuribayashi (Winner: Erwin Rommel)

My Season 2

  • Solid Snake vs Snake-Eyes (Winner: Solid Snake)
  • King Kong vs Indominus Rex (Winner: Indominus rex)
  • Ninja vs Sicarii (Winner: Sicarii)
  • WWII Female Heroes Duel to the Death! Nancy Wake vs Nieves Fernandez (Winner: Nieves Fernandez)
  • Saber vs Jack Horner (Winner: Jack Horner)
  • Long Range Desert Group vs Special Naval Landing Force (Winner: Special Naval Landing Force)
  • The Untouchables vs The Unknowns (Winner: The Unknowns)
  • Harpe Brothers vs Pirate Girls (Winner: Harpe Brothers)
  • Marco Polo vs Lief Erickson (Winner: Marco Polo)

Season 3

  • Batman Beyond vs Batman: The Dark Knight Returns (Winner: Batman: The Dark Knight Returns)
  • Timur the Lame vs King Baldwin IV (Winner: Baldwin the Leper)
  • Dead Rabbits vs Dog Soldiers (Winner: Dead Rabbits)
  • The Man with No Name vs The Lone Ranger (Winner: The Man with No Name)
  • Marcus Aurelius vs Ramses II (Winner: Marcus Aurelius)
  • Singaporian Army Commandos vs Philippine Scout Ranger Regiment (Winner: Philippine Scout Ranger Regiment )
  • Yakov Pavlov vs Harrison Summers (Winner: Harrison Summers)
  • Ned Kelly vs Jim Miller (Winner: Jim Miller)
  • Jimmy Hopkins vs Yander-Chan (Winner: Yandere-Chan)
  • Four Musketeers vs Four Hitokiris (Winner: Four Musketeers)

Season 4 Duels

  • FOR FREEDOM! Battle of the Revolutionary Generals: George Washington vs Toussaint Louveture (Winner: Toussaint Louverture)
  • A Tribute To Dueling (Part 1 Melee): Miyamoto Musashi vs Andrew Jackson (Collab with Pygmy)
  • A Tribute To Dueling (Part 2 Guns): Wild Bill Hickok vs Luke Short
  • Joker (Nolanverse) vs Joker (DCEU)
  • Joker vs Punisher

Optional battles

  • A Battle of Pure Violence: The Crusader (Hatred) vs James Earl Cash


Due to some bug in my wiki account, Fandom admins told me to delete all the threads that I have posted in this wiki and several others. Sadly this forced me to remove all of the threads I made in the DF, but hopefully I will be able to restore them. For now I'm posting some pictures as proof of my lost threads.