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False Shepherds: The Wolves (OCF) vs The Seventh Kalvary (Watchmen)


Tonight on Deadliest Fiction, we have a showdown between two groups, hidden by masks, recruited by silver-tongued leaders, and used as a weapon to further a sinister agenda! Prepare to be astounded as The Wolves, masked cultists who waged a war on crime, do battle with the Seventh Kalvary, the white supremacist terror group fighting to restore white rule in America! It's an all-out war as we compare their weapons, skills, and abilities to determine...



The Wolves

Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves." Y'know, these words from the Bible, they represent a lot of what I stand for, what I am. While these gangs fight for money, or standing, or respect, me and the Wolves fight to prove how gullible the human race exactly is. We show that if they fear something, or believe in a big enough lie, people will flock to it, like stupid, gullible, sheep.
— Alpha Wolf

The Wolves were a gang formed in the late 70s by Jefferson Tala, Charles Schrader, and Randall and Phillip Flagg in New York City. Despite their small numbers, the group became a feared faction in the New York underworld thanks to the steady influence and leadership of Tala before expanding across the country. Though the others were content with their successes, Tala's ambition proved far greater and he quickly picked up a career in politics, successfully winning election as Senator of New York in 2000. Preoccupied with his career, Tala was largely powerless to stop his former friends from usurping his role in the Wolves, leaving him to hatch a plan, started when Tala advised Schrader to have two junkies that robbed the gang killed, then adopted the child as his own, giving him the best schooling and training possible.

When the child, Edward Wesker, turned 18, Tala pushed for his initiation into the Wolves, setting him up to be mentored by Jack O'Leary, a widely-respected and noble enforcer for the New York sect of the group. O'Leary's kindness and sense of morality rubbed off on Alpha, who tuned his rhetoric to convince Jack that the current leadership was corrupt and a danger to society. With Jack in his corner, Edward began hatching his plan, winning over other prominent members before recruiting Jack Renard, a corrupt and underappreciated undercover cop, and Piper Watson, a prostitute forced into slavery by the Wolves, as his top assassins. When the leadership grew wary of him, Edward sprung his trap, using their attempt to kill him as pretext to launch a coup. In a matter of days, Edward wiped out the original leadership and the vast majority of their loyalists and crowned himself "Alpha" of the new Wolves, and quickly reformed the group towards more ethical operations and recruiting the downtrodden and outcasts of society, with Jack and Tala as trusted advisors. In reality, Alpha's morality was a ruse designed to win followers, and he had inherited his adopted father's ruthless outlook and lust for power, though this secret was known by very few.

The Wolves enjoyed three years of prosperity, going as far as to ally themselves with a British gang also calling themselves the Wolves, peaking when they joined the New York Alliance, a criminal alliance consisting of Omnia Venena, Cicada, the United Crime Corps, and the Appalachian Vipers, and battled the Miami Triangle for control of North America. Following their victory, the Wolves were manipulated into a catastrophic war with the Vipers, leading to hundreds of deaths, the shattering of the Alliance, and the betrayal of Tala, which forced Alpha to kill his mentor and take shelter in London, leaving Jack to run the gang's operations.

This isolation made Alpha deeply resentful, fracturing his relationship with his second-in-command, and was helped along by Jack's friendship and apparent subservience to Eddie "Vulcan" Brooksford, leader of the fearsome Suns of Vulcan, and British Wolves leader Alexander Greaves, both of whom urged Jack to take command from his egotistical protege. During the Fall of the Vulcans, a misunderstanding led Alpha to believe Jack was plotting his demise, and he launched a preemptive strike that failed, leading to a violent civil war that killed Renard and most of Alpha's loyalists before culminating in his apparent death in a shootout in an abandoned hotel. Jack reluctantly took the title of Alpha and attempted to properly reform the gang to match Alpha's supposed vision, but he was in turn assassinated five years later by a pro-Alpha fanatic.

Without stable leadership, the group collapsed for good, though centuries later Alpha's teachings would find popularity on the planet Bliss, with this new neo-Wolves clashing with detective Remy Yousser and his assistant, R'yth Thirman.

Seventh Kalvary

The clock struck on the highway last night. Soon, the accumulated black filth will be hosed away and the streets of Tulsa will turn into extended gutters overflowing with liberal tears. Soon, all the whores and race traitors will shout "Save us!" and we will whisper "no".
— Seventh Kalvary

Inspired by the diary of the deceased vigilante Rorschach, The Seventh Kalvary is a domestic terror cell based out of Oklahoma and formed by US Senator Joe Keene, with the backing of the decades old "Cyclops" conspiracy, who radicalized much of the group's membership by revealing the truth of the alien attack in New York in 1985, showing the "alien" was a creation by genius Adrian Veidt and arguing that the attack was a liberal plot to destroy the American way of life. Railing against the reforms of President Robert Redford, Keene set himself up as an apparent presidential frontrunner before working with police chief Judd Crawford to organize "the White Night", a night where the Kalvary launched an assault on every cop in the state, killing several and badly wounding many more. In the wake of the tragedy, Keene pushed for legislation to protect the identity of police officers, alongside investigating the apparent return of Dr. Manhattan, who had apparently intervened to save Officer Angela Abar during the White Night.

Initially sending the Kalvary underground, Keene has them re-emerge in 2019, building a machine to steal the power of Dr. Manhattan, with one attempt to smuggle equipment stumbled upon a police officer who is shot and critically injured. In response to the shooting, the police and their vigilante detectives launch a full investigation, with Abar in particular coming close to unmasking the conspiracy, though Keene manages to briefly stymie her by forcing her partner, Wade Tillman, to give her up to Agent Laurie Blake. Though Tillman escapes an attempt on his life, Keene is able to uncover the identity of Dr. Manhattan as Calvin Abar, Angela's husband, and the Kalvary assault their home and use a special gun to capture Manhattan.

With all opposition seemingly defeated, Keene revealed to Agent Blake his intention to steal the power of Manhattan and use it to restore America back to it's "glory days". In the midst of his gloating, Keene is interrupted by Lady Trieu, billionaire scientist and inventor, who reveals that she had secretly manipulated Keene and the Kalvary the entire time, using them to build the machine and capture Manhattan while she continued to play the part of an eccentric inventor. After Keene is killed when Manhattan's power overwhelms his body, Trieu swiftly kills the rest of the Kalvary and Cyclops, though she is herself defeated by the return of Veidt.

Weapons and Equipment

The Wolves

Fuckin' cultists.
— Other gangs, to the Wolves
  • Close-Range: Glock 19. A semi-automatic pistol with a range of 50 meters, a firing rate of 1,200 rounds per minute, and 15 rounds per clip.
  • Mid-Range: Mossberg 500. A 12 gauge pump-action shotgun with a range of 40 meters and 6 shells per clip.
  • Long-Range: M4A1 Assault Rifle. An automatic assault carbine with a range of 500 meters, a firing rate of 700 rounds per minute, and 30 rounds per clip.
  • Special: C4. An explosive device designed to be attached and remote detonated, the Wolves C4 is specially designed to leave behind as little evidence as possible, making it difficult to trace and pin the crime on any specific suspect.

Seventh Kalvary

Tick tock.
— Seventh Kalvary
  • Close-Range: Ruger GP100. A six-shot, double-action revolver with an effective range of 55 meters.
  • Mid-Range: Remington Model 870. A 12-gauge pump-action shotgun with 7 shells per clip.
  • Long-Range: M16A2. The improved model of the faulty M16 model of the Vietnam-era, the M16A2 is an automatic assault carbine with an effective range of 550 meters, a firing rate of 700 rounds per minute, and 30 rounds per clip.
  • Special: Browning M2HB. The M2HB is a jeep-mounted, belt-fed, short recoil-operated machine gun deployed by the Kalvary during their assault on the home of Angela Abar. It has an effective range of 1,8000 meters and a firing rate of 450 rounds per minute.


The Wolves X-Factors Seventh Kalvary
85 Experience 60
70 Tactics 80
75 Brutality 100
85 Logistics 85


  • The Seventh Kalvary operated as a guerilla force rather than any standing faction, going underground following the White Night and only partaking in limited engagements with law enforcement and vigilantes. The Wolves were an open, active force in the criminal underworld for decades, with the Alpha era of the group being punctuated with constant, violent conflict with both other gangs and dissidents within the gang despite only operating for a few years. Though it took a heavy toll and was ultimately a loss, the Wolves is the only gang to take on the combined might of the New York Alliance and survive, while the Kalvary was ultimately a pawn in a much greater scheme.
  • While Alpha prided himself on more long-term machinations, the Wolves were never a tactically inclined gang, often choosing to hang back and allow other factions to make plans before acting on them. The Kalvary used coordination and squad tactics to cement themselves as a force of sheer terror to police and civilians, racking up numerous kills and forcing the police to resort to totalitarian methods to stop them, and they did ultimately come close to success had Keene realized he was being played.
  • The Wolves are vicious criminals run by a egotistical sociopath, but they did genuinely seek to institute reforms, and thus avoided going too vicious in their attacks if it meant harming civilians alongside running safer drug and prostitution rings than many other criminals. The Kalvary's ultimate goal was a racial cleansing of America that would return to the era of Jim Crow and they didn't hesitate to harm anyone that would get in their way, up to attacking civilian homes and bombing funerals.
  • Both groups were well-supplied, with the Wolves taking part in arms trafficking while the Kalvary was supplied by Cyclops, who used their resources to fund the militia discretely.

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CQC, Survival Knife Melee H2H, M4X Knife
Colt M1911A1 Pistol Colt M1911A1
Remington 870 Shotgun Mossberg 590 Compact Cruiser
Imbdel MD 92 Assault Rifle M4A1 Rifle
M67 Hand Grenade Explosive M67 Hand Grenade
"Killer Bee" Special M60E4

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Dick Grayson

The Flying Grayson. Nightwing. Robin. They were about more than fight moves. They were about inspiration. Trust. Family. I gave that up to become a spy. A spider man. A tsuchigumo. I have changed. But I'll always be Dick Grayson.
— Dick Grayson

Ethan Hunt

Good morning, Mr. Hunt. Your mission, should you choose to accept it...
— Various people, to Ethan

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