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Let Slip the Dogs of War: Venom Snake (Metal Gear Solid V) vs The Punisher

CQC, Survival Knife Melee H2H, M4X Knife
Colt M1911A1 Pistol Colt M1911A1
Remington 870 Shotgun Mossberg 590 Compact Cruiser
Imbdel MD 92 Assault Rifle M4A1 Rifle
M67 Hand Grenade Explosive M67 Hand Grenade
"Killer Bee" Special M60E4

House of Horrors Part 1: Amahl Farouk (Legion) vs Pennywise (It)


The month of horror continues as we pit two monsters that feed off of fear and hatred in a match-up that's sure to thrill! Watch from the edge of your seat as Amahl Farouk, the Shadow King of Morocco and the most fearsome mutant on the planet, ventures into the town of Derry to battle Pennywise, the ancient entity that fed upon children in the form of a clown! It'll be an all-out deathmatch as we compare the powers, wits, and killer instinct of these two demons to determine...



Amahl Farouk

Do what you want. Take what you want. Gods make rules. They don't follow them.
— Amahal Farouk

Once upon a time in the land of Morocco, there lived a cruel, wicked king, who tortured his subjects and ruled the land with an iron fist. This all changed when Amahl Farouk, a centuries old mutant, used his power to overthrow the king, sealing his mind within that of a monkey. Taking the name "The Shadow King", Farouk proved to be little better, living a life of utter hedonism and trapping the minds of any disloyal subjects within that of a mute child, until one day he received a psychic signal from Charles Xavier, a fellow telepath who was searching for any other mutants. Inviting him to Morocco under the guise of friendship, Farouk intended to lay a trap for Xavier and steal his powers, but Xavier saw through the ruse and engaged Farouk in an hours long duel on the Astral Plane before seemingly killing him.

In reality, Farouk had narrowly survived the encounter, but was greatly weakened and forced to flee his mortal form. Vengeful at Xavier for ruining his kingdom, Amahl traveled to his family home and drove his wife Gabrielle to madness before possessing his son David, who Xavier was forced to give up for adoption out of fear for the boy's safety. While his body was taken by the monks of the Mi-Go Order, Farouk leeched off of David, slowly driving him insane by altering his memories and making him see hallucinations until David attempted suicide and was admitted into Clockworks Psychiatric Facility.

At Clockworks, Farouk used David's inconsistent memory to make him perceive his fellow patient Lenny as his old friend Benny, enabling him to lure him into a false sense of trust after Lenny's death during David's escape. The Lenny disguise slowly wore down David as he trained at the mutant camp Summerland, leading him to snap and go on a rampage when Division 3 kidnapped his sister Amy. Fully in control of David, Farouk slaughtered Division 3 and forced Amy to reveal the truth of David's origins to him. When Farouk, in the form of the Devil with Yellow Eyes, attacked David's girlfriend Syd, David was able to take back control and create a fake Clockworks for everyone to live in, where "Lenny" acted as a therapist. When David saw through the ruse, Farouk sealed him deep within his own mind and prepared to murder the others, with his plan only foiled by the intervention of Oliver Bird, who turned the tables on him and isolated him in the same place he had put David.

With the Shadow King sealed away, the Summerland group prepared to remove him from David permanently, but he made it clear to Syd he would kill David if the procedure were to happen. Syd, realizing he isn't lying, reluctantly allows herself to be possessed, and Farouk quickly switched from her to combat expert Kerry Loudermilk before finally taking over Oliver and escaping in the chaos.

Now free, Farouk embarked on a worldwide search for his body, battling the alliance of Division 33 and Summerland and wiping out the last of the Mi-Go monks. David, after receiving a warning from a future Syd that Farouk was crucial to stopping the apocalypse, helped Farouk find his body, but finally ended the alliance after Farouk murdered Amy to bring Lenny back to life. While David set a plan in motion, Farouk manipulated both Syd and Oliver's wife Melanie into turning on him, showcasing the supposed hero's true colors when David violently tortured Oliver for information.

With the heroes scattered and distracted, Farouk reclaimed his body and restored himself to his proper glory, taking part in a duel with David that nearly ended in his victory had it not been for Lenny, as part of David's plan activating a mutant nullifying soundwave. Before David could finish him off, Syd intervened, unable to trust him and aware that the foretold apocalypse is actually the result of Farouk's death at his hands. David, frustrated, wiped Syd's mind so she would love him again, but agreed to let Farouk stand trial. Knowing he would surely be executed if put on trial, Farouk was able to restore Syd's memory and reveal David's treachery to the rest of the team, forcing them to admit that he needed true psychiatric help. Heartbroken at the betrayal, David decides to fully bring out the apocalypse and escapes, and Farouk decides to fulfill his own destiny by stopping him, joining Division 3 as a reluctant ally.


For 27 years, I dreamt of you... I craved you... I’ve missed you!
— Pennywise

An eons old eldritch being with no true name, It arrived on Earth in a comet, in what would eventually become Derry, Maine. Awakening every 27 years, It would awaken, killing and eating whatever lived above until it became satisfied and went back to hibernating. Over time, as people began to populate Derry, It's influence caused the inhabitants to become hateful and apathetic, turning a blind eye to the series of violent deaths and disappearances. Every cycle would begin with a violent crime or accident that left many dead, and at some point It began to take a preference towards the form of Pennywise the Dancing Clown. One tribe of Natives used the Ritual of Chud, a magical act that would supposedly contain It, but Pennywise easily overcame the spell and killed the natives responsible.

In 1988, Pennywise's spree of violence would find some opposition when it killed and took the body of Georgie Denbrough, whose brother Bill began searching for alongside his friends Richie Tozier, Eddie Kaspbrak, and Stan Uris. Ben Hanscom, the new kid in town, discovered the strange tragedies and violence in Derry and began to connect it back to Pennywise, working with the boys, Mike Hanlon and Beverly Marsh, a fellow outcast and mutual crush of both Ben and Bill. Deemed "The Losers", the group became the new targets for Pennywise, and they finally trace its lair to an abandoned house on the outskirts of town. The initial incursion failed, with Pennywise injuring Eddie and nearly killing the rest of the Losers, and the group would briefly fracture until Pennywise kidnapped Bev and brought her to his lair underground.

While the remaining Losers returned to the house and defeated Henry Bowers, their bully who Pennywise had brainwashed into a minion to attack the group, Pennywise attempted to scare Bev into submission, but was forced to use the Dead Lights to render her catatonic. The group was able to snap Bev out of it and overcame their fears, forcing it to retreat and begin it's hibernation early, though they vowed to return and kill It for good when It awoke again.

In 2016, Pennywise was awoken when a group of thugs beat Adrian Mellon and his boyfriend Don Hagarty before tossing Adrian over a bridge, where a waiting Pennywise killed him in front of Don. Mike, who stayed in town to keep his memories, calls the Losers back to Derry, though Stan commits suicide rather than face the clown again. Hoping that the Ritual of Chud would work if the group fully believed in it, Mike had everyone collect a token from their past and head back to Pennywise's lair. Despite the groups's full belief, the ritual fails again and Pennywise, now resembling it's true form of a giant spider, attacked them and forced Mike to admit the truth.

Thrown into nightmarish traps, the Losers escape and battle Pennywise, with Eddie wounding it to save Richie from the Dead Lights and ending up impaled in the process. As he dies of his wounds, Eddie realizes that Pennywise needs fear to power itself, and the group stands up to It, insulting it until it shrinks into a small blob that Mike kills by tearing out it's heart, ending it's reign of terror and freeing Derry.

Powers and Abilities

Amahl Farouk

That's the point of what you call life. The only point. Power.
— Amahl Farouk
  • Telepathy: Farouk's greatest power is his telepathy, and he is second in strength only to Charles Xavier. David was never able to defeat him in straight-up combat during any of their encounters, relying on tricks to defeat him in the desert and during their final battle in the past, and the omniscient Vermillion determined that any engagement with Farouk once he recovered his body would end in immediate defeat. He can easily invade and manipulate the minds of others and has learned to harness his telepathy in a wide variety of ways.
    • Possession: Farouk's favorite trick and his method of survival following his "death" at the hands of Xavier, his telepathy enables him to plant his mind into other people and take control of them. People possessed by Farouk tend to gain yellow eyes, though David and Oliver didn't, and are left largely helpless to do anything as he takes control of their bodies and distorts their perception and memories.
    • Astral Manipulation: Farouk is a master wielder of the Astral Plane, able to effortlessly assert his dominance over anywhere in the plane, such as when he usurped control of David's version of Clockworks or invaded his and Syd's private space. Oliver, another powerful psychic, was forced to trap himself in an ice cube far away from any other psychics just to stay away from him, and even needed a special suit just to avoid detection when he ventured to the fake Clockworks. His control over this environment enables him to affect those within it as well, as he was able to immobilize Syd and Kerry and crumple up Division 3 agent Walter into a ball, killing him in both the plane and the real world.
    • Astral Projection: Farouk can also project himself into the real world, his preferred method of communication before he recovered his body. Using projection, he could take the forms of Lenny and Oliver to manipulate David and Melanie and was able to project others into the plane, such as David or Switch.
    • Mental Sedation: Farouk is able to knock people out with his powers, and was able to effortlessly sedate Clark and multiple agents of Division 3 with a wave of his hand.
    • Consciousness Absorption/Control: Farouk is able to absorb and effortlessly subjugate the consciousness of anyone he kills or possesses, as both Lenny and Oliver were trapped in a mental prison upon him taking control of Oliver's body. He can also plant a consciousness in other bodies, such as when he planted Lenny's mind into Amy's body or placed the mind of the previous king into a monkey.
  • Reality Warper: Farouk's control over his mind translates into an ability to manipulate reality at will, often using it to set up mind games for his opponents. In a matter of days, he was able to build a massive labyrinth full of traps, video screens, and a minotaur. He's even powerful enough to resist efforts at weakening him, as Division 3's power dampening restraints only limited his strength, and was one of the few mutants who could battle the time-controlling Time Demons and eventually subjugate them to his will.
    • Aura Generation: During his battle with David in Kerry's body, Farouk could generate an aura of energy that shielded him from harm. During the raid on Division 3, Farouk used this aura to deflect bullets fired at close-range.
    • Matter Manipulation: Farouk's control over reality extends to the human body as well, and he's usually used this to instantly kill any humans he considers beneath him by either turning them to dust or things such as pigs or fish. He can even use this to affect mutant's abilities, like when he removed the Loudermilk twins ability to come back together.
    • Teleportation: Amahl can use teleportation to appear anywhere or even bring other people with him, as he took Melanie out of Division 3 and to the desert with Oliver.
  • Telekinesis: Farouk can move and control people or objects with his mind, such as throwing Clark out of the way during his escape from Summerland or when he hurled the power dampening tuning fork the Choke several miles away.
    • Levitation: Farouk can float through the air by concentrating.
  • Master Tactician/Manipulator: What truly makes Farouk dangerous is his expert understanding of people's deepest fears and insecurities, enabling him to play his enemies against one another, and his patience, as he was willing to wait decades just to be returned to his body. Using these skills have enabled him to become one of the most powerful people in the world, to the point where he was able to think his way out of a certain execution and turn the tables on David.
Legion - Shadow King Attacks Divison Three With Style

Legion - Shadow King Attacks Divison Three With Style

Farouk, in Oliver's body, attacks Division 3.

Legion - David and Farouk Fight The Time Demons Day dream song (Squares by The Beta Band)

Legion - David and Farouk Fight The Time Demons Day dream song (Squares by The Beta Band)

Farouk helps Kerry and Clark battle the Time Demons.

Legion (Behind Blue Eyes Cover) - David Fights The Shadow King-0

Legion (Behind Blue Eyes Cover) - David Fights The Shadow King-0

Farouk engages in a psychic duel with David.


Step right up, Beverly! Step right up! Got change? Come float! You'll laugh, you'll cry. You'll cheer, you'll die. Introducing Pennywise the Dancing Clown!
— Pennywise
  • Telepathy: Pennywise appears to have some form of telepathy, capable of reading the emotions and memories of it's prey, alongside altering their attitudes and memories, like when it made all of the Losers save Mike forget their adventures. It can also outright speak to people's minds, as an adult Richie hears Pennywise speaking to him before he actually sees them.
    • Mind Control: Pennywise is capable of controlling the minds and actions of people. Using this mind control Pennywise was able to effectively brainwash the adults of Derry into being both hateful and largely apathetic to the numerous deaths and accidents across town. It can also target specific people with this power, as it enthralled Henry Bowers into attacking the Losers and is heavily implied to have manipulated Bev's father into abusing her.
    • Illusions: Pennywise has an utterly limitless ability to create illusions that seem completely real to the subject. The illusions are shown to have some sort of physical presence, as Pennywise carving letters into an adult Ben's stomach left him in pain until Bev smashed the mirror that Pennywise was appearing through, but can only be seen if Pennywise allows you to see them, as it's numerous tricks are only seen by the Losers. The illusions can be dispelled, but they require the viewer being fully aware of their nature as an illusion.
  • Telekinesis: Pennywise can make inanimate objects move or activate without being touched, such as slamming a door or forcing a projector to go through slides when none of the Losers were touching it.
  • Shapeshifting: As it has no true form, Pennywise can turn into anyone or anything it wants. These forms don't seem to adhere to any formal laws of physics or human understanding, as it could contort it's body to fit into a small fridge, though it takes on the physical limitations of whatever form it takes, as Eddie was able to overpower it in it's Leper disguise and the Losers forced it to retreat when it was in clown form and ultimately killed it by refusing to fear it anymore. It can also change specific body parts, like when it turned it's arms into pincers to attack the Losers or peeled back it's mouth to reveal rows upon rows of teeth.
  • Invulnerability to Physical Harm: While not entirely invincible, Pennywise can't seem to be harmed by any form of traditional weapon, as Bev stabbing it through the face with an iron spike merely disoriented it and it instantly healed from Bill shooting it in the head with a cattle gun. This is owed to it's lack of any real physical form, meaning there's not to truly harm.
  • Teleportation: Pennywise can teleport to anywhere in Derry, though it's incapable of leaving the town. It can even be in multiple places at once, as it stalked each of the Losers over the course of the day when they returned to Derry to take part in the ritual.
  • Invisibility: Humans can only see Pennywise if it wants to be seen, as adults totally ignore it's attacks and it can easily stalk anyone who doesn't notice it.
  • Superhuman Strength/Speed: Pennywise, even ignoring it's powers, is incredibly strong, capable of tearing human limbs off with ease and easily smashing through funhouse glass. It can also move quickly, attacking with lightning-quick speeds for maximum terror.
  • Chlorokinesis: Pennywise's physical presence seems to have an effect on plant life, as it's house is surrounded by dead grass and trees, and it touches several plants and causes them to wither and die while it's in the form of the Leper.
  • Spider Form: The closest thing to Pennywise's true form any human can percieve, Pennywise takes the form of a giant spider with Pennywise's head when it's in the lair beneath the house. In this form, Pennywise can still use the full variety of it's powers, but is also much larger, stronger, and faster, though he seems to lack the immunity to physical weapons, as Eddie was able to wound it with a makeshift spear by believing that it "killed monsters."
  • Skilled Manipulator: Pennywise is expertly capable of manipulating it's prey, playing off of their fears and self-doubt to lure them into the perfect position for a kill or to maximize their fear.
PennyWise Horror Scenes In Well House IT (2017)

PennyWise Horror Scenes In Well House IT (2017)

Pennywise attacks the Losers in the well house.

IT (2017) - The Losers Club vs Pennywise - Fight Scene (1080p)

IT (2017) - The Losers Club vs Pennywise - Fight Scene (1080p)

Pennywise's final fight with the Losers in 1989.


Amahl Farouk X-Factors Pennywise
90 Experience 75
95 Brutality 100
100 Creativity 100
65 Physicality 90


  • Both of these beings are much older than they appear, with Pennywise being eons old while Farouk has been active since at least the 1800s, but what gives Farouk the edge here is his greater variety of foes. While only two (the Xaviers) could ever truly match him, Farouk has been embroiled in a long battle other mutants, Division 3, and the Mi-Go monks. This version of Pennywise lacks it's battles with the beings of it's original universe, and it's only true foes are the Losers, people who fought and ultimately defeated it over the course of a relatively brief timespan.
  • Farouk, without a doubt, is a sociopath who has committed countless atrocities and evil deeds, but he does, very rarely, show moments of empathy or kindness, such as his painless mercy killing of a cancer-stricken Mi-Go monk after she gave him the location of his body or his apparently genuine paternal affection for David. He even seems to balk at killing children, as he allowed the psychic unit of Division 3 to flee rather than subjecting them to a quick death. Pennywise has absolutely no morals. It will kill and terrorize, feeding off of bigotry and hatred that it personally stokes, and children are it's prey of it's choice.
  • Both warriors use their powers for seemingly limitless ideas, from elaborate traps to personalized illusions to well-placed manipulations.
  • Farouk, for all of his power, is still inside the body of a relatively normal man that can be physically harmed. Without his powers, he was easily overpowered by, and entirely at the mercy of, David. Meanwhile, Pennywise is a terrifying physical force, capable of moving at fast speeds and easily tearing people apart like tissue paper alongside shrugging off mortal wounds with nothing more than a chuckle.

Greatest Hunter is the Greatest Prey: L (Death Note) vs Hannibal (TV Series)


Tonight on Deadliest Fiction, the month of horror continues with a clash of hunters as L, the world's greatest detective, matches wits with Hannibal Lecter, the Chesapeake Ripper who outsmarted and outmatched the FBI for years! It's a careful chess game between two of the greatest minds in the world, but only one can walk away!


House of Horrors Part 2: Hellboy (Comics) vs Mr. X


Tonight on Deadliest Fiction, we kick off the month of Halloween with a thrilling creature feature! Read (if you dare) as Hellboy, humanity's destroyer turned savior against all kinds of supernatural baddies, must clash with Mr.X, Umbrella's deadliest killing machine who slaughtered his way through Raccoon City! When these two bruisers clash, it'll be an all-out battle for survival, as we compare their strength, weapons, and abilities to determine...




But if there must be an end, let it be loud. Let it be bloody. Better to burn than to wither away in the dark.
— Hellboy

Hellboy is the child of the demon Azzael and one of his human consorts. Fearful of this child's power, the other demons sent him away before freezing Azzael in ice. During the final days of World War 2, an infant Hellboy would be summoned by the Nazis, with the help of Grigori Rasputin, as a last-ditch effort to turn the tide. Unfortunately, American forces stormed the island during the ritual, and Professor Trevor Bruttenholm adopted the child after seeing it's gentler side.

Raised on an air force base in New Mexico, Hellboy is raised by Bruttenholm and the US military just as the BPRD (short for Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense) forms. As an adult, Hellboy became one of the organizations primary operatives, battling powerful threats while learning more about his true nature and his role in an apparent prophecy to bring about the apocalypse.

Mr. X

Oh shit, him again?!?
— Leon S. Kennedy

During the Raccoon City outbreak, the Umbrella Corporation prepared for a full purge, removing all evidence of wrongdoing by violently eliminating any witnesses. One such method for this was the T-00, nicknamed Mr. X, which was airdropped over the Raccoon City Police Department with two missions: Kill all survivors within, and collect all samples of the T-Virus. It's heavily implied, though never confirmed, that there are at least two operating within the city, as one attacks Claire Redfield and Sherry Birkin and is killed by William Birkin while another pursues Leon S Kennedy and Ada Wong.

Mr. X followed Leon and Ada into the sewers and they seemingly managed to lose it, but it would re-emerge as Leon escaped the self-destructing Umbrella Facility underneath the city. Losing it's jacket, Mr. X engaged in a vicious battle with Leon on an elevator platform that culminated with Ada Wong giving Leon a Stinger missile that he used to blow Mr. X in half, killing him once and for all.

Weapons, Powers and Abilities


Don't mess with me, lady. I've been drinking with skeletons.
— Hellboy
  • Right Hand of Doom: Hellboy's replacement right hand after his father removed his as a child, the Right Hand of Doom is a red stone hand that feels no pain and is effectively indestructible. According to Hellboy, it hits with the force of a sledgehammer, and he's used it to smash through heavy rock, giants swords, and crush skulls.
  • Handgun: Hellboy's sidearm of choice is a specially customized pistol resembling a Colt M1911. The pistol is powerful enough to wound (and kill) a variety of supernatural enemies, and Hellboy at one point references using silver bullets, though it's unclear if he carries any other specialized ammo.
  • Vulcan 40: Hellboy carries a wide variety of explosives across his belt, but his most notable is easily the Vulcan 40, a grenade powerful to kill a herd of elephants. For this match, Hellboy will be carrying three.

Powers and Abilities

  • Half-Demon Physiology: Hellboy's power stems from his demonic heritage. As such, he is substantially more powerful than any normal human, and with a variety of feats only possible due to being a demon.
    • Superhuman Strength: Hellboy can lift well over 5 tons and has been able to rip ancient stone doors off of their hinges and pick up and throw trees like javelins. A younger Hellboy was even able to hold open the jaws of a massive turtle monster with relative ease, expressing bewilderment rather than fear or strain.
    • Superhuman Durability: Hellboy is "deathless", meaning he (obviously) is very, very hard to kill, and he supposedly can only die when he has decided it is his time to die. He has withstood savage beatings, being impaled, walking through machine gun fire, and even falling hundreds of feet out of the sky. At one point, he was shot directly in the face with a shotgun, survived, and walked all the way to his attacker's home to beat him up.
    • Immortality: Hellboy's ability as a "deathless" enables him to recover from wounds much faster than a normal person and he's effectively stopped aging physically after turning sixty-six, though he remained in peak condition.
    • Thermal Resistance: Hellboy's body is resistant to flames, burns, or the heat from explosions, and he's walked away from fires that have leveled buildings without a scratch and has even survived electrocution with "enough volts to light up Hamburg".
  • Paranormal Knowledge: Decades of experience and education have given Hellboy an in-depth understanding of the supernatural. He can easily understand and translate ancient and magical languages, has a surprising knowledge of religious and magical history, and can identify almost any form of monster and figure out it's weakness.
  • Skilled Hand-to-Hand Combatant: While his brute strength makes most fights easy, Hellboy is a talented fighter up-close, and he's been able to outmove and defeat threats such as giants, clear through floors of undead enemies, and outsmart a super-gorilla by damaging it's nerves functions.

Mr. X

Something tells me he's not a cop.
— Leon S. Kennedy


  • Coat: Mr. X's coat/hat combo not only looks stylish, but also serves as a power limiter and protective gear as well. The coat was able to shield X's chest, his weakpoint, and stand up to a variety of attacks, from small arms fire to explosives to knives, without taking any visible damage.

Powers and Abilities:

  • Superhuman Strength: Mr. X is incredibly strong, capable of punching through concrete and then crushing a man's head with one hand and was later able to lift the wreck of a helicopter with one hand and easily toss it aside. He can easily plow through walls and any form of barrier, and one punch from him sent the fully-grown Leon and Claire both flying.
  • Superhuman Durability: Mr. X is totally impervious to small arms fire and being stabbed, shrugging off the wounds with no sign of injury or even fatigue, though explosives seem to be capable of bringing him to his knees for a few seconds.
  • Healing Factor: Mr. X easily recovers from the vast majority of wounds inflicted upon it over the course of the game, to the point where shooting him in the head barely even leaves any visible signs of injury and it healed from being trapped under a massive pile of flaming metal.
    • Regenerative Mutation: If it takes enough damage and loses it's coat, Mr. X will turn into a less humanoid version of itself with large claws and a bright-red heart poking out of it's chest. In this form, he moves much quicker, though he can be killed for good if someone can manage to destroy the heart.
  • Limited Intelligence: Mr. X is a surprisingly perceptive and effective hunter, and it can very easily track a target once he's spotted. When a target goes missing, he has enough self-awareness to investigate the area until it finds them, and it knows how to use the environment to it's advantage, as it regularly pushes survivors into the path of other infected.
Resident Evil 2 Remake - All Mr

Resident Evil 2 Remake - All Mr. X Tyrant Boss Battles Compilation (Claire & Leon's Story)-0

Mr. X's various encounters throughout RE2.


Hellboy X-Factors Mr. X
100 Experience 60
90 Strength 90
75 Intelligence 55
60 Brutality 100
75 Mobility 45


  • Hellboy has decades of experience fighting a vast variety of supernatural threats from all over the world, putting him leaps and bounds ahead of Mr. X, who was only active for a brief period of a few days and only fought humans before his eventual death at the hands of Leon.
  • Both warriors have pulled off truly impressive feats of strength and are fairly evenly matched in this match-up.
  • Mr. X is more clever than he looks, and he regularly traps and seeks out his targets in a surprisingly quick fashion, but he never shows much thought beyond "seek and destroy" during any of the encounters with him. Hellboy is also mistaken for a dumb bruiser, and he is a bit of a hothead from time to time, but he's a well-read expert on mystical forces and the numerous other oddities that inhabit his world.
  • Hellboy is easy to piss off and won't hesitate to kill a monster standing in his way, but he tends to act out of self-defense, being just as willing to talk things out or find a peaceful solution if the option arises. Mr. X was built for one purpose: kill, and absolutely nothing stops him from fulfilling that purpose, and he's perfectly willing to kill unarmed civilians and children as long as it ensures no witnesses.
  • Mr. X can move faster than he initially lets on, but he is fairly slow and lumbering, making him easy to dodge if you can stay on your feet. Hellboy is also on the larger side, but it hasn't stopped him from moving quickly and traversing difficult environments when he needs to.

Borderlands Tourney Character

Name: Skinmuncher

Occupation: Psycho

Signature: Mmmmmm...Toasty. Getting within melee range of a burning enemy causes Skinmuncher to smell the cooking flesh, get hungry, and fly into a combat rage for 10 seconds, making him take half damage and run faster for the time. The ability has a 90 second cool down period.

Species: Human (Bandit, to be exact)


  • Melee: Buzz Axe.
  • Ranged: Draco.

Character Theme: Pirate Song by Alestorm

My, my, that smells good, wait a minute, is that...could it be....OHBOYOHBOY It's...MEEEEEAAAAAAATTTTTTT!
— Skinmuncher, flying into one of his combat rages.

Bio: A long time ago, Skinmuncher had been a vicious bandit well known for his love of the taste of human flesh. But after many, many, many, adventures and many people eaten, that got boring, and as he got older, Skinmuncher decided to calm himself down and live out the rest of his life in a little shack in the middle of nowhere. Unfortunately, random travelers came too close, and just tasted too damn delicious. And so, Skinmuncher returned to his old ways after a solid month of retirement, this time, convinced that the mystical "Vault" that lay somewhere in Pandora contains enough meat to last him a lifetime. And so, a new adventure began for Skinmuncher.

Super-Spy Showdown! Dick Grayson vs Ethan Hunt



Dick Grayson

The Flying Grayson. Nightwing. Robin. They were about more than fight moves. They were about inspiration. Trust. Family. I gave that up to become a spy. A spider man. A tsuchigumo. I have changed. But I'll always be Dick Grayson.
— Dick Grayson

Ethan Hunt

Good morning, Mr. Hunt. Your mission, should you choose to accept it...
— Various people, to Ethan

The Red Hoods Are Coming!: Arsenal (Arrow) vs Eggsy


The Driver

The Driver is a well known getaway driver who follows a set of rules. He lives alone in a run-down apartment building until he meets a woman named Irene and her son. Discovering Shannon's husband is a ex-con, The Driver agrees to help him perform one last heist to please two Jewish mobsters, Bernie, an affable mobster who attempts to let cooler heads prevail, and Nino, a boisterous man who had the Driver's friend Shannon's pelvis broken after he overpriced for a job. The heist is a set-up and Irene's husband is killed, forcing Bernie and Niño to cut all ties, including the Driver, Irene, and Shannon. The Driver kills three hitmen, brutally injures another, and kills Nino in an attempt to stop the attempts on his and Irene's lives. Bernie ultimately agrees to a deal, but not before being forced to kill Shannon. The Driver gives Bernie the heist money and is promptly stabbed. The Driver kills Bernie and drives off into the night, his fate uncertain, but Irene and her son are saved.


Primary: High Standard FLITE King K-1200 Riot Shotgun

Secondary: Hammer




80 Strength 85

100 Brutality 100

??? Intelligence 80

85 Creativity 80

70 Weapon Skill 90

85 Experience 80

Hellboy vs Mor'du

Hellboy, the demon fated to destroy humanity who chose to protect it!


Mor'du, the prince who chose fate over family and paid the price of turning into a savage bear!



Hellboy-hellboy-534806 483 650

Weapons: Right Hand of Doom and Good Samaritan Revolver.


Endurance: 93. Hellboy has taken a massive handful of beatings over the years and always come out on top.

Strength: 95. Hellboy is incapable of being overpowered and has accomplished many feats of strength.

Speed: 76. Hellboy is a brute, but is somewhat sluggish.

Size: 7-8 feet tall.



Weapons: Claws, and Teeth.


Endurance: 98. Weapons shattered on Mor'du's skin and it took a three-ton rock to kill him.

Strength: 94. Mor'du has the strength of ten men and is equal to that of Hellboy.

Speed: 97. Mord'u was capable of outrunning a girl a 4th of his size, and brutally lighting fast in a hand-to-hand fight.

Size: 15 feet.

The Punisher vs Gotham City Crime Lords

Frank Castle has put a muzzle on New York crime, but can he do the same to Gotham's?

The Punisher Weapons

Melee: Combat Knife

Short Range: M1911 Handgun and Spas-12 Shotgun.

Mid-Range: Remington Model 870, Mossberg Compact Cruiser, and Duel-Wield Viper Uzi's.

Long Range: M4A1 Carbine, MP5K, and M60 Machine Gun.

Special: M-67 Hand Grenade, Flamethower, and C-4.

Crime Lord 1: Two-Face

Melee: Switchblade.

Ranged: .357 Colt Pythons.

Enforcer: Deadshot

Melee: Combat Knife.

Ranged: Tar-21 Assault Rifle.

Crime Lord 2: The Penguin

Melee: Umbrella Sword

Ranged: Sawed Off Remington 870

Enforcer: Solomon Grundy

Melee: Fists

Ranged: Giant pieces of rock

Crime Lord 3: The Joker

Melee: Bang Gun Flag

Ranged: Revolver

Enforcer: Harley Quinn

Melee: Sledge Hammer

Ranged: Tommy Gun

Collab with Utter Noob: Video Games vs Comics Grand Finale! Galactus vs The Aliens (Godzilla Unleashed)

Galactus vs Aliens


Bio: Galactus is a massive, widely feared being known for his eating of planets to sustain himself. His arrivals are fore-warned by his herald, The Silver Surfer, who usually attempts to lead him to less populated worlds. Galactus is incredibly powerful, capable of firing massive energy rays out of his hands, eyes, and fingers. His strength and endurance is unrivaled as well.

Powers and Abilites:

Lasers: Galactus can shoot massive energy beams out of his hands, eyes, and fingers. These beams can kill an unprepared target easily, and even some super-humans walk away badly injured.

Height: Galactus size can vary, but he can stand anywhere at up to 300 feet to 300,000 feet. For this fight, he will be 500 feet tall, the size depicted in Marvel vs Capcom 3.

Strength and Endurance: Galactus can toss aside even the strongest and heaviest of foes will little effort. To defeat him, it has required multiple teams of heroes working together, and sometimes, that doesn't even slow him down.

Commander Shepard vs Ferus Olin


"There's a lot of people back on Earth dying while we gather our strengths. They're wondering if we're ever coming back; friends, family, parents and children. This isn't their fight. But they are buying us time with their lives..."

Today on Deadliest Fiction, we have a clash of the warriors whose sacrifice, no matter how small and insignificant it may have seemed, saved the galaxy!

Ferus Olin

"I would have said the same. But I adjusted. Siri used to always tell me that I must accept change. Welcome it, she said—change is what keeps the galaxy spinning."

Commander Shepard, The Alliance marine who rallied the galaxy against the Reapers!


Ferus Olin, The former Jedi padawan that led the first rebellion against the Empire!


Commander Shepard

No matter how "insignificant" we may be, we will fight, and we will sacrifice, and we will find a way. That's what humans do.
— Commander Shepard
Bio: NOTE: The backstory is based off of my Shepard from my playthroughs of Mass Effect. Commander Shepard was born the son of two high ranking members of the Alliance navy. Raised to show an interest, Shepard joined the marines as soon as he turned 18. He fought heavily against the Batarians, Geth, Blood Pack, Blue Suns, and Eclipse, before he came to rescue the colony of Eden Prime as it was under attack by the Geth and rouge Spectre Saren Arterius. After fending off the attack and meeting Ashley Williams,TBF.

Buffy Summers vs Abe Lincoln

Beast title 1

Buffy Summers

Buffy Summers
It is always different! It's always complicated. And at some point, some person has to draw the line and that is always going to be me! You look down on me for cutting myself off, but The Slayer is always cut off. There's no guidebook, no all-knowing council, human rules don't apply! There's only me. I am the law.
— Buffy to Xander

Bio: TBW


Melee: Stake, Enhanced Slayer Strength.

Ranged: Crossbow.

Special: M (mʔ, often referred to as the Scythe, was an ancient axe designed for the Slayer, with a wooden stake on the handle.)

Abe Lincoln

Abe Lincoln
History prefers legends to men. It prefers nobility to brutality, soaring speeches to quiet deeds. History remembers the battle, but forgets the blood. However history remembers me before I was a President, it shall only remember a fraction of the truth...
— Abraham Lincoln

Bio: TBW


Melee: Woodsman Axe.

Ranged: Throwing Knives.

Special: TBD.

United Nations Space Command vs Joint Strike Force

Perfect Black UNSC logo
Joint Strike Force

Bla bla bla. Waiting for title card.


Perfect Black UNSC logo

Bio: The United Nations Space Command (UNSC) serves as the military, exploratory, and scientific agency of the Unified Earth Government. The UNSC was formed halfway through the 22nd century, a time when remnants of old cultural ideologies clashed for supremacy in the Sol System. The UNSC served mainly as an overseer of United Nations military operations in space. After initiating massive militarization propaganda throughout its off-world colonies, through the UNSC, the U.N. defeated communist and fascist forces in a conflict generally known as the "Interplanetary War" which consisted of several side-battles that took place on Mars, the Jovian Moons and the South American rainforests. Although the Interplanetary War brought a great deal of suffering to both the colonial population and the residents of Earth, it also united humanity's militia forces into a common armed force by the end of the 22nd century.

Before the Covenant attack on Harvest in 2525, Humanity was in chaos. A bloody struggle was being waged against groups of terrorists (or freedom fighters) called the Insurrectionists, who wanted independence from the Unified Earth Government. The UNSCDF, a branch of the UNSC, fought constant battles against the Insurrectionists. In an attempt to help end the long running war against the rebels, the UEG commissioned the ORION Project (Also known as the SPARTAN-I project) and later the SPARTAN-II Program, which created a group of elite super-soldiers to combat the separatists and the insurrections they spawned. When the Human-Covenant war began and the technologically superior aliens began decimating the Outer colonies, these Spartans became humanity's best hope for survival. Faced with genocide on an unprecedented scale, the UNSC began mobilization for total war.

The Troops

Basic Infantry

UNSC Marines

250px-UNSC Marine Corps

Bio: The UN Marine Corps (predecessor of the UNSC Marine Corps) were one of the primary combat groups fielded by the UN in the Interplanetary War, and were the first military organization deployed offworld in 2163. After the United Nations claimed victory in 2164, it reorganized into the UNSC, thereby changing the UN Marine Corps to the UNSC Marine Corps. Later, the UNSC Marine Corps would be responsible for dealing with Insurrectionist uprisings among UNSC colonies star systems.


Main Weapon: MA5B Individual Combat System. With a range of 300 meters and an automatic 900 rounds per minute fire rate, the MA5B is the go-to weapon of the UNSC marine corps.

Sniper Rifle: SRS-99 Anti-Material Rifle. A range of at least a half mile, 4 rounds per magazine, and enough power to kill a fully armored and shielded Spartan with one round to the skull, the SRS-99 is best is used against light materials, like brains, but has shown itself capable of destroying Covenant craft in the past.

Number in battle: 48

Special Infantry

ODST's a.k.a Orbital Drop Shock Troopers

ODST Orbital Drop Shock Troopers

Bio: The Orbital Drop Shock Troopers (ODST) are a special operations capable organization of the UNSC Marine Corps that specialize in orbital-dropped shock infantry and special warfare tactics. The ODSTs are one of the primary Special Operations units of the United Nations Space Command, and is under the supervision of Naval Special Warfare Command.


Main Weapon: M7S Submachine Gun. 48 rounds per clip, fully automatic fire rate, and a short to medium range of effectiveness, the M7S is the ODST'S ideal stealth weapon.

Secondary: M6C/Socom pistol. 12 rounds per clip, semi-auto fire rate, and a medium range of effectiveness (also comes with scope), the M6C/Socom is the reliable sidearm of much of the UNSC.

Number in battle: 12

The Vehicles

The Transport

The Warthog.

Halo Reach Warthog

Bio: The M12 Light Reconnaissance Vehicle, abbreviated as the M12 LRV, and more commonly referred to as "The Warthog", is a United Nations Space Command ground vehicle. The M12 LRV is a variant of the M12 Force Application Vehicle and features a mounted M41 Light Anti-Aircraft Gun.


M41 Light Anti-Aircraft Gun: Having no limit to the amount of it has, a fully automatic fire rate, and capable of firing 900 rounds per minute, the M41 is a threat to both air and land-based forces. However, it can overheat if fired extremely fast, requiring time to cool down.

Number in battle: 6

The Tank

The Scorpion Tank

350px-Halo Reach Scorpion

Bio: The M808 Main Battle Tank, commonly known as the Scorpion, is the most common armored fighting vehicle employed by the UNSC during the Human-Covenant war, it is used in operations requiring heavy firepower or an anti-vehicular platform. Combining firepower, resiliency and mobility, the Scorpion has proven itself formidable and earned the respect of friend and foe alike.


M512 90mm high Velocity Cannon: Firing 15 shells per minute at a semi-automatic rate, the M512 is an anti-vehicle oriented gun, though it can be used against infantry forces as well.

M247T Machine Gun: With unlimited ammo, an automatic fire rate, and a medium effectiveness range, the M247T machine gun is a devastating anti-infantry weapon

Number in battle: 4

The Air Support

AV-14 Attack VTOL

300px-AV-14 Hornet

Bio: The AV-14 Attack VTOL, also known as the Hornet, is a United Nations Space Command assault and reconnaissance aircraft. The Hornet is capable of fulfilling multiple roles from close air support to special forces insertion.


Dual GUA-23 Autocannon: Packing limitless ammo and firing 30mm rounds, these machine guns can be used against infantry, vehicles, and other aircraft.

Class-2 Guided Munition System: Capable of lock-on and being tri-barrel, the Class-2 can fire armor-piercing missiles at an incredibly fast rate. The missiles themselves are homing for a short time, and they explode after a certain time in the air.

Number in battle: 3

Joint Strike Force

Joint Strike Force

Bio: The Joint Strike Force is known for their integration of both air and ground combat capabilities, creating a brutally efficient fighting force. Epitomizing the saying, "High speed, low drag", these elite troops excel in all combat conditions trainable and can rapidly deploy anywhere in the world. Moreover, their stealth technology along with the accuracy of their weapons are second-to-none. All JSF troops come from every branch of the U.S. Military, as well as numerous intelligence agencies, and even private organizations. Among the organizations the JSF recruits from is Marine Force Recon, Navy SEALs, Army Rangers, Army Special Forces ("Green Berets"),Army 160 Nighthawk Air Calvalry, Air Force Pararescuemen ("PJs"), and even Ghost Special Forces teams. It is unknown but possible that it also recruits from Third Echelon.

The JSF is currently commanded by Lieutenant General Scott Mitchell a former member of Ghost Recon. The JSF is often at the forefront of US Military operations spearheading crucial offensives and conversly defending critical locations while also carrying out high priority raids behind enemy lines. The JSF can potentially field the best tanks and artillery in EndWar, giving them an edge in armored warfare.

The Troops

Basic Infantry

Ghost Squads

Ghost Squads

Bio: Troops come from every branch of the U.S. military to join the ranks of the JSF. Walk into any JSF barracks and you'll see men and women from Marine Force Recon, Navy SEALs, Army Rangers, Green Berets, Air Force Pararescuemen (PJs), and even Ghost Recon teams. This means that many fresh JSF recruits have already undergone extensive training before they even put on the JSF uniform. The purpose of JSF training is to unite all the different doctrines from other special operations unit into one, unified doctrine. JSF instructors are some of the toughest in the world, and have learned to glean the best parts of every special operations branch and implement it into the training plan. They are troops who would consider the morality of their actions, and hate to execute unethical missions and tasks. JSF Ghosts are the best all around troops, able to effectively complete all missions given to them.


Main Weapon: SCAR A1: An American made version of the FN Scar H, it fires 20 rounds per clip, has an effective range of 800 meters, and a fire rate of 625 rounds per minute, it's the main gun used by Ghost squads in their battles in WW3.

Sniper Rifle: M120 Sniper Rilfe. A large, highly advanced weapon, it packs 10 rounds per clip, an effective range of 1,829 meters, but had the disadvantage of most likely being bolt-action, due to the wait times in between each sniper shots (around 30ish seconds.)

Number in battle: 48

Special Infantry



Bio: Sometimes just being a ordinary member of the JSF isn't enough. When a typical JSF recruit wants to go one step further, he or she becomes a Pioneer. Just like JSF Ghosts, Pioneers come from every branch of the U.S. military as well as numerous intelligence agencies and private organizations. Pioneers can quickly and effectively deploy an array of advanced weaponry and other devices that may give their battalion a valuable edge in battle. However, their tools are less advanced as those employed by the EFEC, and in a straight firefight against enemy riflemen, they are at a severe disadvantage. Another issue facing them is that unless they are in cover, they will get slaughtered by vehicles.


Main Weapons: SCAR A1. An American made version of the FN Scar H, it fires 20 rounds per clip, has an effective range of 800 meters, and a fire rate of 625 rounds per minute, it's the main gun used by Ghost squads in their battles in WW3.

Secondary Weapon: AT5CQ Anti-Tank Missile. Despite its name, the AT5CQ is capable of also destroying transports and helicopters withe ease, it's downside being the fact that it only has one shot before reloading. (Yes, I'm aware pitting a pistol against a rocket launcher isn't entirely fair. It was either this, or the chaingun)

Number in battle: 12


The Transport

M118 Fastback.

M118 Fastbacl

Bio: Upon first inspection, the M118 Fastback looks like little more than an updated version of infantry fighting vehicle designs used at the close of the 20th Century. However, it represents a huge leap forward in IFV design. It is capable of engaging both ground and airborne targets and can quickly provide transport for a full squad of riflemen or engineers. Faster, more fuel-efficient, deadlier, and tougher than its predecessors, the Fastback incorporates many features pioneered by the Future Combat Systems program. It's AA weapons are incredibly effective against air units and infantry, but largely weak against tanks, as is the vehicle itself.


30 mm Chaingun: Packing pretty much limitless ammo, the chaingun is devastating against infantry, showing no need to worry about overheating, and being dual-wield.

AA Railgun: Built for taking down helicopters, the Railgun succeeds incredibly, capable of tearing gunships out of the sky like its nothing.

Number in battle: 6

The Tank

M5A2 Schwarzkopf

M5A2 Schwarzkopf

Bio: The Pentagon likes to refer to the M5A2 Schwarzkopf as the world's premiere mounted combat system and it's easy to see why. This Main Battle Tank is the pride of the JSF and can endure massive punishment while dealing out the same. Its 120mm smoothbore cannon is capable of blasting apart enemy fortifications while its advanced fire control system gives it unsurpassed accuracy. Unlike the M118 Fastback, the M5A2 still uses a gas turbine rather than a diesel hybrid engine. The tank absolutely devastates infantry and transports, but does poorly against gunships/helicopters.


120mm Smoothbore cannon: Functioning pretty much like a tank gun, with a well coordinated shot from fellow tanks, this baby can rip apart a transport squad in one hit.

RAVEN 20mm Chaingun: A devastating chain gun mounted on top of the tank, the gun rips through infantry likes it nothing.

Weapons: 4

The Air Support

AH-80 Blackfoot

AH-80 Blackfoot

Bio: The AH-80 Blackfoot is a stealthy, high-agility gunship that represents the latest innovations in helicopter design. Its unique fly-by-wire 2.0 system cuts down the time required to train a pilot. It can also be upgraded to use a high-efficiency hydrogen engine which was developed by a company based in Southern California. Its targeting system is another point of pride for its developers. Previous gunship targeting systems were connected to the gunner's helmet, pointing the gunship's chain gun at wherever the gunner is looking. The Blackfoot's advanced targeting system takes this premise one step further and actually monitors the gunner's eyes making targeting virtually instantaneous and incredibly precise. Once the gunner has a target picked out, the Blackfoot's 30mm chain gun can make short work of it. The Blackfoot is also equipped with rockets and guided air to ground missiles, making it a very effective tank-killing unit. It's major weakness is transports due to their AA equipment.


30mm Chaingun: There really isn't much information on the chaingun to explain that which I haven't already covered.

Joint Common Missiles: Basically, an anti-tank/infantry/anything unlucky enough to get hit with this missile barrage. Requires recharge time as they reload the guns.

Hydra-70 Rockets: Extremely powerful and versatile rockets, Hydra rockets are the rockets in question fired during the Joint common missile barrage.

Number in battle: 3



89 Training 85

UNSC marines have recieved brutal training, being prepared to face every possible environment and situation, alongside having more advanced training tech and new tactics. Meanwhile, the JSF isn't far behind, many of its members are former special forces like Rangers, SEALs, and marines. They're just ultimately not as advanced.

95 Experience 70

UNSC marines have faced foes far tougher than either Russia or the European Union. The Covenant is far more advanced and ruthless, seeing humanity as a blight that needs to be destroyed. While the high-tech forces of the Russian's and European's is nothing to be scoffed at, they still can't compare.

80 Tactics 90

The UNSC heads into battle with a major disadvantage. Their lack of ability to fully organize, with each squad doing its own thing on the field of battle. The JSF has a huge edge due to the fact that their Colonel uses a command vehicle to watch over his troops, giving them orders as they need them, with them recovering the orders instantly.


The factions will have three battles, all set in different locations.

Prologue: After attempting to flee the Covenant, a small UNSC fleet somehow finds themselves orbiting 2020's Earth.

Battle One: Setting: Outskirts of Copenhagen. Scenario: The UNSC will send down 12 ODST's to investigate the surrounding area, only to come into conflict with 12 Pioneer's sent in to investigate the disturbance. Neither side on offense or defense.

Battle Two: Setting: Copenhagen. Scenario: Regardless of who wins the first fight, UNSC forces launch an assault on Copenhagen to use it as a base of operations, catching the few occupying JSF troops by surprise. With Copenhagen their's, the UNSC takes to building, only to do battle with a nearby battalion sent in as reinforcements. UNSC on defense, JSF on offense,

Battle Three: Setting: Fort Campbell, USA. With the UNSC and JSF at each others throats, the UNSC strikes at JSF's main base of operations, hoping to force a cease-fire so they can explain themselves to the U.S government. UNSC on offense, JSF on defense.

Hunters vs Terran Dominion

Hunters!, Ruthless mercenaries who take any job from any corporation so long as the pay is good!


The Terran Domnion!,The brutal and corrupt government just as bad as the government it overthrew!


The Hunters

We have a mission for you. We assume you and your team can handle it
— The contract written by the head of a corporation.

Bio: In the future, the various colonized planets of the world are run not by governments, but by corporations. To avoid responsibility for their actions, the corporations recruit mercenaries known as Hunters to complete missions for them against rival corporations like destroying generators, killing rival leaders, and capturing objects of importance. They are paid highly, and it is implied that any casualties are replaced with identically armed clones.

The Terran Dominion

Terran Dominion
Peace. Law. Order.
— A Dominion slogan

Bio: The Dominion was created from the Sons of Korhal, a rebellion against the Terran Confederacy. After the death of their first leader, Arcturus Mengsk took control of the rebellion, and proved to be even more effective. Allying themselves with General Edmund Duke, the Sons led the Zerg to the Confederate homeworld and destroyed both using psionic devices. These actions disgusted James Raynor, who now leads a rebellion against them, and his love Sarah Kerrigan, who was abandoned on a Zerg-infested world and eventually became Zerg queen.


The Hunters

Standard Troops: Standard Hunters. All Hunters start out like this, wearing standard issue Medium armor while wielding assault rifles, and two-handed hammers. They are jack-of-all-trades, with both decent movement speed and protection against enemy weaponry. The assault rifles pack between 12-20 rounds per clip, have a range of about 75 feet, and a full-auto fire rate. The hammer has a range of 2 to 3 feet, and can kill even the heaviest armored troops. Number in battle: 6

Heavy Troops: Heavy Hunters. Wielding the incredibly strong heavy armor, Heavy Hunters are walking tanks capable of shrugging off all manner of weaponry. Wielding shotguns, they have the disadvantage of slow movement speed and limited range. The shotguns pack between 3-5 rounds per clip, have a range of about 15 feet, and are extremely powerful, capable of tearing through armor in one shot, and killing the man underneath in another. Number in battle: 3

Special Troops: Snipers. What they lack in armor, they make up for with range and power. They usually wear light armor, the weakest armor in the game, and of course, wield sniper rifles. The rifles pack one round per clip, have a range of about 100 feet, and are so powerful they will always kill targets in one shot. Number in battle: 1

Shock Troops: Flamethrower Troopers. One of the most dreaded troops in the Hunters arsenal, they bring both mobility and power to the battlefield with their Medium firepower and flamethrowers. The flamethrowers have a range of 25 meters and can burn through even the thickest armor in one or two shots. Number in battle: 2

  • Standard Hunter firing assault rifle
  • Heavy Hunter
  • A Sniper (The small one in the center)
  • A Flamethrower Trooper

Terran Dominion

Standard Troops: Terran Marines. The basic troops of the Terran Dominion, Marines were usually created through taking "culturally challenged" indivuals who have been created through "resocialization" via brain surgery. They wield C-14 Gauss Impaler rifles, alongside wearing CMC powered combat armor, which provides good protection against most weapons. The C-14 Gauss has 200 rounds per clip, with an unknown range. Number in battle: 6

Heavy Troops: Marauders. A powerful support unit designed to fight the Zerg, Marauders are heavily armored troops wielding a K12 grenade launcher on each arm. Their armor is incredibly resistant, while little is known about the K12 Grenade Launchers. Number in battle: 3

Special Troops: Ghosts. Physically gifted indivuals trained as snipers, Ghosts are the dreaded special forces of the Terran army. Their training is hellish, to say the least, while they wield both the ability to wield minds and highly poweful sniper rifles. The usually assigned weapon, the C-10, has an unknown amount of ammo, but a presumably high range. Number in battle: 1

Shock Troops: Firebats. Heavily armored and wielding extremely poweful flamethrowers, Firebats are a devastating anti-infantry unit created to combat both infantry and the Zerg, of which the flamethrower is devastating. It has a range of 25 meters, and has a reload time of 3.8 seconds. Number in battle: 2

  • Terran Marine
  • A Marauder
  • Ghost
  • Firebat


Hunters vs Terran Dominion

100 Brutality 100

Hunters don't care about human morality, it conflicts with their pay. They're willing to slaughter entire bases full of people, destroy generators providing power in artic temperatures, and other terrible things for the sake of pay. They don't take prisoners (There's even an ability that allows troops to gain health for every foe they kill called Sadistic), and neither does the Dominion, who will do literally anything if it means success in their objective.

85 Tactics 95

The Dominion has incredibly adaptable troops with a wide variety of plans for each scenario, and surviving their incredibly dangerous attacks enemies because of it. Hunters aren't slouches either, they're just very limited in tactics due to how straightforward their missions are and the lack of enemy variety.

65 Combat Experience 100

As stated in Tactics, Hunters haven't faced anything besides humans, and there isn't anything spectacular about the foes they've faced either, often being the same as them, just usually weaker. The Dominion has been fighting even before it existed against creatures like the Zerg and Protoss, species that would certainly give the Hunters a run for their money.

100 Mental Health 75

There's nothing particularly wrong with the Hunters minds, as they don't ever seem unhinged by the slightest. Terran troops, however, are experimented on and put through horrific training to make them the completely obedient and ruthless troops they are today.

Weapon Drafts for other fights

Weapon drafts for fights that I don't feel like making the whole format for.

John Wick (Self-Titled) vs The Punisher (MCU)

John Wick Weapon Punisher
Switchblade Melee Combat Knife
Heckler & Koch P30L Pistol Glock 26
Kel-Tec KSG Shotgun Custom Ithica 37
Coharie Arms CA-415 Assault Rifle M4A1 Carbine

Jake Green vs Rick Grimes (Comics)

1st Title Card
Police Baton Melee Hand Axe
Glock 19 Close-Range Colt M1911
Ithica 37 Mid-Range Remington 870
M16A4 Long-Range M4A1
Remington 700 Longer-Range Winchester Model 70

Mr. Wrench and Mr. Numbers vs The Cousins

Bowie Knife Melee Chrome Plated Fire Axe
Browning Hi-Power Ranged Colt M1911

Los Pollos Hermanos vs The Barksdale Organization

Gustavo Fring Leader Stringer Bell
Mike Ehrmantraut Enforcer Brother Mouzone
Garrote Melee Steel Baseball Bat
Glock 17 Pistol 1 Beretta 92SB
Beretta Cougar Pistol 2 Ruger KP89
Heckler & Koch Mark 23 Pistol 3 Walther PPK/S
Smith & Wesson 3000 Shotgun Mossberg 500 Cruiser
Heckler & Koch MP5K SMG Uzi

Jordi Chin (Watch_Dogs) vs Charlie (Jack Reacher) vs Marcus (John Wick)

Melee Double-Edged Knife Skilled Hand-to-Hand Combatant Switchblade
Pistol Beretta Px4 Storm Ruger 22/45 Lite Browning Hi-Power
Sniper Rifle Silenced Dragunov SVD DPMS NATO REPR Suppressed Ruger M77

Call It cause It's All in the Game, yo: Omar Little vs Anton Chigurh

Double-Barreled Shotgun Iconic Captive Bolt Pistol
Mossberg 500 Cruiser Primary Silenced Remington 11-87
Colt Gold Cup Match Secondary Glock 19

Jax Teller (Sons of Anarchy) vs Carl "CJ" Johnson (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas)

KA-BAR Knife Melee ?
Beretta 92FS Close-Range Colt M1911
TEC-9 Mid-Range IMI Micro Uzi
M4A1 Long-Range Norinco Type 56

Lorne Malvo

Some roads you shouldn't go down, cause maps used to say here be dragons and now they don't. But that don't mean the dragons aren't there. (...) Here's what's gonna happen. I'm gonna roll my window up, then I'm going to drive away and you're gonna go home to your daughter. And every few years you're gonna look at her face and know that you're alive because you chose not to go down on a certain road on a certain night. That you chose to walk into the light instead of into the darkness.*pause* I'm gonna roll up my window now.
— Lorne, to Deputy Gus Grimly
No, highly irregular is the time I found a foot in a toaster oven. This is just odd.
— Lorne Malvo

The Greek's Organization

Business. Always Business.
— The Greek

Kylo Ren

Forgive me. I feel it again... the call from light. Supreme Leader senses it. Show me again, the power of the darkness, and I'll let nothing stand in our way. Show me, grandfather, and I will finish what you started.
— Kylo Ren
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