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Doctor Octopus

Now, watch me trap a spider in a web of my own -- a web made of my new-found arms! Your strength is merely that of a spider, but mine is the energy of an atom, born of a nuclear accident!
— Otto Octavius

Otto Octavius or Doctor Octopus is a mad scientist and one of Spider-man's oldest and most iconic villain. Like most supervillains, Doc. Oct has a rough childhood during which he was abused by his dad and bullied by his peers. However, unlike most supervillains, Doc. Oct didn't let these things push him to commit evil deeds, at least initially. Instead, Otto worked hard and became a brilliant and respected scientist. He also invented a set of advanced mechanical arms controlled by the his brain to assist him in research. Just as things started to get better, an accident happened during one of his projects, which led to a radiation leak and caused an explosion. Otto survived and discovered that the explosion had fused his mechanical arms to his torso, and that he was now able to telepathically control his new arms. His mental stability was also severely damaged by the explosion. With this newfound ability and newly-formed mindset, Otto turned to a life of crime and came into constant conflicts with Spider-man. Otto would later form and lead the first incarnation of Sinister Six - a team consisting of Spidey's most deadly enemies such as Vulture, Mysterio and Kraven the Hunter. Otto would also clash with other superheroes such as Avengers and the X-men on occasion, while usually appearing as a foe for Spider-Man.

For the purpose of this battle, Doctor Octopus will be pre-superior and pre-"the end of the world". And his arms will be titanium like the original ones, not adamantium ones that helped him defeat Iron Man and battle Hulk.


  • Cybernetic Tentacles: Otto originally constructed these four robotic arms to help manipulate radioactive substances from a safe distance. In a freak laboratory accident, volatile liquids exploded - bombarding the scientist with radiation. The substances left him capable of mentally controlling the arms. Each tentacle, approximately five inches in diameter, terminates in three single-jointed pincers. The pincers are able to rotate in relation to the arm for 360 degrees, in a screwdriver-like twisting motion. Each tentacle segment contains four high-efficiency electric motors equipped with a clutched, helical-gear train, independently mounted on frictionless gimbals and housed in four thin, overlapping layers of titanium-niobium steel. Each tentacle is approximately six feet long at full contraction, but can extend to a maximum of 24 feet in length. The tentacles can be used to lift heavy objects such as cars. They can also generate strong wind as a mean of defense. By combining the intrinsic strength of both his tentacles and the pincers, Doctor Octopus can scale stone, brick, or concrete walls by rending "handholds" in the surface of the wall. Octopus is able to use his tentacles for traversing horizontal distances as well. However the entire device can be malfunctioned by causing it to short-circuit through heavy impact, bombing or submerging in water.

Powers & Abilities

  • Genius-level Intellect: Otto Octavius is an extroardinary genius. He is a multi-discipline scientist with expertise in various fields of science and technology, including nuclear physics, mechanics and electrical engineering. In fact, he is one of the best scientists in Prime Marvel Universe, comparable to Mister Fantastic in terms of pure science.
  • Superhuman Concentration: Doctor Octopus possesses extraordinary mental abilities and concentration, and through years of practice is able to perform two complex and two simple independent actions, simultaneously, one with each arm.
  • Hand-to-hand Combat ( Above Average):Otto didn't receive professional training in martial art, but he is still a formidable fighter thanks to his enhanced physicality. With overwhelming strength, at one point he nearly beat Daredevil to death. Not to mention that he defeated Spider-Man in combat on many occasions. On one particular occasion, his arms were upgraded to adamantium arms and the strength of the arms also received extroardinary boost. With this upgrade, he bested Iron Man and held his own against individuals like Hulk, Ghost Rider and Fantastic Four.
  • Master Strategist: Despite the fact that he schemes tend to fall at the end due to his unstable mind and arrogance, Otto is still a great strategist. Before going "superior", Otto usually takes the lead in setting up plots to mess with Spider-Man, succeeding but ultimately failing in most of them. During "the end of earth" storyline, Otto actually became an Avengers-level threat by infiltrating the government and nearly succeeding in setting his plan of global destruction in motion. During the infamous Superior Spider-Man story arc, Otto tricked Spider-Man and inserted his soul into Peter Parker's body while inserting Peter's soul into his dying body. In the next several months he, living under the identity of Spider-Man, completely turned Peter's life upside down and actually nearly managed to establish a crime-free New York City (albeit with extreme methods) had Green Goblin not intervened. The details of these stories can be found on Wikipedia or Marvel Database.

Mister Freeze

Yes. Hell. As described by Dante, with its multiple rings. Each one is guarded by a devil. And at the bottom of the a lake of ice. I am Freeze. I was chosen to guard this realm. All that enters here turns cold, becomes brittle... and breaks.
— Victor Fries

Victor Fries or Mister Freeze, is a core member of Batman's rogue gallery and long-time resident of the infamous Arkham Asylum. When Freeze was first introduced into New 52, he was a complete lunatic with an obsession with cold, and the entire "saving his wife from unknown disease" thing was a delusion.

However, after Doctor Manhattan meddled with the timeline and merging several new earth elements with the present timeline, Mister Freeze was among the individuals affected and his original, more well-known origin story got restored -

Prior to his career of crime, Victor was a brilliant scientist focused on research to find a cure that can save his wife Nora from a rare disease. However, an accident at the lab ruptured a pipe and that covered him in cryo-fluid. Disfigured and mutated from the chemicals, Dr. Fries survived but could no longer live outside of sub-thermal temperatures. Therefore, he built himself a protective suit to survive at regular room temperatures. Still determined to save his wife, Freeze turned to a life of crime so that he could gain resources to sustain himself and support his research more efficiently. He soon associated himself with individuals such as Joker, Riddler and Penguin, working for them as hired muscle or cleaners. Eventually the cruelness of the criminal world would reshape his personality into a more sinister and sadistic one, earning him a place in the Arkham Asylum. He would also come into constant conflicts with Batman and the Bat family, as well as occasional conflicts with other heroes.


  • Cold Gun: Mister Freeze's Ice Gun, also known simply as the 'Cold Gun' and 'Freeze Ray', is a piece of cryogenics weaponry which serves as Mister Freeze's signature weapon. Mister Freeze constructed his signature weapon shortly after the incident which left him unable to survive outside a subzero environment. His weapon is able to produce gusts of cold degrees below absolute zero, as well as coat objects in a block of ice, create similar-looking constructs or encase opponents in a frosty 'cocoon'. He can also create large block of ice to crush his enemies as well as shields created from frozen air as a mean of defense. He has also been shown to use it in many versatile ways, such as shooting the ground to generate ice slopes. The ice generated from the device can reach 2373 pounds/cubic inch according to Freeze himself (to Bane) in Batman Vol 3.
  • Cold Grenades:The names speaks for themselves - grenades that freeze an area. Freeze will be packed with five grenades for the purpose of this battle.
  • Cryo-Suit: The cryo-suit is an armored battle suit created and developed by Mister Freeze in order to keep his body at temperatures below 0 °C (32 °F). In order to do so, the suit concealed a high concentration of chloroflourocarbon (CFC) gases under pressure. It can withstand shotgun blasts, pistols, huge impact(such as falling from great height, a clash with the Bat Mobile), grenade explosions and etc. But repeated impact will certainly destroy it. The helmet of the suit, however, can be destroyed rather easily compared to the body. Batarangs and grenades have both destroyed it. Without the suit, Freeze cannot survive long under normal temperature. However, he can still fight when only small part of it is damaged ( for instance the helmet or small portion of its body). Mister Freeze also tries to counter this by effectively lowering the temperature of the combat environment through freezing things around him so that he can still fight even when the suit is damaged.

Powers & Abilities

  • Genius-level Intellect: Mister Freeze is an extroardinary genius. He's a polymath who has studied many areas of physics and chemistry, as well as neurobiology and medicine. Even Batman himself has admitted that had he not turned to a life of crime he would have nailed more than a few Nobel prizes with his inventions.
  • Unique Physical Condition: After being bathed in cryo-chemicals, Fries' biology was radically altered, causing each of his skin cells to capture and store the cold around him. This causes his body temperature to run at 23 degrees Fahrenheit. The accident also grants him immunity to chemical weapons such as Fear Gas and Joker Toxin, as well as some level of superhuman strength, endurance and durability. He also ages at a considerably slower rate and requires less amount of energy or food to survive and fight than a normal human.
  • Hand-to-hand Combat ( Above Average): Mister Freeze is not formally-trained in comabt. However, he can certainly put up a fight. He has defeated Batman in brawls on many occasions (with the help of his gadgets of course), he has also held his own against Killer Croc in a direct brawl. He has also fought the Rogues evenly alongside Clayface during Forever Evil. Tackling normal thugs and police officers are easy tasks for him.
  • Master Strategist:Freeze is a master strategist and great planner. Not only has he plotted against some of the smartest heroes and villains in DC universe, but also he has also nearly destroyed the entire planet by himself - Sometime between Batman's death and return, Mister Freeze had left Gotham and created a research facility in Alaska. There, he began to find cryogenic facilities across the world and affect them with the same process that had created him. Reborn from cryo-sleep and requiring the same cryo-suits as him, the people nonetheless felt indebted to Fries and helped him perform robberies to fund his research to revive his wife. However, Fries had realized from his army of "dreamers" that he had woken them too early; the world was irredeemably broken as he saw it. So he, by himself, found and developed an ancient, deadly virus frozen in ice in the Arctic.He planed to unleash it to restart life on Earth. He nearly succeeded had Batman and Poison Ivy not intervened.
  • Cryokinesis: Because of Fries' extremely low body temperature, anything his skin comes into contact with will freeze. He can easily freeze a persons entire body by simply grabbing them.Fries can coat his fists in ice to enhance his strikes, as well as cause ice to rapidly form along structures through contact. He can also freeze other things simply by breathing or spitting onto them.
  • Marksmanship: Freeze is somewhat of a "trickshot" with his cold gun and can land pretty accurate strikes on target at a distance.

X-factors ( Doc Oct , Mr. Freeze)

Intelligence - 100 100

Both men are extroardinary minds. They are all incredibly smart both in terms of scientific knowledge and strategy. They are all very cunning and resourceful. Both are among the smartest scientists in their own universe.

Physicality - 95 (65 without tentacles) 85

Both are very strong. However, thanks to his tentacles, Doctor Octopus is far stronger and more mobile than Mister Freeze. However, when deprived of his tentacles, Doctor Octopus is a normal but a little bit obese human who doesn't exercise reguarly and is in his old age. Freeze, on the other hand, is always a strong peak man at his prime who exercises extensively (or borderline superhuman) .

Mental Health - 80 70

Both men are "mad scientists" who go too far in their research. Doctor Octopus is arrogant and eccentric in his approach, which at times lead to his downfall. However, he is still a sane person. Mister Freeze is actually a pretty well-adjusted guy compared to other Batman villains. He is obsessed with coldness and saving his wife, but his obsession seldomly affects him in combat or making decisions wisely. But still, he is mentally ill, but Doctor Octopus isn't.

Experience - 85 95

Both are very experienced. Both primarily stick to fighting one hero and his associates, as well as other villains of the aforementioned hero. However, both have occasionally fought other heroes and villains. And since we are using pre-"end of the world" Doctor Octopus and present Mister Freeze, Doctor Octopus falls a bit behind Freeze for his lack of experience in universal or grand-scale events - Freeze was active in forever evil, dark knights metal, year of villain and participated in the last stand against the dark multiverse during death metal, aiding the heroes and freezing large hordes of Groblins with his gun.

Brutality - 80 85

Both are very brutal. But Freeze, due to his identity as a Batman villain and long-time resident at Arkham Asylum, is a bit more sadistic and willing to kill than Doctor Octopus in his approach as a result of being exposed to Gotham's level of cruelty. He once froze entire families and had dinner with their dead bodies sitting at other seats to make it up for his lack of this sort of family experience. To celebrate Nora's temporary resurrection he also froze entire theaters of people, which is something Octopus normally wouldn't do.

Darkseid's Elite

For Darkseid !
— Common slogan chanted by Darkseid's followers

Darkseid's Elite is the name given to the leading warriors and agents in the service of Darkseid, the tyrannical ruler of Apokolips. All of the elite are natives of Apokolips and New Gods. Each of them has his or her unique set of formidable skills or powers. Darkseid's Elite consists of more than a dozen members, so only the ones that have been featured prominently in published works will be used in today's battle.

All members of this group of warrior are new gods, so they all have New God Physiology :

  • New God Physiology: The beings of Apokolips call themselves Gods and live outside of normal time and space in a realm called the Fourth World. These New Gods have evolved due to their close proximity to the Source, a primeval energy, believed to be one of the ultimate foundations of the Universal Expression of Energy, along with their superior technology, into beings of genetic stability and evolutionary perfection. The denizens of New Genesis are immortal, stronger, faster, and smarter than most species in DC Universe, despite their physical resemblance to human. Each of them can take on multiple members of Justice League or Green Lantern Corp on their own. They can also brawl with beings such as Superman and Wonder Woman.
    • Immortality: The New Gods, are functionally immortal, having ceased aging physically near the age of 30. Unless they fall in battle, they are immune to the ravages of time, and could easily live for thousands upon thousands of years. It is virtually impossible to kill a new god if you don't have god-killing gadget such as Orion's bullet. However, you can overwhelm one with a great deal of physical or magical assault, temporarily sending them into a coma or rendering them unable to fight back.
    • Invulnerability:New Gods can resist a great deal of damage. They are comparable to beings such as Superman and Wonder Woman.
    • Superhuman Strength:New Gods can trade blows with and even overpower Superman. Enough said.
    • Superhuman Stamina:New Gods seemingly never get tired and easily recover from injuries.
    • Superhuman Reflexes:New Gods are far more agile than most species or races in DC Universe.
    • Toxic Immunity:New Gods are immune to all forms of toxic.
    • Accelerated Healing:New Gods heal from physical and mental wounds at great speed. Everyone here has recovered from extreme condition such as being blown apart, being impaled or losing limbs. Glorious Godfrey even recovered from having his mind wiped clean by Doctor Fate's helmet, albeit it took a considerably long period of time.

Kalibak Prime Earth 002.jpg
Hope?! Hope is anathema on Apokolips!
— Kalibak

Superman Vol 4 33 Textless Variant.jpg
I like CHAOS !
— Steppenwolf

Love him. Serve great Darkseid. Wear your pointed helmets proudly where he leads. Die for him -- and reward Granny.
— Granny Goodness

I hear you, right thinkers! You're shouting anti-life-- the positive belief! Listen, as the great organ catches your words and finds the wonderful music in them! And what am I, Glorious Godfrey, but another poor instrument that vibrates to your message? And I say, come to me! And I shall give you the power to wield death! Yes, friends, though life is ever filled with those who threaten us, it is anti-life which gives us the power to eliminate them! The holocaust is coming! The day of Apokolips on Earth! The day of Darkseid, who brings this power for only us to use!
— Glorious Godfrey

What is the worth of a single life? How does one measure its power? Even the humblest of souls touches others... And yet, for all the good or ill that life accomplishes, it perishes at the last with an imperceptible whisper. As if it never existed at all.
— Desaad

Black Order (First Incarnation)


Black Dwarf comics.jpg
Three worlds. We destabilize three worlds and already this paltry little empire is in danger of splintering. I thought the Grandmaster would have supplied us with more of a challenge.
— Black Dwarf

I am a servant of my master, Thanos-- a destroyer of worlds, a breaker of kings. I am one of the five, Corvus Glaive.
— Corvus Glaive

In the name of death! In the name of sorrow! In the name of chaos and war! In the name of Thanos! HUNT AND KILL!
— Proxima Midnight

All beings pray... but who listens... to the prayers of Gods? Behold your legacy. You saw it in their faces. They, the greatest heroes of Earth, who had dug infinite graves for fallen comrades strewn across a burning universe at war, all in futile effort to stop my lord Thanos. In the final moments they realized the great nihilism. The truth. The inherent black. They could not defeat him. Their actions were folly, sound and fury signifying nothing... everything they were and had always been. It meant nothing.
— Ebony Maw

New Avengers Vol 3 4 Stephane Roux Variant Textless.jpg
All I have, all I have ever known, are scary stories, and they are all real... The incursions never stop, not until your world dies-- not until everything dies. This is all there is.
— Black Swan


I can show you what color your brain is.
— Revy

Rebbeca Lee, better known as Revy, is a mercenary in the service of the Lagoon Company. She is best known for her ability to dual wield a pair of modified Beretta 92F Inox pistols, which earned her the nickname of Two-Hands.

Born in the poverty-stricken Chinatown, New York City Revy was raised by an abusive and alcoholic father. After fleeing from her father's drunken rampages, Revy fled but was arrested, beaten and raped by a corrupt cop. Upon returning home she killed her father when he casually asked for a beer. At some point, Revy found herself in the Thai city of Roanapur where she began to work for Dutch and the Lagoon Company. Thanks to her skill she swiftly became the company's spearhead.

Revy possesses a natural skill with her duel pistols and her agility and reflexes allowed her to take on small groups of criminals and trained soldiers. She is also a great street fighter with only Roberta Cisneros being able to match her. Besides her pair of Beretta 92F Inox, she also made use of grenade launchers, rocket launchers, submachine guns, assault rifles and sniper rifles.

Look her up on Black Lagoon wiki if you want more info about her life.

When it comes to close quarter combat,Revy utilizes brute force to combat others.She is a highly skilled combatant and can fight Roberta Cisneros evenly.She sometimes whips others with her pistols as well.

600px-BL E01 18.jpg
  • Dual Custom Beretta 92F
  • 9×19mm parabellum
  • 15-round magazine
  • Semi-automatic
  • 50 meters

  • FB PM-63
  • 9×18mm Makarov
  • 650 rounds/min
  • 25-round box magazine
  • 75 - 150 meters

  • HKG3A3-0.jpg
  • H&K G3A3
  • 7.62mm NATO
  • 20-round magazine
  • 4.5kg
  • 500 meters

  • 600px-BL E11 07.jpg
  • Remington Model 700
  • 3-6 round internal magazine
  • User-determinant effective range; can reach 1000 yards
  • 4.08 kg

  • M26grenade.jpeg
    • M26 Grenade
    • Number : 2
    • Comp. B
    • 454 g

    Superhuman Speed & Agility:Although Revy is a human,it is obvious that she, alonside many other Black Lagoon characters,possesses superhuman speed and agility.She can sometimes dodge incoming bullets,run as fast as cars and keep up with Roberta in terms of speed.

    Michael De Santa

    Michael cara 2.png
    You forget a thousand things everyday. Make sure this is one of them.
    — Michael Townley, aka Michael De Santa

    Michael Townley is a former bank robber, who faked his death to retire and live a peaceful life with his family in Los Santos under the new name Michael De Santa. However, he suffers from his unhealthy relantionship with them, and soon gets pulled back into his criminal life by a few coincidences and the reappearance of his old friend Trevor, forcing him to return to his old ways and soon find himself in conflict with corrupted divisions of FIB, Triads and Merryweather Security.

    After a series of crimes and adventures, Michael eventually managed to reconcile with Trevor and cut all the loose ends with the help of Trevor and Franklin, which allowed him to retire from his criminal career with nothing to worry about.

    Look him up on GTA wiki if you want more info about his life.

    Michael,like all GTA protagonists,is a capable combatant.He can easily overpower trained police officers and knock most people out with one punch if necessary. In addition to his fists, Michael also carries a stun gun in several missions,most notably the infiltration of IAA (CIA) lab.

    • Taurus PT92
    • 9x19mm Parabellum
    • Recoil-operated
    • 17-round detachable box magazine
    • 50 meters

  • Micro Uzi
  • .45 ACP
  • 1200 rpm
  • 16-round box
  • 200 m

  • 600px-GTAVTavor.jpg
  • IWI Tavor-21
  • 5.56x45mm NATO
  • 30-round detachable box magazine
  • 550m
  • 3.27 kg

  • Bs8282.jpeg
    • Barrett M82
    • 10-round detachable box magazine
    • 1800 m
    • 13.5 kg

    • Combat MG (based on Mk 48 MG and M60 )
    • 8 - 11kg (approximately)
    • 200 rounds, belt-fed
    • 800m
    • 7.62 x 51mm NATO
    • 710 rpm

    Michael's Special ability is Bullet Time. While active, Michael enters a bullet-time-like effect, allowing him to slow time and gain the advantage in shootouts. Michael's Special skill lasts for 30 seconds at most. Similar to other Rockstar titles such as John/Jack Marston's Dead Eye (rank one) ability in Red Dead Redemption and the Bullet Time effect in the Max Payne series, this allows Michael to focus and plan his movements and aiming while shooting. As the ability is activated, the screen acquires a blue tint and the action is slowed down, including Michael's movements and the weapon used.

    This ability can be activated only when Michael is on foot, cannot be activated when he's in a vehicle (unless when switching to him and he's in his car giving money to Tracey De Santa or Jimmy De Santa, the ability can be activated, but once the ability is stopped or depleted, it can't be activated again).

    X-factors (Revy - Michael)

    Experience 80 - 95

    Both are very experienced and have fought a lot of types of enemies. However, what sets Michael apart from Revy is his greater age and his experience of infiltrating IAA ( GTA version of CIA)bases and successfully decimating large groups of SWAT teams, FIB agents (GTA version of FBI), IAA agents, Merryweather Security mercenaries (GTA version of Black Water), Los Santos Triads (GTA version of 14 K), Cartels, Ballas, and heavily-armed US Army soldiers on several different occasions. Revy has also fought and decimated large groups of enemies such as Neo-nazis and FARCs, but those groups aren't on the same level with Michael's enemies. Not to mention several heists and operations conducted by Michael can effectively qualify him as a threat to national security.

    Training 85 - N/A

    Michael De Santa received little formal training. He procured all of his skills through first-hand experience. Revy, on the other hand, was implied to be trained by Mister Chang - the leader of the the most powerful crime organization in her city ( The Triads ). Mister Chang is the best marksman in Black Lagoon series (he beat Balalaika in a gun fight ), which means that Revy has got herself one hell of a mentor.

    Composure 65 - 100

    Revy is not the calmest girl out there. She is sometimes trigger-happy and will execute violent but unsubtle rampages when she is provoked or bloodlusted. She also has anger issues. Michael, on the other hand, is quite composed. He remains calm as long as his family isn't involved. He never loses it in the field. Revy, in stark contrast, has lost it several times.

    Armor N/A - 85

    Revy usually dives into combat with revealing outfit, while Michael, being the collected man he has always been, usually wears bullet-proof vest or other forms of armors to protect him and his allies in operations.

    Physicality 90 - 80

    Revy is somewhat of a borderline superhuman while Michael is peak human.

    Intelligence 65 - 95

    Revy's brain is pretty average at best. She has at times come up with ingenious solutions, but on most occasions she relies on her combat instinct and intuition to get things done. She is also incapable of sophisticated planning. Michael, on the other hand, is very resourceful and cunning. He is renowned for his methodical tactics, planning skills and effective leadership ( he is the field leader and planner of most of the major heists and operations in GTA V). He is also adept at deception, manipulation and using tricks.

    H2H Combat 100 - 85

    Both are highly-skilled but unorthodox fighters. But Michael has never demonstrated superhuman feats in close quarter, while Revy can keep up with Roberta in a fist fight.

    Marksmanship 100 - 100

    Despite the gap in their training, both are sharpshooters whose skills are acknowledged by their allies and enemies.

    Craven's Saga : Part I


    Attaining immortality with no regard to cost. Destroying enemies with no heed to methods.
    — Craven's motto

    Sir Francis Model Craven is the ruler of an European island nation who is obsessed with the idea of longevity. In order to become an immortal, he resorted to dark arts and underhanded magics, which would eventually transform him into a parasitic lifeform. However, this tourney is set prior to his transformation.

    • Equipment: Craven wields a double-edged broadsword of average size whose blade has been covered with poisonous lotions that make the damage from it more serious than usual and very hard to heal. Craven, like the Joker, is by no means a highly competent fighter. However, the fact that he is extremely unpredictable and good at utilizing tricks makes him dangerous in close quarter combat. He doesn’t wear any armor for he hides many small canisters of poisonous liquid inside his sleeves and pockets. The effect of these poisons varies, with someone them being capable of corroding the target’s armor and flesh, while some others can make people lethargic and disoriented. He also keeps several small daggers whose blades are rubbed with the same poison in his costume. His guards consist of four individuals dressed in carnival clothes. They don’t have armors as well, but all of them are capable magicians, being capable of fire manipulation – conjuring small fireballs, flames or building up a wall of fire around them or Craven as protection. Craven also has a crystal ball, by looking into which Craven is able to spy what is happening on the battle field and make adjustments to his tactics.
    • Personality: Craven is a highly ruthless and manipulative individual renowned for his aplomb in dangerous situations and usually underhanded & deceptive methods. He is good at feigning to be a kind and easygoing man, but in actuality he will do anything to achieve his goal. He is also a genius, considering the fact that he created many sections of his army and many weapons used by his force through experimentations.
    • Army Relationship: Despite his ruthlessness and the fact that he merely sees his army as his tool in gaining wealth and expansion, his army greatly respect him due to Craven masquerading as a charismatic and inspirational leader. They also admire his intellect and creativity, leading to them dedicating to Craven’s plan.
    • Power (Tide-changing):Craven is able to open a portal to hell on the battlefield which will suck an area of enemy units into it. He can do it one time per 10 minute.The portal will have no effect on his own unit due to its magical nature, but in order to use this power Craven needs to temporarily possess a member of his own legion, so this power can be only applied to locations where his army are present.


    I have been fighting and building walls nonstop, but I always had this feeling....this feeling about me missing something. After winning this tourney of the cringe, I finally realize what I have been missing ! I was simply too powerful to feel fulfilled !
    — Trumpman to Arcto.

    After winning the cringe tourney and successfully transforming Hell School into an organized facility with the help of fellow contestant Arctotherium "Short Face" Angustidens, Donald Trumpman , realizing that he is too OP to find any challenges, nerfed himself slightly by breaking the 4th wall and continued traveling in the multiverse to search for opponents. However, envious of his success and irritated by his behavior, Vladimir Putin, the Riddler and Joseph Joestar together infiltrated his dimensional traveling vehicle and rigged its navigation system. Therefore, Trumpman ends up getting teleported to Craven’s palace on his way to challenge Elsa. Impressed by his powers, Craven immediately recruited Trumpman into his army and he soon became the field commander. Trumpman, if he were to be defeated, would get teleported back to and resurrect at Hell School after his death, returning to serve and the principal.

    • Personality: After winning the cringe tourney, Trumpman has considerably reduced his arrogance and become more responsible. As a commander, he is egalitarian, decisive and brave, earning the respect of his men. As an individual, he is generally nice, but is still obsessed with wall-related talks. His relationship with Craven is subtle, for he is the only one aware of Craven’s ruthless nature. He respects Craven for his intellect and skills, but distains Craven’s hypocrisy and extreme ruthlessness, which doesn’t conform to his moral standard.
    • Armor – ABGIERHUISDAFO-lite Armor : He wears ABGIERHUISDAFO-lite Armor to protect him. This armor, with outlook and quality similar to a high-quality knight’s armor and developed by some of the greatest scientists and magicians across the universe, grants him with the ability to reverse incoming magical attacks into wood-tipped arrows (the number of which depends on the power of the attacks). With this procedure done, the armor acts like a hardened bullet-proof vest, withstanding massive damage. However, like all the strong armors, the vest has a limitation --- huge number of damage will destroy it.
    • Weapons
      • The Jian of Hilary : A normal-sized Jian that was once wielded by the most formidable opponent Trumpman has ever faced – Hilary Clintwoman. Normally it functions as a magically-enhanced sword whose damage against magical individuals is augmented (like most magically-enhanced weapons in other entries for this tourney). However, it has 50% chance to turn its target into an anime human girl in bikini if it hits the target’s skin (doesn’t change the target’s equipment , ability, physicality, and mind) .
      • Wall-builder: A magical device that comes in the form of a gaslight. Once lit by Trumpman, stones start to fall from sky continuously to form a wall in a small designated area pointed by Trumpman. Deactivating the device requires putting out the light.
      • Julia(S): Picked up in the ruins created by Tenth anniversary Royale, Julia was picked up by Trumpman and subsequently duplicated multiple times and weaponized. They now serve as small, grenade-like devices that explode on people. Their range is akin to grenades of black-powder era. Individuals that get hit will get disoriented or go mad due to seeing a lot of weird illusions. Some may even commit suicide.
    • Abilities
      • Offense- Thought Implantation:By starting a sentence with "you are fired", Trumpman can make request to others.The description of the request should be no longer than 20 English words ("you are fired" not included).Anyone sentient that hears it, regardless of race and specie, will immediately understand what it means be forced to fulfill the request with all of their powers.Only death will stop them.Trumpman mainly uses this ability to force other to commit suicide, spread false information or perform tasks desired by him.Individuals with no sentience or extremely strong will can resist it temporarily or overcome it. In addition, it cannot affect generals.
      • Defense - Force Field Generation:He can generate a temporary force field to block attacks,the size of the force field is akin to that of a large shield.How long can it last depends on his condition.
      • Passive - Healing Beam:Trump can shoot out healing beam from his fingers that heals damage on targetted individuals. The time span of healing depends on the severity of the damage.He can at most target 10 individuals at a time.
      • Ultimate - Super Form : His ultimate ability is "Soul Absorbation" which activates when he is either surrounded by huge group of enemies or seriously damaged. By activating it, he will be able to absorb the life force of all beings around him through his mind. The more he absorbs, the more health he regains. Small beings are killed instantly, while larger beings and more powerful beings take more time to kill. This ability can potentially affect enemy champion or even commander when used properly. However, this ability only last for about 3 minutes. During which he still has his weapons, but has to focus on absorbing the life force instead of using those weapons to great effect. He can still use them, nevertheless. This has a cooldown of 20min.


    You' seen this baby ? This little friend of mine is called Fuxstick, and you are never gonna extirpate me as long as I have this weapon of god.
    — A Vanguard of Fuxstick
    • Melee:Fakemen. Fakemen are mindless bots created by Craven. They appear to be regular humans with glowing red eyes. They are intended to serve as fodders. However, despite their relative lack of intelligence, they possess superhuman strength, endurance and durability that allow them to tank a lot of damage and dish out some of damage before dying. They are armed with Anon Katanas which are also rubbed with deadly poison. They have a natural thrist for blood. They can tell the difference between enemies and allies. They move like zombies. (500)
    • Ranged: Archers of McChickenville are well-trained human archers that function as the ranged faction. They themselves are humans with no special powers apart from martial arts and archery, but their arrows' tips have been rubbed with Craven's poisons - some of them can quickly erode the flesh of their targets while some send targets into attacking their allies. However, they will have very little effect on champions and no effect on generals. Individuals with strong wills can resist or nullify the non-physical effects, while individuals with weaker minds or simple minds immediately succumb to the arrows. Archers are protected by hardened steel armors that can deflect normal physical damage and some magical attacks, but can be torn apart by powerful attacks.(350)
    • Elite: Vanguards of Fuxstick refer to human soldiers of Lord Craven who receives extensive training to master the skill of using Fuxstick - a magical stick that can not only function as great melee weapon, but also shoot out magical beam from its tip. After sending out one beam, the vanguards need to reload it like a musket. The beam can tear through heavy defense barrier with ease but can only target one individual or one spot at a time. The maximum range is around 50 feet. The stick can also shoot fire at enemies around its user. They make up the most elite fraction of Craven's army. They also wield Bandom shield - a shield-like device that is powerful enough to counter several strikes from ban hammer.The stick is powerful enought to poke through large layer of armor or flesh by virtue of magical enhancement. (175)

    Fast Unit

    Willy Two Face ? I dunno what you are talking about, man. I have a cousin named Billy Two Face, but I don't think I know anyone named Willy. Trust me, I definitely am not a member of Willy Two Face, I'm not even lying.
    — The First Willy Two Face
    • Light:Willy Two Face is the nickname given to the light fast unit of Craven's army. The group consist of deadly assasins and spies. They themselves are just humans with extensive training in martial arts and melee and some degree of telepathic powers, however, they are extremely stealthy - even animals or low-level telepaths find it hard to sense their presence. They initially carry a collection of small but deadly close quarter tools, such as poison daggers or poison darts, into the battlefield. After finding targets, they will stalk the targets silently and furtively, trying to catch them off guard and killing them.They change their appearance to resemble their targets by drinking their blood,obtain the memory of their targets , take their costumes and remaining equipment, effectively making themselves look like their dead targets. They will then try to infiltrate the enemy base in their newly obtained identities. They communicate with each other and Craven via telepathic powers and the crystal ball. They also possess superhuman speed, which greatly benefits their task. Also, despite the quote, they are skilled actors, unlike their real life counterpart.(200)
    • Heavy:Araña de México are giant, sentient spiders obtained from the land of Mexico. They attack by spitting venom, shooting large web, biting others with gigantic teeth and leg-thrashing. They are smart hunters who favor ambush and surprise attack over direct confrontation. They usually set up their webs in areas such as forests and jungles, calmly waiting for preys to arrive. Their webs are capable of entangling other beasts of similar size and group of humans, if possible. When forced into direct confrontation, they will also utilize tactics such as distracting, surrounding or hitting vital parts of their enemies with venom. (100)

    Support & Siege

    In brightest day, they banned my ass,

    in blackest night, I return in a flash !

    No war shall escape my sight!

    Let those who worship justice's light,

    Beware my prowess, the deadliest warrior's might!
    — Leonard Luigi Bobo Tesman
    • Support:The Chosen ones are a group of superhuman consisting of eccentric but nevertheless capable people who fancy themselves as the chosen ones, or the man of god. They are armed with pathetically conventional weapons such as kitchen knives, iron poles, golf clubs, tree branches, etc. Despite their low offense capabilities, their defense stats are extremely high. They can tank a shit ton of damage before going down, while displaying immunity to nearly all kinds of mindhacks. They support their allies by attracting attention and fires from enemies if nothing significantly more powerful than them is present. Their weird magical nature causes every non-ally being to suddenly develope extreme hatred towards them upon sighting them, effectively forcing enemies to focus on killing them. Only after killing them can enemies attack their allies. They also have the ability to cause some good destruction around them by walking towards enemies and exploding when they are about to be killed (they can sense their own health). (75)
    • Siege:TDW of All Time is the not-so-subtle codename given to 10 immensely powerful soldiers of Craven's army. They are led by Leonard Luigi Bobo Tesman and his son Leonard Luigi Bobo Tesman Jr. They are all capable of creating phantom clones of themselves that share none of their abilities and serve as distraction or tricks. They can at most create three clones at a time and after 5 clones get destroyed they have to wait several minutes to create other clones. These clones, due to their phantom nature, cannot be hurt by any physical means and can nullify magical attacks. A single clone can last ten minute, during which they are ordered by their masters to assist the masters in attacking the city. Apart from clone creation, they also possess superhuman , endurance, speed and agility, letting them evade attacks and tank some damage before perishing. They attack by shooting out electric beam from their hands. Every two minute they can summon thunder bolts that are powerful enough to shatter large rocks into ashes in seconds. They can focus this thunder bolt on a designated area on the targetted base. They are also well-trained in CQB and weaponary.(10)


    • Experience: They are very experienced. They defeated many armies of equal strength & powers and toppled armies with greater powers with underhanded and unconventional tactics. In the early stage of Craven's regime, he led his army to wipe out dozens of similar states whose rulers were also obsessed with dark arts. On his quest for immortality, Craven's army clashed with many powerful beings, demi-gods and secret nations that guarded ingredients for his poisons and panacea around the globe. To defeat all of them, Craven managed to wear down powerful ones by pitting them against each other with spread of false information and clever manipulation while wiping out weaker ones with overwhelming army. He also engaged Vsbwonderland, an immensely powerful realm of magic and dark art, head on. Despite being less powerful, he used clever tactics to overcome and wipe out that nation.
    • Tactic: With people like Craven and Trumpman steering the wheel, expect their tactics to be viciously underhanded, extremely ruthless but highly creative and ingenius. They are used to constanly adapting their tactics to combat different enemies, and they are masters of combining infiltration and ambushes with an all-out assault. Craven's army usually act passive-aggressively at first by sending out small teams of scouts and spies to get a grip of the tactics and powers of enemies. Then they will launch an all-out assault on weakened factions. Craven is also capable of forging temporary ally with others with his charm and manipulation skills. When faced with powerful enemies that are too strong to take down in direct confrontations, Craven tend to play defensively and wear them down with traps, tricks and various forms of ambushes.
    • Land: Craven's base is located in the middle of a large forested area guarded by spiders and other members of the army. Several fake bases are scattered around the area as distraction, while the main base is located right under the core of the forest in the form of a series secret underground chambers. In order to access the base, people need to pass through a set of maze-like forests and tunnels filled with traps, guards and illusions casted by members of the army.

    Team Ryotsu


    Team Ryotsu is an unofficial name assigned to describe Kakichi Ryotsu, the main protagonist of Kochikame and several other main characters who generally tend to operate alongside Ryotsu or under his command during Ryotsu's schemes, either out of their love/respect for Ryotsu or because of the fact that they are blackmailed by Ryotsu. Due to the comedic nature of Kochikame, these characters possess hilarious traits, abilities or personality quirks, which do not mean that they cannot fight - Kochikame, with regard to its slapstick comedy, is, at the end of the day, an action anime about the police department. Many of the episodes and major plotlines revolve around these characters battling criminals and terrorists. They have also fought giant monsters, aliens and even gods.

    Kankichi Ryotsu, often affectionately called "Ryo-san" (両さん, Ryō-san), is the main male protagonist/anti-hero of the long-running Japanese manga and anime series KochiKame by Osamu Akimoto. He is appointed as the Chief Patrol Officer of the Kameari Kouen-Mae Police Box. As a policeman, Ryotsu is lazy and irresponsible,always engaging in unrelated activities such as making toy models and gambling while on duty, constantly frustrating his superiors. He is also very obsessed with becoming rich, which leads him to engage in many speculative activities,many of which are illegal or unethical. Thanks to his in-depth knowledge and understanding of current fads and psychological warfare, many of these activities tend to profit at early stages, but all of them tend to fail in the end due to Ryotsu's indulgence,carelessness and pettiness. When battling criminals and other threats to the society, Ryotsu displays bravery and occasional competence. He is also known for his superhuman physical characteristics and other abilities, which will be descried in the following section.


    Ai Asato is a patrol officer from the Transport Department of the Katsushika Police Headquarters. She/he is best known for the fact that she/he is a transgendered character - despite his/her extremely feminine look and caring personality, Ai is a guy.Ai is especially notorious for her unyielding displays of affection for Ryotsu, based primarily on the fact that he most resembles the likeliness of her previous kickboxing coach.

    Ai is the son of Ban Asato, the creator of Hondara-ken - a martial art that solely consists of dirty fighting technique such as eye-poking, groin kick, spitting and etc. He/she is well-versed in many forms of martial arts, such as kickboxing,karate,muay thai and kung fu. Ai loves his coach, so he decided too become a girl to find and marry him, and becuase she/he is too ashamed to inherit his/her father's position as the leader of Hondara-ken dojo, Ai chose to become a police officer, leading her to meet Ryotsu, who greatly resembles the coach (who has gone missing) in appearance, subsequently developing an obessive affection towards Ryotsu.




    Harley's Crew


    The Perfect Meat

    Professor Pyg had found himself alone with his Dollotrons after the other Arkham Patients were attacked and marched into a room with his creations before noticing a cell in the wall. Inside was an overweight man wearing a yellow apron and human skin mask who grunted at Valentin as he saw him. "Hello, Pyg make you better once he gets you out of cell!" After a quick search of the surroundings amounted to finding nothing to open the cell but a yellow chainsaw lying on the ground, the surgeon realized that there were three doors which he sent a single Dollotron through each one to search for anything.

    While he was busy checking the room on the left, Frank Antonio Manera came into the middle boiler room and started up his handheld electric saw as the Dollotron approached him. The minion couldn't react fast enough to avoid catching a rotating blade to the face that grinded through it's skull before the door behind it was slammed open. The Professor walked in on an MMA Patient sinking his teeth into the dead Dollotron's stomach and ripping out an intestine, prompting him to angrily draw his cleavers. "My baby! Pyg make you pay!" The cannibal's response to this intruder's outburst was simply a grin and a sinister remark. "More fresh meat."

    Manera expected to easily kill Valentin as well but his foe dodged the swing and almost made him drop the saw with a single good hack. The Variant was more cautious after that but he was stuck blocking the villain's cleavers from hitting his flesh and realized that he had bit off more than he could chew. Frank had an idea at that moment and lunged forwards, letting the handle of his saw block the cleavers before biting down hard onto Pyg's shoulder and tearing off a piece of flesh. The Professor was stunned by the pain long enough for Antonio to push him onto a rack in front of the furnace.

    "Now stay there and cook!" The MMA Patient pressed the red button and his Arkham foe was delivered into the scorching flames to be burned alive. Pyg panicked and flailed about until he hit the brick wall, noticing that it budged a bit from the impact, which made him focus his blows on it until he was free. Frank had anticipated this and was waiting with his signature weapon before slamming the blade on his victim’s head. However the Professor's mask was the only thing that he hit and Manera cried out in pain as an artery on his leg was cut open.

    Valentin then swung his cleaver into Antonio's weapon arm and instead of just finishing off his opponent, decided that this was the perfect time for a rehearsal. "Pyg make you one of us so you can be perfect and incincible!" That line was sung with an Opera tune as Pyg danced to nonexistent music and Frank took the chance to use his good hand to retrieve the saw. Somehow the Arkham Patient noticed and drew several blades from his coat before hurling them into the MMA Patient's torso with one dagger landing right in his heart.

    Manera's last moments were of complete shock at a man more mad than him approaching him while keeping the tune before slamming a cleaver on his forehead, turning him into the fresh meat. "Pyg gets to play with flesh, make it look pretty after death! Hmm, what's that sound? Come to daddy, babies!" Bubba Sawyer was safe as the Professor left him alone and took the Dollotrons with him as he investigated another corridor of the basement beyond the boiler room door. It was when the group got to the open middle that a naked man with a machete and two deformed goons approached them.

    "Destroy them for daddy!" Lazlo Valentin duelled the Twin with his cleavers as the Variants charged at the Dollotrons and swung at their heads. The follower of Father Martin with a cleaver hacked away at the creation until it stopped grabbing at him but the other one with a 2×4 didn't have much luck. His whacks to the minion's head got weaker and weaker as the life was choked out of him before he died. The Dollotron couldn't help it's master before a machete thrusted through it's head and the other Twin approached the Professor.

    The Arkham Patient gasped in pain as a large blade stabbed through his chest before he could finish off his newest "patient" that he had knocked over. "Pyg kill you to rebuild you..." The mortally wounded Pyg swung his cleavers blindly as he stumbled away from the Variants in a vain attempt to escape his fate even as his chest wound stained his clothes crimson. The sound of chains behind him and a man's shout as he was suddenly lifted up put an end to that. "Little pig!" The Professor's career was ended as Walker tore his torso off before dropping it and stared at his trophy before wandering off again to leave The Twins to their own jobs.

    The Control Room Scene

    The other patients that weren't from Arkham or Mount Massive were tearing apart the guards with a red-hairedinmate with a name tag saying 'Cletus' brutally shanking a man to death while a duo of men in blue clothes and white masks stabbed another man in the gut and back. A guard backed up into the corner as Bubba got closer and revved up his chainsaw before bringing it down onto the man's head, sending blood spatters onto Miyo Takano's face. After a quick glance at the clown beating a guy to death with a crowbar and the soldier impaling another on his iron pole, she ran past a man flipping something into an open cell.

    "I used to be an attorney working for Gotham but now I know it's better for the victims to handle their cases themselves after I show them the evidence, of course." Dent's cold remark chilled the aged researcher's spine as she saw the files from her desk on the floor and two pairs of eyes in the dark behind a large cleaver and small knife. "Girls, that's-" "You lied to us." "Now it's time for some Fun-Fun Torture!" Miyo's screams filled the air as her escape route turned into her execution chamber as the sound of flesh being cut into and maniacal laughter came from the Hinamizawa girls' cell.


    I learned this a long time ago. Never listen to Mysterio. Not because he tends to go on and on (which is true)... He's got illusions, the gas, but the helmet gives his speech pattern some crazy mind-bending properties.
    Spider-Man on Mysterio

    Mysterio is a supervillain from Marvel Comics and a major foe of Spider-Man. Although several people have called themselves Mysterio, for the purpose of this battle, Quentin Beck, the most iconic Mysterio, will be used.

    Originally a special effect expert on a downward spiral in life, Quentin realized that his expertise in special effects would make him a capable supervillain, therefore he donned the role of Mysterio and went to the Daily Bugle newspaper, announcing that he would bring the hated Spider-Man to his knees. The newspaper editor, J. Jonah Jameson, who hated Spider-Man with a passion, agreed wholeheartedly, and supported Beck's stunt. Mysterio soon battled Spider-Man, ultimately defeating and humiliating him through use of his many tricks and special effects. He was dubbed a hero before Spider-Man fought him again and exposed his real intentions, resulting in him being arrested, Spider-Man's name being cleared and Beck plotting revenge against the Web Slinger.

    Since then, Beck became a core member of one of Spidey's main Rogues Gallery, battling the hero for countless times solo. Later he also became an OG of Doctor Octopus's infamous supervillain team, Sinister Six, which led to his occasional clashes with other Marvel heroes, such as Daredevil (Comics),Wolverine (comics) and Deadpool.

    Quentin Beck does not possess superhuman abilities, but he is an expert designer of special effects devices and stage illusions, a master hypnotist and magician and an amateur chemist and roboticist. He has extensive knowledge of hand-to-hand combat techniques learned as a stuntman, allowing him to engage in combat with Spider-Man despite his foe's superior physical abilities and using his skills at misdirection as a further method of self-defense.[7]


    Mysterio's helmet,aka The Fishbowl Helmet, is the villain's signature equipment.It is made of one-way plexiglas, meaning he can see out but no one can see in. The helmet also includes an air supply to protect him from his own gases and sonar to navigate within his mist cloak.However, the most iconic function of his helmet is illusion creation.By controlling a 3D hologram projector installed within the helmet,Mysterio is able to create various 3D visions to troll,distract or terrify his opponent.These illusions can also greatly enhance the psychological impact of his attacks.Some of the illusions are so real that you can't tell it apart from real objects.The toughness of his helmet varies from one issue to another, however, in majority of the issues,the helmet's endurance is akin to that of a glass helmet.Here is a list of common visions he utilizes to mess with enemies:

    • Fake dinosaur,giant spider,gorilla, and other animal monsters.
    • Fake rainstorm,sandstorm and snowstorm.
    • Fake large object.
    • Fake explosion.
    • Fake zombie.
    • Fake illusions of other Spider-man villains (Doctor Octopus,Kraven the Hunter,etc).
    • Fake Spider-man.

    Mysterio 003.jpg

    Apart from his iconic helmet,his cloak suit contains a vast array of gadgets that help him battle Spider-Man.These gadgets include :

    • Boots:The villain's boots contain magnetic coil springs which grant him with the ability to cling to walls and ceilings,as well as impressive leaps,making Mysterio an extraordinary jumper.They are also armed with nozzles which emit a constant stream of non-lethal smoke that shields his movements.
    • Gloves:Mysterio's gloves are equipped with nozzles that emit various lethal and non-lethal chemicals,including hallucinogenic gas which induces illusions,a gas with foul smell that cancels out Spider-Man's senses,knock-out gas that can cause 30-min paralysis,non-lethal gas which shields his movements as well as corrosive liquids.Due to most of the gases having their own color,Mysterio will constantly find himself cloaked in his own gases.Whenever this happens,Mysterio turns to his helmet sonar to detect objects nearby.Apart from chemicals,the gloves are also armed with electric devices which allow its user to stun his opponents by touching their bodies.These gloves may also enhance the villain's punches judging from their sizes.
    • Eye-shaped coils:The eye-shaped coils on Mysterio's shoulders can shoot out powerful laser beams.These beams are powerful enough to tear through stone walls.However,it is likely that the beam can only be emitted for few times,because Mysterio never spams it and cannot use it for an extended period of time,indicating limited supply and long recharge span.Therefore this function usually acts as a last-resort.Apart from lasers,these coils can also let out various light,including hypnotizing lights and sudden blinks of lights used to blind opponents temporarily.
    • Limited protection:Although not mentioned exclusively in comic,it is likely that Mysterio's suit (discounting the helmet due to its easy-to-break nature) provides him with limited protection against impacts,judging from its outlook.
    • Cloak:Although Mysterio's cloak usually acts as a mean of distraction in illusions,it also possesses a lethal function - Mysterio hides various weapons and gadgets,including his pistol,two smoke bombs,one acid bombs and several small blades, inside the cloak.
    • Pistol:Mysterio is at times seen with a pistol of unknown type.For the purpose of this battle,he'll be using the classic M1911.
    • Hypnotism:Mysterio possesses basic knowledge of hypnotism,thus allowing him to hypnotize his opponents.However,it requires the victim to pay attention to his device for an extended period of time.
    • H2H Combat:Although not a master of H2H combat,Mysterio received basic training in acrobats as well as H2H combat prior to his criminal career.

    In order to copy Spider-Man's powers,Mysterio has also created his own version of Spider-Man's webbing, most notably a gun that fires webbing.However,due to his lack of knowledge about the web's ingredients and lack of skills in using it,Mysterio seldom uses the device.In action,the webs from this gun are downgraded versions of Spider-Man's own webs,but they can still be useful at times.The major flaw of this weapon is that Mysterio is not skilled in using it, making it easy to miss the intended targets.It also possesses common flaws of a gun,such as the rounds being limited and the direction of the web being limited and predictable.

    • Messed with Spider-Man's minds and tricked him into seeing ridiculous things(which includes Aunt May dying,Doctor Octopus blowing up a building,Avengers dying,etc) for countless times.
    • Tricked James Bourne into fighting Spider-Man.
    • Tricked Mister Fantastic into seeing Doctor Octopus as a giant, octopus monster.
    • Hypnotized Wolverine into massacring all of X-men (this is from Old Man Logan, not from the main continuity).
    • Tricked Logan into attacking Neo-Hydra base.
    • Almost fooled Deadpool with his illusions,but eventually got his ass kicked royally.

    Mad Hatter

    Mad hatter.PNG
    Oh frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! The Batman's here, it's time to play.
    — Jervis Tetch aka the Mad Hatter

    Unlike most Batman villains, Jervis Tetch aka the Mad Hatter has a loving family and happy childhood.However, due to an unspecified illness, his height stopped growing before he enters adolescence, resulting in him losing his childhood sweetheart Alice's heart. Desperate to regain her heart, Jervis recklessly took a height-growing medicine which was still in experiment. As you might've expected, the medicine didn't cure his illness and instead created illusions in his mind, leading to his downward spiral in life and eventual mental breakdown. Donning the name "Mad Hatter", he committed a series of small heists and got arrested easily. After being released he attempted to reform and reciprocate with Alice. However, at this time Alice had already become a distraught middle-aged woman on the verge of her own mental breakdown and victim of domestic violence. This led to Jervis losing his faith in humanity and society. After murdering Alice to end her pain, the villain took on a more serious and darker approach to crime, working his way up to the core of Batman's rogue gallery.

    Prior to his breakdown, Jervis, being a genius student, developed the mind-control technology in university, which he would continue to exploit and develop in his future crimes. This also helped him gain status in DC's villain community and led to him being recruited by several big names, most notably the Batman who Laughs and Deadshot (representing Secret Six) to play major parts in their schemes.


    Mind-Control Hat is Mad Hatter's most iconic weapon.By wearing the hat, the psychopath can hack into the minds of others around him.Once hacked, the victim will follow Hatter's command without hesitation.This attack can affect a large group of people at the same time.His hat also emits a powerful wave to block other psychic and mind control attacks, as well as project hallucinogenic illusions and detect people around him. The Hatter also carries several backup hats in case his hat gets knocked off.The hat can also be thrown towards enemies.The moment it latches unto someone's head, it is near impossible to pull out by normal force,while strong impacts can indeed knock off the hat. It is strong enough to even affect peak-physical humans and superhumans,Killer Croc,Clayface,Man-Bat and Poison Ivy have all fallen victim to the hat.Having a strong will won't help either, since Batman himself has fallen victim to its control for countless times.However,once Hatter's hat is knocked off,it's safe to say that he can no longer hack other people's minds.Common illusions the Hatter tends to utilize are listed below :

    • Giant bug,giant maggot,giant cat and other animal monsters.
    • Alice In Wonderland-themed horror show, such as blood-sucking hares,mutated Red Queen and poker guards,mutated egg-like character,mutated rabbit etc.
    • Illusions dragged from the victim's memory : Although Hatter cannot read the victim's memories (he hijack minds, but he can't read them),the illusion of horror he projects to his victims usually comes in patterns formed from the victim's memories.For example,in New 52 Batman:Dark Knight Vol 2, Batman sees the mutated zombies of his parents,mutated Alfred and Catwoman,as well as giant dancing maggots with costumes and facial appearances similar to Joker (DC Comics),Penguin,Two-Face and Riddler.

  • Toxic Immunity:Due to his long period exposure to various toxic chemicals,Mad Hatter has developed immunity towards various of them.Example being that Mad Hatter,alongside Scarecrow and Poison Ivy,was not infected by Joker gas which had already been sprayed across the city during Batman:Endgame.
  • Nigh-indomitable Will:Mad Hatter has a reasonably strong will,despite his wacky appearance.He was able to completely ignore Doctor Psycho,one of DC's greatest psychic,'s mental attacks during their fight in Secret Six Vol 1. However,as evidenced in recent comics,Mad Hatter was seen driving around Bane-occupied Gotham in a police car with Doctor Phosphorus,which strongly indicated that the Hatter was also put under Psycho Pirate (whose psychic power is certainly above Doctor Psycho)'s mind control spell.Thus,Mad Hatter's mind isn't indomitable - it's just hard to dominate.
  • Tea:Mad Hatter is addicted to drinking tea.However,it's not normal tea we're talking about.The tea Hatter consumes on a regular basis is another of his deadly creation,which enhances his strength,speed,reflexes,agility as well as durability,allowing him to punch Batman into coma with one single strike.Bear in mind that,although the effect of the tea accumulates as Hatter consumes more,the tea has a deadly by-product - illusions.When drinking too much tea,Hatter becomes extremely unstable and will experience illusions that mess with his own brain.Therefore,Hatter usually keeps track of the amount of tea he drinks and avoids drinking too much.In addition,he usually walks into a fight without drinking and only drinks when he finds it hard to beat his opponent.
  • Gas gun: Jervis uses a specialized gun that fires sprays of gas or smoke, to either escape or poison his enemies.
  • Various improvised weapons:Mad Hatter makes use of a vast array of improvised weapons to assist him in actual combat.These include an iron pole,a switchblade,a kitchen knife,several daggers,an ax,a tire iron,an iron and a customized revolver (likely modeled after S&W M36).
  • H2H Combat:Hatter possesses basic H2H skills.He is also able to snap an adult's neck with bare hands and no assistance from his gadgets.
  • Hypnotism:Mad Hatter is a highly capable hypnotist.He is able to hypnotize others into killing themselves with a single sentence and a brief moment of eye contact.

  • Tweedlebro.jpg

    Deever Tweed and his cousin Dumpson, bonding over their shared interest of the fictional characters Tweedledum and Tweedledee, decided to become professional criminals and adopted the names as their super villain aliases.Naturally they got recruited into Mad Hatter's Wonderland Gang and since then have been acting as Tetch's top henchmen and most loyal subordinates.

    While both men possesses no special powers,they are skilled brawlers thanks to their brawling experience and intimidating size.At times,the brothers seem to possess superhuman strength - during Batman:Dark Knight Vol 2 they were shown to be able to easily toss around cars.

    Apart from the brothers,Mad Hatter will have 8 mind-controlled goons available.They're random people whose mind have been hijacked by the hatter.They're armed with various firearms.For the purpose of this battle,they'll be packed with firearms shown in Batman:Dark Knight Vol 2 - M1911,M16 rifles,pipe bombs,S&W M36 revolvers and RPG-7 (these weapons will be evenly distributed among them).

    • Mind-controlled Batman for countless times - either to torment the caped crusader or to let the Batman do some dirty work for him.
    • Drugged and kidnapped Barbara Gordon .
    • Captured and murdered Batman/Bruce Wayne's future wife Natalia by throwing her onto Bat signal.
    • Mind-controlled several other powerful villains on several different occasions (Killer Croc,Poison Ivy and Man-Bat) to act as his bodyguard.
    • Defeated Doctor Psycho in a mind battle.
    • Single-handily defeated Black Mask(another mind-control expert) and the False Face Cult under Mask's command.
    • Single-handily defeated Doom Patrol during his time in Secret Six.


    Physical & Mental Health

    In terms of physical health,it's almost even with Mysterio gaining a slight edge.While both villains mostly rely on tricks and illusions,when things get dirty,both of them can put up decent fights against their enemies.However,Mysterio is larger in size and stronger.On the other hand,while Mad Hatter is a quick fighter,his addiction to his inventions,especially the tea, as well as his previous addiction to drugs,grant him with a debuff in physical health.

    Mental health-wise,it's a landslide victory for Mysterio. Despite the fact that he is extremely egotistic,Mysterio is sane and has no mental health issues.On the other hand, Mad Hatter, being a core member of Batman's rogue gallery, is plagued by mental disease like the Joker and the Riddler. His pathological obsession with Alice in Wonderland has already reshaped his personality, forcing him to adopt a bizarre speech pattern akin to that of the Mad Hatter in the book.In addition, he is also a pedophile and notorious sadist who will go to extreme to torment/torture his opponents with the worst ways possible. However unlike Riddler and Two-Face, Tetch's mental illness doesn't lead to him making irrational decisions such as compulsorily leaving clues or making decisions based on a coin. In actual combat, Tetch is more focused and fast-thinking than anyone - but that's before his hat gets knocked off. Every time he loses his hat,he goes into panic and will do anything to get it back.

    Intelligence & Creativity

    Both men are geniuses in their own ways. Mysterio's genius comes in the form of mind games and deception - he made his debut as a con-man, and with his special effects, he has conned the mightiest of all heroes. However, Mad Hatter wins this edge because of the fact that while he is just as skilled as Mysterio in the art of deception and planning (he has also conned DC's smartest hero -Batman for multiple times, and planned out grand schemes), he dominates Mysterio in terms of technology knowledge. Mysterio is a special effect expert who made his gadgets from existing devices, but Tetch developed all of his gadgets and their mechanism by himself. In other words, Mysterio is a good user of gadget and master planner, while Tetch is an actual scientist with groundbreaking inventions and master planner.

    When it comes to creativity,Mad Hatter once again takes the crown. Both villains are textbook examples of originality and their crimes have both exceeded the imagination of their own universe's mightiest heroes,therefore it's hard for us to judge who is better purely through looking at the process of their crimes.However, by comparing a major element of both warriors - illusions, a conclusion can be gained - the illusions Mysterio created, while versatile, are mostly exaggerations of earthly phenomenons and powers of existing heroes & villains, while Mad Hatter's illusions are usually other-worldly, insane but twisted scenery beyond the imagination of the finest heroes. And each time Mad Hatter's illusions develops on its previous basis, boosting its creativity and ingenuity. In addition, Mad Hatter is always the one that thinks out of the box, without his creativity and fast-thinking, the secret six wouldn't have survived, and the Arkham inmates would have lost even earlier in their war against Bane.


    Both men are very experienced, rendering it even. For Mysterio, as an OG of Sinister Six, he has been fighting Spider-Man for a long,long time, even longer than Green Goblin (Mysterio appeared literally one issue before Green Goblin). He has worked with almost every major Spider-Man villain,once became a Symbiote,fought X-men,fought Avengers,fought Mister Fantastic,died and got resurrected, gained and lost godly power, defeated Kingpin and destroyed a Hydra base with Wolverine's "help". For Mad Hatter, he has been fighting Batman for decades, fought Justice League while working for Talia Al Ghul and Black Mask, joined Secret Six (during which he took down Doom Patrol and Doctor Psycho), fought and almost defeated Secret Six (after Secret Six betrayed him), led the arkham inmates against Bane during Arkham War, gained godly power from the card given to him by Batman who Laughs, and murdered Bruce Wayne's dearest lady - something the Joker still struggled to do.


    This category is as pointless as usual,since both men are more than willing to kill when it comes to villain duels. However,Mad Hatter is obviously more brutal - think about it, this guy rapes and tortures children, randomly murders innocent people under his control and once he sends all of his mind-controlled captives(hundreds or even thousands of people) to commit suicide by jumping into Gotham harbor.

    Donald Trumpman

    Donald trumpman-0.jpg
    I am going to build a great, great wall on the DF border and let DBFW pay for it !
    — RealDonaldTrumpman on his Tweeter page

    Donald J Trumpman is a badass. Due to the sheer high level of his badassness, no words can be applied to describe him in terms of being a badass. Little is known about his past.The only known thing is that he used to be a human (probably an alternate-universe incarnation of the person who is now serving as the 45th President of USA) and after mysteriously gaining the following listed powers and equipment, he went on travelling across the universe, challenging skilled fighters and magicians across the known space, emerging as the victor in all of his previous fights.He looks exactly the same as Donald Trump of our world and shares similar personality/speech pattern/etc. with the president, but nevertheless they are two different people.

    Kitchen Knife.jpg
    • Gordon Ramsay's kitchen knife:Previously owned by the British demigod Gordon Ramsay. A normal looking kitchen knife that cuts through all sort of armors and bodies. Although incredibly powerful, this weapon's form is akin to an ordinary kitchen knife.
    • The One-shot Pistol: A pistol (nerf gun) that takes the form of a normal M1911. As the name suggests, the pistol only has 1 round. However, the round is packed with the magical ability to automatically lock a target, bypass any physical/mythical/magical/etc defenses and plunge into the target's body, continuing to causing internal explosions until the target is dead. Trumpman regards this pistol as a final resort. When fired, the pistol will become the husk of a normal pistol, therefore can still function as a blunt weapon.
    • The Big Ass Blade:A big bladed weapon that is magical in nature. The blade, made of hardened uber-Battlefanium (A very powerful material), is blessed by the church of Wass, granting its additional damage to magical individuals. The blade of this weapon can transform to the blade of whatever bladed weapon Trumpman wants, ranging from Katana, Dao and other ancient swords to Chainsaw and Deathstroke's cutlass. However, this blade must have existed before and shouldn't be larger than Trumpman himself.
    • ABGIERHUISDAFO Armor:He wears ABGIERHUISDAFO Armor to protect him. This armor, with outlook similar to Iron Man armor and developed by some of the greatest scientists and magicians across the universe, grants him with the ability to reverse incoming magical attacks into normal bullets (the number of which depends on the power of the attacks). With this procedure done, the armor acts like a hardened bullet-proof vest, withstanding massive damage. However, like all the strong armors, the vest has a limitation --- huge number of bullets will destroy it.