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User Warriors

Name: Jessica Wilderson

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Appearance: Short brown hair, average build, brown eyes, 170cm tall.

Bio: Jessica is a quiet, calm and curious girl who likes to spend time in nature. As a child she always used to wander around the woods, looking for pretty rocks, wild animals and sometimes she would even make a drawing or two of her surroundings, earning her the nickname of "Forest Girl". When she became older she would frequently camp in the forest.

Close range: Bowie knife, used as tool and weapon

Mid range: Naginata

Long range: Composite bow

Special: Nails, Jess carries around some nails in her pockets that she throws at the eyes of her opponents to blind them or at their feet so they will step on it and harm their feet, giving Jess a better chance to escape.

Armor: Chainmail with steel plates that cover the heart, from front and back. The plates also cover her lungs. She wears a jacket over it to make the locations of the steel plates less obvious.

Backpack: Canteen, strong rope, family foto, binoculars, 7 strips of beef jerky, rubbing alcohol, binding wraps, flint and steel.

Pros: Keeps a cool head in stressful situations, tries to avoid conflict, is fast, agile and has good reflexes, knows how to survive in the forest, high attention to detail, sharp senses, is a somewhat experienced archer

Cons: Not an experienced fighter, isn't as strong as most tributes, her curiosity gets the better of her sometimes.


Alot of leaders make the fatal mistake when it comes to those under their command, they view them as resources, things to be replaced like on replaces a candle when it has been burned out. I? I view my men as my children, and I mourn their loss as if they were just that.
— Michiel
  • Heroic Spirit: Michiel de Ruyter
  • Class: Rider
  • Title: Supreme Admiral of the Dutch Navy
  • Weapon: Sabre
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Catalyst: Wood of the Steering Wheel of De Zeven Provincien


  • Strenght C-
  • Endurance A+
  • Agility D
  • Mana D-
  • Luck A+


De Ruyter was born in 1607 in Vlissingen, Netherlands, as the son of beer porter Adriaen Michielszoon and Aagje Jansdochter. Michiel's first become a sailor when he was only 11 years old, but left the navy to fight under the command of Maurice of Nassau against the Spanish during the Eighty Year War. He soon returned to sea, however. Michiel would work various jobs, as a merchant, and as navigator. It wasn't until he became a pirate hunting privateer when he earned the nickname of De Ruyter, or The Raider, something he frequently did. He eventually married Anna van Gelder and decided the time had come to retire. He bought a house in Flushing, but his blissful family life did not last long.

During the First Anglo-Dutch War, Michiel was asked to join an expanding fleet as a subcommander, while he initially refused, Michiel soon accepted. This marked the start of his journey to greatness but also started the events that lead to his death.

Michiel fought in several naval battles, earning several victories against the English, but sadly didn't prevent the English from winning to war, nor the death of his longtime friend and mentor Maarten Tromp. After the war, Michiel was offered the position of Supreme Admiral but refused out of respect to his lost mentor and to those who had more seniority than him.

In peacetime, Michiel hunted pirates like he used to before the Anglo-Dutch War. He was even able to spend some time with his wife and children. For a while, things seemed to return like they used to be, but it wouldn't be long until Michiel once again had to take arms up against the English.

During the Second Anglo-Dutch War, he sailed to the New World in an attempt to retake the lost colonies but failed. Despite not achieving his main objective he was able to capture several British merchant ships and significantly weaken their hold over the New World. Upon his return, Michiel was treated as a hero by the Dutch people but was saddened by the death of his friend and Supreme Admiral, Jacob van Wassenaer Obdam. Out of respect for his fallen friend and having finally enough experience Michiel accepted the offer to become the next Supreme Admiral.

Now possessing full control of the navy Michiel began to use exploitive strategies, earning the Dutch Republic several victories, even giving the British their biggest naval defeat in history. Thanks to his cunning the small republic managed to defeat one of the world's biggest empires, but also made him popular with the Dutch people which in turn earned him the distrust of the government. Fearing (unjustly) that Michiel would try to stage a coup, the government sends Michiel pirate hunting in the Mediterranian where he was killed during a fight with French privateers.

Class Skills

  • Riding B+: Being the Supreme Admiral of the Dutch navy, and having worked on ships himself for a very long time, Michiel is an expert in piloting ships of any type, even modern ships that weren't around during his lifetime. However, he is not as equally skilled when it comes to piloting other vehicles, only possessing the skill any normal person would have.
  • Magic Resistance C: Because he was summoned under the Rider-class, Michiel has a defense against magic, but since he never possed any magic resistance during his lifetime, his magic resistance is low.

Personel Skills

  • Charisma B: A composite Skill consisting of a person's charm as well as the natural talent to command or unify an army or country. Increases the ability of allies during group battles. Michiel was really well liked and respect among those who served under him to the point they called him "grandfather" out of respect for his wisdom.
  • Military Tactics A+: Tactical knowledge used not for one-on-one combat situations, but for battles where many are mobilized. Bonus modifiers are provided during use of one's own Anti-Army Noble Phantasm or when dealing against an enemy Anti-Army Noble Phantasm. He was able to give the British their biggest naval defeated in history and was the main reason the Second and Third Anglo-Dutch War.
  • Instinct C+: The ability to instantly identify “the best personal course of action” during combat. Because this Skill allows for the prediction of trajectory, it is possible to avoid attacks from firearms. Because of his experience as a sailor, Michiel has a keen sense for when deciding when it's time to strike, exploiting weaknesses in someone's defenses, and attacking when the enemy is not able to defend.
  • Voyager of the Storm A+: The talent to sail vessels recognized as ships. Because the ability as a group leader is also necessary, this unique Skill also has the effects of both Charisma and Military Tactics. Being an experienced sailor, captain, and Supreme Admiral, Michiel's skill is only rivaled by other true Supreme Admirals

Noble Phantasms

  • De Zeven Provinciën: [Anti-Army] [A+] Michiel's flagship. Its dimensions are the same as an old ship of the line. It can sail through the ground as if it was water. Michiel has full control over the ship, being able to change its direction and fire its canons without the aid of the wind or a crew.
  • Fleet of Orange-Nassau: [Anti-Army] [EX] The trump card of the Supreme Admiral, it summons a Reality Marble that embodies Michiel's experience and skill as a sailor and the bond formed with the people under his command. The reality marble takes the form a vast sea with what resembles the coast of the Netherlands and Britain on either side of the reality marble. The opponent will be set on a raft on the side of the British Isles' while Michiel and his fleet is on the side of the Netherlands. There are 100 warships each filled with their own crew armed with swords, flintlock pistols, and muskets. Michiel himself, and his master will be on De Zeven Provinciën.


Michiel often values loyalty and kinship between himself and those under his command. While he holds the position as a Servant, Michiel prefers to work with rather than for his Master, this reflects in his habit of referring to people by name rather than by title. While he does view his Master as his equal, that doesn't stop him from giving advise, whether it be just about small daily things like how to talk to people about battle strategy. He is also very protective, often rushing headfirst into battle even if it means risking his own life. Despite being a skilled sailor, Michiel wishes nothing more to just settle down and have a quiet life with a wife children.

Relationship with Master

While begrudgingly fighting for Erwin at first, the young magus eventually grew on him and eventually viewed him as a part of his crew. He often finds himself giving advise to or counseling Erwin. Michiel cares a lot for his Servants well being, thinking that's it is his personal responsibility to make sure Erwin doesn't get hurt and can safely return home. Keeping with the same principals he had during life, Michiel prefers to refer Erwin by name instead of by "Master", this also extends to himself as well as other Masters, and Servants.


I smell, I am miles away from home and living on the street, I couldn't be happier.
— Erwin van der Zwaan
  • Name: Erwin van der Zwaan
  • Gender: Male
  • Nationality: Dutch
  • Age: 21


Born to the wealthy Van der Zwaan family, Erwin hoped to one day use his families' wealth to travel the world much like their ancestors did, sadly this didn't seem possible. Having gotten wealthy the Van der Zwaan family has gotten lazy and careful as well, much to Erwin's dismay who idolized his ancestors. In order to suppress what they saw as rebellious attitude, Erwin's parents frequently locked him up in his room and homeschooled him. This seemed to have the opposite effect as Erwin only grew more and more interested in the outside world as he began to hate his house, as well as his parents.

During his early teens, he mostly read books on history, magic, and various kinds of fiction. He also took his time mastering their family crest, being the only one in years to unlock all of the elemental familiars. When he became 18 years old Erwin finally escaped his overprotective parents and travelled the world as a vagabond, while most would be eager to return to the safe and comfortable surroundings a mansion would offer, Erwin finally felt happy in the open world, even if he only had his familiars for company.

The more he travelled the world the more he realized that one day he would run out of places to travel to. After getting word of the Holy Grail, Erwin summoned his Servant and joined the Holy Grail War, hoping that by winning the war he would not only be able to travel the world, but also other dimensions.


Despite living on the street Erwin is surprisingly jovial and happy. Often striking up conversations with random people he just met on the street. He rarely stays in one place for long as he intends to see as much of one town or city as possible before moving onto the next one. Despite his friendly attitude, he is very slow to trust other people (perhaps as a result of his upbringing).


Elemental Spirits: Like mentioned earlier, Erwin's ancestors were explorers, and one of the many treasures they found during their travels was an ancient Chinese crest which allowed them to summon and use the power of a Taoist elemental spirit, Erwin, having studied it for a very long time, is able to use all four spirits. When used as familiar the spirits actively seek out and attack anything that poses a threat to their master, if a spirit is killed Erwin needs to rest and recharge his mana in order to summon it again. Alternatively, Erwin could absorb the spirit and take its power for his own. Only one spirit (power) can be used at a time.

  • Fire Vermilion Bird: A pheasant-like bird with a five-coloured plumage and four wings which is perpetually covered in flames. It is able to spew fire as well as generate and manipulate by flapping its wings. It can also increase the temperature of a room by will or specifically an object by touch. It's immune to heat and fire. Erwin lovingly names it Big Bird.
  • Yellow Earth Dragon: A Chinese dragon entirely made out of yellow stone. Because of its stone body, it's often deployed as when Erwin is on the defence. It's able to create stone walls or create stone domes around itself for protection or it's enemy to trap and even crush them. It is also able to go through stone or brick. Lastly, the yellow dragon is able to add to its own mass by absorbing stone and brick around itself. When absorbed, Erwin's body becomes stone. Its nickname is Rockie.
  • Black Water Tortoise: A giant black tortoise the size of an adult grizzly bear. Though it is slow on land, his speed drastically increases while submerged in water. When submerged it can manipulate the waves and the current. While on land it can shoot water out of its mouth with enough force to cut through brick, though Erwin uses it rarely when he's not on water. Erwin named him Squirtle.
  • White Metal Tiger: A white tiger with steel claws and teeth. The tiger is able to manipulate the metal and steel around him to add to his own claws and teeth or create makeshift suits of armor. When using the tiger's powers, Erwin gains the same sharp claws and teeth. Erwin lovingly names him Simba.
  • Azure Wood Dragon: Another Chinese dragon made entirely out of azure coloured wood. While low in durability, the dragon constantly regrows lost parts. The dragon's main attack is to shoot needles of wood at its target or summon roots to constrict it targets. Because of his lack of destructive power, it's often deployed when Erwin needs to retreat. When absorbed, Erwin's body turns into wood. Its nickname is Woody.


Erwin usually carries a backpack filled with food, bottles of water, maps, various books about various kinds of subjects (mostly about history and geography), and various kinds of currency. He also carries a swiss army knife in his pocket, but other than that, that's all he has on him.


Despite the fact that the purpose of the war is to kill enemy Magi and Servants, Erwin rarely looks to fight, preferring to keep his head low and hide while the others fight it out. When he does encounter an enemy he rarely involves himself in the fight, preferring to let Michiel and his familiars do the work, though he will involve himself in the fight when backed into a corner. Having in-depth knowledge of Paris' layout, he uses his knowledge to look for hideouts, he switches hideouts every 12 hours. When resting, he lets Michiel and one of his familiars patrol the area.

Physicall Appearance

1.85m with an average built, messy brown hair and beard, blue eyes, and is 23-years-old. He wears a dirty grey shirt and jacket, green pants, and brown sneakers. Since he's a vagabond all of his clothes are torn and dirty.

Appelmonkey Profile Pic.jpg

A wisecracking, memetic Dutchman, Appelmonkey seeks to uphold the status quo and defend Tatsu to his last breath. Additionally, he would never be caught dead fighting alongside his long-time Spanish rival, El Alamein.

  • Close Range - The Scotsman's Claymore: This sword is capable of effortlessly slicing through almost any material. It is inscribed with ancient Celtic ruins that make the weapon nigh-indestructible while increasing its destructive capacities. Additionally, if the wielder is slain, the runes on the claymore enable them to return as a ghost.
  • Mid Range - Gae Bolg: This spear has the ability to automatically hit its target's heart, even at impossible angles, and is very difficult to block. It can also cause a giant explosion when thrown. However, its name must be uttered aloud by the user before either one of those abilities can be activated.
  • Spell - Avada Kedavra: An instant-kill curse, Avada Kedavra will immediately strike dead anything it touches. It is cast by speaking aloud the incantation and pointing one's wand in the direction of the intended target; a jet of green light is then issued forth, to destructive effect.

  • Name: Elizabeth Neko
  • Favorite song: Lollipop
  • Favorite food: Strawberry Ramune soda
  • Bio: Elizabeth Neko, she the cutest catgirl. :3 Her parents were super nice and loved to support her cause she was cute and would bring light! She became a protector of the weak. She eventually became a pop idol with lots of fans, having even a harem of cute girls but always just hugging and kissing and holding hands cause she was pure! Eventually she was offered to become queen of the world but didn't want to cause she wanted to be a kitteh of the ppl \(^-^)/ Though some people didnt like her cause she was pure and good she always made friends with her with because they actually loved her. 1 day she came across xXsefiroFintheshadoUsXx and the two instantly fell in love sure she was her but she was the only right one 4 her!
  • Alisases: Cutest Neko~, Queen Lizzy, Kitty Lizy, Bethy
  • Description: She is a cute young girl but has cat ears and tail. Her eyes are also kitty like one is gold and the other sky blue. Her hair is white to show how pure she is!
  • Short: Ninjato and katana: A gift from a samurai clan and ninja clan after she made the two stop fighting and become best of friends. Made from over thousand-folded Nippon steel and infused with the essence of light the two swords are entirely white and are sharp enough to slice a bullet into several pieces with one slice.
  • Mid: Double bladed naginata: A double-ended naginata is twice as long as a normal naginate, but the blades are also twice as long.
  • Long: Light Pistol: A laser pistol powered by light which burns through anything.
  • Special: Healing Potion: A potion that heals everything and tastes like strawberries, can only be used once per fight.
  • Iconic: Magic Staff: A staff fueled by her pureness. She can blast superpowerful Kamehameha beams with it can also be used as a very strong club
  • Armor: A lolita dresst made from a vibranium-adamantium alloy cloth.
  • Abilities:
    • Power Copying: Can copy the power of any enemy, and can only copy the powers of those she thinks are meane.
    • Light Control: Able to control and absorb light, and can create solid light.
    • Purifying Presence: Steeped in goodness and purity, her soul is so pure it can purify the space around her. Poison to air, acid to water, evil to good, enemies into friends, and other such purifying changes. It does not work fast, but cannot be stopped.

Name: Helga Erkisdottir

Bio: Born in a small Norse village no one expected great things from the little Helga, with many assuming she would step in her father's footsteps and become a simple trader. Fate, however, seemed to have different plans. After getting into an argument with her parents, she angrily ran from home into a blizzard. When the snow settled the villagers send out a hunting party to find her with little success and were eventually forced to give up, assuming that she had been devoured by wild animals or died from the cold. However, something miraculous happened.

Helga's unconscious body was carried into the village by a wild boar who returned to the woods after dropping her off. The villagers saw this as a blessing from Freyja, the goddess of war, beauty, and fertility, who is often associated with the creatures. This belief soon started to take hold and strengthen as Helga grew up to be a beautiful and able-bodied young woman who towered over the village's men. Her reputation eventually allowed her to join the men raids as a full-fledged Viking instead of a shieldmaiden.

With each raid, Helga's wanderlust began to grow. One day she requested the village elder's permission to leave. Though reluctant, he agreed. Ever since Helga has wandered the Earth eager to discover its secrets and bring glory to her people. Recently, she has pledged loyalty to Vivien Everstone, a female mage who shared her ideas of strength, pride, and beauty, and has started to learn how to use magic.

Weapons, Equipment, and Powers:

  • Axe: A 176 cm long double-headed axe. Though heavy, Helga is able to wield it with ease thanks to her physical strength.
  • Physicality: As the results of personal training and 'Freyja's blessing' Helga possess almost superhuman physicality, being able to lift boulders, run fast enough to keep up with wolves for hours and take blows that would knock most of their feet.
  • Metal Manipulation: Being a disciple of Earth magic, Helga has learned the ability to change the shape of any metal she touches. While this is a very simple and basic ability, it is also very versatile and able to affect large surfaces with a simple touch of her hand. She often uses this ability to turn her axe and pieces of her armor into different weapons.
  • Graen: A loyal giant boar the size of a horse she met during her adventures who she views as yet another of Freyja's blessing. Helga often uses him as a mount.
  • Mithril Plate Armor: Originally wearing a typical mail shirt and iron helmet, Helga later upgraded to a set of mithril armor, which his harder than titanium, but much lighter than steel. It resembles a typical suit of armor worn by knights (including a great helm), but decorated with carving depicting scenes in Viking history and mythology. Underneath the armor she wears gamberson and chain mail made out of normal steel.


  • Animal Lover: Helga loves animals and often tries to befriend them when she sees one. While she sees the need to hunt and to harm animals, its something she tries to avoid.
  • Simple Minded: Despite (or perhaps because of) her rather simplistic mindset, Helga is very differen to succeed in order to bring glory to herself, or her people. As a result Helga typically tries to play the long game and is willing to make allies and backstab when needed, though she does (foolishly) warn people she likes of the latter half by stating the exact point of when she plans to 'duel' them.
  • Prideful: It is very hard to get her spirits down. As one 'blessed by Freyja', Helga believes that the gods are on her side and is thus very set in her ways. Even if she should die in battle, she believes that the gods will welcome her with open arms. She also has a tendency to flex during conversation.
  • Oath Abiding: Though she has already pledged to be Vivien's protector, this doesn't stop her from making similar oaths to other people if she considers them friends and will always abide by them to the best of her ability. However, when she discovers that someone has broken or intends to break their end of the bargain or plan to betray her, she will consider the oath to be no longer valid.



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