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I don't write battles, I tell stories
— Affectos
Hallmark Pictures proudly presents: Grandma, The Story of a Sassy Black Woman
— Cards Against Humanity

Who am I?

Somewhere in the deep depths of my mind, lies a battlefield that rarely sees the light of day. On this battlefield, warriors of history and myth emerge to do battle against their equals. These warriors span many time periods and have come from many different places, yet they have all one thing in common: one will be the Deadliest Warrior.

My name is Affectos, and I have emerged into a relm that is the Deadliest Fiction Wiki. I originally did match-ups of historical warriors, I have been moving more and more into the realm of fictional battles on here, but I do like to keep myself grounded in the real-world stats of Warriors, but there are times I can't help but let the fiction slide in...

I plan to bring my own spin on the match-ups by bringing in two of my friends to help give a pileminary judging of the weapons while I handle the X-factors. I also try to spin my simulations into actual stories where they two sides have a reason to fight each other.  Any fool can scrawl out a fight, a trained hand can write a battle, but it takes an author to display a short, but epic war.

Name Origin And Things I Like

The name Affectos derives from a combination of two different Latin words, affectus meaning 'emotion' and os meaning 'mask', thus just like the internet hides my true identity, I hide my true emotions from the world.  This could be anything from secretly harboring a crush to hiding how mentally scarred I am at times.  This also plays into my voting and expert opinion intros, Affectos's Emotions/Feelings.

I like my video games and I'm heading into the Game Design Art Concentration in college next year.  I like my games with a good art style and an even better plot line that makes you feel for the game.  While I only have a Wii, 3DS, and an NES for consles, I do a lot of gaming via PC.

My Top 10 Video Games (in no particualr order) are:

  1. The Walking Dead (Telltale Games)
  2. Assassin's Creed series
  3. Dead Island
  4. Left 4 Dead
  5. Dragon Age
  6. Portal
  7. Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
  8. Professor Layton series
  9. Super Smash Brothers Brawl
  10. Uncharted

Things That Irk Me

I'm usually an affable person, but there are things that you can do that can really tick me off

  • I will not vote if you ask via my Talk page.  While it is allowed, I find it rather rude.
  • I do have my limits on what I can and can't vote on.  Anime, magna, and some aspects sci-fi and fantasy are out of my reach.  Space battles are entirely not in my league.
  • Don't comments on old battles
  • Flamers on my battles will be reported.  If you can't agree to disagree, then don't comment at all.

My Current Season

My season was originally planned out years ago, but more recently I've been doing as I please with match-ups to make them as fair as I can.  Battles below may not be done in the order listed, but they will someday.

  • Bass Reeves vs Elliot Ness
  • Oda Nobunaga vs Hugh de Paynes
  • Ezio vs Ismae Reinen (His Fair Assassin)
  • Link vs Connor Kenway
  • Dante Vale vs Atem
  • Hippolyta vs Hua Mulan
  • Sarah Conner vs Lara Croft
  • Aiden Pearce vs. Desmond Miles
  • Lara Croft (2013) vs Joel
  • Kopaka vs Power Rangers Dino Thunder
  • Sly Cooper vs. Ezio
  • Gadget Girl (The Awesomes) vs MacGyver
  • Second Chance Heroes vs. Might Morphing Power Rangers

As more and more zombie infiltrate our media, more warriors step up to protect what the care for the most from the hoardes of the undead. Using this to my advantage, I have devised a 5 part mini-series to cover these warriors...only to end in a battle of two User-desiged Zombie Survival teams.

  • Night of the Living Dead Survivors vs Walking Dead Gang (Telltale Games)
  • Left 4 Dead 2 Gang vs TranZit Survivors
  • Chuck Greene vs Logan Carter
  • Call of the Dead vs Mob of the Dead
  • The Last Colors (Affectos) vs History's Forgotten (Cfp3157)

  • Cleopatra vs. The Scout
  • Genghis Khan vs. The Soldier
  • Blackbeard vs. The Pyro
  • Queen Elizabeth I vs. The Heavy
  • Da Vinci vs. The Demoman
  • Napoleon vs. The Engineer
  • Marie Curie vs. The Sniper
  • Nikola Tesla vs. The Medic
  • Julius Caesar vs. The Spy
  • Lincoln, Joan of Arc, Montezuma vs. The Guard Dog

  • Since the route from point A to point B seems to always be under construction, the three of us will be taking the long route around to success as we take a look at some of the lesser and not so well known warriors of the wiki... Route 1: The Wilds

    • Alice Liddel vs. Link
    • Spartacus vs. Boudicca
    • Hanzo Hattori vs. Saladin

    Route 2: The Urbans

    • Master Chief vs. Doomguy
    • Samurai vs. Roman Centurian
    • IRA vs. National Liberation Army

    Route 3: The Slums

    • Adrian Carton Di Wiart vs. Hiroo Onoda
    • Snake Plissiken vs. The Punisher
    • Jason Brody vs. Lara Croft (2013)

    Final Destination: Shangri-La"

    • Treasure Hunters vs. Call of Duty Zombies

    Fantasy.png Fantasy Battle of the Year: Affectos: Link vs. Connor

    My Judges In The Wings:

    • Jyhet: My best friends who provides a realistic approach as well as a satirical or witty remark when needed.
    • Sir Awesomeo: Mutual friend of Jyhet and I, Sir has had hands on experience and has knowledge in some of the old firearms showcased.
    • Beastly: My oldest friend, female judge, and main fictional rep of our lot.  She breaks things down into the basic stats and builds her way up from there.  Just don't experct her around any Zombie-based matches...she hates the undead with a passion.
    • da F bombs: Classmate of mine, F bombs is out groups expert on modern weaponry in games as well as in reality.
    • Enialb: A recent friend of mine who is all data, all of the time.

    Chat Moments:

    Gardevoir Conversation

    User Warriors

    Zombie Survival Team 2: The Last Colors

    Look around's all dead and grey. We're a last hope...the last colors...
    — Emerald looking out at the infected world

    In the beginning of what would be known to be World War Z, The Last Colors lived around a small town that believed that nothing bad would happen to them, but some of the teens who were home for the summer weren't so sure...

    When the undead did reach the small town, Emerald quickly Amber, Crimson, Sapphire, and Cobalt. Emerald & Amethyst was already at their designated location, the local Hardware store. The six of them were able to survive, using mainly melee weapons, armor made of hard plastic, and homemade defenses using what they scavenged from the Hardware Store.

    Eventually, a new group came through town, and unlike the other survivors who The Last Colors were able to negotiate and bargain with, this new one wanted everything and made it quite clear when the greatly weakened The Last Color's defenses. After tricking out a few cars, The Last Colors cut their losses and fled to Superior where they ran into more of the undead, remnants of the military, and other survivors who were too far gone. Their goal was to get a boat in working order then sail off to an island in hopes of defending themselves better.

    When the plans to sail off in search of an island failed due to the Survivors who had uprooted them before, they group found themselves stuck in Duluth. Things got a change for the better though when their HAM radio picked up a message saying that the UW Stout Campus is secured from the undead, the group makes the difficult decision to travel the 150 mile trek in hopes of salvation, but with a special delivery: Amber could be pregnant with Emerald's child.


    I won't take sides, you'll both leave.
    — Crimson to arguing Sapphire and Amethyst
    • Leader of the group, he is the one who has enough mental strength to take charge of them.  Believing that the disciplined will survive, he maintains order in his group and when negotiating with other survivors.  Over time, he slowly loses emotions of joy and love, and had them replaced by contentment and affection.  At the beginning of the end, he was 18.
    • When he takes arms against the living and the dead, He wields a 48 inch longsword and a Gerber hunting knife


    These are not toys, these are the things that will save your lives. Use them correctly, and you might be able to save someone else's.
    — Emerald to the group when handing out weapons for the first time.
    • Before the dead rose from the earth, he was friends with all of the members of the team in one way or another.  After though, Emerald became the group's weapon expert and jerry-rigger.  Running the forge, he made most of the weapons that The Last Colors use and taught them to use them to the best of their abilities.  While he fights best on his own, he suffers from an internal fear of being left alone.  When it all began to go downhill, he was 19.
    • When he rushes into battle, he carries a sleek Naginata.  When he needs even more hacking power, he carries a folding camping saw.  While in Superior, he nursed a macaw that he found in a pet store back to health.  In battle, it aids him similar to a falcon.

    You need each other in order to survive. To keep faith, support one another, and be there for one another.
    — Amber when Crimson asked her what survival means to her
    • The group's healer, Amber was a religious girl who refused to leave her faith in spite of the dead rising.  Applying her anatomy skills, she also lends an open ear to help with not only the physical, mental wounds as well.  While at first she was nervous to leave the safety of the Hardware Store, save for scavenging, she stepped up to the plate and face a man who had been stalking her.  Over time, she and Emerald form a tight bond that boarders on romance.  When the shit hit the fan, she was 18.
    • While preferring to stay behind the main line, wields a machete, and as a secondary weapon she finds safety in the gasoline-filled Super Soaker/flamethrower called 'Firewater'.

    You are not God's gift to man, the orgasm is. You are merely the messenger.
    — Amethyst to survivor trying to hit on her
    • The group's wild card, she is the group's best fighter and self-proclaimed bad-ass mother-f*****.  Planning on going into Air Force prior to the outbreak, she is also one of the most physically fit of them all.  Refusing to see the less violent path, she tends to act first, and ask questions later, leading to confrontations between her and Crimson.  When the dead began to rise, she was 20.
    • Amethyst wields a pair of what Emerald dubbed the 'Burda Hackers', a hatchet handle that has a 7 1/4 inch circular sawblade in it.  In the few times she needs to feel even more like a bad-ass, she take charge of the NERF Vulcan modded with nitro-tipped darts.

  • The quietest of the group, she relies mainly on her hunting and tracking skills to silently take down the dead and game for the group.  Her biggest issue is with Amethyst, who she tends to disagree with at times.  Only after Crimson threatened to kick both girls out that she finally decided that she could tolerate her.  When the dead walked the earth, she was 17.
    • Perfering stealth, Sapphire has mastered a slingshot that uses metal nuts as well as throwing 12 inch nails with sharpened points. For melee, she wields a pair of sharpened trowels.

    This truck isn't going anywhere right now...I'm going to need metal. A lot of it.
    — Cobalt when he first sees the pre-modified Exodus Truck
    • When Emerald called Sapphire and Cobalt in, Cobalt took charge of keeping everyone calm and was in controlled of the anti-human defenses, such as the chemical sprinkler. At times, he'd also act as the comic relief to keep their spirits up despite the situation. When it all went down, he was 20.
    • Along side his sister, he uses a compound bow and a hatchet.

    • Also part of Cobalt's Duluth group, she was investigating where he had vanished to.  After checking the 'safehouse' they had set up several times, the entire group was firebombed as they went in to check it, out of suspicion that they were hiding Cobalt there.  Barley making it out alive, she was forced to wander to Superior, where she met some old friends.  Of the group, she has the most knowledge of what was happening outside of their area.  Before being faced with a fate worse than death, she was 20. 
    • Gold is the only Color to use an actual firearm.  Packing a Colt .45 revolver and a katana, she is the most survival-of-the-fittest of them all.

  • Crimson's brother who was supposed to be attending Yale at the time of the outbreak, Ebony had returned to Wisconsin to visit a friend of his at college, but when the infection got serious, he and his friend armed themselves and began traveling across Wisconsin in hopes of survival. After becoming seperated from his friend, the stumbled across The Last Colors, and most importantly, his brother
    • Ebony is one of the fastest moving members due to his Cross-country running in High School and arms himself with a shamshir and shortbow made of PVC piping with a laser pointer sight

  • Deciding that mobility was more important that standing their ground, each of the Last Colors wears armor of hard plastic from Rubbermaid containers and other tubs.  Each set of armor has then been spray-painted a color matching their namesake to distinguish them in the midst of battle.
    • When it comes to their weapons, Emerald made them out of the tools that the were already in the store. For example, his Naginata is made from the blade of a grass scythe that he sharpened on both sides and is stuck on a broom pole.  Some arc welding was used also in making Crimson's and Amethyst's weapons as well.
    • While finding ammo for Sapphire and Cobalt is easy,  Gold only has a limited number of rounds for her revolver, forcing her to scavenge when her ammo count gets low.  The Vulcan also has been modded with a hundred-dart capacity belt.  While they are able to scavenge darts from any toy store, the nitro paste need for the explosion requires a trip to the nearest health facility or hospital.
    • When the group sets up for a permanent hovel, Cobalt sets up a chemical sprinkler system to deter human threats. A combination of bleach and Pine-Sol are mixed in a bucket that has a hose attached to the sprinkler that covers a 5 foot square. A bike pump is then used to force the chemicals through, spraying the chemical concoction everywhere.

    Enemies Dealt With

    • The undead, known as Roamers
    • Drugged-up maniacs with shotguns looking for a fight
    • A stalker trying to exploit them for food
    • A group of breeders/rapists
    • A roving group of survivors that wielded heavy artilery ranging from Desert Eagles, AK-47s, and Molotovs
      • Led by a bad-ass wielding an M16 with a grenade launcher.

    Zombie Survival Team 2: Game Over

    • With all the zombie games flooding the media today, you'd think that people would be ready for the apocalypse.  You'd be thinking wrong.
    • At PAX Prime 2013, the zombie apocalypse occured, but between all of the cosplay, no one noticed...until it was too late.  While many died and reanimated at PAX, several other survivors found their way a game store and barricaded themselves in.  Here, they began to construct the weapons of their favorite game characters and became more dangerous to the dead.  Over time, they dropped their given names for their character names, and it is possible that they have began living out their characters, literally.
    • Their lives as normal people had gotten a Game Over, but a whole new level was starting for them...

  • At the age of 27, he was a fan of the Red Dead Redemption and went to PAX as John Marston.  After they managed to make it to game store, Dylan took charge of the group.  His leadership lead them to collect enough supplies.  Over time, he adopts Marston's mindset and is driven to kill the undead in hopes of a normal life again someday.
    • He arms himself with a bowie knife, a Colt Single Action, but traded in the classic lever-action rifle for a modern Remmington 870.

  • Having been gone to PAX for the last five years, now at the age of 25, she decided to kick her cosplay up by doing the newest incarnation of Lara Croft.  When the group took shelter, Gwen was the teams logistical manager, keeping track of everything they had.  As time went on, she found herself fighting to keep herself and the others alive in hopes of escaping...
    • When the dead come knocking, she strikes back with a ice pick, Baretta 92, and an AKS-74U.

  • A first-timer at PAX at the age of 23, he was talked into doing cosplay with some friends.  Choosing his favorite PlayStation character, Sly Cooper, he got more than he bargained for when the undead game crashing through the gates.  At the game store, he acted as the team's best scavenger, finding items of value and resources they'd desperately need.  Eventually, he came to love his job as the team's theif, possibly a bit too much though...
    • To take out the undead, he uses a sickle sword twist on Sly's iconic cane as well as smoke grenades/tear gas.

  • Tanya was 19 when she went to PAX with her boyfriend, who encouraged they go in costume.  Her as Alice Liddel and him as The Mad Hatter.  When the undead began to the attack, her boyfriend was one of the first to go.  This shattered her psyche, causing her to dip into her character's personality.  At the game store, she acted as the team's guard.  She has become a much darker and sadistic with a slightly twisted sense of humor.
    • She keeps watch with a model of the Vorpal Blade (which was a gift from her boyfriend) and a re-enforced croquet mallet.

  • At the age of 37, Jay was a professional Mortal Kombat cosplayer, and with it came with a training in marital arts.  Jay saw many people die as he tried to fend of the undead, but eventually had to retreat to the game store.  here he fumed about being unable to save those lives, and took on the more violent nature of Scorpion.  At the game store, he acted as the group's main fighter.
  • In his combat he uses a rope dart, molotov cocktails, and re-enforced MMA gloves with a background in several martial arts.

    • Going as his favorite assassin, 22-year old Ian worked at PAX as one of the organizers, but also enjoyed dressing up and mingling with the crowd.  As the entire PAX event collapsed around him, he blamed himself for the failure to save the lives of the people, and accepted his 'duty' to keep the survivors safe.  Acting as the scout for the group, he scoped out new areas before the entire group went in.
    • While not primarily focused on stealth like the assassin he dresses as, he wields a falchion, throwing knives and a compact crossbow.

    The team uses some off brand firearms, such as the 1860 Henry and the Type 100, but they had lucked out with a nearby museum and loaded up as much as they could.  The other weapons carry much more common ammo such as the arrows and the ammo for the Baretta.

    • The undead called 'Glitches'
    • Looters, lots of looters
    • A celeberty-ran dictatorship at the ruins of PAX
      • Lead by Wil Wheaton wielding a broadsword and an AK-47
    • Remnants of the SWAT force that was on a 'shoot on sight' order

    PSAS Character: Emerald

    TLC Emerald.png


    The Last Colors

    Appears in

    Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale


    The Last Colors: The Poplar Problem



    I won't take sides
    — Emerald's selection quote

    Emerald is the poster child protagonist of 'The Last Colors' games The Poplar Problem & The Superior Solution and is a DLC Character for Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale.



    Emerald was one of the last people who expected the Zombie outbreak.  Once a normal high school senior, he and five friends were forced to abandoned their past selves and take on a new identity in the wake of the apocalypse.  While they were able to created the items they needed such as a water filtration system, a forge, and an energy system from the items in the hardware store they had locked themselves in, the time came to move after Sapphire's brother, Cobalt joined the group with an army of hobos on his tail.

    In response, they made the Exodus bus, an armor-plated school bus that ran on 100% pure liquor, and prepared to escape when the army showed up, forcing them to flee to Superior in hopes of a long term plan of survival and escape...

    Eventually, the group catches word of a settlement in Menomonie at the Stout Campus and they decide to go there as their last chance of survival. Almost giving up several times along the way, including the death of Nikki, the gang finally makes it there on their last legs and are accepted in.

    As the months pass in the college, the group begins to drift apart, being reassigned to other jobs and placed into new roles. Emerald is placed in charge of forging new and exotic melee weapons, as well as training the militia to use them. It isn't until an attack by a rival group that sent the colony into distress. Only managing to find Amber and Gold, they escaped with 4 other survivors back into wilds. They're new goal? Reach Illinois.


    • The Last Colors: The Poplar Problem
    • The Last Colors: The Superior Solution
    • The Last Colors: The Menomonmie Mission
    • The Last Colors: The Boarder Blitz


    Emerald uses a polearm called a halbnaga, a hybrid of the slashing blade of the Japanese naginata and the pike point of the English halberd, as his primary weapon, but also will turn to the other makeshift weapons such as the golf club and various other weapons that were constructed by him and Silver.  Each of the weapons gives him opportunities to not only keep his enemies at a mid range, but to also combo them there as well, at a slight slower speed to compensate for his accuracy.

    • All of Emerald’s square moves are focused on his common usage of his polearm, using it to slash, hack, and spike his foes. While only, Hack-n-Slash is the only combo move, it can be used after any of his moves that don’t use a heavy knock back, like Weak in the Knees and Spike Tip.
    • Square-Deheader: Swings the polearm horizontally at neck level; nice knockback
    • Square + Side-Hack n' Slash: 1) hacks the blade into the the shoulder of character; 2) withdraws is and swings it back behind him
    • Square + Up-Driving Spike: Brings the spike down on the foe’s forehead, bringing them to their knees
    • Square + Down-Weak in the Knees: Uses the spike to throw the enemy off balance; induces crumble
    • Square (air)-Aerial Deheader: same as on the ground
    • Square + Side (air)-Aerial Hack n' Slash: First swings adds a bit of forward momentum, second hit is same as on the ground.
    • Square + Up (air)-Aerial Driving Spike: Drives the enemy straight into the ground
    • Square + Down (air)-Somersault: Flips forward with the polearm sticking out

  • The triangle moves are focused on the secondary weapons that Emerald is best with in ‘The Superior Solution’, a set of golf clubs, or known to Emerald, 'The Back Nine'. This weapon is more on the focus on knocking back the foe to mid range so that he can then employ his polearm.
  • Triangle-3 Wood: Emerald swings a driver across at face level, knocking back his enemy
  • Triangle + Side-9 Iron: Drives the wedge of the iron into the head of his target
  • Triangle + Up-Sandtrap: Swings the sandwedge into the opponent's gut, dealing minor stun
  • Triangle + Down-Putter Strike: Drives the handle of the club, dealing stun.
  • Triangle (air)-Aerial 3 Wood: Same as ground
  • Triangle + Side (air)-Aerial 9 Iron: Same as ground
  • Triangle + Up (air)-Aerial Sandtrap: Same as ground, but stops the enemy's momentum
  • Triangle + Down (air)-Aerial Putter Strike: Same as ground

  • Emerald’s final set of moves revolves around the other jerry-rigged weapons that he and fellow survivor Silver designed for their own protection. These range from close range moves like Knuckle Washer and Shoe Blade to long range moves such as Nitro Darts and Firewater that will buy him some room. These moves are meant to be used as the middle portions of his combos to precede the finishing blows from his Square moves.
  • Circle-Knuckle Washer: Emerald winds back and lets go a powerful punch
  • Circle + Side-Shoe Blade: Kicking backwards, Emerald causes a blade to jut out of his shoe
  • Circle + Up-Firewater: Pumps up a squirt gun and sprays a stream of fire at a 30 degree angle; when it lands, it causes small, damaging fires on the ground.
  • Circle + Down-Nitro Darts: Pulls out a chain-fed dart gun that fires explosive darts; hold up to 5 seconds. Each dart does small AP damage.
  • Circle (air)-Aerial Knuckle Washer: Same as ground
  • Circle + Side (air)-Aerial Shoe Blade: Kicks at a 45 degree angle
  • Circle + Up (air)-Aerial Firewater: Fires straight ahead, but will fall after a short distance
  • Circle + Down (air)-Aerial Nitro Darts: Fires 10 darts in a 90 degree arc.

  • Level 1 Super: Vehicular Slaughter: The Exodus Bus plows across the stage across the lowest level of the stage, anyone in the way.
  • Level 2 Super: Never Travel Alone: Either Crimson, Sapphire, Silver, or Amethyst appears in armor to assist Emerald. Crimson uses his Jian to thrust a maximum of two enemies, Sapphire provides cover fire that is aimed directly for foes with her crossbow, Silver sticks a single enemy on his spiked buckler and bashes them with his warhammer, and Amethyst grapples in a foe and tosses them away. Each one is capable of moving on their own and jumping. Getting hit by the attack equals a K.O.
  • Level 3 Super: Don't Back Down: All of the survivors appear on the stage to lend a helping hand, as do a few zombies for 10 seconds
  • <Tabber> General Tactics of NPCs in Don't Back Down=

    • Garnet: similar to his Level 2 appearance, he focuses on stabbing enemies at mid-range and throwing chuckrams at long range.
    • Sapphire: using her crossbow, she prefers to find a high point and snipe from there, if a character gets too close to her, she will use half a scissor blade to stab and induce crumble.
    • Cobalt: similar to Sapphire, he too will try to find high ground, but his firing is faster with a shorter range; will also use a scissors as a melee attack to induce crumble.
    • Amethyst: uses her chain whip to either grapple and throw enemies or to swing around to strike both sides.
    • Silver: charging more than staying put, he will bolt ahead, usually sticking someone on his shield and knocking them away with his warhammer, but will also smack away enemies if needed.
    • Amber: pulling out her bolo short sword, she tends to stick with Emerald to cover his back by hacking any who get near them.
    • Zombies: slowly shuffle across the stage and are incapable of jumping or blocking. If they get near a character, they will bite into them and cause poison on them.
    • Only the Zombies can be destroyed by character attacks, but all of the NPCs can be destroyed by Stage Hazards.

    • Main outfit: Zombie Armor-worn by Emerald when out scavenging in 'The Poplar Problem'
    • Outfit 2: Casual-worn in 'The Poplar Project' when inside the base
    • Outfit 3: Spring Wardrobe-worn in 'The Superior Solution'
    • DLC Outfit: Prom of the Dead-worn in 'The Superior Solution' DLC 'Prom of the Dead'

    CoD Zombie Character: The Phoenix

    In Chicago, vigilantes had taken to the streets to help the police by taking down the mafias and criminals. The Phoenix, a former librarian, took up his guns to help. After a few years and gaining fame for his work, The Phoenix joined a band of other 'Mystery Men' to help raise the morals of the Americans on the frontlines of WWII. While fighting alongside the soldiers, the dead bodies of the fallen soldiers began to raise and attack the living. The Phoenix was septerated from his Battalion and fell into a shake agreement with three other survivors as they trekked across Europe in hopes of surviving...

    • Dual M1911
    • Brass Knuckles
    • Mills Grenade

  • Winchester 1912
  • Lewis Gun
  • M1903 Sprinfield
  • Peacekeeper
  • Enfield Rifle

  • Periscope Rifle
  • Chauchat
  • BREDA 30
  • FP-45 Liberator
  • Sticky Grenade

  • M1 Bazooka
  • Thompson Machine Gun
  • M2 Browning
  • M7 Grenade Launcher
  • M7 Mine

  • Pokemon Trainer: Lysander Summers

    Raised in Lavender Town, Lysander lived under the constant, looming shadow of the Pokemon Tower, or as he and his friends called it, "The Mausoleum". It wasn't until his teens did he finally get a motivation in life.

    While out in the woods, they found themselves stalked by a Honedge. By morning's light, Lysander was the last one alive as he stumbled out of the woods to tell the tail.

    Eventually, he decided that the ghost had too much 'fun' tormenting the humans, so adopting some of the pokemon of his deceased friends, he left Lavender Town to travel across the land to capture rouge Ghost, Dark, and Psychic Types and reform them...

    His team consists of:

    • Liepard (His pokemon before 'The Incident')
    • Gardevoir (Belonged to his girlfriend before 'The Incident')
    • Mienshao (Belonged to hi best friend before 'The Incident')
    • Chandelure (A friendly Ghost type who befriended him)
    • Kabutops (Rescued from a torrent of Gengar)
    • Absol (Trained to protect a future son of his)

    Owned prior to the forest incident, Gabriel was the only one who made Lysander feel at ease, and was the first one he took with him when he decided to go off to capture and reform the rouge Ghost-types. Has a cozy relationship with his Absol.


    • Nighslash
    • Pursuit
    • Payback
    • Snarl

    Owned by his girlfriend, Willow, she took immediate notice to the mourning Lysander and later was adopted without question by Lysander as he headed out to wrangle the rouge Ghosts.


    • Future Sight
    • Hypnosis
    • Torment
    • Psylock

    Owned by his best friend, Brahms, The Mienshao began spending more and more time with Lysander after the death of his owner, but his owner's family had a hard time to let go of the Mienshao, as it was the last reminder of their son. Eventually, they were able to let go of the pokemon and Brahms joined Lysander


    • Focus Blast
    • Acrobatics
    • Low Sweep
    • Double team

    While traversing an abandoned psyche ward that several people had vanished in over several weeks, Lysander became the object of facination of a friendly Chandelure who lead him to the captives and helped him stave off the Sableyes that had kidnapped them. Seeing that not all Ghost type were evil, Lysander took him in.


    • Hex
    • Shadow Ball
    • Fire Blast
    • Will-o-wisp

    While traversing a haunted museum, Lysander came across a Gallade outnumbered by a gang of Dusclops. Joining in the fight, they were able to stave off the Ghost pokemons and destroy the artifact that was summoning them to the one spot. In return for saving him, the Gallade joined him.


    • Psycho Cut
    • False Slice
    • Psyshock
    • Focus Blast

    As Lysander traveled across Shinnoh, he found himself looking to the future...with the possibility of settling down and having a son. By now, he had severly pissed of several clans of Ghost-Pokemon, so his family would be in constant danger. Deciding to find a loyal companion that he could pass on to his son, he took in an Absol. Soma seems to have a cozy relationship with Gabriel.


    • Night Slash
    • Protect
    • Payback
    • Hone Claws

    Siege Tourney Warrior: Hyginus Thanat

    • Growing up in Greece in the medical guild, Hyginus was forced to learn the art of medicine at an early age and eventually went into the field of surgery. Unlike the other medics who were either on the philosophical side or insane, Hyginus straddled the line as he’d use the bodies of unsavable soldiers to investigate the human body further.
    • Eventually, he grew sick of the generals he had been hired by during their bloody sieges and decided that he could do a better job than them. They all looked a the field and saw a battleground, but Hyginus saw the opposing army as a entire organism, with the general functioning as the brain.
    • Setting out, he went to small village infirmaries, aiding the nurses, but also striking deals with the men that he saved. If he healed them, they’d join his army. Needless to say, he passed over the plague victims and amputees, but if they could in someway carry a sword, he’d strike the deal.
    • Trained by mercenaries who he had healed, Hyginus began recruiting more experienced soldiers after he ‘accidentally’ killed he several mercenary leaders during simple surgeries. These not only allowed him to recruit the now leaderless bands, but also increase his influence over other mercenaries.
    • Eventually, his army was structured enough to stand alongside those he had been hired by at one point.

  • Ranged: Several chakrams
  • Polearm: Steel-tipped Spartan Spear
  • Off-Hand: 12 in diameter Spartan Shield
  • Main Hand: Xiphos, steel
  • Self Defense: Scalpel
  • Armor: Steel Spartan breastplate, leather-studded greaves for arms and legs, Chaimail Briefs

  • Muscle
  • Bone
  • Fat
  • Grey Matter
  • Skin
  • Viruses: Hyginus's assassins; knowing that the chances that assassins returning are slim, he figured the best way to maximize the killing potential of the assassins: viral warfare. Hours before the assassin leaves on his mission, he is exposed to the corpse of a plague victim. When he leaves, the assassin is instructed to not only attack the main target, but to go out fighting, exposing as many people as he can to the disease he carries. Viruses tend to be armed with stilleto daggers and leather armor.

  • Gallery:

    The Art of War (work in progress)

    Selena Harriot

    Lumen Rasol

    Pach's Pokemon Diner

    • Mock Squirtle Soup
    • Chilled Mankey Brains
    • Sauteed Parasect
    • Turous Tail Soup
    • Bulbasaur Salad
    • Grilled Goldeen
    • Milktank Milkshake