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Battle vs. Border Security Force (by Omnicube1)[]

GreenGreenGreenGreenGreenUS National Guard

DarkredDarkredDarkredDarkredDarkredBorder Security Force

"Area secure we're rolling out," said the National Guard leader. "Let's move!"

The squad leader and four other National Guardsmen made their way around the rusty-fence. A crack and a wizzing sound went by. A bullet carved through one Guardsmen's neck. Green

"Find cover!" screamed the squad leader. Suddenly, Border Security Force member jump out of nowhere, unleashing the full force of their weapons. The Security Force squad leader demands for his men to spread out and find cover. The US leader does the same. A firefight ensues. One Guardsman, armed with a Mossberg 500 Shotgun, fires and tears the face off of a Force member. Darkred The fallen's leader pops up and fires his INSAS rifle riddling the shotgun-toting Guardsmen in the chest. Green He demands his men to move forward as he provides covering fire. Two National Guardsmen raise their weapons, one wielding the Beretta M9 and the other a M16A4, and fire. Both of the charging Security Force members are slain. Darkred Darkred Their leader fires his INSAS at both of them managing to kill one of them. Green His rifle jams and he pulls out his IOF .32 Revolver. He and his sniper, wielding the L42A1, creep forward. Suddenly, a bullet rips through the forehead of the BSF squad leader. Darkred The BSF sniper screams and dives for cover. He pops up and draws the American's sniper fire. He now knows the location of the sniper and raises his rifle. He spots the glare off of his enemy's scope and fires toward that direction. He sees his rival drop from the roof. Green The BSF sniper drops his rifle and takes a Benelli Supernova from his dead comrade's hands. The remaining National Guardsman jumps from his hiding place and tackles the sniper. The two tussle. The sniper strikes the squad leader in the face with the stock of the shotgun. As he fires, the American knocks the shotgun in a different direction. He knees the Indian in the stomach and punches him across the face. He takes out his M9 and stands up. He unleashes 9mm rounds into the BSF sniper's stomach. Darkred

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The battle was invalid because the BSF were given a Benelli Supernova and L42A1, weapons they never used.