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Rangers lead the way.
— US Army Ranger motto

The United States Army Rangers are an elite, highly specialized light-infantry group in the United States Army. Rangers have served in recognized US Army Ranger units or have graduated from the US Army's Ranger School. While the modern Rangers were created during the Second World War, other American 'ranger' units have been used during the colonial era.

The modern Army Rangers were created in 1942 after Major General Lucian Truscott, who acted as a liaison officer with the British General Staff, submitted a proposal to General George Marshall that the United States creates a unit akin to that of the British Commandos. Since then the Army Rangers have served in World War 2, the Vietnam War, Korean War, and the Warr on Terror.

In order to effectively train Rangers, the USA has created a special Ranger School which gives harsh physical tests and trains recruits in demolition, how to survive and fight in various harsh environments.

Battle vs. Russian Ground Forces (by Samurai234)[]

US Army Rangers: Orange Orange Orange Orange Orange Orange

Russian Ground Forces: Green Green Green Green Green Green

Five Army Rangers have been scouting a Russian area. They have been assigned to take out Five Russian Ground Force soldiers.

"It's been Hell these last few days," Says one Ranger. "We're lucky that we're still alive."

"We're gonna need more than luck to take out these Russians." says the Commander.

One of the Rangers pulls out his SR-25 and aims at a building where the Russians are hiding. He fires his rifle and kills a Russian. Green (6-5)

"Что, черт возьми, только Случилось?" asks a Russian soldier.

"Это смотрит, враг обнаружил нас. Находитесь на тревоге." says the Russian Commander.

The other Rangers charge in and fire their weapons at the Russians. One Ranger takes out a Russian with his M4 Colt Commander. Green (6-4) However, he is taken out by a Russian with his AKM. Orange (5-4)

"Резервуар! Резервуар! Представьте резервуар!" yells the Commander. Soon, a T-90 tank starts crawling toward the Rangers, firing it weapons.

"Retreat!" Yells the Ranger Commander. The Rangers retreat, but one of them is shot in the leg by the tank's machine gun fire, and critically injured.

"Send in the Support!" Yells the Ranger Commander. Soon, a M1 Abrams tank starts crawling toward the T-90. Soon, the Two tanks begin to fire at each other. A Ranger fire his FGM-148 Javelin at the T-90, destroing it. Green (5-3) However, a Russian wih a RPO-A Shmel fires it, and damages the tank. He reloads, and blows it up. Orange (4-3) The Rangers then storm into the building. However, The Ranger with the injured leg doesn't see a MON-100 mine in his path and steps on it, blowing it up. Orange (3-3) The remaining Rangers storm the building and approach a locked door. One Ranger uses a Benelli M1014 to blow off the lock. They enter and kill a Russian with their M4s. Green (3-2) As they exit, a the Russian Commander armed with a SV-98 fires the rifle and kills a Ranger. Orange (2-2) Another Ranger walks outside the room and places a Claymore near another room. As soon as a Russian Soldier armed with a Saiga shotgun exits the room, The Ranger blows the mine up and kills him. Green (2-1)

The Russian Commander approachs a corner armed with a MP-443 Grach, but he is shot by a Ranger with a Beretta M9. They fire at each other until they run out of ammo. They decide to switch to their knives. They slash and stab at each other until the Ranger throws the Russian to the floor. He prepares to finish him off, but the Russian fires the blade of his Ballistic Knife in the Ranger's neck. Orange (1-1)

He picks up his AKM and waits to the Ranger Commander to approach. As soon as he does, the Russian swings his gun and hits the Ranger in his stomach. He tries to hit him again, but the Ranger blocks it and headbutts the Russian. He aims his M4 and shoots the Russian firectly in his heart. Green (1-0)

The Ranger raises his fist in the air and yells "Rangers lead the way!".

Winner: US Army Rangers

Expert's Opinion[]

Neither group was immensely far ahead of the other in terms of weaponry. What really decided this match was that this was a special forces group vs standard infantry. The US Army Rangers had far better training, and took this match.

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Battle vs. Spartan Rangers (by Greenberet69)[]

In the ruins of Moscow 8 US Army Rangers with gas masks are scouting the area looking for signs of survivors of the nuclear war, meanwhile 8 Rangers are walking through the Moscow ruins on their way back to their base. The US Army Ranger Captain orders his men into a stack up position and they stack up. He checks around the corner and sees no signs of life and orders his men to move forward and they head into an archway and exit out a gate. They get near a crack and notice the strange liquid at the bottom

"Careful men that stuff doesn't look safe stay away from the cracks and remember that this place is full of nuclear radiation take off your mask and your dead got it." The Ranger Captain says

"Sir yes sir!" The US Ranger soldiers reply.

The Rangers hear the US Army Rangers and go to investigate the noise thinking it's survivors. As they get to the 2nd floor they look out the windows and see the US Army Rangers

"What do you think survivors sir?" One of the Rangers ask

"No to heavily armed." The Lead Rangers replies

"What do you think sir?" Another Ranger asks

"Must be the Nazis with some new clothing to conceal themselves. Get ready to open fire on them." The Lead Ranger says

One of the Rangers with a VSV sets up and takes aim at the US Army Rangers while the other Rangers head back to ground floor and take aim out of some windows at the US Army Rangers. The Sniper Ranger takes aim and fires his VSV and the US Army Ranger falls down with a bullet in his headGreen.

"AMBUSH!!!" The US Army Ranger captain yells

The Ranger sniper goes full auto with his VSV while the other Rangers open up with their Kalash's and Bastard's. The US Army Rangers retreat into a nearby building and return fire with M4A1's and MP5's while another Ranger heads to higher ground in the building with his SR-25. The US Army Ranger reaches the 4th floor and takes aim at the building the Rangers are in and looks for the sniper. He sees a glimpse of light and sees the Ranger sniper and takes careful aim. He fires a bullet at the Ranger sniper hitting him in the head and hitting him with enough force to knock him to the ground floorDarkred. The Lead Ranger notices the dead Ranger and orders his men to head to the building the US Rangers are in. The Rangers get out of cover and start heading to the US Army Rangers building, one of the US Army Rangers takes aim with his M4A1 and fires striking one of the Rangers in the heartDarkredhowever one of the Rangers return fire with his Kalash 2012 and kills another Ranger who jumps out of cover to fire off a few roundsGreen. Two of the Rangers light their grenades and toss them at the US Army Rangers, The Army Rangers see the grenades and one of the soldiers takes out his knife and quickly cuts off the fuse. However the other Rangers notice the second grenade and quickly retreat but one of the US Rangers get caught in the blastGreen. One of the US Rangers plant a claymore at the entrance they entered the building from and rolls out the wire so he can detonate it. The Rangers arrives and the Lead Ranger sends two of his men to secure the entrance and as they enter the hallway they are met with the claymore as the US Army Ranger activates the detnator and kills the two RangersDarkredDarkred. The remaining Rangers head in after seeing the smoke from the explosion and one of the Rangers enters with Uboinik shotgun sees the Ranger and blows the Rangers head offGreen. The US Army Ranger sniper hears the commotion and pulls out his M9 Pistol and heads down the stairs, he sees the Rangers and fires his Pistol at the Rangers who quickly take cover. One of the Rangers takes out his Revolver and as he pops out the US Army Ranger quickly fires and hits the Ranger 4 times in the chest but the Ranger is able to pull the trigger of his revolver and puts two .44 Magnum rounds into the US Army Rangers and both Rangers go downDarkredGreen. The Rangers get out of cover and start heading up the stairs, however the US Army Rangers had headed down the stairs and as soon as they see the Rangers the US Army Rangers head after them and one of the US Army Rangers with a MP5 fires at the Rangers but the rounds miss and the Rangers quickly run up the stairs. The Rangers get behind some furniture for cover and wait for the US Army Rangers to come up the stairs. The US Army Rangers walk up the stairs and one of the Rangers tries to fire his Bastard but the gun jams and he tosses it aside and tries to get his revolver but one of the US Army Rangers with a M1014 blows off the Rangers headDarkred. The last two Rangers pop out of cover and fire with their Kalash 2012's while the US Army Rangers retunr fire but the US Army Ranger with the shotgun is riddled with bulletsGreen. The two teams continue to exchange fire but the US Army Ranger with the MP5 kills one of the Rangers but is shot by the other RangerDarkredGreen. The US Army Ranger Captain pops out with his M4A1 and tries to fire his gun but finds out he has run out of ammo, the Ranger leader tries to fire his Kalash but his gun has also run out of ammo and both take out their knives and charge at each other. The Ranger leader charges at the US Army Ranger Captain and slashes him across the waist and turns around to try and stab him on the head but the US Army Ranger Captain blocks the strike with his knife and knees the Ranger in the groin and kicks him back. The Ranger rolls to his side as the US Army Ranger Captain tries to stab him and kicks him in the side of the head. The two Rangers recover and as the Ranger charges at the US Ranger again the US Army Ranger Captain jumps to his side and the Ranger stabs but instead stabs the wall and gets his knife stuck. The US Army Ranger Captain gets the chance and cuts the strap of the Gas Mask the Ranger has and the Gas Mask falls off the Ranger. The Ranger starts to choke and then dies from Nuclear RadiationDarkred. The US Army Ranger Captain examines the Ranger to see if he is dead and yells in victory "RANGERS LEAD THE WAY!!!"

Winner:The US Army Rangers

Expert's Opinion[]

The US Army Rangers won because they were more well trained, had the better hand-to-hand fighting skills, and the more reliable weapons.

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Battle vs. French Foreign Legion (by Urbancommando77)[]

FFL: 5

Ranger: 5

FFL Added by Urbancommando77

Added by Urbancommando77

Added by Urbancommando77

Added by Urbancommando77 At a FFL defence post 4 legionarrie are training, the other one is gaurding. He sees 3 rangers are coming. The other two are going around. The legoinarrie yells in spanish "Grab your weapons!", but he heres no response. He pulls out his F2 and shoots one of the rangers in the stomach. Ranger: 4 A ranger grabs a SR-25 and fires at the legionarrie but misses. The legionarrie fires 4 rounds into the ranger

Ranger: 3

While the legionarrie is reloading a ranger grabs the SR and reloads, then shoots the legionarrie.

FFL: 4

The rangers advance. meanwhile the two rangers who were sneaking are in the training room. One fires his M4 at one, killing him

FFL: 3

A legionarrie grabs a famas and fires at the ranger, but misses. the legionarrie runs out of the room and outside with AT4. He sees a ranger and blows him up.

Ranger: 2

The legionarrie looks behind him to see a M9 pointed at him.

FFL: 2

The legionarries grab their MAC 1950s and shoot the ranger rapidly in the back. The ranger falls down dead.

Ranger: 1

The last ranger pulls out a M9 and shoots one in the head, while the other legionarrie runs.

FFL: 1

The legionarrie grabs the famas, which is out of ammo somehow, and puts a bayenet on it. The soldier charges at the ranger and stabs his leg. The ranger groans and punches the legionarrie and pushes him. The ranger pulls out the gun's bayenet, which gives him a horrible aching pain. The legionarrie punches the ranger and then kicks him in the groin. The legionarrie laughs and kicks him in the face, the ranger recovers and rapidly punches the legionarrie, who recovers and kicks him in the groin again. The legionarrie punches the ranger, but recovers and runs. A few minutes later the legionarrie turns around the corner he saw the ranger go but a blinding flash happens.

2hrs later

The ranger wakes up wandering why he was knocked out. He looks to his side to see he was close to his claymore, but not to close. He stood up and turns the corner to see a dead legionarrie. He says feebly "Rangers leed...*cough* the way." Then walks off mourning for his lost comrades.

Winner: US Army Rangers

Expert's Opinion[]

The ranger had slightly better trained then the FFL.

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Battle vs. Russian Airborne Forces (by MovieStuff65)[]

Rangers: GreenGreenGreenGreenGreen

RAT: DarkredDarkredDarkredDarkredDarkred

"Yeah, baby. US Army Rangers since '09." the Ranger kept flirting with the girl near his main base. The rest of his squad were either checking weapons or preparing gear. "McNeil, get back to work." the leader of the squad told him. Just then, a helicopter flew over the base. "Baseplate, is there supposed a helicopter drill going on now?" ...."No, Bravo, no helicopter drills. Engage if necssary." Just then, a loud blast sounds the air as the flirting Ranger falls to the ground, a bullet in his head. Green "Сэр, враг занят. (Sir, enemy engaged.)" the Russian sniper said. He quickly slammed the bolt back on his SV-98 and shoots again, but he misses. The Ranger sniper sees the muzzle flash and shoots his SR-25. The bullet misses the sniper, but it ruins the scope of his rifle. "дерьмо" (Shit.) The Russian puts down his rifle and grabs his rifle, running to join up with his squad. By now, the Ranger sniper has focused his attention on the rappeling Russian. He slows down his breathing and manages to hit one, and the Russian now falls to his death. Darkred Three remaining Russian land on the ground and begin supressing fire. The leader manages to hit one Ranger in the chest, blood spraying from the wound. Green The lead Ranger aims his FN SCAR and releases a spray of bullets into the running sniper, who had just rejoined the rest of them. Darkred "Получить на вертолете! (Get to the chopper)" His men run back while he throws a RGO at the Rangers, and it wounds one of them. As he limps with the rest of the Rangers, he is soon shot in the head by a Russian's AK-74M. Green The sniper aims his own rifle and his the helicopter's engine. Then he throws an M67 grenade, killing one of the Russians. Darkred The last two Russians throw RGO's, blowing up the sniper. Green The Russians run into a nearby house, hiding. The leader abandons his SCAR and draws his Beretta. He searches the living room, and now walks in the kitchen. As he opens the pantry door, a Russian leaps out of the pantry and tries a shot with MP-443 Grach. The bullet misses, and the Ranger quickly slams the barrel of his Beretta into his head, knocking him back. He then gets an idea. He shoots the air, and the Russian leader walks in and empties his MP-443 into...his comrade. Darkred The Russian draws his Scout Knife as the Ranger drops the Russian body. He draws his own FS knife and a short dual begins. The Ranger tries a thrust, but the Russian deflects it and thrusts the Scout knife into his leg. The Rangers screams in pain as he kicks the Russian back. He then plunges his knife into his chest, killing him. Darkred The Ranger raises his bloody knife and shouts "Rangers lead the way!!"

WINNER: US Army Rangers

Expert's Opinion[]

The Rangers won because of their better training, sniper rifle, and more controlable grenade.

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Battle vs. Pakistan Rangers (by ILoveBattles)[]

5 US Rangers arrive about 100 feet from sight distance of the Pakistani lookout, due to the sandstorm brewing up. The Pakistani lookout holds a G3 Rifle, loaded and ready to fire. “Alright, remember, these are the best they have, so don’t go guns blazing like an idiot.” The Rangers commander says to his squad members. They all respond with quick ‘Yes sir’s’ and ‘Copy that’s’. The Rangers don’t notice the lookout, who aims his G3 at a Ranger and fires 2 shots. They both connect, mortally wounding the US soldier. He lets out a small grunt before falling, unresponsive.

“Holy shit!, Get down!” The Ranger Sergeant yells to his team. They all oblige, falling to their stomachs to hide in the sandstorm. A Ranger crawls to the downed soldier, and confirms their comrade’s death. “Fuck, he’s dead.” The soldiers says. “We’ll get his body on the way back. Although I can’t see shit out here. Move up, but stay low.” The Ranger Sergeant says to his group.

The Rangers are able to make some progress, but the lookout sees them again and fires some shots, but misses all 3. The Rangers get behind some vehicles from the Pakistani and slip into the base. As the commander enters as the last, the fires 3 shots with his SCAR, killing the lookout sniper.

“Fan out!, confuse them!” The Sergeant yells out to his men. The Pakistani Rangers set up their defenses, while one Ranger set up his M249, and lays down covering fire, but he ends up shooting a Pakistani anyway 4 times in the chest. The 3 remaining Pakistani fall back into the buildings.

The Pakistani commander fires bursts of fire at the Rangers, each of them crouching behind sandbags. One Ranger peeks his head out to check where the Pakistani are, but another Pakistani soldier fires his AUG at his head, killing the Ranger. “Damn you to hell, you muslim piece of shit!” The Ranger commander yells to the Pakistani squad.

The Pakistani simply respond by firing an RPG shot, blowing up the sandbags and the Rangers cover. The Rangers are left helpless, and stand out in the open. The Pakistani soldiers fire at them, and one connects 2 bullets from his Glock to a Ranger’s chest. He falls forward, clutching his chest. “These motherfuckers keep picking us off!” A Ranger yells out. The Ranger commander and the LMG soldier find a building to hide behind, and a Pakistani soldier slowly creeps up with his machete. He slashes at the Ranger commander, but he catches his arm quickly. He kicks his leg and they both run. The Ranger commander fires his SCAR and hits the Pakistani on the ground. “Deserve it, piece of shit.” He mutters to himself.

The two remaining Pakistani see their dead friend on the ground and decide to flank the two Rangers. One Pakistani fires his MG3 and mortally wounds the LMG Ranger, while the commander sets a C4 trap on the building. He tries to save the fallen Rangers body, but he can’t as he dives away and sets off the C4. It blows one of the Pakistani soldier’s legs off, and within a matter of seconds, he bleeds out and dies. “Holy shit…” He whispers.

The Pakistani commander was affected by the C4 blast also, with a piece of shrapnel in his side. He gets up, grabbing his machete. He chargers the Ranger commander and slashes at him with the machete. He lifts up both of his arms, preparing to come down with a killing blow, the Ranger dives at his stomach, causing him to drop his weapon. The Pakistani throws him off of him, but as he tries to get up, The Ranger takes out his Gerber knife and stabs him in the stomach.

The Pakistani crawls onto the sandbags, but the Ranger prepares his Nighthawk 1911 and presses it up against his head. “Rangers lead the way, asshole.” The Ranger said before he planted a bullet in his skull, killing the final Pakistani.

Expert's Opinion[]

The US Rangers won because of their far better training and their legendary combat experience, even if they were outmatched in weaponry.

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Battle vs. Korean People's Army Special Operation Force (by Deathblade 100)[]

The Korean Peninsula, 20xx

NKSOF: RedRedRedRedRed

USAR: BlueBlueBlueBlueBlue

The creaking of rusted hinges fills the air as a lone US Ranger looks up at his captor, face bloodied. In the background, he could see the bodies of the last of his unit members and the leader of the North Korean unit that was holding this damned facility. The sound of a pistol hammer cocking brought his attention back to the North Korean officer standing in front of him; the Ranger's gaze drifting to the muzzle of the North Korean's Type 68 Tokarev. "너는 아직 죽지 않았기 때문에 운이 좋았다고 생각해야한다. (You should consider yourself lucky you aren't dead yet)" the North Korean snarled.

Outside the facility

Four US Rangers head towards the old facility; every once in a while, stopping to listen for any movement. The commander of the unit turned to the rest of his unit and gestured for his sniper to keep watch while the rest of the unit moved into the facility. As the sniper set up his M24, a glint of light caught his eye. Zeroing his rifle, he spots a North Korean PSL scanning the perimetre. The Ranger pulled the trigger of his M24 sending a single 7.62mm NATO round towards the North Korean. The round narrowly misses the North Korean sniper, hitting the North Korean's spotter in the chest.Red As the Ranger hastily rechambers his rifle, a shot from the PSL hits the tree next to the Ranger forcing him to move for cover.

The rest of the Rangers move into the facility until one treads on a PMD box mine; the blast blowing his leg off. Two North Koreans rush out of the facility firing their Type 88-2 Assault Rifles; one fitted with its 100 round helical magazine. The Rangers return fire with their SCARs; scoring a hit on one of the two North Koreans.Red As one of the Rangers continues to lay down fire, the other attempts to rescue his wounded colleague. As he reaches the wounded Ranger, the PSL fires twice killing both Rangers.BlueBlue

The North Korean sniper sets the crosshairs on the third Ranger currently engaging his ally before the Ranger sniper fires; scoring a hit on the North Korean's head.Red The North Korean on the outside of the facility, fire several shots from his Type 88-2 before withdrawing. The two Rangers on the outside enter the facility in pursuit.

The US Sniper draws his M9 and begins to set up a Claymore. A North Korean exits a corridor, firing his Type 88-2. A Ranger rolls to the side as the US sniper detonates the Claymore, tearing the North Korean to pieces.Red As the two Rangers enter the lower levels, the whisp of a bullet fills the air and the US sniper slumps to the ground; blood on the opposite wall.Blue The second Ranger fires his SCAR and fires at the North Korean commander. Heading further down the stairs, the Ranger finds his objective; the missing Ranger commander, tied to a chair. As he unties him, the North Korean commander picks up a Type 88-2 and opens fire, injuring the second Ranger with two shots in the abdomen. The released Ranger grabs his colleague's SCAR and return fire. The North Korean drops his Type 88-2 and rushes the Ranger, kicking at the Ranger's head. The Ranger ducks and, slamming the butt of the SCAR into the NKSOF leader's head, flings him to the ground. The dazed NKSOF fighter looks, bleary eyed, at the Ranger's face before sluggishly trying to sweep the Ranger's legs from under him. Stepping back out of range, the Ranger aims and quips "I've already said this once, and I'll say it again. You mess with the best. You die like the rest." before firing. Red The Ranger lowers the SCAR and yells "Rangers lead the way!", before noticing his colleague cough blood and lie ominously still. Blue

Walking over to the dead Ranger, the Ranger leader collects his dog tags, and sadly says "Sorry man." before picking heading over to find a radio for assistance.

Expert's Opinion[]

Well, this rematch of Deadliest Warrior ended the same way the show did. Despite a change in weapons (mostly) and a lack of American bias, the NKSOF still lost. This is mostly because of the fact the NKSOF have less experience on terrain outside of the Korean Peninsula and, despite technological advancements, are still utilising Cold War weaponry from the 1970s, which the Rangers easily countered. Despite the better Assault Rifle and Sniper, the NKSOF still chalked up their fourth defeat in a row.

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Battles here were deemed to be unfair or otherwise not in accordance with wiki standards, and have been removed from the statuses of the warriors and displayed below.

Battle vs. Iraqi Republican Guard (by Jar teh marksman)[]

US Army Rangers: 4

Iraqi Republican Guards:4 

It starts as 4 US Rangers are standing on top of a hill. They notice 4 Iraqi soliders entering the compound. They split up, while 1 stays back, and sets up his SR-25. He aims at one of the Iraqi's head, and fires.

US Army Rangers: 4   

Iraqi Republican Guards: 3

He quickly adjusts his aim, shoots again, but nearly misses another, as they have ran off. One republican guard pulls out his Tabuk, and shoots at one of the Rangers running down the hill.

US Army Rangers: 3 

Iraqi Republican Guards: 3   

An Iraqi guard grabs an RPK, and kills a US Ranger. Another guard shoots the other Ranger running down with the AKM, but not before he gets a round to the head compliments of the M4.

US Army Rangers: 1

Iraqi Republican Guards: 2  

As the Iraqi guards find their weapons out of ammo, they retreat back inside the building. The US Ranger packs up his SR-25, and follows in behind. As the Ranger approaches a door, he gets an idea. He places a claymore in front of the door, and fires through the door. The Iraqi guards hear this, and one goes to investigate. When he opens the door, he finds shrapnol flying into his face.

US Army Rangers: 1

Iraqi Republican Guards: 1

The Ranger enters the door, but finds bullets flying his way. He ducks down and starts shooting back. They both find themselves out of ammo. They then pull out their knives and exchange slashes. The Iraqi pushes the Ranger back, and then comes in to stab him. The Ranger side-steps. The republican guard, turns back around, and thrusts inward. But the Ranger counters by stepping over, and grabbing his arm. It's a battle of strength, as the republican guard tries to stab the Ranger, and the Ranger is pushing his arm away. Just as the Iraqi gathers up enough strength to go in for the kill, the Ranger headbutts him, stomps on his foot, pushes him over, and steps on his stomach to prevent him from getting up. The Ranger loads a mag into his M1911, and shoots the Iraqi guard in the head.

US Army Rangers: 1

Iraqi Republican Guards: 0

The Ranger pumps his fist into the air, and yells "RANGERS LEAD THE WAY!"

Expert's Opinion[]

The US Army Rangers won because they were a special forces unit whereas the Iraqi Guard was not, meaning that they had better training and were better equipped.

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The battle has been disregarded since it had already happened in real life.

Battle vs. Los Zetas (by Sport Shouting)[]

The votes are in. Who would win if the US attacks Mexico to save it from drug cartels. The US Army Rangers or Los Zetas Cartel. Here's the fight.

5 US Army Rangers are walking through the streets of Mexico at night. They notice some unusual activity about 35 meters away. The people turn around and fire guns at the rangers. It is Los Zetas Cartel firing. A bullet from a Mini Uzi kills a Ranger.

US Army Rangers- 4

The Cartel members split up. 2 go into a house. 2 go to another house and 1 fires an AK-47 at the Rangers. He is killed seconds later by a SR-25 shot.

Los Zetas Cartel- 4

The Rangers split up in pairs of 2 to find the Cartel members. 1 ends up in between both houses and is shot to death by Cartel members.

US Army Rangers- 3

The dead Rangers partner storms into the house. A Cartel members laughs and he and the Ranger explode. Dynamite was placed by the door. 1 Cartel member and 1 Ranger die.

US Army Rangers- 2 Los Zetas Cartel- 3

A Ranger throws a flashbang through a window. Screams are heard and the Ranger jumps in and kills 1 Cartel Member with his pistol.

Los Zetas Cartel-2

The Ranger looks around but feels a garrote around his neck. He backfists the Cartel member and they draw their pistols. The Ranger dodges 3 Glock shots then tackles the Cartel member. He slaps the gun away and shoots the member in the head 2 times.

Los Zetas Cartel-1

The last Cartel member sees a claymore and runs around it. He shoots a Ranger with an AK-47 and it's now 1 on 1.

US Army Rangers- 1

The Ranger sees the Cartel member with the Glock walking slowly about 10 feet in front of him, facing another direction. The Ranger pulls his M4 out but it's out of ammo. He sneaks up on the cartel member and kicks him in the back. 2 punches to the face and 1 disarm later, the Cartel member is dead. The last Ranger yells "Rangers lead the way!" and takes the dead Cartel leader's body for the government.

Los Zetas Cartel- 0

Winner- US Army Rangers

Expert's Opinion[]

The US Army Rangers are one of the most elite special forces units in the world. The Los Zetas may have trained with the Mexican Special Forces, but the Mexican Special Forces weren't exactly notorious for their combat skills. The Rangers outclassed the Mexicans in almost every way.

To see the original battle, weapons, and votes, click here.


The battle was declared unfair due to the US Army Ranger's superior training and experience.

Spec Ops Battle Royale (by Goddess of Despair)[]

Army Rangers Green Green Green Green Green

Alfa Group Red Red Red Red Red

Shayeret Matkal Purple Purple Purple Purple Purple

French Naval Commandos Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue

Special Air Service Regiment Yellow Yellow Yellow Yellow Yellow

The Ranger sniper sits ontop of a building awaiting a target when his spotter points out Alfa group moving into the area. "Gamma this is bravo, we have armed targets moving into the town, orders?" his leader responds "No friendlies here besides us, take e'm out." The Ranger sniper aims his SR-25 carefully, and blasts a round into a Alfa group soldier. Red  The Ranger sniper fires a second shot, but misses and the Alfa group enters a building. Suddenly another sniper shot is fired, and the Ranger spotter's head explodes from the round. Green  The French operative pulled back his bolt when the Ranger sniper fires back, his round goes through the side of the scope and into the man's eye socket. Blue The Ranger quickly turns his attention to the French spotter, who grabs the FRF2 but is pelted with sniper rounds before he could lift the weapon. Blue The Ranger gets on his radio "Sir I have engaged several hostols, French and Russians, Jason is down and..." his sentence ends there when a shot fired from a Shayeret Matkal rams into his throat, silencing him. Green

Alfa group enters the building with caution. The man taking point suddenly falls victim to a burst of Galil fire. Red The rest of Alfa group light up the Shayeret with rounds and he falls down, blood pouring out of his body. Purple  Doors suddenly fling open and the Rangers burst into the room, SCARs in hand. Both teams get in cover, and both sides get into a firefight. 2 Rangers move to flank Alfa, but one member was flanking as well, and raised his Makarov faster then the SCAR, and put two rounds into the first Ranger's chest, but a burst of automatic fire killed the second. The Alfa member turned and his teamate merely smiled and the two continued to advance on the final Ranger.  Green Green The Ranger popped out of his cover and fired 3 rounds of his Berretta at Afla, but  he missed all shots and was riddeled with bullets before he could fire another. Green Alfa group regrouped and advanced up stairs to the roof of the building. The shayeret sniper readied a glock and his spotter raised a galil. Suddenly a burst of sniper rounds hit the spotter. The shayeret sniper looked around confused and was dispatched equally fast by an Alfa group sniper. Purple Purple  Alfa group stormed the roof and upon seeing the dead, they ordered their sniper to relocate before he was spotted. Before relocating he scans the area once with his scope and spots the last Shayeret operative. He fired two rounds into the man's chest then began to move to a new location. Alfa group set up positions on the rooftop and awaited furthor orders from their captain.

The SASR team enter the town and catch the Alfa group sniper before he could get set up. Red SASR splits up in groups of 2 and 3. The frist team locates Alfa group's building. The Alfa group notices them as they set up their SR-25, and quickly gets in cover. The SASR operatives sigh and prepare to move when they spot the French and they quickly fire from their FAMAS, but the rounds never hit the sniper, and 2 of the French get mowed down with sniper fire. Blue Blue The last French operative fires his FRF2, hitting the SASR sniper's eye. Yellow  But a sudden burst of machinegun fire from a rooftop takes out the commando and the SASR. Blue Yellow Alfa group scans the horizon for the remaining targets and spot the last three SASR operatives entering their building. They quickly run down the stairs and fire their AN-94s at the SASR team. One burst hits a man's shoulder. Yellow The SASR team retaliates with their M4A1, several shots hit an Alfa group members head. Red The Alfa leader one last burst out of his AN-94 hitting nothing but the wall. He rolls into cover and draws his makarov, firing the first 4 rounds into an advancing SASR member. Yellow He fires the last 4 rounds at the SASR operative, however he doesn't hit the man and is forced back into cover by gunfire. He serches for another magazine when he sees the SASR's shadow coming closer to him. He jumps up, grabbing the SASR's M4. The two wrestled for control of the weapon. SASR head butted the Russian back, but he retaliated by kicking the rifle out of the man's hands. The SASR operative drew his pistol but the Russian had already closed the distence and punched him in the nose, breaking it. He shoved the man into a nearby crate, causing him to drop is usp. The Alfa member lifts the pistol and puts it to the man's throat. Yellow

Expert's Opinion[]

1st: Alfa group due to their sniper rifle being surpressed.

2nd:SASR due to their weapons lacking Alfa group's range.

3rd:French Naval Commandos due to their weak assault rifle, but accurate sniper.

4th:Shayeret Matkal due to their weapons only having slight ammo advantages over the Ranger equipment.

5th:Rangers due to their weapons being the worst out of the teams.

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Alpha Group was given a weapon they do not utilize.

Battle vs. Theron Guard (by SPARTAN 119)[]

U.S. Army Rangers: Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue

Theron Guard: Red Red Red Red Red

A squad of five Rangers walk towards the back of building, pausing at the edge of a forest, about 200 meters from the structure. Between the Rangers and the structure is a grassy clearing. The Rangers have been sent to investigate reports of unknown hostiles occupying the building.

A Locust Theron Guard armed with a Longshot Sniper rifle takes aim at a Ranger frome the building and squeezes the trigger. The large caliber round of the Longshot kills the Ranger with a headshot Blue.

"Hostile contact!", The Ranger commander yells.

The Theron reloads his rifle, only to be spotted by the Ranger sniper, who was armed with an M110 SASS. The sniper fires a single round, taking out the Theron with a headshot as he reloads Red

A Theron fire his Torque Bow at the Ranger Sniper. The explosive bolt detonates next to the Ranger sniper, killing him Blue but not injuring any of the other members of the squad. A Theron follows off with a burst of fire from his Hammerburst II, but misses.

The Ranger commander, meanwhile, fires the FN40 Grenade Launcher under the barrel. The grenade impacts the top of the building, killing the Locust with the Torque Bow and another Locust Red Red.

The Ranger commander orders his men to assault the Locust building. The Rangers rush from cover to cover. One of them is cut down by a burst from a Hammerburst II Blue.

The remaining two Rangers stack up by the door of the structure, the commander armed with a SCAR-H and the other armed with a Benelli M1014. The shotgun Ranger kicks down the door and fires his Benelli twice, filling a Theron guarding the door with shot Red.

Unfortunately, the Ranger shotgunner is cut down by a blast from a Gnasher Shotgun wielded by the Locust commander. Blue. The Ranger commander turns to face the Theron commander with his SCAR-H, but the Locust knocks the weapon out the Ranger commander's hand.

With a lightning-fast strike, the Ranger commander knocks the Gnasher shotgun out of the Theron commander's hand with his Tomahawk. The Theron Guard commander goes for his Gorgon Burst Pistol, but the Ranger commander strikes the Theron's holster with his tomahawk, cutting through the holster and denting the barrel of the gun to the point that it was rendered useless.

With a roar of furious rage, the Theron Guard draws his Butcher Cleaver and made a wide horizontal swing at the Ranger Commander. The Ranger's tomahawk only barely blocked the blow, and, in the process, broke the handle of the tomahawk.

The Theron commander laughed, but the Ranger commander drew his Beretta Model 92 pistol as he said, "Joke's on you, asshole!". The Ranger fired five shots into the Theron commander, three to the chest and two to the head. The Theron fell to the floor, dead Red.

The Ranger commander got out a portable camera and photographed the bodies of the fallen Therons for intelligence, before getting out his radio and reporting back to command: "This is Hunter 2-1 Actual, Me and the rest of the chalk have eliminated the unknown hostiles, though they took out the rest of my unit. You're not going to believe this, but they don't appear to be... human... I have already taken photos for intel."


Expert's Opinion[]

This was a considerably close battle. The US Army Rangers were quite well trained, but they were put on even grounds by the Theron Gaurds' tough skin. What tipped this battle in the US Army Rangers' favor was their superior arsenal.

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The battle was declared invalid because the author neglected to mention the Theron's superhuman strength and durability.