As much as you must strive for individual greatness, and strive you must, for it won't come to you of its own accord — you must also remember that there is no individual stronger than the collective. The ties that bind you together make you stronger than you are alone.
— Reginald Hargreaves

In 1989, 43 women, all totally unrelated and scattered across the world, suddenly gave birth to children despite showing no signs of being pregnant. When these children, as infants, began to show incredible abilities, Sir Reginald Hargreeves, billionaire/inventor/adventurer, seeked out and adopted seven of them to train them into becoming superheroes, relocating him to his home in New York, which he deemed "The Umbrella Academy".

Raised by Hargreeves, his chimp assistant Pogo, and a robotic servant/surrogate mother named Grace, the children were given numbers rather than names, but eventually named by Grace: Number One/Luther (gifted with extraordinary strength and durability), Number Two/Diego (given the power to control the trajectory of anything he throws), Number Three/Alison (a telepath who can mind control anyone with the phrase "I heard a rumor that..."), Number Four/Klaus (who can communicate with the dead), Number Five (who could jump through space and time), Number Six/Ben (who could summon otherworldly monsters), and Number Seven/Vanya (who seemingly possessed no powers). Introduced to the world as young heroes, the group were initially successful, but Hargreeves's cold parenting, alongside the death of Ben and the vanishing of Five, eventually scarred the children and drove them apart, save for Luther, who stayed out of loyalty to his father.

Almost thirty years later, the sudden death of Hargreeves brought the family back together for his funeral, but tensions flared until Five returned, still his young self, and explained that he had been trapped in the future, where the entire Academy had been destroyed in a cataclysm that wiped out all life on Earth.

Investigating both Hargreeves's death and the cause of the apocalypse, the team eventually discovered that their father had been plagued by nightmares of the apocalypse and killed himself in a last-ditch effort to assemble the team, and that the cause of the apocalypse was none other than Vanya, who had secretly possessed the power to manipulate sound waves, only for Hargreeves to suppress them with drugs and use Alison's power to make her forget she ever had them. As Vanya, having rediscovered her powers and pledged to destroy everyone who had ever doubted or hurt her, performed a destructive violin solo, Alison was able to knock her out, blasting a wave of energy into the moon that destroyed it and sent chunks of it hurtling towards Earth, ironically causing the apocalypse and forcing Five to take everyone back in time to try again.

Battle vs. Defenders (MCU) (by BeastMan14)


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