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Tank Dempsey! Kicking ass and making messes!
Death before dishonor!
— Takeo Masaki

In previous Call of Duty Zombie maps, the players have to play as four unnamed Marines. In Shi No Numa, players enjoy the new experience to play not as simply four unnamed American soldiers, but instead assume the role of either an American, a Japanese, a Russian, or a Nazi character. However the only differences between them are dialog and character models, they all play exactly the same. It can be noted that all four characters live up to their respective cultural stereotypes: (Tank Dempsey is a war-lover, Takeo Masaki is always talking about the Emperor and honour, Nikolai Belinski loves Vodka, and Richtofen is a sadistic madman and often refers himself as "The Doctor").

As the group moves through different maps and locations, the group soon begins to learn of the origins of the zombies. After teleporting to the moon, Rictofen begins his Grand Scheme to rule the world. In a last ditch attempt to save the world, the three remaining survivors destroy the Earth with three missiles of Element 115, the mineral causing the zombie outbreak.

In Black Ops Zombie map Moon, Richtofen swapped bodies with Samantha, he took the control of the Zombies, leaving and betraying the group.

Battle vs. Spartan-21 (by Sith Venator)[]

No battle written.

Winner: Spartan-21 Team

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