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I fight for the users!
— Tron

Tron is a security computer program written by Alan Bradley, and in 1982 was taken prisoner by the self-aware Master Control Program and forced to play on the Game Grid. His legendary skills and devotion to the users turned him into a formidable warrior and Disc Arena master. Tron's personality is that of a determined warrior, willing to do anything for the users and for the freedom of his fellow programs. He is usually serious and task-focused and has a deep reverence towards users, especially his own user, Alan-One. Tron displays a particularly high loyalty to Kevin Flynn, who is both his friend and a user. Tron bravely stood his ground against a superior number of soldiers, including Clu, to protect Flynn.

Tron would get corrupted by Clu after Flynn's departure, becoming the enforcer named Rinzler. When Kevin Flynn's son, Sam Flynn, entered The Grid, he encountered Rinzler and the final opponent in the Disk Wars games. During their fight, Rinzler's Identity Disk cut Flynn, causing him to bleed- something Rinzler recognized as the trait of a User, causing him to take the boy before CLU. Sam would escape CLU and rejoin his father and Quorra, and began to trouble CLU, causing Rinzler to fight them multiple times. In the end, re-encountering Kevin Flynn once again caused a flood of memories that not even CLU's new programming could counteract- his lights returned to their original blue color briefly before he sacrificed himself to slow CLU down and save the lives of the Flynns once again, sinking into the Sea of Simulation below.

Battle vs. Zero (Warcross) (by Killermoves)[]

There was a chirping of birds which awoke Tron from his slumber. Tron? Yes… Tron. That was his name. Not that thuggish “Rinzler” title Clu had given him. He was Tron, the greatest security program of the Game Grid. Tron, the champion of the Disk Wars and Light Cycle Races. No longer a slave, with memories of his existance returned, Tron had never been happier.

However, it did not take long for him to notice he was not in the Game Grid anymore. The Grid… was gone, and he remembered its destruction. He was now in a new place — far different and unknown.

In this new place, he felt wet grass and soft soil. There were birds and a lot of greenery. The sky was blue, and there was no smog or the filth of cyberpunkerism. There were wooden homes and bricked buildings too. He was laying on a grassy park in the center of this community. He was, if he deduced correctly, in a Medieval town simulation. It was a heavenly place more colorful and peaceful.

He got up and walked around. The people there wore hoods, pantaloons, fur coats, and chainmail. On their heads were life bars, names, and stats. Weird? This was not just any simulation. He was in a video game with a Medieval setting.

Then, something popped up in front of him; a notification box, saying: “Welcome! If You Wish To Stay You Must Do This Mission.”

Though doubtful, Tron eventually pressed “Yes” and another box appeared which said, “Mission: Kill Zero”.


Humans… humans everywhere. Though Zero knew they were all non-playable characters, the rackets and the noise, were as annoying as the roars of real disgusting homo sapiens. Oh how it would be funny to blow up a street and watch these wretched ingrates run like rodents.

Still, he should forget such petty thoughts, and focus on the things that were more important. It was still a mystery how he got there. Was his brother playing tricks on him? Was that stupid girl finally gotten rid of him? For all the things he did, they should work on how they conduct vengeance. This seemed to be more of a pleasing gift than something he would lament and suffer from.

Yet, Zero knew what he wanted. Nothing would complete him more than the destruction of his brother. He had to find a way out of this place, even if he had to destroy it brick by brick. He still wore his steel black armor, so he knew he was still dressed for battle.

And then, a holographic box appeared in front of him. It was a notification box, and it said, “Welcome! Do You Want To Get Out Of Here?”

Zero entered “Yes” and another box popped up, saying, “Mission: Kill Tron”.


The two dangerous programs walked through the crowd. None of them responded negatively to these hulking knights wearing futuristic black armors. However, it was Zero who spotted Tron first. The black and blue armor, closed shiny helmet, and streamline jumpsuit underneath, screamed alien compared to these Medieval folks.

Zero tracked Tron as the security program happily strolled through the market. He was going to wipe Tron’s smile off his pathetic little face.

Looking above the town, Zero noticed a holographic box, similar to the one that appeared in front of him. It floated up in the air for everyone to see. He also spotted several large houses and a church, as well as a hill overlooking the community. This gave Zero an idea.

He begun teleporting all throughout the town, installing bombs in key places. He then teleported to the hill and sat down, as he hacked the holographic box.

Suddenly, Tron and the townspeople were surprised by large trumpet horns. Letters appeared on the holographic box that made Tron’s face grim.

“Citizens! A dangerous criminal walks amongst you today! Tron the Slayer! The one who massacred thousands of men, women, and children, young and old, from the cities of Alfheim and Flyff. He is armed and extremely dangerous, wearing a set of black and blue armor. Be prepared to defend yourself and your family if you meet him. - THE ROYAL COUNCIL”

A digital full body picture of him, accurate to every detail, appeared next on the screen. All eyes then fell upon Tron; their faces full of fear and terror. Many, from simple peasants to trained watchmen, grabbed their weapons like knives, axes, spears and clubs. They encircled Tron, trapping him from all sides. The security program responded in kind by summoning his identity disks.

The idlesness ended and metal hit metal. Townsfolk crashed unto Tron, their eyes red with eagerness. They struck with bladed and blunt weapons, intending to deal with this threat quickly. Tron’s superior speed allowed him to side step and weave through their attacks. He waved his disks to keep them away while desperately trying to find an exit. Unfortunately, his torso was stabbed and his armor sliced off from attacks that luckily went through.

Having no other choice, Tron had to fight back. He swung his identity disks, beheading two peasants. He then blocked the axe of a watchman with the flat surface of his disk, before punching him in the face. With a somersault, Tron sliced off the heads of two more watchmen before landing. When he finally got to a farther distance, he threw an identity disk, making it fly around the town. It shredded and dismembered; beheaded and disemboweled. After three lapses, nothing remained of the townspeople than fresh meat and blood on the ground. No signs of life remained in this community.

Tron could sense that this was not a common thing in this world’s programming. He then put his hand to the ground and tried to track where this anomaly was coming from. Sadly, he found nothing, but he glimpsed the hill in front of the town. He made a gambit that if anyone was messing around, trying to kill him, he would be there. Whoever was hacking this world in an effort to kill him, might be the same target he was ordered to destroy.

The security program drew a baton and summoned his light cycle; his destination was that little green hill. Zero watched as a blue light zipped through the town at high speed towards his destination. The mad terrorist quickly enacted his back-up plan.

As the security program drove through, explosions started to engulf many parts of the town. Selected buildings and houses erupted into flames, throwing debris everywhere. Tron maneuvered through the streets, making incredibly turns, doing his best to dodge explosions and flying projectiles. Heat and concussive force rocked his body and light cycle, but he hung on with all his might. His will to win exceeding his fear for his life.

Zero could not believe his eyes when the light cycle roared into his area. After finally meeting his opponent face to face, Tron aimed his bike and drove at full speed. He then leaped away as the light cycle flew towards Zero, but the hacker managed to dodge it. Panicking, the hacker drew a firearm and fired at Tron, which the security program easily dodged. The latter countered by throwing his disk at Zero, cutting his hand off and disarming him.

The hacker knelt down and clutched his new stump; groans and curses flowing from his mouth. As Tron charged, Zero began to warp everything around him. The sun was blocked and crimson darkness surrounded the hill. The earth itself began to shake. And to make sure that stupid program would not be hurting him again, Zero froze Tron right where he stood.

Tron tried to squirm and struggle as Zero was getting back to his feet. Thinking quickly, he managed to summon another baton into his hands. A large orange aircraft then appeared, surprising Zero. The hacker then ran away as Tron rode the light jet, shooting its machine guns at him. Zero swerved and rolled; jumped and took cover behind rocks. But each swoop of that plane destroyed every place he could hide. Soon, a burst shredded Zero’s back and legs, making him fall down again, yelling and writhing in pain.

Tron then made his jet rise before making a thunderous heavy dive towards Zero. As he was about to open fire, the jet suddenly exploded into a million pieces. The program fell hard on the ground besides Zero, still alive but now with his right arm missing. Hot warm smoking debris fell where they laid. Barely an energy left, Tron tried standing up while screaming in pain. He needed to get out of there quickly and find a place to heal. He could kill that hacker on some other time.

As Tron limped and stumbled, Zero cackled madly. The hacker stood howling as Tron fled; no wounds or damage visible in his body. That whole thing was just an illusion. Before Tron could summon his jet, Zero had already downloaded from him everything the hacker needed to know. After finding out the program’s limited battery, mapping the whole place and being assured that there was no way he could replenish himself in this alien world, Zero finally calculated a good plan to take him out.

He froze Tron again at the right moment he summoned his jet, before placing a bomb inside. He then created this elaborate illusion to make him think he was winning, giving him ample distance to detonate the bomb. And once it did, Tron was doomed. Zero might not have the powers or weapons to kill him, but he needed not to with that obsolete AI’s weaknesses. Given time, it will be Tron’s own programming which would kill him.

Victorious, Zero now focused on finding an exit. He said silently to Hideo: “I’m coming for you, pretty boy. You just wait.”

Winner: Zero

Expert’s Opinion[]

Although Tron is more powerful, has better weapons, and is more experienced, Zero’s powers are just more useful, especially his ability to gather information about his enemies and warp the digital battlefield to his whim. While Tron is tactical, Zero is smarter and more cunning.

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Battle vs. Darth Maul (Legends) (by Death'sapprentice77)[]

A hooded figure speeds through mounted on a Sith speeder the digitized cities of the grid, the ruined bits of black guards, innocent programs, and a few recognizers lie in his wake, as he makes his way to the arena, this is Darth Maul, his purpose, infiltrate the grid and assassinate CLU. When Sidious gains control of the grid, the Sith will gain a new strangle hold on the galaxy. Inside the arena, it appears that a light cycle match is taking place, with Rinzler, CLU's enforcer and champion of the games decimating the competition. As Rinzler wipes out another rider with the trail of his light cycle, the crowd goes wild, inside CLU's private booth a Black Guard enters delivering grim news of Maul's arrival. As the saying goes speak of the Devil and he will appear, Darth Maul bursts into the arena and takes down the last competitor with a swift stroke of his saberstaff before speeding towards CLU's private booth. Rinzler takes note of the new arrival speeding towards his master's booth and moves to intercept. Maul is surprised by the Lightcycles speed as it speeds ahead of him but doesn't have time to think as a wall of light appears a few feet in front of him. With little time to react the Sith leaps from the vehicle, now destroyed by the light cycle's trail. Maul sees Rinzler charging for him, but the Sith uses his force abilities to push away the Vehicle just before it rams him. Rinzler dismounts from the cycle, landing on his feet like a cat as the cycle deresolutes. Rinzler Draws both of his discs, growling Darth Maul now ignites both of his saberstaff blades and returns with a snarl of his own. Rinzler tosses his discs at his opponent but they are deflected by Maul's saber staff, the thrower catching them both. Maul runs toward his opponent with near supernatural speed opening, with a furious barrage of Juyo strikes, the program blocking all and counter with strikes of his own. The two continue in dueling in an acrobatic dance of death, until Maul gets in a hit with swift kick to Rinzler's chest, stunning the program. The Zabarak takes advantage of this moment and uses the force to squeeze the life out of his opponent, but something isn't quite right. Maul applies more pressure but Rinzler though hovering a foot off the ground seems not to be affected at all. Enraged, the sith warrior tosses his foe away, only to have him get right back up with his supreme agility.

Maul leaps high in the air attempting to catch his opponent with a smash of his saber staff but the black guard reacts quickly and draws his light katana. The fighters clash blades and rebound backwards, Maul unleashes a burst of red force lightning. Like his force choke the lightning has no effect, other than strengthening the program has he slashes at Maul, who blocks the attack but has his legs swept from under him. Maul pushes his foe back with the force but Rinzler's dexterity keeps him from landing on his back. RInzler regains his Identity discs and tosses one at Maul who cartwheels out of the way but a blast unleashed by the bomb-disc as it strikes the ground. Maul is knocked back on his knee, sees another disc coming for him it strikes him not leaving a wound. Maul gets back up and attempts to charge him again, but this time he notices that he is not moving as fast as normally, the cause a stasis disc. This decreased speed allows Rinzler to strike his opponent with out any resistance, making many gashes in Maul's flesh before finally knocking him to the ground. Before the program can finish Maul, he raises his arm and from a silver gauntlet on his wrist a blitz of metal discs fly from it. Rinzler dodges, but the discs follow him as they are being controlled by Maul. Rinzler draws his light katana once more attempting to deflect the projectiles, but a few managed to get hits on him. Maul gets back up and rushes his foe, saberstaff in hand as if nothing happened to him before. Rinzler attempts to fight off the crazed Sith but falls to him as he gets slashed through the mid section, cutting him clean in half. Maul steps over the bits of Rinzler but CLU, bursts through his booth riding a light jet. He fires at Maul but Maul avoids the strikes and with the force brings CLU to the ground obliterating his vehicle and the rider as well. All the while the audience watches in horror as Maul walks away from the scene of carnage, his mission now complete, but now a large mass of black guards stand at his exit. Maul redraws his saberstaff ready to start butchering again.

Winner: Maul.

Expert's Opinion[]

Rinzler's vehicle, resistances, and skills made him a formidable opponent. However Darth Maul's sheer ferocity, skill in combat and the force, and an inhuman resistance of pain led him out on top.

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Battle was declared unfair due to Darth Maul's Force abilities.