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Everybody deals with grief differently right? Some people fuck at funerals, I cut off heads!
— Travis Touchdown

Travis Touchdown was a standard 27-year-old "otaku" nerd, living in near poverty in the Santa Destroy's No More Heroes motel, in a filthy room decorated with professional wrestling memorabilia and anime collectibles. After winning a beam katana in an online auction, Travis decided to become a hitman, killing Helter Skelter and becoming the UAA's rank 11 assassins. Realizing that he is now a target for other rising assassins, Travis decides to set out and become the number one assassin through the only process one can advance in the UAA- killing every single assassin before him in a higher ranking.

Travis' personal history is unclear. When he was a child, he watched his childhood love (secretly his own half-sister) Jeane murder both of his parents in cold blood, justifying it in a confession much later that their father had abused her for years, though he kept the facade of a hard-working family man around Travis and his mother- filling her with hate. He also has a brother, Henry, who grew up in Ireland. At one point, Travis wanted to become a professional wrestler, and thus in addition to his skill with a Beam Katana, Touchdown is a skilled practitioner in a number of unarmed wrestling moves he uses to enhance his fighting ability.

Battle vs. Gideon Graves (by BeastMan14)[]

No battle written.

Winner: Travis Touchdown

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