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See, this is where my plan just went south!
— Misty
Seems like an obvious challenge!
— Marlton

After the completion of the Moon easter egg, "Richtofen's Grand Scheme", three rockets with Element 115-tipped warfare were fired and collided with earth, causing mass destruction across the globe while causing the dead to rise.

In the midst of the carnage, four survivors, Abigail 'Misty' Briarton, Marlton Johnson, Russman, and Samuel Stuhlinger attempted to survive in what was once Washington, deciding whether to complete either Maxis's or Richtofen's plan.

Eventually, the group was teleported to a crumbling skyscraper in China known as 'Die Rise'. Here Samuel's past was somewhat unraveled as he was asked by Richtofen to "mend the rift", beginning with the easter egg "High Maintenance".

The group travels on foot to a buried western town in Africa known as Buried. In the end, the characters side with Maxis who turns out to be evil. Primis Richtofen then contacts Stuhlenger.

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