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By the sacred jockstrap of Robert E. Howard, you'll pay for this, Hellspawn!
— Thrud the Barbarian

Thrud the Barbarian is a barbarian adventurer known for his bloodlust and love of alcohol. Strong but simple-minded, Thrud solves most obstacles he comes across with brute force while remaining ignorant of the important events happening around him. He frequents The Hobbit's Armpit tavern where he causes mayhem whenever he is unable to get his favourite flavour chips.

Presumably abandoned at birth, Thrud was found in a deserted town by a band of mercenaries who decided to raise him as their own and teach him to fight and drink beer. At age five Thrud was send to Crom the Destroyer Orthodox Pagan Infants School but was expelled after he murdered his fellow students and teachers after a classmate shot him with a peashooter. Rather than returning to his adoptive parents, Thrud wandered through the wilderness until he found a cave filled with treasures, including his trademark axe and helmet. Armed and rich, he returned to civilization where he swiftly earned a reputation as a violent warrior.

After years of adventuring, Thrud became king but found the duties of kingship boring as it lacked violent battles. In order to satiate his lust for battle, the wise men of the land collected stories of heroism to read to him before bed.