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Battle vs. Sauron (by Urbancommando77)[]

(Oh, orcs will have...whatever they carry, and the vikings will have long swords)

Thor: 6

Sauron: 6

Thor and 5 vikings are walking up to Mordor. "What is this place?" One of the vikings asked. Thor didn't answer, but he did continue to walk up to Mordor. Then, Sauron and 5 Orcs stumble out of the city. Sauron commands his men to attack the Noreigen warriors. One of the vikings charged up to an orc and stabbed him in the leg. The orc hollered and stabbed the viking in the arm. The vking finished the orc with a swift stab to the brain.

Sauron: 5

Three vikings were charging at Sauron. Sauron killed two of them in a single strike. The other on tried to run, but Sauron smashed his head.

Thor: 3

The other two vikings charged at the orcs. the orcs were ready for them and killed them.

Thor: 1

Sauron's orcs charged towards Thor, but Thor created a small storm the shocked three of them.

Sauron: 2

The last orc made it to Thor, but Thor crushed his head.

Sauron: 1

Sauron walked towards the god. Thor started walking toward Sauron. Sauron got close enough to hit Thor in the chest with the Mace, only knocking him down. Thor hit Sauron in the head over and over again, but it doesn't kill him. Sauron stood up and tried to hit him, but missed. Thor created a storm, only annoying Sauron. Thor charged up to Sauron and broke his hand off, along with the ring.


Thor looked at the towering beast as it fell with a dense thud. Thor yelled in victory as he took the Mace of Sauron.


Expert's Opinion[]

While Sauron was a powerful foe, the God of Thunder had far more combat experience and skill in battle, and had fought much more dangerous foes in the past. Between his mighty strength, he had a greater ability at range due to his control of the elements, allowing him to fight Sauron from any distance.

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The battle was declared unfair for Sauron because the author used a version of him that wasn't strong enough to compete with Thor's physical strength and ability to control lighting.