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It's clobberin' time!
— The Thing

Benjamin Jacob "Ben" Grimm, better known as the Thing, is a founding member of the Fantastic Four, and former pilot and astronaut.

Born into poverty and troubled youth, Ben spent many days on the street as the head of a small gang of thugs before being adopted by his uncle Jake. With his help, Ben grew up to be an upstanding young man and eventually made it into college where he befriended Reed Richards, who confided in him that he hoped to build a starship one day to which Ben jokingly replied that he would pilot it for him. After graduating Ben became a successful US Airforce pilot and astronaut while Reed began to work on his starship project.

Once Ben left the airforce he was approached by Reed, who reminded him of his promise to pilot the starship. Though skeptical, Ben was eventually convinced to join Reed, his future wife Sue Storm and her younger brother Johnny to test the craft. When in space, however, the team was bombarded by cosmic radiation, altering their DNA and giving each member superhuman powers.

Once they had crashlanded back to earth, Ben found himself with superhuman strength and a thick orange rock-like skin. Though Ben initially hated his new body, after he and his companions under the leadership of Reed began to protect humanity as the Fantastic Four, he came to terms with it and became a beloved figure in the eyes of the public and the superhuman community.

Battle vs. Robotman (by 123chaseyoung)[]

Benjamin Grimm, known as the Thing, stayed alone in the Baxter Office, finishing off some tasks his friend, Reed Richards, asked him to do. It was midnight now, and the Thing could not believe he was staying up late to work. He should be enjoying his football replays, or maybe hitting the sack for a healthy slumber.

“I need your help, Ben, he said,” complained the Thing. “I can only trust you on this, and I’ll owe you one, he said.”

Yet, he will stay up all night. He would not let his friend down. That’s what friends are for according to this big orange brute.

Suddenly, a red portal appeared, surprising Ben Grimm. Out came an orange-colored robot, wearing denim jeans, pants and a black rock-and-roll t-shirt. His arrival did not go smoothly though, ending with him crashing on Reed’s computers.

“Dammit, professor!” the robot said, whose name was Cliff Steele. The Robotman got up and cursed, while looking at the place he arrived in. This place felt wrong and he knew this was a new dimension he accidentally ended up into.

The Thing approached the Robotman, his arms raised in a boxing stance. “Who the hell are you, tin man?!” He yelled.

“Question is, who are you?” The Robotman yelled. “You look like a superhero but not someone I know. Maybe you’re a bad guy!”

“Big talk coming from a guy who’s breaking and entering,” the Thing retorted. “If there’s a criminal here, that is you!”

“Yeah sure. Whatever you say, monster…”

“What the hell did you just said?!”

That insult was too much and the Thing charged Robotman. He punched Robotman in the cheek, making a dent on his orange face. The Robotman fell down, but quickly got back up and hooked the Thing in the jaw. The two then went back and forth.

The Thing’s strength too much. He was doing more damage to Robotman than the latter could dish out.

Cliff Steele tried to even the odds by wrapping his hands around The Thing. But Ben Grimm proved heavy and too strong; the rock man quickly getting out of his grip, leaving Cliff’s arms bent and broken. As Cliff screamed in frustration, the Thing grabbed his arm and shoulder-threw him away to a corner of the office.

“Damn you, you rock-face ugly!”

“You cause some, you get some!”

Knowing Cliff would lose if he kept on rushing B, he decided to unleash his guns instead. He fired several energy beams at the Thing, which caused great pain and suffering. Robotman did not let up; he kept on firing his guns. Several beams pushed through the Thing, chipping of some of his rocks, wounding him several times.

Ben’s enemy had the advantage of long range. And he’s not agile enough to dodge, or fast enough to get away. He had only one option - push forward with all his might.

The Thing then pressed his foot, followed by another step and another. Though Robotman’s guns were powerful, the Thing was making progress. He got closer and closer, just enough to get Robotman at arm’s reach. When he did got close, Robotman would then flip away, in retreat, trying his best to keep his distance. Suddenly, pain began to cripple the Thing as more of his rocks continued being chipped away. Ben tried his best to hold on and resist. But the firepower was too much.

Soon, the rock-covered hero flew into the air as Robotman continued to fire. The Thing fell down on the ground, exhausted and beyond his limitation to continue. Robotman then approached the Thing, his hands raised up as a sign of peace. "Okay, man. That's enough fighting. I don't want to kill anyone I've just met."

"Y-You... called me... a monster..." grumbled The Thing as he looked at Robotman's eyes.

"Yeah sorry about that. I got problems with my temper sometimes. But please, I don't want to fight and I don't want to live and die here. I want to go home. Can you help me?"

"Hmmm. I know someone who might be able to help."

Expert's Opinion[]

Robotman won because, while The Thing is a super strong fighter, the former proved to be faster and more durable. His long range attacks also provided damage at a distance, enough to keep The Thing at bay. The Thing's chances of winning is also diminished by the fact that he can still be hurt, something Robotman has no problem with.

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