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I underestimated you, Warden. I thought you were like Cailan, a child wanting to play at war. I was wrong. There's a strength in you I've not seen anywhere since Maric died. I yield.

The Warden, commonly known as the Hero of Ferelden, is a former member of the Grey Wardens and the single most important figure in repelling the Fifth Blight. Recruited by Duncan, the Warden travels with their mentor to the ruins of Ostagar, tasked with finding ancient treaties as well as vials of Darkspawn blood. Along with two fellow recruits and one of the newest Wardens Alistair Theirin, the Warden meets Flemeth and her daughter, Morrigan, in the Korcari Wilds.

Betrayed by Loghain Mac Tir at Ostagar, the Warden must gather an army of all the people of Fereldan against the Fifth Blight. They spend the next year recruiting the clans of the Dalish Elves, the dwarven armies of Orzammar, the Circle of Magi and their templar allies, and Arl Eamon Guerrin of Redcliffe, despite numerous assassination attempts and thousands of enemies that wish to stop the Warden. Along the way, they meet legends, fight cults, kill demons, and much more to unite the nation.

Confronting Loghain in Denerim with their army, the Warden defeats the traitor in combat. With the nobles of Fereldan on his side, the Warden launches a single, final attack against the Darkspawn and their Archdemon. As the battle draws to a close, the Warden must make a sacrifice to defeat the Archdemon once and for all, where they may choose either to sacrifice themself or one of their party members.

Battle vs. The Last Dragonborn (by MovieStuff65)[]

In a massive temple somewhere in the Dales, The Warden bashes his shield into the face of his last opponent, a human male staggering back as his nose breaks and bleeds. He follows up with a quick strike, decapitating his foe in one smooth swing, before sheathing Vigilance and hoisting his shield onto his back. Looking at the dozen corpses surrounding him, the Warden removes his helmet and activates Death Magic, wincing in disgust as the bodies shrivel up and rejuvenate his health. I'll never get used to that... he thinks to himself, wiping sweat from his brow.

He looks around the room he found himself in, what looked like a ceremonial preparation room judging by the desks and religious instruments on the wall. As he looted the bodies of his foes, a loud shout disrupted the relative silence. Judging by the pebbles shaking from the walls, this wasn't the typical battle yell either.

Cautiously drawing Vigilance and picking his shield back up, the Warden left the chamber to find himself in a larger congregation area, filled with pews and a large stone alter at its center. Upon that alter, the warrior in black armor stood surrounded by corpses, his back to the Warden and a black bow upon his back.

For his part, the Dragonborn looked with confusion at the tome in his hands, a sigil of a strange winged beast with a shield in front of it. No new spell or magic emanated from the book, so its usefulness to him was almost null, but a job was a job. He turns, shoving the book into his pack, and sees the newest cultist approach, a black spectral form with sword and shield. The Dragonborn hastily draws his Nightingale Bow and nocks an arrow, drawing it back. The two stand briefly, waiting for the other to make a move, before leaping into action.

The Dragonborn looses an arrow just as the Warden points his sword forward, casting Blood Wound. The Imperial barely has time to watch the Warden easily dodge the arrow before he feels his blood start to boil, falling to his knees and gritting his teeth in pain. He drops the bow and forms a small white orb in his hand, summoning a Frost Atronach. The lumbering beast charges at the Warden as the Dragonborn collects himself, casting healing while drawing Chillrend.

As the atronach charges, the air visibly chilling in its wake, the Warden casts Stone Fist. The boulder slams into its shoulder, its icy arm falling as it swings the other at him. He ducks under it and chops at its legs, sending the atronach to its knees before melting it with Flame Blast. Turning to his opponent, the Warden raises his shield to block a Firebolt before closing in.

The two clash blades, the Dragonborn using his greater strength to bring Chillrend down onto the Warden. The elf activates Telekinetic Weapons, and the magical aura surrounds Vigilance as Chillrend is briefly repelled by the telekinetic aura. Seizing the momentary laps, the Warden uses Hand of Winter, the spell sending a frozen shockwave at the surprised Dragonborn. Powering through the spell, the Dragonborn conjures a second sword and swings both at the Warden, forcing the elf to raise his shield in defense.

"KRII LUN AUS!" the Dragonborn yells, his voice channeling the Thu'um. Beneath his helmet, the Warden raises an eyebrow in confusion before feeling the magic of his armor fade away and his body return to the mortal realm. He staggers as the armor suddenly feels heavier, and winces as he feels his life drain away. The Dragonborn hammers away, his swords swinging frantically and forcing the Warden to back away under the assault.

The Warden, realizing his need for breathing room, casts Crushing Prison on the Dragonborn before stopping the flow of blood magic from sapping his life. As the Dragonborn is suspended in the air and feelings the magic crushing him, the Warden uses Drain Life, stealing his opponent's own vitality for himself. The Warden approaches, sword drawn, before the Dragonborn managed to open his mouth and utter another shout. "Feim Zii Gron!".

The Dragonborn shifts into a spectral form just as the Warden thrust Vigilance, the blade harmlessly phasing through him. The Dragonborn grabs Chillrend before returning to his mortal form, rising and launching an Ice Spike at the Warden. The elf raises his shield, the blow sending his arm back and exposing his chest. The Dragonborn makes a hasty lunge, but the Warden deflects it. He counters with a horizonal swing, Vigilance slamming into the Dragonborn's ribs.

The armor doesn't break, but the telekinetic aura sends the Dragonborn falling backwards, giving the Warden much needed space. He channels the last of his magical energy into Death Magic, the corpses around them creating a thick black mist as their blood heals the Warden. The Dragonborn sheathes Chillrend and shoots a flurry of ice spikes and lightning bolts at the Warden, who grunts as he feels his magic and stamina wane as the projectiles slam into his shield and armor.

Feeling his Voice return to its full strength, the Dragonborn narrows his eyes at the Warden, the red tinge of blood magic reforming around him. "TILD KLO UL!" The Warden feels himself moving at a crawl as the Dragonborn sprints forward, Chillrend and a spectral sword in hand. The Dragonborn unleashes a flurry of blows on the Warden, breaking through his magical defenses and cutting into him. As time returns to normal, the Warden staggers and uses Mind Blast. The Dragonborn is flown backwards, and the Warden falls to his knees.

Sensing his opportunity, the Dragonborn's eyes turn yellow as he begins to shift into his Beast Form. His Daedric armor collapses off of him, Chillrend falling to the side, as his limbs grow and his face elongates into a canine snout. The Warden, his armor barely knitting his wounds together in time to put him in fighting shape, before the Dragonborn barrels into the Warden, sinking his teeth into his neck.

The Dragonborn firmly plants its claws into the Warden's arms, pinning him in place. He raises a claw and swings down, leaving a huge gash in the Warden's chest. The claws bury deep into the Warden's armor, but uses his free sword hand to thrust Vigilance into the werewolf's side. The Dragonborn howls in pain but continues, biting into the Warden's throat, ripping out a chunk and covering him in blood. Refusing to relent, the Dragonborn simply grabs the Warden in his claws and flings him into a wall across the room, where the Warden crumples from the blow.

Shakily rising to his knees, the Warden uses Drain Life on the Dragonborn, the small vitality boost hardly phasing the Imperial but giving the Warden what he needs. He casts Winter's Grasp, briefly freezing the Dragonborn in place. With time on his side, the Warden aims Vigilance to the air and spins it in a circle, a dark cloud forming and bolts of lightning crashing down. The Dragonborn is hit by one, but charges forward to finish the kill. His opponent rapidly closing in, the Warden brings Vigilance down in defiance, a superficial cut keeping the Dragonborn at bay as Blizzard is cast.

The icy wind and the thundering cloud collide to form the Storm of the Century, a mixture of lightning bolts and hail slamming into the Dragonborn. Even in his bestial mind, the Dragonborn recoils in horror and awe as the eye of the storm centers on him. He desperately tries to charge at the Warden, but each step is hindered by rapidly forming ice or a bolt of lightning shocking him in place. Howling in pain, the Dragonborn feels himself shrinking as he returns to his human form, the storm continuing to rage. Realizing his death was at hand, the Dragonborn gave a final, defiant glare at the Warden before a hard shell of ice formed around the Dragonborn. A final bolt of lightning struck down upon it, shattering the Dragonborn into dozens of frozen pieces.

As the storm continues to rage, the Warden feels the whisperings of the Fade calling to him. Returning his form to the mortal realm and halting the flow of blood magic, the Warden spitefully spits on the Dragonborn's corpse before collapsing, blood pouring from his shredded neck.


Expert's Opinion[]

Both warriors brought in massively powerful spells and equipment, to the point that both brought potentially game-ending methods to the match. The Warden's overall magic was much more versatile and fluid, capable of overwhelming the Dragonborn in a variety of ways, while the Dragonborn's Shouts kept the Warden off guard and allowed him to control the battle space. The reality is that both warriors had the capability of defeating the other in the first move, and the question of who would kill who first was ultimately too close to tell.

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Battles here were deemed to be unfair or otherwise not in accordance with wiki standards, and have been removed from the statuses of the warriors and displayed below.

Battle vs. Hawke (by Leolab)[]

In a remote region of Orlais, two small traveling parties meet. Each group sends out a delegation of four members, each believing the other to be who they were searching for. As the two parties draw closer, they find that their suspicions are confirmed. “So, you must be the Warden,” Hawke says, looking at the small, tattooed Elf in front of him, who wears a full suit of plate armor despite being a mage. The Warden nods. “Since you are a fellow mage, perhaps you would like to help us in the Mage-Templar War? On the Mage side, naturally; I hear you have little but hatred for the Chantry and the Templars.” Hawke asks. The Warden smiles, and nods again, as he draws his sword and writes “yes” in the dirt. “Must we support the mages?” Sten asks. The Warden simply looks at him. “You make the decisions. That was our agreement, was it not,” He says. “An in return, he looks the other way when you steal cookies from an Arl’s son. I think you have a good deal here,” Morrigan says. “How’s a friendly little sparring match beforehand?” Hawke prompts, hoping to get some verbal acknowledgement. In response, the Warden unsheathes his sword and readies his shield. The Qunari, Sten, behind him unlimbers his own Greatsword, while the witch, Morrigan, readies her staff. The mabari hound, Dog, also raises his hackles. In response, Anders, Merril, and Hawke all ready their respective staves, while Varric readies his crossbow Bianca for battle. Sensing a violent confrontation with a negative outcome, Morrigan quickly steps in. “Sorry, he doesn’t talk much anymore. I think it has something to do with the taint,” She says, “But since no members of our parties actually die, let’s make the sparring serious, shall we?” The Warden nods in agreement, and smiles, anticipating battle. The Warden: Hawke:

The match starts with all five mages casting area of effect spells, and the battleground getting quickly covered in columns of flame, fireballs, lightning, an entropic cloud, and icy winds. All characters are frozen for a few seconds, and after they are free, try to seek out their opponents in the extremely adverse conditions they found themselves in. First to find each other are Anders and Dog. The abomination gives over to Vengeance, and he starts casting Winter’s Grasp. He misses Dog, and the mabari uses his “Overwhelm” ability. He pounces on Anders, and bites at his throat until it is torn out. Dog then backs off of the downed mage, and casts around for a new target. . Varric decides to use his Hail of Arrows skill, and aims Bianca up and fires. A hail of arrows comes down in an area around the Warden and Sten. The Warden raises his shield to shelter himself from the barrage, but Sten is not so lucky. Having already taken great damage from Hawke’s and Merrill’s area of effect spells, he is downed by the hail of arrows. . Once Hawke, Marrile, and Anders’ crowd control spells die down, Dog finds Varric and starts attacking him. Since whacking someone with a crossbow isn’t much of a match for tearing claws and teeth, Varric gets quickly downed. . Merril sees this and casts Cone of Cold on the mabari, freezing him. Hawke follows this up with Stone Fist, which downs the Mabari. . The Warden’s and Morrigan’s crowd control spells also die off, leaving the ground miraculously unscathed, and giving a clear view of the battlefield for all involved. Left standing are the two couples: Merril and Hawke on one side and Morrigan and the Warden on the other. Morrigan puts a Death Hex on Merril, and then casts Fireball. It hist in the area between Hawke and Merril, causing an explosion that knocks them both down. Hawke struggles to his feet, but the Warden has already cast Drain Life on Merril, downing her and healing him . Hawke casts Heal on himself, and then casts Firestorm. As he puts more power into it, the Warden rushes at him, casting Combat Magic and Arcane Shield while Morrigan casts Drain Life on Hawke to help her survive. The Warden reaches Hawke, and strikes him twice with his sword. Hawke, already severely weakened, is downed. . The Firestorm continues, and the Warden survives it, thanks to his shielding and to him half-existing in the Fade. Morrigan is downed, since she was already weak. . After all downed characters are revived, Hawke extends his hand to the Warden. “You’ll be a powerful ally,” he says, “I’m glad to have you on our side.” The Warden shakes Hawke’s hand, and smiles warmly. He beckons towards his camp, and the entirety of the two powerful parties discuss how to best show support for the mages. Unknown to all, an agent of the Chantry Seekers was watching. He takes word of this back to Cassandra Pentaghast. “Ma’am, I have news of both Hawke and the Warden,” he hurriedly says, “They have met and joined forces, and are going to openly declare their support for the Mages against the Templars.” “Andraste’s flaming tits, this is bad! Are you sure of this?”

Somewhat shaken by the outburst, the messenger hesitantly replies in the affirmative. “Leliana,” Cassandra shouts, “We need to speak to the Divine, and quickly. The Chantry may not survive this.”

Expert's Opinion[]

The Warden was victorious because he had superior arms and armor over his foe.

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Battle was declared invalid due to nerfing of both warriors, and the original author concurred.