But there was one of the Norwegians who withstood the English folk, so that they could not pass over the bridge, nor complete the victory.
Anglo-Saxon Chronicles

The lone Viking at Stamford Bridge, also known as the Berserker at Stamford Bridge, was an unnamed berserker warrior who is remembered in the Viking sagas for his impressive last stand at the Battle of Stamford Bridge, between the Norwegian Vikings led by Harald Hardrada and the English army of Harold Godwinson.

Taking place during the Viking invasion of England, Harald and his Vikings were suddenly attacked by a large army led by Harold in an effort to free York from the occupation of the Vikings. Left unarmed and unprepared, Harald tried to regroup his surprised army and retreat back to form a defensive line. As they fall back, the only barrier standing between the English and the unprepared Vikings was a small wooden bridge. Unfortunately for the English, Harald sent his berserker to guard that bridge and buy Harald time to arm and ready his army.

Filled with bloodlust by drinking his potion and praying to Odin, the berserker took on the whole English army only by himself (which numbered 15,000). The English charged the Viking to gain access to Harald Hadrada, but the berserker killed many of them with his great axe and sword. He held the bridge for a considerable amount of time and killed over 40 English soldiers single-handedly. The berserker, however, finally succumbed to the English when a soldier rowed to the bottom of the bridge, and stabbed the Viking in the groin, mortally wounding him. The Vikings were soon defeated when the English poured into their position. His sacrifice was in vain, as Harald Hadrada and many of his Vikings were soon slain afterward, marking the end of the Viking Age.

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