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This Spy has already breached our defenses... You've seen what he's done to our colleagues! And worst of all: he could be any one of us!
— The BLU Spy on the RED Spy

The Spy is the master of stealth on the RED Team in Team Fortress 2, helping gather intelligence and stab the backs of the opposing team. A Frenchman, The Spy is very charismatic, sarcastic, and most of all, Romantic; he regularly goes out with the opposing Scout's Mother. Often isolating himself from the rest of his team, the Spy is more comfortable around the other colour, using his Disguise Kit as well as his Invisibility watch to try and fool the less wise. A natural enemy of the Engineer, the Spy's sapper can shut down and break apart almost any electrical contraption with enough time, from blowing up pesky sentries to ripping dispensers into junk metal. However, the Spy doesn't aim to just sneak in on the other team for intelligence; he has the ability to instantly kill most people with a swift stab to the back. He also carries a nifty pistol, just in case his cover is blown.

The Spy has a wide arsenal of alternate weapons, which offer variety in his attack strategy. Some examples of this include the Deadringer, which can let the Spy escape a fatal shot then turn invisible. The Ambassador rewards The Spy for headshots, helping him deal critical hits comparable to that of a the Sniper, and "Your Eternal Reward" can let the spy take on the guise of whoever he backstabs at the cost of his disguise kit. The Spy-cicle allows him to withstand burns from even direct hits from a the Pyro's flamethrower, and the cloak and dagger allows for longer periods of invisibility.

Battle vs. Doctor Kondraki (by Dargoo Faust)

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Winner: Dr. Kondraki

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