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It's time for your treatment!
— The Doctor

Herman Carter, also known as the Doctor, is one of the playable killers in the survival horror multiplayer game Dead by Daylight. Using his knowledge of the effect that electrocution has on the human mind, the Doctor uses shocks to drive his victims insane before sacrificing them to the Entity.

Carter always seemed to have an intrest in the human mind, having experemented the effects of electricty on the psyche on his parents and classmates. Later, Carter was recruited as a researcher for the CIA in Lery's Memorial Institute as part of Project Awakening. There he continued his cruel experement, growing closer to understand the human mind prisoner he tortured These brutal methods often left his subjects dead, though they ended up becomming insane more often than not. Ironically, Carter would end up preforming experements on his own mentor, who previously supported his brutal practises.

When his experements came to light, the United States goverment would end Project Awakening and cover it up. But before they could arrest Carter, he was taken to an other wordly realm by the Entity who saw potential in Carter's cruel nature. Here he was allowed to indulge in his cruel nature, hunting the souls unfortunate enough to be brought to the same realm and sacrificing them to the Entity.

Battle vs. Party Hard Killer (by Pygmy Hippo 2)[]

Groaning Storehouse, MacMillan Estate

Darius the Party Hard Killer had a very bad time in this DF place with his first match being a tie against a teenager ripping off the Joker and some lunatic named Hippo something picked him up to put him up against some ridiculous mute superhuman in a bleached Captain Kirk mask. Dying from a blood bubble entering his brain wasn't even the worst part as he was then thrown into the slums of that lunatic's Land where he mostly hihacked parties like usual until he almost got dragged into some awful OC team fight shit against a junkie wearing a pig head as a mask. He wasn't even surprised that he was now in some new horror story but he was surprised that he actually got a fairly comprehensive description of the situation and was currently focusing on repairing a generator with some idiot wearing glasses.

Herman Carter the Doctor had not been treated well by the Entity for his recent failure, he had been too quick to brag that he would be the one to bring a victory that wasn't fleeting to it's collection of Killers but Lisa wound up doing better than him. The torture he went through made the bludgeoning with a baseball bat before that seem like a mild annoyance rather than an actual death for him and he yearned for another chance to prove himself. The Entity had made a deal with that same foreigner as before and now he was given a new prey in a situation that he found much more preferable, after all even if he wasn't Evan, he still knew how this routine went.

Walk around with your hand clenched and keep periodically zapping as you patrol generators which could have progress that he would gladly set back by kicking them, honestly Herman Carter wasn't even worried this time, how could he mess up against someone so weak they had to hide amongst mere Survivors? He heard two screams and rounded the corner to see nobody on a generator near the old MacMillan building but noticed lockers inside and approached one with a grin. The Doctor yanked a familiar face out of the closet and forgot that he was in a fight for a moment before he felt a pain in his back which made him drop the weakling and try to smack whatever was behind him withthe stick.

Darius couldn't believe how simple it was to get the drop on this lunatic and literally backstabbed him with his hunting knife after he found the idiot and went around the other side of the wall before he could get hit with some sort of club. His opponent stormed out and looked around before raising his hand up and a shock went through his body which made him scream and alerted the oversized maniac. The Party Hard Killer barely avoided getting whacked as his target was much faster than he looked and grabbed him by the suit before slamming him into the wall and smashing his hockey mask into a broken pile of plastic with that club of his.

Herman Carter laughed as he saw his victim bleeding from his head and got a good look at his face before a sharp thing was driven into his wrists and then into his torso as he struggled to even get another blow in against the barrage. He saw that his puny foe had decided to run from him while he recovered and chased him down, each step getting him closer to finally claiming a worthy sacrifice for the Entity as he passed a hook. Before The Doctor could reach his stubborn adversary, an explosion went off to his right and sent him to the ground which left him doing nothing but nursing his most recent injury for a couple moments before seeing what had hit him.

Darius beleived that the speaker trap was enough to kill that monstrous lunatic but he pulled out his Ninjato sword to be safe and waited once more before he heard one of his cabinets fall over but then heard something breaking it. He couldn’t help but take a peek around the corner to see his target standing over the body of that athletic idiot who had managed to waste his trap in her feeble efforts to escape and he clearly saw him. The Party Hard Killer rushed towards his opponent this time and clashed his sword with the club but he was quickly overpowered and kicked away which definitely broke some ribs before he was bashed over the head again.

Herman Carter picked up his annoying victim and started carrying his body to the nearest hook, honestly he was a bit concerned that he had killed him with how little he moved, but he placed him up anyways and proceeded to go search for anyone else who happened to be nearby. It was time for a Static Blast and he heard someone scream behind him which was that wannabe medical professional trying to rescue that nuisance and quickly whacked her with enough force that it would have broken a normal person's back but just boosted her away. Unfortunately she had saved him and he only remembered to spin around when he got his legs sliced open with the sword that he swore Rin left or her damn ancestor but that complaint could wait until he stopped himself from getting decapitated.

Darius was so close to ending this horrible experience before he got shocked again and this time, he dropped the Ninjato which prompted him to retreat once again as he was hit in the side. The monstrous lunatic stood over him with that grin that could be called a slasher smile but before he could smash his head to bits, he activated his smoke bomb and he could hear his target having trouble even breathing in the thick smoke that poured out. The Party Hard Killer took the opportunity to do another tactical retreat while retrieving his sword and ran over to the shack in the outskirts before he felt another shock go through his body while he was trying to set up the speaker.

Herman Carter followed the trail of scratches and blood that led him to his quarry but after his Static Blast and found him suddenly unable to do anything but stab at what had to be a hallucination and hold his head which gave him the confidence to charge. He should have known something was up when the pallet was gone but the falling cabinet was more a minor annoyance than anything else as it knocked him off-balance before he pushed it back over and brought his attention back to get his neck sliced. The Doctor's surprising nimbleness barely avoided a decapitation but he maintained enough control despite the large wound to smack his foe across the face with his Stick once more and made him collapse.

Darius tried to get uo before his opponent bled to death and fell on him but instead he felt a presence crouching down next to him before two hands were placed next to his head and he felt shocks that were even more devastating than the last ones. The Party Hard Killer's body jerked with the current as The Doctor filled his head with far more than lethal voltage and then turned his head around to see that his face was smoking like his usual victims although this one's eyes had popped out. Herman Carter didn't dwell on the morbid sight as he was not only used to it but also trying to stop his neck from bleeding with a single hand as he walked out for even if he did fall, he finally brought honor to the Entity's realm....

Winner:Herman Carter the Doctor

Expert's Opinion[]

This was a fight between a more realistic virtual psycho and a more fantastical one which ended in the superhuman triumphing against the peak-human thanks to his main weapon having more reach and his powers enabling him to counter most of his foe's arsenal and tactics. Darius the Party Hard Killer did have the better stationary weapons and could kill Herman Carter the Doctor if he got the chance with his sharp blades but he had trouble staying hidden against Carter's Spark and couldn't last against him in a head-on confrontation thanks to his weaker physicality. Ultimately The Doctor won mainly due to those reasons as he wasn't any better in experience compared to the Party Hard Killer and his powers did the real heavy lifting for his victory.

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