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Our racket is handling cases other agencies can't, or won't, or don't.
— The Official and Eberts

The Agency is an unnamed American intelligence agency from the science fiction television series The Invisible Man (later shortened to The I-Man). They are lead by Charles "Charly" Borden, also known as "The Official", and deal with espionage and special operations, which can involve battling rogue agencies, terrorists, cryptids, and mutants. The Agency enlists men and women who have served in other government agencies, the military, and in at least one case, a professional criminal.

The Agency's history is murky, but there is photographic evidence that it has been around since the early 1960s when John F. Kennedy was in office. The Agency is called a "Cold War Relic", which shows the Agency to have had similar experience fighting Soviet interests in the world as the CIA and FBI has. This implies the Agency has a superb intel experience and knowledge.

Despite their importance, the Agency is poorly funded, often being absorbed by whatever goverment department can offer them the most money. Despite this, they make up for it with highly compitent and superhuman opratives. These superhumans include the Canevari, a man whose body is toxic, and several agents who can turn invisible, most notably Darien Fawkes.