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The Tekken Force was created by Heihachi Mishima after the events of the King of Iron Fist Tournament 2 when Kazuya Mishima was killed and thrown into a volcano.

The ranks of the soldiers take after the names of raptors, from lowest to highest rank being Crow, Falcon, Hawk, and Owl, respectively. Heihachi dispatches the Tekken Force all over the world to quell small skirmishes in foreign countries in order to gain public approval and hide his true intentions for world conquest. Heihachi seems to actually care about their lives, as it is said that he "mourned" the loss of an entire squadron that he sent to investigate the ruins that once held Ogre. Enrique Ortega hired the Tekken Force to protect himself.

Battle vs. Spartan Rangers (by UnduhTakuh)[]

No battle written.


Expert's Opinion[]

The Spartan Rangers have better both close and long range. And also, they are most brutal units. Even though Tekkens deal with it, a lone Ranger can take them out.

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