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Battle vs. Voldemort (by Happy9999)[]

Voldemort: Grey Grey Grey Grey Grey Tallman : Green Green Green Green Green

Voldemort entered the mortician house that belonged to Tallman, without realizing that every single movement of him had already been spied by Tallman through a crystal ball. Tallman ordered one of his minions to check the enemies, and mumbled ' I think we've got some unexpected visitors.' The minion snuck to the main hall, and jumped , exerting itself to bite at one of the death eaters, only to be noticed by the dark lord and received a curse Green. Voldemort ordered two death eaters to check the basement while he led the remain two up the stairs. One death eater opened the basement door, and lit up his wand, revealing that there's nothing remarkable down in this dirty damp room. All in a sudden, he heard his fellow man scream behind him, so he turned around , and saw a zombie biting onto that man's throat, killing him instantly Grey. 'AVADA--'He shouted, 'KERDAVA!', the death spell reached the zombie's head, making a flash and killing it Green .The death eater gasped, and walked up stair . He was about to open the basement door when he heard the open sound of a some sort of metal box--and that's not very long before his body was sent up to the corridor with a ball piercing a saw into his check, bashing him onto the wall Grey. Meanwhile, the dark lord who was upstairs heard the disturbing noise, so he let one of his fellowmen to go back and check. Voldemort pursued , a zombie that had been hiding around the hallway suddenly appeared, but nagini dashed towards him and bit him down Green . At this very moment, the doors and windows all closed, and Voldemort found himself getting trapped in the whole way . 'Booooyyy! Your funeral is here! ' Tallman appeared with a minion that was holding the head of the death eater that had been sent to check downstairs Grey . ' NO!' Voldemort yelled, and launched a great number of death spells from his wand, the spell hit the minion and sent its head flyingGreen . Several spells hit Tallman, but they didn't seem to make any sense. 'What the hell are you!' 'Well, when you die, you think you go to heaven, in fact, you come to me!' said the Tallman. 'That's impossible!'Voldemort jumped up, yelling 'Avada kedava!' A green light came from the old wand, shooting straight into Tallman's face, causing him to fall back. Nagini was ordered to give a final strike, by the time it reached onto Tallman, there's nothing left on the ground. Being annoyed, the dark lord released his anger through cursing his last men till death Grey . 'Where the hell is that freaking mortician?' He shouted as a shadow appeared behind him in a mirror. 'Boooy!' Tallman dragged him into the mirror, and the snake was shot down by a laser ball.Grey Now, the dark lord shall kneel down to Tallman the devil.

Winner: Tallman

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The battle has been declared invalid for nerfing Voldemort's spells.