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Taste the Tooth!
— Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth, real name Marcus "Needles" Kane, was an ice cream man who suffered from longstanding mental issues and a compulsive need to kill. One day he finally snapped. Donning a clown mask, Sweet Tooth killed his family. His daughter Sophie got away, however, and Sweet Tooth has been looking for her ever since. This was his driving motivation to modify his old ice cream truck and join the Twisted Metal contest, as the winner would be granted one wish by its organizer Calypso.

One day that he decided to prove that he doesn't need his beloved ice cream truck to be an effective killer, and sets out to find some victims.

In his campaign, Sweet Tooth paused to admire his icecream cone which was knocked out of his hand by Kratos who thought him to be a minion of Polygon Man. Angered that Kratos refused to pay for the ruined ice cream cone, Sweet Tooth challenged and defeated him. Shortly after he fought Polygon Man, defeating him as well and absorbing his godly power. Satisfied, Sweet Tooth returns to his ice cream truck and decides to use his newfound powers to kill Calypso.

Battle vs. Evil Cole (PlayStation All-Stars) (by MovieStuff65)[]

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Winner: Evil Cole

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