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I am calling for an immediate world-wide ceasefire. All hostilities will stop immediately or I will stop them. It's over.
— Superman

Superman, real name Clark Kent, born Kal-El, is a former superhero and High Councilor of the Regime. Much of his life followed the same path as his mainstream counterpart, with a few differences such as him being married to a pregnant Lois Lane and Lex Luthor never becoming a villain.

One day the Joker, bored with Batman, kidnapped Lois and implanted a trigger connected to her heartbeat that would trigger a nuke buried underneath Metropolis. As Superman arrived to save his wife the Joker sprayed him with Scarecrow's fear toxin, causing him to think that Lois was Doomsday. Panicked, Superman dragged Lois into outer space, killing her. As he realized his error Metropolis exploded, killing thousands. Angry and stricken with grief, Superman murdered the Joker as Batman was interrogating him. This started a downwards spiral for the hero, turning him into a brutal dictator who established a one-world government supported by both heroes and villains.

Batman disagreed with Superman's brutal methods, however, and started his own Insurrection against the newly established Regime. Their attempts to overthrow the Regime failed, however, until Batman managed to enlist the help of a Justice League from another world, and successfully locked Superman up in a red sun prison. But as Brainiac attacked Earth, Batman and his allies were forced to free Superman and his allies to protect the planet.

As Brainiac was defeated the two sides once again came into conflict with Batman's side wishing to imprison him while Superman wished to kill the android. If Batman won this conflict then Superman would be banished to the Phantom Zone. If Superman won, he'd use Brainiac's technology to brainwash Batman and reestablish the Regime.

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