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Hey, look! That one's got a cute little stripe on its head. Hey, cutie.
— Pete
Gizmo caca.
— Stripe

The leader of the first batch of Mogwai due to both the tuft of white hair on his head and his notable intelligence, Stripe led his brethren into becoming Gremlins, tricking their owner Billy Peltzer into feeding them after midnight. Wreaking havoc and torturing their "father" Gizmo, Stripe fled the Peltzer home after Billy and his mother managed to kill the others and ran to the YMCA to submerge himself in the pool, creating an army of Gremlins who rampaged across town. The rampage was put to a stop when Billy his girlfriend Kate, and Gizmo managed to trap the army in a movie theater and burn it to the ground, killing them all save Stripe, who left early to get candy. Vengeful, Stripe attacked the group in a department store and was finally killed when Billy and Gizmo exposed him to the sun, burning him alive.

A few years after the original incident, Stripe would be reincarnated as "Mohawk", a new Gremlin who was as cruel as the original, but lacked his intelligence. Torturing Gizmo and attacking Billy due to his recognition of them, Mohawk would drink a special serum that turned him into a spider hybrid and chased Gizmo, who killed him with a flaming arrow.

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