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Unless you're a target of mine, you will never see me. If you see me, then it's already too late.
— Strider Hiryu

While little is known about Strider Hiryu's past beyond the fact that he is an orphan, it is known that he was one of the youngest Striders to ever reach A rank, and quit the program after he was sent on a mission to kill his own sister Mariya after she went rouge.

After living in hiding for two years, Strider was forced to return by the head of the Strider organization, Matic in order to save his best friend Kain, who has been captured and brainwashed by the Syndicate. Hiryu saves Kain and vows to destroy the Syndicate after realizing that Mariya had been brainwashed as well. Realizing that Matic was working with the Syndicate, Hiryu goes after him and all the terminals that allow the brainwashing to happen. Hiryu destroys all but the last terminal and kills the leader of the Syndicate, but receives a call from Kain, informing him of his own failure to defeat Matic, but in turn, making it so that Hiryu can trace his signal back to Matic's base. Hiryu defeats Matic and destroys Yggdrasil, the computer that controls and enables all brainwashing tech on the ZAIN project. Chief Harumuto asks Hiryu if he is willing to return, but Hiryu declines and leaves once more.

Battle vs. Ryu Hayabusa (by Oshbosh)[]

No battle will be written

Winner: Ryu Hayabusa

Experts Opinion[]

While Strider was more advanced. Ryu's weapons being made from magic nullified that advantage. Along with fighting far tougher enemies then Hiryu, Ryu has the battle won.

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