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Both this sham-filled society... and the criminals who wield their power in the name of petty mischief... are targets of my purge... All for the sake of a better society...
— Stain

Stain, real name Chizome Akaguro, formerly known as the vigilante Stendhal, is a serial killer notorious for targeting pro heroes who he perceives as being unworthy of the title of hero.

As with many, Chizome was inspired by All Might to follow his example and study to become a pro hero. When attending the hero course at a private school he found that many of his fellow students only wished to become heroes in order to achieve fortune and fame. Disillusioned by heroics, Chizome began to preach his own philosophy which he called the "Revival of Heroics" though his words fell on deaf ears.

When he failed to convince the masses, he began to become more proactive, training himself to become a vigilante and adopted the identity of Stendhal. As Stendhal, he began to hunt after villains that managed to escape justice. After he killed the villain Akira Iwako his fellow vigilante Soga Kugizaki objected to his methods. Viewing Soga as an obstacle, Stendhal moved in to kill him as well, but was stopped by Soga's partner Knuckleduster who punched him in the face. Though he was forced to retreat, Chizome was inspired by Knuckleduster's comment about resolve and decided to hunt and kill heroes who didn't fit inside his Revival of Heroics ideology and changed his code name to Stain.

His new status as the Hero Killer earned him infamy and soon reached the ears of the League of Villians, who wished to recruit him in order to kill All Might. Stain, who was disgusted by the childish nature of their leader Tomura Shigaraki, refused. Shortly after leaving their hideout, Stain encountered Tenya Iida while finishing off the hero Native. Iida, desiring revenge for Stain crippling his brother Ingenium, attacks him but was paralyzed by Stain's quirk. Iida's classmates Izuku Midori and Shoto Todoroki. They managed to apprehend Stain and have him send to Tartarus, though an onlooker who filmed their fight managed to capture Stain's rant on hero society, which was posted online and went viral, inspiring criminals who agreed with his philosophy to join the League of Villians, mistakingly believing that the two were connected.

Battle vs. Jonathan Joestar (by Tybaltcapulet)[]

"DF Command, this is User:Tybaltcapulet do you copy?"

"We read you loud and clear Tybalt, what's your status? We haven't been able to contact you for a few hours"

"I'm approaching the gates of VSBW and I am ready to breach. We're heading into the belly of the beast now lads"

"Remember Tybalt, this is just an in and out mission. Just neutralize the Hero Killer and Jonathan and get them to your profile"

"I'll try my best to make this quiet but I can't make any promises Beast, we both know how unpredictable this place is"

"Just don't get yourself captured or killed Tybalt, we can't be losing a member or having our secrets stolen"

"Solidarity Forver?"

"Solidarity Forver..."


30 minutes later


Things didn't exactly go as I had hoped. I got the two bastards mostly safe and sound, but while getting them out of containment, Jonathan thought it would be a great idea to wake up and reflexively throw a punch into the air and smash one of the wall panels. And even more lucky for me, it was the security panel which immediately set off the alarms, signaling to the VSBW admins exactly where I am. Not wanting to spend the rest of my days in a cell, I began to book it out of there as fast as I could.

To make sure the Gentleman Joestar wouldn't interfere again, I injected him with a tranquilizer to shut him up and packed him and Stain into my mini-container which then neatly morphed into a backpack. I took the backpack and kept on dashing out of the complex.

"Beast, Wass , anyone! I've got the package but we've run into a bit of a snag and I've got VSBW guards on my 6:00, get ready to defend the border and let me in!"

After a couple seconds of complete silence, the radio jumped to life once again with a difference voice, this time with a heavy Dutch accent.

"Damn it Tybalt you had one job, one... job..."

"Open the damn gate you Dutch bastard and send out whatever controlled warriors we have so I don't get killed here!"

"Fine, but i'll get you later for violating ORANJE BOVEN you commie bastard"

Then the gates of our glorious DFederal then slowly drew open as I slid through them to safety. The controlled warriors followed after me, all with patented DFederal collars which can completely stun anyone who wears it at the push of a button. A beautiful piece of technology developed by our admin/bureau team.

The first collared warrior could only be described as absolutely ugly in every form. A face looking more like a goblin than a human, a baggy coat with a tie underneath, and a top hat adorned upon his head. He made a sinister smile as he jumped forward with glee at the VSBW guards, revealing his only weapons, his disgusting and extremely sharp nails

"Been a while since i've been allowed some killin', time to show I'm still the Terror of LONDON!", he yelled as he ripped the first guard with no hesitation.

The second one walked onto the battelfield with much more grace than the first. He wore a simple maille shirt underneath a cloak, with leather sandals and a leather cap to accompany him. He raised his fabled spear, known for it's ability to leave scars which do not heal, and started into a run as he too immediately got to work fighting. He remained entirely silent, likely due to his previous embarrassment at his last performance within DF's walls.

The final two I didn't see at first until I actually got into the DF complex itself, as they were both on top of the gate. But since they both made the unmistakable sound of sniper rounds, it wasn't too hard to determine who they could. Taking a glance at their backs as they continued to fire, I saw the familiar form of the polite and efficient Aussie, with his trademark hat and large scoped rifle. And beside him, a man in a Soviet uniform and cap, clutching a Mosin-Nagant in his hands, preparing to change his position, as would be expected of the pioneer of mobile sniping.

After that hell, I finally made my way back to my profile, unloading the unconscious Stain and Jonathan, and load them into my simulation chamber and activate it.

"Finally... this battle gets the rematch it deserves"

Just after this I heard a familiar, but terrifying whisper from behind me

"Me and my brothas..."


Hosu City was usually a peaceful place, with large buildings, a lot of mechanization, and relatively low amount of violent crime. Obviously in a super powered world with Quirks like this, crime is always more prevalent, from the petty thieves to the super villains, they all have an immediate advantage over most people. But the city had been struck by a scourge. A scourge of bloodthirst and unforgiving murder/maiming had arrived. Originally known Chizome Agakuro, and then as the vigilante Stendhal, everyone in the city now knew him by a different name. A name which struck fear into all citizens, and especially the Heroes protecting them.

Hero Killer: Stain...

But for a few weeks now, this infamous murderer had been on the run. Ever since that kid with the armor tried to seek vengeance on him and his friends came to save him, he'd been a bit beat up. They certainly put up a great fight against him. So as crept in the shadows, he couldn't help but think to himself

"I have to admit, those kids almost beat me. And the one with the green sparks, he's exactly what this corrupt society needs. We need more actual heroes, not these money and fame hungry fakes"

"Hero Killer..."

Stain momentarily sighed to himself and shook his head. Yet another fake hero itching to seek him out. He then slowly turned around in anticipation of an impending battle. Just another service for his society in his eyes. He then retrieved his war-torn katana from its sheath, and silently shot forward, taking his assailant by surprise.

As he did so however, the assailant instinctively flicked his hair down, at which that point the hair turned into an extremely tough metal. This was the Shiny Hair Hero: Dan of Steel and his aptly named quirk "Steel Hair". Dan of Steel was a new upstart hero who was known for his showboating and cocky nature, along with a tendency to seriously underestimate opponents.That and his extremely flashy jumpsuit, and you have a complete tool and a complete asshole. Dan then deactivated his Quirk, which would show his worst qualities for the last time and spell his doom.

The Hero Killer was almost unphased, with a cruel smile on his face as he quickly dragged his sword up, and Dan, who was too in shock to react or even scream, got a massive gash on his leg. Stain then immediately dragged him into a nearby warehouse to finish the job.

Opening the closest door he threw Dan onto the ground and readied his blade.But before he could snuff out Dan's life, a large fist smashed him in the face knocking him backwards a few feet.

Then as he raised his head he saw.. him. An absolute mountain of a man, with his arm extended past a normal person's flexibility. He wore an entirely bluish purple suit, with a gold belt adorned on his waist, fingerless gloves and large boots. But his expression is what Stain focused upon, for it was the determined glare of a hero.

He then spoke, stating:

"I dont know how or why Dio created you, but I shall not sit here and let one of his minions live. Cease your accosting of this man or I will be forced to eradicate your tainted soul from existence"



Jonathan Joestar could only think of one thing when he woke up "Where am I and how did I get here?". It was a complete mystery to him. He was doing absolutely nothing at the time. He was resting after his final battle with Dio and his minion Wang Chan.

One moment he was relaxing with his wife Erina, the next he was in the middle of a sidewalk in a place he didn't recognize at all. It was a place with buildings and infrastructure on a scale he could barely comprehend. Being well educated, he had heard of American skyscrapers in the past, and even then he was amazed with their construction. But this was an entirely new level. Buildings with at least one hundred floors, thousands of people around him, and the sound of...


The sound of a speeding train above himmreached his ears which made him jump up. He looked to his right and saw the rushing of cars past him.His eyes widened with shock, as he witnessed a society he could not fathom. One that had transcended to such a state that they could mechanize and dwarf anything Jonathan could ever dream of. It could only be described as one thing:

Culture shock

Thoroughly impressed with this, he smiled to himself before quickly realizing that again, he was in unfamiliar territory, and that he should get as much information as he could about where he was. As he walked upon the street he saw a small TV screen which caught his eye. It showed a terrifying sight, a gaunt man with cold eyes, a mask, and a katana in hand.

Then a voice speaking Japanese came through it, startling Jonathan momentarily. Jonathan was by no means fluent in speaking Japanese, but his education and having to interact with some of his father's wealthy associates gave him enough knowledge to understand the message. The voice was describing a this criminal who had killed several people. It also said he had something called a "Quirk". Jonathan didn't understand that word, but luckily he didn't have to. The voice described the details, which included the ability to paralyze anyone he licked the blood of.

Jonathan's face then contorted in a mix of disgust and wariness, but he continued watching. The voice concluded with a warning to not go into alleyways and dark city corners, as that was where this killer preferred to strike.

The gentleman Joestar then turned away, as the voice began to repeat itself. Jonathan had a deep frown on his s he began to think on what he just saw and heard. This man seemed to be an utter monster to Jonathan, a remorseless beast who murdered other humans mercilessly. He had no understand of this killer's motivations or goals, he only saw a man taking advantage of those weaker than him.

And then the pieces started coming together in his head. The lack of conscious, the blood related power, and the fact that this man specifically operated within the shadows of alleyways and street corners. It couldn't just be a coincidence could it? Jonathan racked his brain for any other explanation, but he just came back to the same conclusion again and again.

This "Hero Killer" was an undead creation made by Dio himself. Jonathan's face hardened, knowing what he had to do next. Track this creature down and eradicate it from existence. He couldn't leave it to snuff out the life of anyone else.And that's what he set out to do. For hours he walked around, desperately searching for any sign of the elusive creature.

Beginning to become frustrated, Jonathan did something unusual to his normal character, and cursed to himself.

"I cannot allow this beast to continue its warpath against humanity, I have to find it and erase Dio's influence upon this world"

But just as Jonathan was going to give him, he heard multiple loud sounds including yelling and a door being slammeg.Chasing the only lead he had, Jonathan ran towards a warehouse, which was the source of the commotion. Luckily the nearest door he found was unlocked, and he entered immediately to find a gruesome sight.

There was an injured man wearing a jumpsuit on the ground bleeding, and beside him going for the kill was none than Jonathan's target, The Hero Killer: Stain. Not having not much, he took a deep breath and shot his arm forward with a Zoom Punch, knocking Stain backwards, and putting him into a temporary stupor.

He then spoke, stating:

"I don't know how or why Dio created you, but I shall not sit here and let one of his minions live. Cease your accosting of this man or I will be forced to eradicate your tainted soul."

Not understanding a single word, Stain still knew what Jonathan intended to do.Smiling his evil smile, Stain shot forwards with his blade in hand. But his assault was interrupted as Jonathan retrieved his own blade Luck & Pluck, which intercepted the katana, making a loud clang. Jumping backwards, Stain attempted to blitz him again with no avail.

Taking advantage of this, Jonathan forced his weight upon the blade, and eventually forced Stain's katana down to the ground and out of his hand.This had thrown Stain off balance, so Jonathan then took Luck & Pluck to his left hand, he took his free hand and exclaimed "OVERDIVE", and slamming Stain straight in the face before he could react. But to Jonathan's surprise, his opponent hadn't been turned to dust. Instead after being thrown into a wall, and being blasted by Hamon, Stain got right back up.

"Impossible, even Dio himself cannot stand up to the power of Hamon!"

"Could it be possible he created a creature resistant to Hamon?" Jonathan thought. This was worse than he thought, Jonathan couldn't end the fight nearly as quickly as he thought . He realized that he would have to outlast Stain, which would certainly be a challenge considering the speed and agility of his opponent.

Meanwhile Stain felt his face instinctively, and realized his face felt weird. "It feels like I've got pins and needles in my face. What the hell is this guy's Quirk?", he questioned to himself. "Doesn't matter, it's not like it'll put me down anways."

Stain grabbed his throwing knives from his hidden sleeves and began to fling all of them directly at Jonathan, hoping to hit him at least once and end this for real. On the other side of the coin, Jonathan realized he was in deep trouble, as one hit could end him. He could easily survive the blows, but his blood would doom him. Jonathan then used his arms to hoist himself into the air, avoiding the knives entirely.

The Hero Killer then grinned, as this actually helped him. Jonathan may have avoided his blades, but he also made himself a sitting duck with no weapon and no method of defending himself. Taking yet another blade, one of his folding knives, he threw it sideways, like a boomerang. Unable to defend himself, he was struck on his right leg.

"Finally, it's over"

What he hadn't seen however, was that Jonathan had been yelling to himself. The language barrier had prevented him from hearing "My heart resonates! The heat's enough to burn! The beat of my blood is razor-sharp!". So as Stain jumped from the nearest wall to the air, and then to Jonathan's position, he was not at all prepared for the flurry of punches coming his way.

As he was almost within knife range he was interrupted by the bellowing voice of Jonathan shouting, "SUNLIGHT YELLOW OVERDRIVE". Stain was then hit with a barrage of hard punches to the gut, arms and legs. Unable to keep his composure through this onslaught, he was violently forced backwards into another wall.

Jonathan then reached the ground with a small thud and began to regain his bearings. Taking a look at his injury, he knew that Stain would eventually reach it and defeat him, so he had to prevent that from even being a possibility. Jonathan then had an idea, one he hadn't tried before, but it was likely the only possibility of quickly healing his wound.


His fist erupted into flame, as he threw the fist at his own leg. His plan was simple, Hamon itself may not be able to heal such injuries, but the flames that a Scarlet Overdrive created could cauterize the wound if he transferred it correctly. He waited for a few seconds, and then voila, his cut had been cauterized. Jonathan stood back up, grabbed his sword, and looked around. Stain was gone, nowhere to be seen.

He wasn't killed or disintegrated, he was simply gone. Or at least that's what Jonathan had thought was the case. In reality, Stain was perched upon one of the containers in the warehouse, with his lost katana found and in his hand, poised to strike. And strike he did, faster than he had before. By the time that Jonathan could react and attempt to throw a Zoom Punch, it was too late, Stain had barreled straight into him, cutting his arm deeply.

He then jumped into the shadows, and repeated the act again and again, until Jonathan could no longer move properly. He then slowly walked towards Jonathan, no longer flashing a cruel smile, but instead showing a somber frown. This was an opponent he respected, a person who made no attempt to be conceited or come out to simply fight Stain just for the glory or the hell of it. He had seen a man in trouble, and sought to defend him and others.

Jonathan wasn't about to give up however, and to Stain's surprise, rose up as quickly as he could to try and fight to the bitter end. Throwing the last of his energy into his , he yelled out "METAL SILVER OVERDRIVE" and nicked Stain in the arm. It didn't do that much damage, it shocked Stain that he still had that much spirit to him.

Unfortunately for Jonathan, he had collapsed, unable to keep up the fight any longer. Stain, not wanting to prolong the battle, finally licked his adversary's blood, completely paralyzing him. He looked over to Dan of Steel, who had apparently escaped, because his body wasn't there.

Looking back to Jonathan he laughed hard as he realized he had technically lost. Jonathan had protected that fake hero, like a true hero. He bent over and whispered into Jonathan's ear:

"I won't kill you, you showed me you're a real hero today, defending a defenseless "hero". But this society is filled with fakers and posers who pretend they care just so they can get fame and fortune, and I will purge them"

Stain then dashed away to heal up some more, not saying another word.

An odd portal then appeared, revealing a man with a black beret and tan uniform, adorned with medals. He held a Webley in his hand, already cocked, loaded and ready to spill blood. He then walked straight over to Jonathan and spoke simply:

"Yeah that's not gonna be enough, there needs to always be bloody DEATH in any battle, so prepare to be claimed Jonathan. I wish I could do all the theatrics of a normal sacrifice, but none of my followers dared to go to an anime battle sim, so this is the next best thing."

The uniformed man then put the gun straight to Jonathan's head and pulled the trigger, killing him instantly

“The sacrifice is done. Blood has and will always be, continued to be spilled.”

Winner: Hero Killer: Stain (Cult of EA)


"Me and my brothas.."

I froze, realizing that I wasn't alone. It was a familiar voice, one which had been a nuisance to the wiki for years. He had demonstrated time and time again his ability to weasel his way out of permanent removal from the premises. He appeared as an exact Anton Chigurh, captive bolt pistol and all. I had only heard of his actions through the grapevine, but there he was, standing right in front of me seemingly ready to strike

It was...


Pulling out my Tokarev, I pointed it straight at him, prepared to fire.

"You know if you fight me directly, you'll lose right MOG?"

Just then another voice sounded within the hall at the worst possible time. It was Appel, coming to check the sim to see if it went well. Things had justgot a bit more

"So Tybalt, did we wreck those VSBW nerds.. like...we... thoug- Oh come on seriously? We can't even be free from him on this battle? What the fuck Tyb- GET AWAY YOU FILTHY CREATURE"

MOG had rushed over to Appel and tackled him before he could even react.He wrapped the bolt pistol's cord around him and shoved the pistol into his face. He then laughed maniacally, and pointed the pistol towards me, yelling:

"I don't have to fight you at all! I can just take your friend friend here hostage and there's you can do about it!" He then went into another laughing fit with his eyes just about bulging out of his face. Already tired of his antics, quickly raised my gun and fired. Turns out he didn't do a very good job of wrapping the cord around Appel, as I could easily find a gap and shoot through it, making the bolt pistol useless.

"Wow you really suck at this, Appel wasn't even armed and you had him hostage and you still couldn't take finish the job."

Appel then pushed his head forward and forced it back, headbutting MOG and disorienting him. As he stumbled backwards, the Dutchmen grabbed his arm and shoved him to the ground without any struggle.

"You know I could've escaped him and his shitty "pistol" right? I didn't need you to intervene."

"Yeah I know, but I didn't wanna suffer one more second with him acting like he's some supervillain and like he's actually relevant"

He then pulled out an Enfield carbine (must've stolen it from Red Cloud), and fired the first chance he had. It only grazed the side of my stomach however, so it didn't hurt too much. I again raised my Tokarev and fired multiple shots, but MOG did the one thing that kept him alive, dodge and avoid punishment like the Plague with his very high agility and speed.

"Yo Appel, take this" I said, throwing him an Uzi "I'm gonna need some backup here". We slowly walked closer to MOG, still continuing to fire almost non-stop, and being unable to actually hit him. This was becoming pretty much pointless as we were running out of ammo.

Looking into my simulation, I saw that it was over and that I could retrieve my warriors, so I grabbed Stain out of it while Appel continued firing. I frantically searched for a control collar, until I finally found it in one of my drawers. I took Stain by the neck and forced the collar around it. I commanded him to paralyze MOG, and with hesitation, he rushed forward and slashed him right in the gut, and licked the blood, immediately paralyzing him.

"We finally got em', after all these years, he'll be gone, right after I get Wass, Beast, or Laqy over here"

I walked over to my door and pushed a button labelled:, REPORT, and pressed it. Finally the higher ups could sort this out.

After several minutes, Chairman Beast had arrived, wearing his standard green hoodie, looking rather unenthusiastic.

"I have so many others things to do right now, and I have to deal with this? I was checking the design of my Battledome, damn it! And I don't even teleport or use other crap like that, I take the train."

"Do you know how annoying it is to sit next to Balalaika and her soldiers? Since we took away their jeeps and cars, they're forced to use the train, and lemme tell you, listening to her making and editing porn for the red light district, is not fun. Let's just get this over with"

Taking out a Banhammer, which looked more like an Infinity Gauntlet, he forcefully snapped his the fingers together. The result was MOG slowly disintegrating as he screamed in horror of his body's destruction. The deed was done, and Beast was already out the door, thoroughly hating his life at that moment.

"Speaking of the Red Light District, wanna go there Tybalt?

"Yeah sure, why the hell not" 

Expert's Opinion[]

While Jonathan was a formidable opponent and certainly stronger than Stain, he simply couldn't keep up with his speed and Quirk which could put Jonathan down with a single strike. And add the fact that Stain wasn't immediately weak to Hamon, and this was Stain's battle to win.

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