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Battle vs. Mothman (by CuchulainSetanta)[]

After a rampage through the streets of London, Spring-Heeled Jack is making his escape through the desolate moors. As he leaps, he begins to feel like he is being watched. Suddenly, out of nowhere, something swoops down at great speed and slams into Jack, knocking him down. Getting back to his feet, Jack looks around to see what hit him. Hearing a loud shriek, he looks up to see Mothman flying back around for another attack.

Preparing himself, Jack leaps up to meet Mothman, grabbing onto him in midair. Jack slashes at his foe with his steel claws, but Mothman manages to remain airborne. Mothman lets out another shriek, and Jack breaks off his attack, holding his ears in severe pain. Mothman batters Jack with its wings, making him lose his grip and fall back down to the ground.

Seeing Jack's unmoving body, Mothman lands and moves in closer to investigate. A few feet from Jack, Mothman is surprised when the demon leaps back up, breathing flame into Mothman's face. Taking advantage of the distraction, Jack leaps back onto the monster and continues to slash until Mothman is dead. Cackling, Jack bounds away.

Winner: Spring-Heeled Jack

Expert's Opinion[]

Mothman is a terrifying presence, and is believed to be behind many disasters, but it is poorly equipped for direct combat. On the other hand, Jack has been reported to personally inflict injury and death, giving him a clear edge in battle.

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Mothman has been disqualified as a warrior.