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The Special Activities Center (SAC), formerly known as the Special Activities Division (SAD), is a department in the CIA who conduct covert and black operations missions. The division is separated into two categories: one paramilitary and one political. The Political Action Group engage themselves in psychological, economic, and cyber-warfare. The Special Operations Group, the paramilitary category, collect intelligence from hostile nations.

SACmembers must disassociate themselves from the United States by wearing "non-American" clothing and learning the language of the native people. If a SAC operative fails a mission and the public catch wind of this, the American government may then deny all knowledge. SAC members have been involved in countless conflicts and operations taking place in Asia, South America, and Africa. They select operatives from DEVGRU, Delta Force and the 24th STS

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Battle vs. Secret Intelligence Service (by Omnicube1)[]

CIA Special Activities Division: Grey Grey Grey Grey Grey

MI6: Darkred Darkred Darkred Darkred Darkred

Five CIA SAD agents make their way into an abandoned corporate building. They move silently wielding their weapons; the leader is carrying the FN SCAR Light, two of his subordinates carry the LR300, the weapons specialist wields a Suppressed SIG Sauer P226 and carries Semtex, and the sniper shoulders the SR-25. Suddenly, they hear a clanking noise coming toward them. They see it is a No 77 Grenade. The leader shouts for them to take cover, but the weapons specialist is too late and is showered in flames. Grey Five MI6 operatives emerge from cover firing their guns. Their captain shoots his LR300, one fires the SIG SG 550 Sniper Rifle, two fire in succession with their FN Five-Seven pistols, and the other holds back priming another No 77 Grenade. He pops up and prepares to throw it, but the SAD leader fires his FN SCAR and tears his arm off. The grenade explodes. Darkred The two MI6 agents fire their Five-Sevens and are able to kill an SAD operative who fires his SIG Sauer as he falls, killing one of the MI6 agents. Grey Darkred The SAD leader kills the other MI6 agent. Darkred The CIA sniper targets and fires his SR-25 at the MI6 sniper but misses.The British sniper fires back in full auto and riddles the enemy marksman with bullets. Grey The MI6 squad leader charges forward firing his LR300. The CIA squad leader tries to terminate him but his weapon jams. He dives and grabs a suppressed SIG Sauer and shoots. The British leader collapses but is only wounded. He struggles to draw his Five-Seven but is killed by the CIA squad leader. The MI6 sniper targets and fires his sniper rifle at the CIA operative and kills him. The squad leader runs back and quickly sets a block of Semtex on a nearby desk. The two remaining MI6 agents chase after him firing their weapons. The squad leader ducks and presses the detonator. The Semtex explodes, tearing the Britons' bodies in half. Darkred Darkred

Expert's Opinion[]

This was a rather easy win for the CIA, as they had far more combat experience than the SIS who relied solely on stealth, as well as a better arsenal, mainly because of their devastating semtex.

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The SIS is disqualified as a warrior.