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Battles here were deemed to be unfair or otherwise not in accordance with wiki standards, and have been removed from the statuses of the warriors and displayed below.

Battle vs. William Wallace (by Wassboss)[]

William Wallace is sitting in the middle of a field in Scotland planning his next attack on the British. Suddenly he feels a sharp pain in his arm. He turns and sees Spartacus standing a few metres away sling in hand. Wallace picks up his ball and chain and a runs at spartacus who loads up another rock into his sling. He slings it at wallace who blocks with his shield before throwing his ball and chain.

Spartacus easily dodges the projectile and pulls out his trident and wallace pulls out his claymore. Wallace charges at spartacus and swings his claymore at him but spartacus blocks with his shield. He thrusts forwards with the trident but wallace blocks with his own shield. Wallace stabs forward with his claymore and scrapes spartacus’s side. Spartacus is undeterred and stabs wallace in his unprotected hand.

Wallace drops his sword and shouts in pain. Spartacus tries to stab him in the chest but wallace blocks with his shield. He then pulls out his war hammer and swings it a spartacus who jumps back. He thrusts forward with the trident and gets wallace in the stomach but the chain mail prevents serious injury. Wallace swings his hammer at spartacus’s head but only manages to knock his helmet off.

Spartacus throws his net at him but wallace moves out of the way and it flies past harmlessly. Spartacus tries to stab him again but wallace blocks with his shield and hits spartacus in the arm with the hammer causing spartacus to drop his trident. Spartacus screams in pain and smashes wallace round the face with the shield stunning him. He then pulls out his Gladius and stabs wallace in the arm.

Wallace grits his teeth and takes out his last remaining weapon the dirk. He pushes spartacus back and swings forward with the dirk narrowly missing spartacus’s face. Spartacus hits wallace with his shield again and thrusts forward with the galdius but it is blocked by the targe. Spartacus gose for an over head swing but wallace ducks underneath and stabs spartacus in the leg.

Spartacus yells in pain and hits wallace multiple times with his shield, forcing him to leave the dagger in spartacus’s leg. Spartacus bends down to pull out the knife and wallace sees his chance. Letting out a war cry he charges forward his targe held out in front of him. Spartacus stands up again and wallace rams the spike on the targe through spartacus’s chest killing him instantly. Wallace yanks out the targe’s spike and spartacus fall to the ground. Wallace raises his shield in the air and yells in victory. Winner William Wallace

Expert's Opinion[]

William Wallace won because his armour and weapon were better.

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The battle has been declared unfair for Spartacus because of William Wallace's superior organization, training, and metallurgy.

Battle vs. Harald Hardrada (by The Deadliest Warrior)[]

Spartacus is walking through an open plain with his weapons with him and his shield on his arm. In the distance he spots Harald Hardrada watching him, Viking bow in hand. The Viking king roars at the heavens and notches an arrow and fires at lightning speed. The arrows bounces off of Spartacus' shield. The Gladiator, in response, takes out his sling and puts a pebble he finds on the ground in it, swinging it rapidly. Hardrada scoffs, but the projectile is true to its mark and strikes the Viking in the chin.

King Harald grabs his throwing spears and hurls them at Spartacus, and while one misses and sticks firmly into the ground, the other grazes the gladiator's arm and causes it to bleed. Spartacus grabs his trident, net, and gladius and runs at the Viking, while Hardrada aims at the gladiator rebel with another arrow. Before he can fire, though, Spartacus slashes at the bow with his sword, cutting it cleanly in half. Hardrada barely has time to swing his shield in front of his face before Spartacus unleashes hell with furious blows from the gladius on Hardrada's shield arm. Hardrada slams the shield into Spartacus' chest, knocking him flat on his back.

This time it is Spartacus' turn to defend with his shield as Hardrada attacks with his longsword. However, Hardrada's sword is much more powerful than Spartacus' leather shield, and he tears clean through it, also hacking at the gladiator's arm. Spartacus rolls to one side right before the Viking plunges the sword right where Spartacus was moments before. Spartacus throws his net at Harald but misses, and instead takes the trident and thrusts wildly at his opponent. Hardrada clashes weapons as he gets his longsword caught in the prongs of the trident. The Viking throws the weapon aside, sending the trident with it. Spartacus falls back and Hardrada advances with only his shield left.

Spartacus moans weakly as Hardrada slams the edge of the shield, with all his might, into the face of the gladiator, breaking bones. The Viking continues his brutality long after the gladiator is dead. Finally he stands up, roars in victory, and runs away in a battle-fury.

Expert's Opinion[]

The main reason why Hardrada was victorious, according to the experts, was that his bow overpowered Spartacus' sling by a long shot, and that his brutality and ferocity made him the uultimate killing machine.

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The battle was declared unfair for Spartacus due to Harald Hardrada's superior metallurgy.

Battle vs. Hannibal Barca (by Goddess of Despair)[]

No battle written.


Expert's Opinion[]

Hannibal won this fight mainly due to his domination in x-factors. Spartacus' troops were not nearly as battle hardened as Hannibal's troops. Hannibal also had the surperior short range weapon, not to mention the fact that the sarissa, unlike the trident and net, can be used in formations.

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Battle was declared invalid due to Arminius being given a trident, despite never using one.

Battle vs. Arminius (by Deathblade 100)[]

Europe, Roman Empire

Spartacus moved stealthily along the worn, dirt road, after narrowly escaping the Roman legions that had put down his revolt. He had his Pilum in one hand and a net and trident in the other. As he stops to gain his bearings, a Framea spear whistled through the air and narrowly missed him. Arminius emerged out of the nearby forest, axe in hand. Spartacus hurled his Pilum at the Germanic tribesman, but narrowly misses him. Arminius rushed in with his axe and swung down at the former gladiator. Spartacus jumped out of the way of the weapon and threw his net at his opponent, entangling the Cherusci chieftain. Spartacus quickly knocked the helpless German over before drawing his trident back. As the trident came down, Arminius managed to swing his club into Spartacus' knee, crippling him. Dropping his trident, Spartacus drew his Gladius and Sica. Arminus managed to throw the net off and drew his Spatha. Raising his shield, Arminius charged into the gladiator, winding him.

As Spartacus gathered his breath, Arminius thrust forward with his Spatha, wounding the gladiator. Spartacus swung his Sica at Arminius, the curved blade arcing around the chieftain's shield. As the tip of the Sica impacted the German, Arminius pulled himself away from the blade before slamming his club into the gladiator's hand, forcing Spartacus to drop the Sica. Arminius looked down at the gash in his tunic before thrusting forward with his Spatha. Anticipating the move, Spartacus leapt out of the way of the blade, only for Arminius to swing his club into the side of the former rebel's head. As Spartacus clumsily thrust forward with his Gladius, Arminius brought the pommel of his Spatha down onto the rebel's head, stunning him. As Spartacus looked up, groggily, Arminius brought the sword down onto his opponent's neck.

Raising his bloodied Spatha into the air, Arminius yelled "For the Cherusci!" in victory before walking off back into the forest.

Expert's Opinion[]

While Spartacus was the better known of the two, Arminius possessed better weapons and tactics allowed him to claim victory here. Another key factor was the fact Arminius actually was successful in his battle against Rome, while Spartacus was not and later was eradicated after two years of revolt.

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Battle was declared invalid due to Spartacus being given a manica, despite never using one.

Battle vs. 'Ali ibn Muhammad (by SPARTAN 119)[]

Spartacus: 20

Ali: 20

Spartacus led a group of 20 slave rebels along a road in the middle of an open field near the edge of a marshy area. Suddenly, a hail of sling stones flew at the rebels. Most of them, however, were wearing armor taken from either the gladiatorial school or their fallen Roman foes. The stones, for the most part, bounced off their helmets, though one rebel, who was not wearing a helmet, was hit by a stone about the size of a man's fist in the temple, which caved in his skull and killed him.

Immediately after the barrage of stones, about five Arabian rebels charged down the road, armed with shields, swords, and spears straight at Spartacus and his men.

"Form up, shield wall!", Spartacus ordered, and the gladiator rebels that had scuta captured from the roams created a wall of shield and placed their gladii between them in imitation of the tactics of their Roman foes, ready to defend against the incoming attack. While their fellows formed up, a few of the rebels hurled pila or slung stones at Ali ibn Muhammad's rebels. Most of them missed, but two of the Zanj were killed, one pummeled by sling stones, while the second was impaled through the chest by a pilum. (Spartacus: 19, Ali: 18)

The Arabian rebels appeared to realize they were outnumbered and fled back from where they came.

"After then!", Spartacus ordered, leading the charge with sword in hand. Spartacus and his rebels followed the retreating Arabs into a section of road flanked on both sides by marsh, covered by tall grasses. After chasing them several hundred meters into the marsh, the fleeing Arabs finally stood their ground.

Suddenly, shouts in Arabic erupted from the reeds on either side of the road, soon followed by Arabian and Zanj warrior armed with spears and swords, led by Ali ibi Muhammad himself. Four of the Roman rebels were cut down before they could defend themselves as the Arabian rebels surrounded them. (Spartacus: 15, Ali: 18)

The remaining gladiator rebels tried to defend themselves. In the chaos of the ambush, steel clashed against steel and blades ran through flesh. Spartacus himself blocked a strike an Arabian straight sword with his scutum, before thrusting his gladius into his enemy's chest, killing him. At the same time, Ali ibn Muhammad ran his Az Zagayah spear through he back of a gladiator rebel who was distracted by fighting another of the Zanj. All around them, men died on both sides in the chaotic melee, but it was Spartacus and his rebels who payed the greatest price. In tight quarters of the marsh, it was impossible to use their shields with any efficacy, or even tell what was going on mere meters away- they were surrounded and easily separated and rendered vulnerable. Only seven gladiators remained, but there were a dozen Zanj and Arab rebels left. (Spartacus: 7, Ali: 12).

A Zanj rebel hooked the shield of one of Spartacus's rebels away with a sickle, before drawing a khanjar in his off hand and slashing his foe's throat. Soon after, another of Spartacus' men was struck by a spear through the neck, killing him. Realizing he was going to die, Spartacus decided he would at least take the enemy leader with him. (Spartacus: 5, Ali: 12)

He charged at Ali ibn Muhammad, cutting down three Arabs that stood in his way. Ali ibn Muhammed could only barely defend against Spartacus' attack, being pushed back into the reeds. Unfortunately for Spartacus, has final charge ended there, as an Arab came up from behind an ran a spear through his chest. Ali ibn Muhammad swung his sword at the mortally wounded gladiator, finishing him off. At the same time, what remained of Spartacus' rebels were finally overwhelmed. (Spartacus: 0, Ali: 9).

After the last of his enemies fell, Ali ibn Muhammad raised his sword and yelled "There is no arbitration except by Allah!

WINNER: Ali ibn Muhammad

Expert's Opinion[]

Ali ibn Muhammad won this battle because of his more effective tactics. While Spartacus' revolt lasted only two years, the Ali managed to continue his fight in the marshes for ten years, proving himself a master of guerilla and riverine warfare. This, along with a slight advantage with some of his weapons earned him the victory.

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Battle was declared invalid due to Ali ibn Muhammed being given a khanjar, despite not using one.