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Battles here were deemed to be unfair or otherwise not in accordance with wiki standards, and have been removed from the statuses of the warriors and displayed below.

Battle vs. Captain America (Comics) (by CuchulainSetanta)[]

In Washington, D.C., Captain America is patrolling the grounds near the Washington Monument, when he is surprised by a beam of light coming out the sky and hitting the ground in front of him. He is even more surprised when the light clears, revealing a strangely-garbed boy carrying a key-shaped sword. Cap cautiously approaches, but Sora notices him, and, seeing Cap as a threat, strikes at him with his Keyblade.

Cap blocks the blow with his shield, and quickly counters with a charging thrust, knocking Sora back. He then draws his Luger, shouting "Hold it right there, son!" Sora takes no notice of the order, blasting a fire spell at the Captain. Again, Cap easily blocks it, firing off several rounds of his own. Sora deflects the bullets with the Keyblade, and returns fire with a blizzard spell, freezing the gun solid.

Cap tosses the frozen Luger aside, hurling his shield at his young opponent. Sora sees the shield coming and ducks, but after the shield passes over him, it ricochets off a nearby lamppost and flies right back, hitting Sora in the back of the head. Cap catches his shield as it returns, but Sora is far from beaten.

Aiming his Keyblade at the shield, Sora shouts "Force!", activating a gravity spell. The shield instantly grows heavier in Cap's hands, and he is forced to drop it, with Sora kicking it away as he gets to his feet. Sora goes in with his Keyblade, only to be met with a swift series of jabs and kicks. Cap keeps Sora off balance with his fighting prowess, finally getting in and trapping Sora in a headlock. Before Sora has a chance to regain his wits, Cap snaps the Keyblade-wielders neck. He lets Sora's body drop and grimly states "I'm sorry it came to this, kid, but you won't catch me unprepared."

Winner: Captain America

Expert's Opinion[]

When it came to weapons, the two opponents were equally matched, with commenters hotly debating the strengths and weaknesses of Cap's trusty shield and Sora's Keyblade. However, the majority of voters agreed that Cap's experience far exceeded anything Sora could bring to the table.

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The battle was declared invalid because Captain America was given a Luger pistol despite never using one.

Battle vs. Percy Jackson (by Thundrtri)[]

Percy is resting by a lake in a forest near camp half blood. He rolls up the bottom of his jeans and dips his feet in. A cut on his cheek suddenly goes away. Suddenly, he hears a stick break, Percy looks behind him and sees Sora standing with his keyblade. Percy stands just as Sora throws the keyblade and activates strike raid. Percy is thrown back into the lake. A massive splash occurs and Percy sinks to the bottom. The keyblade returns to Sora's hand and he turns accepting his victory when a massive wall of water slams into Sora. Sora falls over and looks behind him to see Percy standing in the dry lakebed holding Riptide.

Sora stands and spits out a mouthfull of lake water. Percy runs at Sora with his blade extended. Sora begins spinning his keyblade to activate sonic blade and he too charges. Percy blocks the first several blows with Riptide before riptide is thrown from his hands. Sora advances and stops spinning his keyblade. Percy backs up and, using the moisture from the air, a trident made from pure water apears in his hands. The trident then turns solid and Percy circles Sora.

Sora lunges, but Percy blocks with the shaft of the trident. Sora strikes again but this time is blocked by the prongs of the trident. Percy twists the trident and the keyblade is thrown from Sora's hands. Percy jabs with the trident and lands with the left most prong in Sora's thigh. Percy rips the trident from his enemy's leg. Blood sprays from Sora's thigh, as Sora grabs his leg. Percy raises his trident when suddenly, a bolt of thunder comes straight from Sora's hand and blasts Percy throwing him backwards into a tree. Sora uses the healing spell on his leg and walks up to his unconcious opponent. Picking up his keyblade Sora walks away.

Winner: Sora.

Expert's Opinion[]

Sora won becasue his Keyblade was able to score hits while Riptide was unable to damage Sora. Also, Sora's powers were far more versatile than Percy's and were able to counter Percy's.

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Battle was declared invalid due to buffing Percy Jackson.