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— Sontaran battle cry

The Sontarans were a race of belligerent and militaristic clones from the planet Sontar. They waged eternal war throughout Mutter's Spiralagainst the Rutan Host.

The Sontarans were a martial species, obsessed with war. The highest honour for a Sontaran was to serve in the Imperial Sontaran Fleet and to be disallowed soldiering was the most dishonourable fate for a Sontaran. Taking care of the sick or wounded was a punishment. Fighting for other species was an equally dishonourable fate. Sontarans did not fear death and they would rather be court-martialled than show pain. They considered it honourable to face battle open skinned, without a helmet on. Their idea of a dishonourable and shameful death was to die peacefully and the family of a Sontaran who died in his sleep would often make up a story of him dying on the battlefield. An old and sick Sontaran would often sign up for the military so he could die fighting.

In their early history, the Sontarans were split into clans, which would fight amongst themselves.The original Sontarans appeared more gangly and more like humans.The survivors of these civil wars joined forces and set their aggression on aliens instead. The Sontarans eventually discovered cloning and adapted it to their own use, abandoning normal reproduction.

Battle vs. Krogan Warrior (by So-Pro Warrior)[]

This warrior won a Sci-Fi Battle of the Year Award


The year is 2187. it has been a year since the powerful sentinent race known as the Reapers were destroyed, ending their thret for the future of the Galaxy. This never could of been done had is not been for the one man uniting the races of the galaxy, and activating the device known as the Crucible that destroyed the reapers...And almost lost his own life doing so, Commander Shepard. Within the past year the races of the galaxy have been working together to rebuild what was destroyed during the war, however with the destruction of the Mass Relays when the Crucible was fired it is taking a long time to rebuild both the Mass Relays and all that was destroyed in the Galaxy. The races work 24/7 to get the Mass Relays rebuilt so that the rebuilding of the galaxy can proceed much more faster. Since the races were united and the war has ended there has been peace all across the galaxy as all of the races work together to rebuild one anothers homeworld. Asari, Human, Turian, Salarian, Quarian, Geth, even the Krogan who were cured of the Genophage because of Commander Shepard are helping to rebuild. 

Shepard and those who have fought alongside him against the Reapers were treated as heroes, even the former Cerberus Operatives such as Jacob Taylor, and Miranda Lawson were treated as heroes. Shepard and all of his friends were at work all over the galaxy to help in the rebuilding of the galaxy as well. Shepard, Ashley and James were on the Earth helping to rebuild their homeworld, in the city of London where once the large transporter the Reapers used to transport humans to the Citadel was replaced with a large statue of Commander Shepard and all of his friends, and in front of the statue memorial walls dedicated to those of every species who lost their lives in the war, and in the middle the Normandy Memorial Law with those who lost their lives with the destruction of the first Normandy including those friends of Shepard who sacrificed their lives for the greater good including Thane, Legion, Mordin, and Anderson. Shepard and Ashley planned on retiring when the worlds were rebuilt and getting married and settling down in London, James would plan on staying in the N7 Program of the Alliance for a couple more years. The former Cerberus soldier Jacob had settled down with the former cerberus Scientist Cole Bryson, they were helping with the rebuilding of Earth in the US. Miranda Lawson was helping in the rebuilding of the Mass Relays using her contacts and the remaining resources of the now dead Cerberus to assist in the rebuilding, all the while keeping in contact with her sister Oriana, with her father and the Illusive Man dead she no longer had to be on the run or in constant hiding. On the Asari homeworld of Thessia the Asari Justicar Samara helped the few remaining Justicars who survived the war in the rebuilding of both their himeworld and of the order recruting other Asari into the Justicar order. Samara was also keeping in contact with her last daughter Falere who had returned to her long rebuilt monastary. On the planet Rannoch the homeworld to both the Quarian and the now "living" Geth the two races who had once fought against and killed one another were now working together to rebuild Rannoch, the Geth and Quarian could now know that their peace would last forever with none of the two trying to repeat history. In honor of the Geth Legion who gave his life for the peace between the Geth and the Quarian a statue was being made in his honor. The once psychotic Biotic once remembered as Subject Zero now known as her real name Jack still continues to teach at grimssom Academy to this day, teaching many young Biotics their well as "other" stuff. Kasumi Goto still continues her thieving ways retaining the title of Best thief in the Galaxy, she still visits kenji's Black Box from time to time always keeping it with her. After some time Zaeed was finally able to reclaim the leadership of the Blue Suns, and he changed them to become a full time security force and noting to do with gang related stuff. When people asks why the Blue Suns have changed Zaeed would reply "Well I guess some of Commander Shepard's goodness rubbed off of me." 

The last living Prothean Javik kept to his word, after the defeat of the Reapers and saying goodbye to all of his friends, and giving Liara what she wanted about the Protheans he travelled to the planet where he slayed his crewmates, his friends and after paying his respects to them, he joined them. Joker and EDI would continue to pilot the Normandy helping to deliver many supplies all over the galaxy to assist in the rebuilding.

On Tuchanka the homeworld of the Krogan, what had for many, many years had been a planet with nothing but a desolate wasteland with only ruins of buildings, and signs of Battle everywhere was now being replaced with the re-birth of the Krogan Empire. The Krogan had begun rebuilding of their planet, rebuilding that which had been destroyed by the centuries of war that the ancients had worked hard on building. With the Genophage cured the Krogan race could begin anew as now the females would not have to worry about the death of their children, and the new Krogan Leader would lead the Krogan into a new Golden Age. The leader had promised that their would be no more wars, no more rebellions by the Krogan so history could repeat itself. His name was Urdnot Wrex. By now 20% of the planet had already been rebuilt as the Krogan worked many hours to rebuild their planet.

Approaching Tuchanka was a large fleet of Human, Turian, Asari, Salarian, Quarian, and Geth ships arriving there to assist the Krogan in rebuilding. By now a fleet sized airfield had already been built and the fleet lands on the airfield where many Krogan wait to help out. The ships lower their ramps and Humans, Asari, Turians, etc... exit out of the ship carrying supplies for the construction and the Krogan head in to help unload the supplies. Wrex along with his finest Krogan soldier, the tank bred Krogan who helped Commnder Sheard battle the Collectors and is the leader of the famous Arlakah Company, Urdnot Grunt approach a Turian ship as a Human, Turian, and Krogan unload a container of supplies followed by three old friends of theirs who also helped Commander Shepard. They are the Turian marksman Garrus Vakarian, the Quarian engineer Tali Zorah and the Asari archeologist and the current Shaodw Broker Liara T'Soni who have arrived to help their Krogan friends in the rebuilding of their homeworld.

"Haha! Liara, Tali, Garrus it's been too long hasn't it." Wrex says

"You could say that again Wrex." Garrus says

"Same to you Grunt." Tali says

"Yeah it has." Grunt says

"Looks like your scars are starting heal finally Garrus." Wrex says

"Yeah well while it is getting more better it may take a while longer for them to fully heal. You don't exactly have scars heal fast when you take a rocket close to the face and all." Garrus says

"Huh to bad you said it yourself ladies are often attracted to men with battle scars, looks like your chances of finding someone is slim now." Wrex says

"Well...." Garrus says then looks at Tali who looks back at him and Garrus gives off a small smile.

Wrex sees this however and knows immediately. "Well not his is interesting. Garrus and Tali who would've thought." Wrex says

"I was actually a little surprised when I found out myself." Liara says

"You know Garrus I think we should stop giving off hints about...well "us" to all our friends." Tali says

"Now come on Tali where's the fun in that. Besides Shepard and Ashley did that a lot of times as well." Garrus says

"Yeah but they weren't that noticable." Tali says 

"So how long have you two had a...thing?" Wrex asks

"Sorry Wrex but I think there are some personal stuff like that for example only for us the couple to know and all." Garrus says

"Before the final Battle for the Earth." Liara says

"Liara." Tali says putting her hand against her mask and waving her head.

"Wait how did you know?" Garrus says

"I'm the Shadow Broker I know a lot of things. Also I happened to put some hidden cameras all over the Normndy just in case of a attack on the Normandy I would be able to keep track of the attackers and anything else." Liara says

"You know I think you should have a limit to how much you should know. Especially personal stuff about other people." Garrus says

"Well I think we've spent enough time with our little reunion we should talk tomorrow. For now I think we should start helping out. Eve wouldn't like that I didn't help out a lot." Wrex says

"The great and powerful Wrex who hardly ever listened to anyone else excpet Shepard being "controlled" by his wife. You haven't gone soft for the year we haven't seen you now have you Wrex it wouldn't exactly be like old times if your a new Wrex and all." Garrus says

"Trust me you try living with her for a year. After all she is one of the reasons that our race is thriving again. There's no way I would of gotten this far as it is without her help." Wrex says

"Yeah I think I'll be sticking with my lady. By the way where is Eve right now anyways? Tali hasn't met her yet since she joined in late on the action in the Reaper War." Garrus asks

"She's busy right now dealing with the reconstruction of the Kelphic Valley. She should be back in a couple of weeks." Wrex says

The group then head off the airfield.

Meanwhile in the space above Tuchanka a strange ship is seen approaching the planet...

The Next Day...

A crane is seen lifting up a heavy crate as a Asari and Human use their Biotics to carry over some crates of supplies to a construction area of a ancient Krogan temple. Towering over the species are the Krogan temples/pyramids, and statues of the ancients, once nothing but forgotten and in ruins and a reminder of the great Krogan's of the ancient times now being rebuilt by the Krogans and the other species to signify the start of a new era for the Krogan race.

"How's the reconstruction of the Hollows coming?" Wrex asks

"It's 50% completely restored sir, just need a couple more days to complete it." A Male Alliance Marine says

"Excellent keep up the good work." Wrex says

"Yes sir." The Marine says saluting and then walks away.

Liara then walks towards Wrex.

"Liara how's the construction of the hospital coming along?"

"It's on schedule so far shouldn't take too much longer to build."

"How's Garrus, Tali and their team on the construction of the housing complex's?"

"It's a start but we're still going to need a lot more housing lands to continue the other constructions."

"As we speak I have men moving forward into the wastelands to clear areas of any wildlife including the Thresher Maws."

"But aren't the Thresher Maws able to come from under the ground. They could just break right through the concrete."

"Actually we have Miranda Lawson to thank for dealing with that problem. She was able to design some sort of defense system that will keep the Thresher Maws from digging under our cities."

Both Liara and Wrex then look at the city as the contruction goes on. "My Wrex, I must say you and the Krogan have been working hard to rebuild your homeworld to the days before it all turned into a wasteland.

"Yeah well Shepard gave my people a second chance, a chance that no one else ever cared to give us. I'm not going to what Shepard did to help us go to waste."

"Shepard gave a lot of the other species a second chance during the Reaper War. And so far none of them have gone back on their change. The Geth and Quarian now live in peace, and the Turian and Salarians haven't tried to come up with another Genophage."

"Well lets just hope that the peace can last." Wrex says

Back in the space above the planet as the sun's rays pass over the planet a shimmer of light appears in the darkness of space with the light coming from the bottom of the object and then travelling upwards forming the shape of some sort of spacecraft in the shape of a sphere. As the lights passed by it the ship dissapeared again back into its cloaking field and inside the ship two figures shrouded in shadows stare out of the ships window at the planet below.

"Sir when can we begin the battle to take this pitiful planet?" The figure on the right says

"Patience Commander the first objective we must complete is the studying of these soon to be new enemies of ours and then...we strike!" The figure on the left says

Weeks and weeks pass by as the Krogan and their allies continued to rebuild Tuchanka. Each week more and more land is gained back from the predators and Thresher Maws of Tuchanka. With each ground gained more and more of the wasteland is now part of the rebuilding process of the Krogan Empire as more ancient Krogan temples are found and rebuilt to their former glory, and new buildings such as houses, hospitals, barracks for the Krogan soldiers, and much more types are built. Soon after the many weeks 45% of the planet had been reclaimed for the Krogan Empire. By this time many of the historic and traditional grounds have been rebuilt such as the Hollows, and the Kelphic Valley. However the rebuilding was taking its toll as well on the supplies that had been brought to Tuchanka. While with careful planning it has been able to last a bit longer then expected the supplies for the buildings constructions were running low and with the Mass Relays still destroyed no supplies were in sight of coming fast or at any known time as other fleets carrying supplies close to Tuchanka were already bound for their destinations such as Thessia or Palaven and could not drop off any supplies of their own. In those many weeks the Mass Relays had all been close to completion but they would still take more time to rebuild. Time that the Krogans could not wait for..

One Day...

Wrex approaches Garrus's quarters on the Turian ship he is stationed on and knocks at his door.

"Hey Garrus rise and shine! Liara needs to talk to all of us."

Wrex begins to hear some noises come from the inside of the room including the sounds of someone stumbling around in there. The sound was then followed by Garrus saying "Just...just a minute." After waiting for a minute or two Garrus finally opens the door.

"What uh (clears throat) What was that again?"

"Liara wants to see all of us. We need to discuss how we're going to deal with the supplies issue. Do you know where Tali is she wasn't at her quarters. I sent Grunt to get her but a Quarian told him that she didn't return to her room last night." Wrex says

"She's uhhhh around somewhere. I'll try to find her and then we'll meet you in the conference room." Garrus replies

"All right just try to hurry up." Wrex says

Just as Wrex is about to leave he then notices something on Garrus's bed under his blanket.

"So. Don't know where Tali is huh." Wrex says

"Yeah.Why?" Garrus says

"Huh...Hey Tali you heard all of that right! Now come on you two lovebirds hurry up and get to the conference room." Wrex says

As Wrex leaves and Garrus closes the door Tali comes out from underneath the blanket.

"Somehow I knew that wasn't going to work." Tali says

"Eh well it was worth a try. Now come on Tali (Garrus helps up Tali and the two share a small kiss) let's go see what's going on." Garrus says

In the Conference Room on a Asari Ship...

Garrus and Tali enter the room where Liara and Wrex await.

"Alright we're here, so what's going on?" Tali says

"Okay, so as we all know the supplies we brought with us are now starting to run low. I estimate maybe 2-3 more weeks until they run completely out. So since we need more supplies and with the Mass Relays still under construction we need to make a return trip to our homeworlds to get more supplies. We had hoped that maybe supply ships or other fleets passing close to Tuchanka would off tried to give us some more supplies but the supplies were needed for colonies or other habitated planets that were in bad shape from the War as well. But at the same time we still need to help Wrex and his people in rebuilding their homeworld since they they still need help in some areas that there are a few Krogan specilize in." Liara says

"That's right. My people don't have a lot of Biotics or Engineers for example and so we could definitly use some help in those areas." Wrex says

"So while you two were on your way here me and Wrex talked and so I planned this. We could leave some of our helpers behind to help Wrex's people but of course with Wrex, Eve, and Grunt leading the Krogan Garrus and Tali one of you two need to stay behind to lead the group of volunteers who volunteered to stay behind to assist the Krogan." Liara  says

"Wrex said he needed more Engineers, I could both lead the group and assist Wrex with any mechanical problems that happens here. I'll stay behind." Tali says

"That does sound like a good idea, thanks Tali." Wrex says

"No problem Wrex." Tali replies

"Okay, this means Garrus you and me will head back to our respective homeworlds to resupply and come back. The Quarian will follow me and the Asari to Thessia, the Geth will head to Palevan with you. The Humans and the Salarians will be heading back to their respective homeworlds to resupply. After all the Geth and Quarians homeworld are all the way on the other side of the Galaxy it would take them much longer to get there and get back." Liara says

As the four exit the Asari ship Garrus pulls Tali aside under the ramp of the entrance to the ship.

"Tali are you sure your going to be okay staying behind here?" Garrus says

"Garrus you and I both know that I can handle myself. I'll be fine, Wrex needs my Engineering skills and I can also lead the group that's staying behind. I don't think Wrex needs your calibrating skills not unless he needs help with the guns on his ships. Which the Krogan don't have yet. Besides you should know Wrex and Grunt, they'll watch over me." Tali says

"Right... Sorry just the though of losing you after all we've been through and all." Garrus says

"Don't worry Garrus I'll be fine. I'll even make sure to contact you from time to time to show you that I'm alright." Tali says

"Alright. Well just be safe okay." Garrus says

"Garrus, Wrex is leading the Krogan into a Golden Age for his people. They are rebuilding their homeworld to what is was suppose to be like, a beautiful place, the females can now have children without the worry of losing them because of the Genophage. The Krogan have changed, and for the best. What could happen." Tali says

The Next Day...

The majority of the ships except for 6 on the airfield prepare for take off as Humans, Asari, Turians, Salarians, Geth, and Quarian board their ships quickly. A group with 15 of each species stay on the airfield as these are the ones from each race to volunteer to stay behind and help the Krogans and in front of them are Wrex, Grunt and Tali. Garrus boards his ship and looks back at Tali as they stare at each other with Tali knowing what Garrus was thinking "please be safe" as the ramp closes and the ship begins to take off. As the ships head into the darkness of space and split their ways to head to the different planets Garrus stares out of window back at Tuchanka wishing for Tali's safety. As he is about to leave his window he sees the sun of Tuchanka and for a moment sees what appears to be the outline of something in the shape of a sphere in front of the sun but as the ship passes the sun and Garrus looks back he sees nothing there.

"What in the world? I must be seeing things." Garrus says as he exits his room.

On the unidentified Spacecraft...

"Excellent now with the majority of those weaklings gone now we can have an actual war that's not just going to be a boring sport HAHA!"

"Prepare the troops for combat Commander and send the signal to the rest of the fleets awaiting the signal. Soon this world will soon be ours."

"Yes sir! Let's just hope that those weaklings left behind won't ruin our war with the real species of this planet. They could actually be a interesting foe."

Back on Tuchanka...

Nothing changed for the next two weeks and the planet remained the same as the Krogan and what was left of their allies were using the last of the supplies to build or rebuild as much as they could. By the third week not much remained of the supplies and so search teams were sent out into the wastelands and to former Clan camps to search for any salvagable and working equipment to help replace what was already used.

At the Northern Citiy Power Plant...

Inside the power plant built for the recently built Northern citiy, in the generator room a Alliance Marine, a Turian, and a Krogan all who were engineers talk amongst themselves while the Marine and Turian teach the Krogan how to work the generator room switches and so he could show this to the other Krogan engineers who would work this when the planet was rebuilt.

"Think you can handle that?" The Alliance Marine says

"You know I was a engineer for one of the clans before. Even then not all of the Krogan think of fighting, and killing and all of that." The Krogan says

"Huh yeah Now." The Turian says

Just then the sound of a metal object hitting the floor is heard behind the group attracting their attention to the area.

"We're the only ones that are suppose to be in here right." The Turian says

Just then the three see someone exit from the shadows. This "person" however was like no one or nothing they had ever seen before not looking like either one of them or one of their other allies. This thing had a short stocky body and was covered in some type of blue armor with the helmet having two black spots that look like where the eye holes should be. In this things hand was a small thin metallic rod type of item.

"Who or what in the world are you?" The Marine asks

"Be silent you weakling you should not speak to those who's race is vastly superior then your own race. Your race is already a disgrace for being as weak as it is." the stranger says

"Who the hell do you think you are to be calling his race a weak race!" The Turian says

"You best be silent as well your species is also a weakling like the humans as well Turian!"

"Alright wise a$$ you think your so all high and mighty to be calling our species weaklings! So how about answering the damm question who the hell are you!" The Marine says

The stranger then takes off his helmet to reveal a large, grey-brown skin, bulbous head. "I am a soldier of the mighty Sontaran Empire race. The Strongest species in all of time and SPACE!" The Sontaran says

"What the hell..." The Marine says

"Who or What in the world are Sontarans?" The Turian says

The Krogan however while still shocked by what in the world a Sontaran was did not show it and walks past the Human and Turian walking up the Sontaran and staring down on him with the Sontaran looking up but showing no signs of fear.

"You guys don't looks so tough. Tell me do all of you look like the size of a pyjak and have the ugly face like a varren." The Krogan says causing the Turian and Human to both laugh at this.

"Is that all you have is words Krogan and here I thought I would find a worthy foe of the three of you. Instead all you have is words and words do not win battles. If you want to win a Battle you must not make foolish and weakling mistakes such as that. Now watch as I defeat all of you without receiving any bodily injuries or harm." The Sontaran says

The Sontaran raises his Rheon Carbine the thin metallic item in front of the Krogan's face and then a sort of orange energy projects from the tip of the weapon hitting the Krogan in the head causing the Krogan to stagger back and hold his face as he yells in pain.

"You little $hit!" The Marine yells as he and the Turian pull out their pistols just for the Sontaran to fire his Rheon Carbine at the Marine first hitting the Marine in the knee of his right leg. All of a sudden the Marine yells in pain and falls down on the floor making him lose his gun. The Sontaran quickly turns his attention to the Turian and does the same thing to the Turian's right leg as well causing the Turian to also fall to the ground yelling in pain.

"What the hell did you do to us!" The Marine yells

"All I did was simply stun you by switching my weapon from hypnotism mode to stun mode and here I thought I was actually going to have something worthy of a beginning battle before the war even begins, if it does that is." The Sontaran says

"War? What war?" The Turian says

"Listen you why are you attacking us we haven't done anything to your race, we don't even know what your race is. We're just trying to help the Krogan rebuild their homeworld. All of our races are trying to rebuild their homeworlds. We don't want another WAR!" The Marine yells

"The Sontaran Empire needs to use this planet for a cloning planet so that we can continue our everlasting war against the Rutan's so we will just eliminate the habitants of this planet and use it for our war." The Sontaran says

"What kind of sick bull$hit reason is that!" The Marine yells

"I do not need to talk to you weaklings anymore afterall your lives are about to end." The Sontaran says

Just then the Krogan stops yelling in pain and lowers his hands to his sides and pulls out his M-6 Carnifex and turns around to face the Sontaran and the engineers. The Sontaran turns around "now then finish them off Krogan." the Sontaran says as he leaves the room and in a flash of light disappears. The Krogan walks over to the Marine and Turian who stare at him and notice the blank look on his face.

"What...what are you doin?" The Turian says

The Krogan puts his Carnifex against the forehead of the Turian and pulls the trigger blowing the Turians brains out.

"What the...No. No. NOOOOO!!!!!" The Marine yells as the Krogan walks over and puts the Carnifex right between the eyes and pulls the trigger.


Wrex stands with Tali over a table with construction plans for a city square with a statue of Shepard and Wrex in the middle of the square to signify the leader of the Krogan and the Hero of the Galaxy who both changed the future of the Krogan race forever. Just then Eve walks over to the area approaching the two heroes.

"Hello Wrex." Eve says

"Oh Hello Eve." Wrex replies

"I don't believe you two have met yet Eve honey this is Tali Zorah the Quarian that helped me and Shepard in our fights against our many enemies. Tali this is my wife and the one who helped cure the Genophage Eve." Wrex says

"Yes Garrus told me about you. It's good to meet you for the first time since I wasn't with Shepard by the time he had helped save your race." Tali says

"It is nice to also meet you Tali. Wrex speaks highly of your skills." Eve says

Just then the power to the building they are in goes out.

"What the?" Wrex says

Just then his Omni-Tool goes off as someone tries to contact him which he answers to.

"Wrex it's Grunt the power to the entire northern city just went out."

"The entire city?" Wrex says

"Yes everything went offline, the city's gone dark." Grunt says

"Something must have happened at the power plant for the entire city to have just gone dark." Tali says

"I thought you assigned some men their to handle the power plant for now?" Wrex asks Tali

"I did something must have happened there." Tali says

"Grunt you hear all that." Wrex says

"Yeah I'll gather some men and meet you guys over there." Grunt says

"Alright. Tali let's go." Wrex says

At the Power Plant...

Wrex and Tali arrive to find Grunt there with a couple of Marines, Turians, Asari, and Krogan.

"Grunt has anyone come out since you arrived here?" Wrex asks

"No one's gone in or out. And it's all been to quiet to. We were just waiting for the two of you to get here." Grunt says

"Alright then now that we're here let's find out what's going on." Wrex says

Tali opens the door to the power plant and the group enter the building to find it in complete darkness. The group activate their flashlights either on their helmets or on their guns and continue forward. After clearing the bottom floor and finding no one there they head up to the second floor and check all of the rooms except for the main generator room. They enter the room and begin searcching for signs of the team Tali assigned and for the switch to the generators to see if they were damaged by someone or something. A Asari and Turian find the generators with their flashlights and find it completely destroyed and call over Wrex.

"Well that doesn't look good." Wrex says

After some close examination of the generators Tali says "These generator's were definetily hit with slugs from a Carnifex."

"Wrex I found the switch to the backup lighting of this room." Grunt says

"Well turn them on then." Wrex says

Grunt flips the switches and the lights in the generator room turn on. After a couple of seconds a Marine yells out

"OH $HIT! Sir's you better take a look at this!"

Wrex, Tali, Grunt and the rest of the group head to where the Marine called from and soon see before them the dead bodies of the Marine and Turian part of the team assigned to the Power Plant. A Asari Medic that was part of the team in case the team they found was found injured checks on them.

"Their brains were blown out sir. From the way their on the ground I would say that they were on their knees when they were killed."

"Like a execution style." A Turian says

"Who did this to them?" A Asari says

"Tali they..." Wrex says but is cut off by Tali

"Yeah their from the team I assigned here. But their was Krogan with them as well where is he?" Tali says

Grunt turns around to see a Krogan come out from the shadows with his Carnifex pointing right at the back of Wrex.

"WREX LOOK OUT!" Grunt yells causing Wrex and the others to turn around to see the Krogan pull the trigger and fire a shot at Wrex who quickly dodges the shot as the others quickly head for cover. Wrex quickly pulls out his own Carnifex and fires two shots into the knees of the Krogan putting him down. The soldiers quickly rush over and a Marine kicks away the Carnifex as they keep their guns trained on him.

"What should we do with him sir?" A Krogan asks

"Patch up his wounds and tie him up against those pipes I'm going to have a word with him when he wakes up." Wrex says

30 Minutes Later...

The Krogan fades in and out of it but finally regains conscious and finds himself tied against some pipes and looks to see his knees patch up with fresh blood dripping down from his legs. He then looks up to see Wrex, Grunt, Tali, and a Salarian Medic standing in front of him.

"What...what's going on?" The Krogan says

"That's what we want to find out as well soldier. Like why you attacked us?" Wrex says

"Uhhhh I...I can't remember anything." The Krogan says

The Salarain medic kneels down next to the Krogan and activates his Omni-Tool and waves it over the Krogan's face and then looks at his Omni-Tool.

"What did you find doctor?" Tali asks

"Hmmm odd detecting traces of some sort of strange particles all over him. Seems that he was under some sort of hypnotism from what I am picking up."

"Hypnotism?" Tali says

"That is correct hypnotism someone or something made him kill the other two and then destroy the generators and then try to kill you. Probably to make sure the generators were not brought back online."

"Okay so that explains that but who hypnotized him then?" Grunt says

"Detecting some sort of unknown particle energy. Something I've never seen before. Don't know what to make of it."

"Soldier do you remeber anything, the person who hypnotized you perhaps?" Wrex asks

"I remember one word I think...S-S-Sontaran." The Krogan says

"Sontaran?" Tali says

"Grunt you and the doc here take this soldier to the nearby hospital. Try to get him fixed up with some medi-gel maybe he could remember more then." Wrex says

Grunt nods as he picks un-ties the Krogan and picks him up as he and the Doc head over to the hospital nearby. Wrex walks over to Tali who examines the generator more.

"So Tali how long until the generator could be fixed?" Wrex asks

"Well some parts of the generator were damaged more then other parts. Those should be easy to fix with the right tool but the majorly damaged ones need to be replaced. With parts that we no longer have anymore." Tali says

"Great what about backup power?" Wrex asks

"Backup power still works and with the amount of energy in their I can say it could last a good 3-5 weeks at least." Tali says

"Alright activate that then." Wrex says

"Wrex what do you think about what the Krogan said? This Sontaran?" Tali asks

"Either he's delusional from what happened to him, or...we have a new enemy on our hands." Wrex says

The next day...

Inside the only Quarian ship besides the only Human, Asari, Salarian, Turian, and Geth ships left behind for housing of the 15 helpers Tali was in her quarters on a video call with Garrus.

"Sontaran...Huh the Krogan must of been delusional fron what happened to him. What was it again hypnotism?" Garrus asks

"Yeah that's it. Ha that's exactly what Wrex said to. Excpet then he added in that or it could be some sort of new enemy." Tali says

"We'll let's hope not that's all we need now is some type of new enemy. The galaxy is at peace, we're rebuilding our homeworlds we already dealt the Cerberus and the Reapers the only major problems to the Galaxy and all we need now is some type of new enemy that could destroy all that we've rebuilt." Garrus says

"What happened to the delusional part?" Tali says

"Well come on got to expect the unexpected and everything now don't we? After all look what happened when people thought Shepard and the rest of us were delusional about the Reapers." Garrus says

"Ha true." Tali says

"So Tali you alright over there? How are things?" Garrus asks

"Everything's fine Garrus. Well except for the supplies. We've been trying to survive with what is left which is like 3% of what we brought with us and from items slavaged from the wastelands." Tali says

"Huh well don't worry we should be back soon. We've almost loaded up and refueld over here. Liara, the Humans, and the Salarains are also almost done. But we might not leave when we are 100% ready." Garrus says

"Why's that?" Tali asks

"Well we just got word that the Mass Relays are 95% complete. So Liara decided that we should wait for the Mass Relays to be rebuilt so as to save us time and fuel to get these supplies to you. I honsetly believe we should just leave as soon as we're ready but she's against it." Garrus says

"Or you just want to leave so you can see me again." Tali says sarcastically

"Well yeah there is that part also." Garrus replies sarcastically

Tali gives off a small laughter "You know after all the time we spent together from Saren to the Collectors to the Reapers I still wonder why to this day we...well you know decided to get together during the final hours preparing for the Battle for Earth? Why it couldn't of been sooner so that if..."

"Hey hey Tali don't talk like that. We survived didn't we. And now look at us."Garrus says

"Yeah I guess I shouldn't talk like that." Tali says

"Tali... I'll always love you... No matter what." Garrus says

"And I'll always love you to...Garrus" Tali says

Just then the ship begins to make the noise like it is beginning to power down and Tali then sees the video begin to start making static sounds as Garrus tries to talk to her as he sees his video begin to static in and out as well.



Then all of a sudden the two lose their video call as the Quarian ship powers down.

On Garrus's end he tries to repeatedlty contact Tali but to no success as he cannot pick up the signal. Frightened at what could be happening over there with what Tali had told him he quickly contacts Liara.

Tali exits her room as do the rest of the Quarian wondering what is going on. One male Quarian runs into the hallway

"Everyone outside now you need to see this!"

Tali and the other Quarian run outside to see the other species also outside wondering what is going on. Just then Tali turns to the make Quarian that called everyone outside.

"Soldier what is going on?"

"No one knows it just happened all of a sudden all of a sudden the power all over the the planet, eveything the buildings even the powers to the ships and the vehicles just went out. "

Tali quickly contacts Wrex

"Wrex do you hear me?"

"Yeah I hear you Tali you just hear?"

"Yeah what's going on were there more attacks on the other power plants?" Tali asks

"No I contacted all of the teams at each of the Power Plants. Everyone checked in and was fine they said that the generators just stopped running for some odd reason. Next thing I know I get word that for some reason the vehicles are also not working. What's going on where you are?" Wrex asks

"Every single ship here just shut down for no reason." Tali replies

"Alright listen I'm going to send out a call for everyone to meet at the Hollows so we can discuss the situation. I need you and all of the others there as well." Wrex says

"Right Wrex we'll get there as soon as possible."


At the Hollows every single Krogan arrive at the rebuilt Hollows which can now house almost the entirety of the Krogan population. The Krogan talk amongst themselves about what has just transpired and in the center of the Hollows Wrex, Grunt, and Tali stand meanwhile the other species stand amongst the Krogans.

"Everyone! everyone quiet down!" Wrex says

The Krogan immediately become silent as their leader speaks.

"Now as you all know we are all here to discuss what has transpired in the past hour.

"IT'S A DIRTY TRICK BY THE SALARIANS!!" One Krogan yells out

"IT'S THE TURIANS THAT ARE DOING THIS!!" Another Krogan yells out

"Silence! This is not the work of one of our allies. Those days have gone by now, those days are no more!" Wrex says

"We must not forget how we fought by their sides during the Reaper War. The time of peace has started since the end of the war and will always last. As long as we do not turn on them they will not turn on us!" Eve says

Just then before the entire Krogan's and Wrex, Grunt, and Tali three flashes of blue light appear in front of them. All of a sudden before the people stand three Sontaran's in armor. The Krogan along with everyone else stare at these three Sontaran wondering who or what they are.

"I'm going with a guess here but say that you must be Sontaran's." Wrex says

Just then the middle Sontaran removes his helmet. "That is correct, I suppose the weak Krogan soldier who killed his comrades because of our weapon told you when he became himself again."

"Weak! You should be the one talking considering you put him under mind control and had him fight your own Battle. Let me show you how "WEAK!" the Krogan are!" Grunt says as he pulls out his M-300 Claymore causing the two Sontaran's to raise their Blasters at Grunt but causing Tali to pull her M-3 Predator pistol out at them.

"Hold it you two." Wrex says

"Now then I wouldn't think that the three of you are here to invade since we would just kick your @$$'s anyway so why are you here?" Wrex says

"We come as messengers from the Mighty Sontaran Empire. As we speak our invasion fleet gathers above your planet's atmosphere. We number in the hundreds of thousands and are prepared to invade this pitiful world you call your homeplanet.(Saying this causes many of the Krogan to yell in anger but Wrex quiets them down) As you can see we have the ability to disable all of your planet's defenses, powers to the cities, and even your communication is cut off which means that none of your other weak allies will be able to come. Then again even if they did because of their weakness we would surely be able to defeat them."

"Yeah right try taking on the Toughest Military in the Galaxy the Turians!"

"Try the Asari on for size we'll show you what we can do!"

"The Human's could kick your @$$'s back to wherever the hell you guys came from!

"As I was trying to say I come as a messenger because surely you must understand by now that the Sontaran's could easily take this planet by force and we are preapred to. However our General sent me as a messenger to speak to you to say this. Surrender this planet and leave now and never return so we can use this planet in our everlasting war against our enemies te Rutan and you get to live. Refuse and all of your race dies."

"And who is your General huh why won't he come to speak to me instead of a messenger." Wrex says

"Our great General is the General of the 10th Sontaran Fleet and is known as General Staal. Staal "the Undefeated."" The Sontaran messenger says

Wrex steps down from the speaking stage and walks over to the Sontaran Messenger.

"You want a reply right now. Well I can give you one but I think your General will be able to understand it easily."

"Just so you know Krogan that as we now speak my General is watching us from our main base of operations right now."

"Is that so huh" Wrex says looking up to the sky. Meanwhile in the space in the Sontaran Scout ship which is now uncloaked General Staal stares through the video monitor.

"Well here's your answer." Wrex says

"Grunt, Tali you know what to do." Wrex says

At that moment Grunt fires his M-300 Claymore sending the Sontaran bodyguard to the Messenger's left flying back and crashing to the ground. Tali fires her Predator and puts three rounds into the other Sontaran bodyguard who is also immedietly killed and falls down backwards. This shocks the Sontaran Messenger as Wrex pulls out his Carnifex and holds it a point blank to his head.

"What, what are you doing you cannot attack me I am just a messenger! How dare you order your subordinates to attack my bodyguards especially when one of them is a FEMALE. Females cannot fight they are unfit for warfare. " The Sontaran yells

"Hey for your information females can fight!" Tali says

"Especially the females of the Krogan race." Eve says

"You shouldn't judge people based on whether their male or female everyone can fight look at the Asari for example." Grunt says

"No this is not right females cannot fight they are not fit for warfare! Where is your HONOR KROGAN!

"Who said that we Krogan fight with honor. Last time I checked fighting with Honor is overrated. No one fights with Honor anymore not the Turians, the Humans, the Asari no one fights with that. Honor is what gets the war lost." Wrex says sarcastically

"You PRIMITIVE BRUTE you and your race shall pay for this dishonor act with your lives."

"HA WE ARE THE KROGANS WE ARE THE TOUGHEST RACE IN THE GALAXY. WE ARE THE KROGAN EMPIRE AND WE WILL NEVER GIVE UP OUR HOMEWORLD AFTER ALL WE HAVE DONE TO REBUILD IT TO ITS FORMER GLORY! You want to fight a fair and honorable fight then you better find a better place to go cause you aren't going to find it here." Wrex says and fires his Carnifex blowing out the brains of the Sontaran. (This causes the rest of the Krogans to yell in a victorious like yell as Wrex looks up into the sky) So if you can see all of this General well what are you waiting for...Come get my planet if you can!" Wrex says

In the Sontaran Scout Ship...

"General did you see that these primitives are brutes and have no honor they killed our messenger." A Sontaran next to General Staal says

"Do not worry Commander Skorr we will have these brutes pay for the dishonoring of those brave soldiers. Are the men ready for combat Commander." General Staal says

"Yes sir the rest of the Tenth Sontaran, the Ninth and the Twelfth Sontaran fleets are arriving now as we speak." Commander Skorr "the Bloodbringer" says

Just then from the deep depths of space the Sontaran's Ninth, Tenth, and Twelfth fleets arrive and the Scout ship docks with the Capital ship of the Tenth Sontaran fleet.

"We shall teach these Brutes that those who fight with Honor shall always triumph over those who fight with no HONOR. We shall show these Krogans and their little group of allies that the Mighty Sontaran Empire shall triumph over those who fight with no honor, and have females to also fight in their warfares. Soon this planet will be ours. Now FOR THE MIGHTY SONTARAN EMPIRE WE SHALL CONQUER THIS PLANET!" Staal says

"Sontar-HA, Sontar-HA, Sontar-HA, Sontar-HA!" Staal says as Skorr and soon the rest of the Sontarans as well as the Sontarans on the many other ships join in the the chant for Battle

"Sontar-HA! Sontar-HA!, Sontar-HA! Sontar-HA! Sontar-Ha! Sontar-HA! Sontar-HA! Sontar-HA! Sontar-HA!

As the Sontaran cry their Battle Chant down on the Planet Tuchanka knowing about what is about to happen Wrex and the rest of the Krogan along with what's left of their small group of allies along with Tali know that they must prepare for the inevitable.


The Final Battle[]

The Krogan-Sontaran War Day One...

It has been a day since the Krogan declared war on the Sontarans. The Krogan were not about to give up their home planet without a fight after all they had done to rebuildd it. With the long range communication systems downed by the Sontaran, and the ships and vehicles disabled by the Sontarans, the Krogan prepared as best as they could. No air defenses, no vehicles to backup infantry, no communication's to call for help from the other races or ways to warn Garrus and Liara's fleets about the Sontaran's above the planet, and a unknown new enemy with unkown weapons, or anything. However there was one thing that the Krogans had learned about them from the messenger. That they fought with honor. If the Sontarans truly fought with honor no matter what, then the Krogan know that they could have a chance as the Sontaran's might fight fair against them. Not wanting to bring fighting into the cities the Krogan quickly set up defenses in the wastelands 10 miles away from the cities forming a circular defensive perimeter around the cities.

In the Northern City...

Wrex along with many Krogan prepare to head out to the defensive perimeter to the North to reinforce the Krogans already stationed there who had built up the line overnight. Grunt along with his company Aralakh Company had already left hours ago to the West Side perimeter waiting for the Sontarans to appear. As the Krogan move out, Wrex stops in his tracks when he hears Tali's voice call his name out. He turns around to see Tali running towards him carrying a M-4 Shuriken, a M-3 Predator Pistol in her holster, and a M-23 Katana shotgun on her back.

"Hold on Tali where do you think your going?" Wrex asks

"I'm going with you to fight." Tali says

"Uhuh no way out of the question." Wrex says

"What! Why not?" Tali asks

"Look Tali I know that you can look after yourself but we're dealing with a unkown enemy. We don't know what kind of toys they have. They were able to hypnotize one of my people, and they disabled all of our defense systems, and our vehicles and your ships. You should stay behind with your group and help Eve get the females and the children to the underground shelters built in the center of our cities. If the Sontarans get through our lines and manage to push us all they way back to our cities here, to the East, South, and West innocents are going to get killed. We can't let that happen." Wrex says

"Wrex my group should be enough to help Eve with the evacuations. These Sontaran's think that females are unfit for warfare, I'll show them otherwise." Tali says

"Tali you can't go (Wrex then puts his left hand on Tali's right shoulder) I know you want to prove yourself to those Sontaran's but before Garrus left he told me and Grunt to look after you and to make sure you stayed safe. I promised him that you would stay safe and I plan on keeping to that promise. I know that if I entrusted Eve to Garrus for something, I know that he would try his best to protect her from harms way. That wouldn't mean anything though if I can't protect you from harm's way. You want to live the rest of your life with Garrus, then don't throw your life away over some stupid reason like that." Wrex says

"Huh wow....thanks Wrex. You know hearing that from you is....not like you in any way. That sounds like something Shepard would actually say. Literally." Tali says

"Huh well it's one of the things I learned from him. After all I have to have some good persuassion skills in talking  people down from doing what they are about to do which could be bad. Being the leader and all I might need to use those skills Shepard seemed to have going for him all the time if I plan on keeping the peace over my people." Wrex says

"I guess that is a pretty useful skill to have. Still hearing that from you makes you sound like a different Wrex that I don't know about." Tali says

"Well if you don't mind I need to get to the defense perimeter and show those Sontaran's that they should not mess with the homeplanet of the Krogans. We'll send those puny little men crying back to their Empire and show them who the toughest race is and always will be!" Wrex says

"And there's the Wrex I know." Tali says

"Though considering how these guys seem to be able to teleport anywhere I would keep those weapons on you just in case." Wrex says

"Let's just hope they really do fight with honor then like they said they did. And hope that your little "message" back didin't change their attitude." Tali says

At the Northern Defensive Line...

Wrex along with his Krogan bretheren arrive at the line to see that the men sent their last night to build defenses did all they could. Without their vehicles the Krogan have dug up foxholes which are spread all over the line and have also utilized scattered debris or destroyed vehicles to use as cover to fight back. At the other defense lines the same methods have been used as well, digging up foxholes or using destroyed vehicles or debris for cover. Everywhere the Krogan quickly get into defensive positions and ready up their weapons.

For minutes but for what seemed like endless hours the Krogan waited and waited for the Sontaran's to appear over the horizon of the wastelands. Keeping their guns and their sights pointed forward all was quiet except for the high winds of the wastelands that kicked up dust but did not obscure the battlefield. The Krogan waited and waited for the enemy to appear...soon they got their wish. Over the horizon the Krogan could begin to see the blue armor of the Sontaran's as they slowly came over the ridgeline in front of the defense line. Sontaran after Sontaran after Sontaran each wearing the same blue armor kept on appearing over the ridgeline, and each Sontaran wielding the same weapon, the Sontaran Blaster. The Sontaran's steadily marched towards the defensive line of the Krogan defensive line of the Krogan. What seemed like an endless wave of Sontarans kept on walking over the ridge towards the Krogan who were just waiting to start killing Sontaran.

"Steady men don't fire till you see the blood and fear of the Sontaran's!" Wrex yells out as he prepares to fire his M-8 Avenger and the Krogan prepare to fire their weapons ranging from the Striker Assault Rifle, to the Graal Spike Thrower and the M-300 Claymore shotguns. The Sontarans marched closer and closer ever to the Krogan line showing no intentions of stopping in their tracks. When the Sontarans were seriously close to the first line of foxholes "Fire!!" Wrex yells

The world seemed to slow down as Wrex fired the first shot, the first shot of the war from his M-8 Avenger. And just like that the world seemed to speed right back up again as the slug impacted into the first Sontaran in front of the others travelling right through the Sontaran's helmet and through the head of the Sontaran blowing his brains out and killing him immediately. And just like that every single Krogan on the line began firing their guns immediately. Just as soon as they fired many Sontaran soldiers are quickly hit and are either killed or injured and fal to the ground. Sontaran after Sontaran after Sontaran are hit by the gunfire from the Krogan and go down quickly with their armor standing no chance against the high-velocity slugs of the Krogan's weapons which go right through the armor with no trouble. However the Sontaran's keep on advancing showing no signs of retreating or fear, even advancing past the dead and even the wounded showing no signs of helping the wounded. As the Krogan continue to fire the Sontaran's have yet to fire a single shot, they continue to march forward under constand gun fire from the Krogans not using any cover of sorts or running towards the Krogan lines and by now many Sontarans are either dead or wounded. However no matter how many Sontaran's are hit more Sontaran's would replace the five or ten who just went down as more and more continue to come over the ridgeline towards the Krogans. For just four minutes the Sontaran's do not fire a single shot but instead seem to try and form a line of some sorts but are quickly put down by the Krogan, when all of a sudden a Sontaran most likely the field commander of these Sontarans sees his men beig able to form a line even with men going down to be replaced by another and yells "Open fire men! Kill this PRIMITIVE BRUTES! Show them the might of the Sontaran Empire!" And just like that the Sontaran's begin to fire their guns at the Krogan.

While many of the shots miss either missing completely or hitting the Krogan's cover as the Sontaran are firing from the hip, some of the shots hit some of the Krogan but the Kinetic Barriers protect the Krogan from a killing blow.

"Haha! Now the Battle finally begins!" Wrex yells as he continues to fire his Avenger.

High-Velocity slugs and red lasers now travel across the battlefield as both sides now begin giving their enemy all they got. The Sontarans soon break the line and continue to march forward to the Krogan lines this time firing their Blasters as the Krogan. As more and more Sontaran's continue to arrive they begin to draw closer and closer to the Krogan's defensive line. A Krogan soldier reloads his Striker in his foxhole and continues to fire at the Sontaran but soon sees two Sontaran's heading towards him and fire their guns at him. The two shots hit the Krogan sending him stumbling back a bit from the force of the blasts and also manage to take out his Kinetic Barriers which had not fully recharged from the other shots he had received. He quickly returns fire at the two Sontarans and while he is able to take down one of them the other Sontaran fires another shot before the Krogan can react and hits the Krogan square in the chest. Instantly and without any sort of exterior opening the Krogan falls down dead in his foxhole...the Krogans have just suffered their first casualty. Like some sort of chain reaction set off, the Sontarans begin pressing their attack even harder and soon a few more Krogan are slain by the Sontarn's either while popping out of cover to get off a couple of rounds or heading to a different cover. Now both sides have taken casualties. However thanks to the Kinetic Barriers less Krogan have been killed so far and only 10-15 have been either killed or wounded. The Sontaran's on the other hand have their side of the battlefield littered with dead or wounded Sontaran's but yet they continue to press the attack showing no remorse for their wounded men. Some of the Krogans in some of the foxholes begin to abandon their holes either retreating to a more farther cover as the Sontara's close in, while some of the Krogan jump out of their hole and charge towards the Sontaran's guns a blazing. While the ones who charged at the Sontarans manage to take down many Sontarans they are soon overrun by the high number of Sontaran and are brutally killed by gunfire from the Sontaran's. One Krogan armed with a Claymore Shotgun charges forward punching a Sontaran in the face and then killing another Sontaran to his left with his Claymore. Just then another Sontaran in front of him unsheathes a Sontaran sword and cuts across the Krogan's chest. The Krogan falls on his knees holding his stomach in pain and then as the Sontaran passes him he then stabs the Krogan through the back, the Sontaran pulls the sword out of the Krogan and continues to walk forward but unkown to him the Krogan instead of going down stands back up and turns around to the Sontaran and then using his brute strength puts his fist together and raises them high into the air and brings them down on the Sontaran and hits some sort of object on the back neck of the Sontaran armor. Hitting this object causes the Sontaran to become stunned and and fall to the ground face first.

"So that's (coughs) your weakness." The Krogan says as he falls to the ground and passes out.

A group of three Krogan huddle inside their foxhole as lasers from the Sontaran's blasters continue to fly overhead, one of the Krogan peeks out of cover to see a group of Sontaran heading their way and so drops his Striker and picks up a M-451 Firestorm. As the Sontaran approach the foxhole the Krogan pops out of cover and fires his Firestorm which spews flames from itself setting the Sontarans on fire as they begin to flare around trying to put out the flames but to no success as they die from the intesnity of the fire's heat and fall to the ground dead with their armor still aflame. A Sontaran nearby seeing this primes a Fragmentation Grenade and tosses it into the foxhole. The Krogan in the foxhole see this and quickly climb out of the hole just as the grenade goes off which kills the third Krogan trying to climb out of the hole and slides back into the hole dead and sending the other two flyng to the ground and wounded full of shrapenel. Wrex sees this and then sees as two Sontaran begin to fire at the wounded Krogan and so quickly with his M-8 Avenger fires and takes out the two Sontarans before they can kill the wounded Krogan.

"Fight with honor! Yeah some honor to kill a wounded soldier. (Wrex turns to some of his men behind him) Get those two out of the open now! Everyone else Covering Fire!

Four Krogan drop their guns and head out towards the wounded Krogan while Wrex and the other Krogan lay down suppressive fire at the Sontarans taking the closer ones out to keep the Krogan safe. The four Krogan grab the wounded Krogan by their armor and drag them back to Wrex's position behind the cover, Wrex then quickly has the Krogan medic take care of the two wounded Krogan. The Sontarans begin passing by the fox holes causing some of the Krogan to steadily begin to retreat leaving the safety of cover and walking slowly back while returning fire at the Sontaran. Wrex knows that the Sontaran's are gaining ground and knows that he needs to get his men's morales back up and so quickly comes up with a plan.

"NO RETREAT! HOLD THE LINE!" Wrex yells at his men

"Time to teach these Sontarans not to mess with a Krogan Battlemaster." Wrex says to himself

Wrex puts his M-8 Avenger on his back and takes out his M-300 Claymore shotgun and from behind his cover points his gun to his left side, just as a Sontaran begins to walk by Wrex fires his shotgun at point blank into the Sontaran's head and reloads his shotgun as he charges out of cover and towards the Sontarans. Using his brute strength he charges forward while hitting a Sontaran in the face sending him falling into a foxhole where a injured Krogan quickly finishes the Sontaran off by stabbing him with the blade from the Graal Spike Thrower. Wrex fires another shot from his Claymore at another Sontaran from his right and then drops his Claymore as he charges at a large group of Sontaran's. The Sontaran's continue to fire their guns at Wrex who dodges the shots or has the Kinetic Barriers absorb the damage. The Sontarans then begin to notice Wrex begin to glow with some type of blue aura that surrounds his body.

"What in the name of..."One of the Sontaran says quietly when all of a sudden Wrex sends a Biotic shockwave blast at the Sontarans sending many Sontarans flying and crashing into other Sontarans or into the ground. The Sontaran leader throws a dead Sontaran from the shockwave off of him and gets up to see as Wrex takes out his M-8 Avenger off his back and begins firing his gun taking down many Sontarans, mowing them down as they walked towards him firing their blasters. Wrex however quickly casts the Biotic Barrier which absorbs more damage that the Kinetic Barrier would not of been able to hold as he dodges shots or has the Barrier take the hits for him. Seeing their leader take down many Sontaran the morale of the Krogan quickly raises back up again as the Krogan begin yelling in a Battle roar and then charge back towards the Sontarans firing their guns at every Sontaran that got in their way. While some Krogan are killed during the inital charge at the Sontaran's getting hit too many times from the Sontaran's blaster which bypasses their Barriers and kill them the majority of the remaining Krogan still charge at their enemy and use their momentum speed they had gained and their brute strength to plow right through the Sontarans in the front sending many of them flying to the ground or into other Sontaran. The Krogans begin fiercly engaging the Sontarans in close quarters combat using their sheer strength, the butt end of their gun, to knock down any Sontaran that got in their way and then finishing them off with a shot to the head or all over the body or for those with the Graal Spike Thrower the attached blades on the shotgun. Some of the Sontaran take out their swords and begin fighting back with the swords while other Sontarans continue to fire their Blasters at the Krogan. The sounds of blades and guns clashing can be heard all over the battlefield as one Krogan charges at a Sontaran quickly firing his M-6 Carnifex point blank into the skull of the Sontaran killing him and quickly running to engage another Sontaran, one Krogan clashes his Graal Spike Throwers Blades with the Blade of the Sontaran sword raises high above their heads trying to gain the advantage over another but the Krogan proves stronger pushing off the sword sending the Sontaran falling to the ground and then finishing him off with a round from the shotgun. One Krogan charges at a Sontaran who fires his blaster at the Krogan hitting him enough times to take down the barrier and then kill the Krogan before he can reach him, another Sontaran with his sword knocks a Carnifex pistol out of a Krogan's hand and then stabs him through the stomach and then pulls his sword out and cuts across the face of the Krogan leaving a huge slash mark across the Krogan's face as he falls down dead.  The Sontaran leader as he stares out into the battlefield sees a Krogan soldier charging towards him, the Sontaran leader pulls out his Stenk 11 Pistol and continuously fires as the Krogan until his barriers are downed and then shoots him dead.

"Savage Brute." The Sontaran says

Just then he begins to notice something, something he never thought could ever happened which began to horrify him....His men, the mighty soldiers of the Sontaran Empire were retreating over the ridge escaping from the battle. He looked on in disbelief and was left speechless as his men were hurrying away from the Krogan or were walking backwards and firing their guns to try and cover themselves and take down a Krogan.

Finally he was able to gather the words he had been looking for "COWARDS! NO RETREAT! Do not Falter! Continue Forward! Push these savage Beasts back! You are a Sontaran Soldier you do not RETREAT!"

However the Sontarans still continue their retreat as the Krogan continue advancing taking down many retreating Sontarans. The Krogan soon formed a line like the Sontaran had did and continued to fire at the retreating taking out many Sontarans as they continued to retreat. The Sontaran leader becomes furious at this sight and aims his pistol but this time at two Sontarans who were retreating heading his way.

"Cowards! and Traitors! WILL BE SHOT!" The Sontaran says as he fires his pistol killing the two retreating Sontaran. Just as he does he is hit 5-10 times with shots from Wrex's Avenger and falls down the ridge forward rolling downwards into the middle of a large pile of dead Sontarans that surround him all around. The final Sontarans either make it over the ridge or are killed by fire from the Krogan. As the last Sontaran falls the Krogan cheer and roar in victory as Wrex quickly activates his Omni-Tool to contact the other defensive areas.

"This is Wrex to the South, West, and Eastern defense lines come in what's your situation?"

"This is the South Defense Line. We're good here. Repelled the attack, took some casualties."

"East line reporting in. Barely repelled the attack. Took heavy casualties but reinforcements from the south city are on their way.

"Grunt here Wrex. West line is good. Arlakah Company tought those Sontarans a thing or two. Took some wounded casualties but no dead."

"Excellent, alright men get the serious wounded back to the cities, the minor wounded who can still fight will stay in the fight still. And get some reinforcements to your lines to replace those dead or with serious wounded. They'll be back but I think we showed them what the Krogan are capable off." Wrex says with a smirk

"Wrex how did the North defense line go?" Grunt asks

"Well the Sontarans almost got us. Took some casualties but we forced them back." Wrex says

As he deactivates his Omni-Tool a Krogan runs up to him.

"Sir looks like we got a Sontaran survivor who hasn't died yet from his wounds."

The Sontaran leader coughs up blood as he is bleeding out slowly from the slugs that went through him. He stares into the sky as that is all he can do with the condition he was in. Around him are the many dead and lifeless bodies of the Sontaran men. Wrex walks over with two Krogan who pick up the badly injured Sontaran.

"So Sontaran what do you think of us Krogan now." Wrex says

"You are still savage (coughs up blood) brutes who fight with no honor and use cheap tricks to defeat us! Only cowards would fight with armor that has their own protection shields, (coughs up more blood) and use cover to fight, and even use dirty tricks like you did Krogan. All a cowards way of...fighting!" The Sontaran says

"Cowards way huh. Well maybe from where you guys come from. But here we call it using your brains to fight back. Your Honor way of fighting is...well look all around you and you can tell." Wrex says as the Sontaran looks to his left and right to see the dead bodies of the Sontaran.

"At least most of my men died with the feeling of Honor. We fear no death. We fight with honor no matter what. We Stare into the FACE of DEATH ITSELF! You Brutes have dishonored ME! and my men." The Sontaran says as he dies from his massive blood loss. The two Krogan drop the Sontaran as Wrex orders them back to the line.

Wrex then looks himself at the carnage all around. Many dead Sontarans litter the battlefield all around. He looks to see his men helping the serious wounded and carrying the dead to count up the casualties. As he walks back he looks into each foxhole to find either tired Krogan resting up breathing slowly from the tiring battle, some Krogan taking care of some of the minor or serious wounded Krogan or the sights of two Krogan pulling the body of a dead one out of the foxhole. Wrex knew that the way things looked, the first day of the battle of the war....was over. As Wrex and the Krogan dealt with the wounded, the dead, and rebuilding some of the defensive covers, and ammo checking to see how much more ammo they would need on the line. The defeated Sontaran slowly and in shame walked back to their landing zone of the Ninth Sontaran Fleet which was the main landing zone for the invasion force. Along the way joining up with the other Sontarans who attacked the other lines but all shamed by their defeat at the hands of the Krogan and how they retreated instead of continuing the fighting.

Back in the Flagship of the Tenth Sontaran Fleet...

Both Commander Skorr and General Staal observed through their video screen the Sontarans heading back to the landing zone and were both angered by the retreat of their men.

"Sir shall I prepare the firing squads for these soldiers who have dishonored themselves in the most horrible of ways?" Skorr asks

"No Commander. I will give these men a chance to regain their honor. But prepare one firing squad and get me five of those men. We will make an example of them to every single soldier in the three fleets and show them the consequences of retreating from battle. Retreating from Battle and being executed instead of dying in Battle. Both which will show them the most dishonorable ways of dying." Staal says

"Sir...I still cannot believe that our men were bested b these savage and unhonorable primitive brutes. I request if I may that I be transferred to the front lines if I can. Show these Krogan that the honor of the Sontarans shall defeat them in the very end." Skorr says

"Patience Commander. For now you will stay here by my side. It seems there are more things about the Krogan we do not know about. We underestimated them today..but tomorrow they shall underestimate us!"

The First Day of the War was Over. It was a major victory for the Krogans, they had showed the Sontarans that they were willing and ready to give up their lives if it meant defending their homeworld, and their families. The Sontaran had underestimated the Krogan in terms of sheer strength, and determination to defend their homeworld. Both sides had taken casualties...but the Sontaran had taken the massive amount of casualties losing between 950-980 of their own, the Krogan on the other hand had faired far better then the Sontaran losing only 250 of their own in the one day of Battle. That day both sides learned something about the other. The Krogan had learned that the Sontaran would continue to fight with their honor no matter what which is what had lead to the massive casualties of just the one day, they had also learned from among some of the survivors or wounded about the weakness on the back neck of their armor which seemed to either stun them, or with a sharp object also killed them, and had learned how their honor went so far as that they would not care for their wounded no matter what. The Sontaran had learned how it seemed that some of the Krogan had their own abilities similar to that of the all blue female race and some of the humans they had observed during their observation days of Tuchanka, and had also noted that the Krogan seemed very hard to kill as they would be able to take many hits from a sword to the stomach or any other body part except for the head and still continue to fight back, and would also take note of the combination of armor and personal shields. For both sides the First Day of the War was a brutal one and also very informative about their foes. The Krogan-Sontaran War Weeks 1-4... From the Journal of Jorgal Mokeen, former Krogan of Clan Jorgal....

We showed those Sontarans a thing or two on the first day of this War! We sent those little men screaming back to their Commander's with their blasters and their "Honor" in between their little stubby feet. We showed those Sontarans not to mess with the new and improved Krogan race! And we continued to show them that for the first entire week of the war. Each time they hit us, we beat them back each time sending them back with their stubby little heads stuck inside their tiny little armor...cause that's how SCARED they are of us! Although their Commander's must of gotten really pi$$ed off for their men to get defeated for the first entire week and not gain any ground at all and also loose more men then us. Cause for the second and third week they began hitting us more harder then before with more and more of their troops just marching towards us firing their guns from the hip. But somehow this same tactic they always did everyday and still continue seemed to work. (Probably since they began sending them at us in what looked like hordes of them to attack us.) Cause in those two weeks we lost a couple of miles on each front, losing 5 miles to the North, South, East, and West to those Sontarans. While this has caused the lines to get more closer to each other and also get us close to our cities meaning faster reinforcements and supplies...It also meant that they were close to driving us back into our cities. While the Quarian friend of Urdnot Wrex and Grunts along with her group had managed to get mine and everyone elses families to safety we did not want to get the fighting into our cities which we had worked hard on rebuilding. Right now the same thing is on everyone's mind...Where in the world are the fleets that were suppose to bring us our supplies? With communications cut off we had no way of warning them but considering how I remember seeing a huge fleet that covered almost our entire airfield and since they are all still designed for Battle as well they should easily be able to get through the Sontaran's fleet or fleets. They should of returned by now at least even if they were not using the Mass Relays. Everyone's hoping that the worst has not happened. Right now it's the fourth week, right now the weather is doing something that it has never done ever during the years our planet was nothing but a wasteland.....It's....raining and cold. While it's a sign that our planet is finally returning to normal meaning that weather is changing every now and then instead of the same hot weather we always had I also remember what rain and wet dirt with the cold air around is like from my time I spent on a planet where it rained and had wet dirt and was a freezing cold temperature all the time..Really muddy and annoying to travel around on and surprisingly for me and for some other Krogan cold.... We've dug up trenches, along with our foxholes to better our defenses also still using any destroyed rubble or vehicles and this stupid rain and mud is messing up our foxholes and trenches. We've had to constantly keep on tossing out the water that gather in our holes or trenches so that we don't have to spend our time waiting for the Sontaran to strike filled up to our @$$'s in muddy water! We've also had to build some fires along the lines inside the trenches and foxholes so we don't freeze over from the coldness. Really wishing for something to happen right now... The Krogan-Sontaran War Week 5 Day 2... Journal of Urdnot Grunt, Leader of Arlakah Company...

Huh finally the stupid rain has passed. I had about had it up to here! with the stupid muddy water which kept on filling up in my foxhole. The temperature has been at cold level since the rain, although recently it has gotten a bit more colder.  For some reason unknown why it seemed that the Sontaran were waiting for the rain to pass cause just this morning they attacked us finally after a week of what felt like a ceasefire. While we were able to repel them the terrain had changed for the best and for the worst from that rain. The ground still remains muddy which caused the Sontaran to fall down the mud every now and then making them easy pickings, but also bad for us as the mud has made it harder to climb out of our fox holes and trenches sometimes to engage the enemy in close range fighting, which has also become harder to do with the mud. Well just received a message from Wrex coming from a nearby abandoned building out in the wastelands nearby. Said to bring my some of my company with me, it was important. 

Journal Ends...

Abandoned Building on the Eastern side of the Cities in the Wastelands, 1 Mile behind the East Defense Line...

Grunt along with 21 of his men from Aralakh Company arrive at the building to see three Krogan guarding the front entrance. THey see a pile of dead Sontarans near the entrance and enter the building. Grunt and his men enter the main room of the building and Grunt then sees Wrex along with some other Krogan in front of some sort of device that Krogan Engineers are looking at and that Grunt or none of the other Krogan had ever seen before.

"Wrex what is this thing?" Grunt asks

"Well I think that it's going to be the thing we need to turn this war around." Wrex says


"Well this is a Sontaran teleportation system of some kind. Could of used this to hit us from behind. Guess their still fighting with their "honor" and everything which is a good thing for us. If they had gathered enough troops behind and in front of us they could of defeated us...but they were stupid enough not to do that." Wrex says

"How do you know this is a teleportation system of sorts for the Sontarans? The Sontaran part I can believe the way it looks, but a teleportation system...this small to, and why do they need this? They could teleport anywhere I though." Grunt says

"Well that last part...well they have their honor and all so yeah. And as for the first question...Well..."

Flashback A Couple of Hours Ago....

Wrex along with a squad of his men are scouting along the Eastern Defense Line in the rear to see if any Sontaran had gotten through from the last attack. or if any had teleported behind their lines. As they are scouting the area for any Sontaran activity, it is raining hard and is very cold for the five Krogan but "brave" the weather to make sure that their lines are secured. A Krogan soldier slips in the mud falling down face flat in the mud causing some of the others to start laughing at him.

"Ahhhhh! Stupid rain and mud, of all the times for the weather to start finally changing it had to be this week and during this war." The Krogan says as he gets back up.

"Come on Jorgen stop playing around in the mud already, we have a scouting mission to do." One of the Krogan says sarcastically.

"Yeah well (wipes some mud from his face and then throws it on the ground) your going to be playing in the mud soon if you don't shut up!" Jorgen says

"Everyone quiet down! Sontarans spotted get over here now." Wrex says as quiet as he can

The other Krogan head over to Wrex and kneel down behind a mound of mud in front of them and see an abandoned building where they notice two Sontarans guarding the front doors. Wrex looks at his men and nods to them giving them a signal as two of the Krogan quickly and quietly start sneaking their way up towards the Sontarans quickly getting behind cover from time to time to stay hidden. The Sontaran are walking back and forth passing by each other each and every time they turn around and head the other way, meanwhile the Krogan get behind a mound of dirt and wait for the right moment to strike the Sontarans. As the two Sontarans pass each other again the Krogan both nod in agreement and charge out of cover at the Sontarans. As the Sontarans turn around reaching their corner of the building respectively they see the two Krogan and try to react fast but the Krogan get there to fast. The Krogan on the right slams the Sontaran against the wall and quickly takes out his Carnifex and puts a slug into his head, meanwhile the Krogan on the left pushes the Sontaran Blaster into the air making the Sontaran fire off a shot into the air and then punches the Sontaran in the face with his other hand. The Krogan then uses both of his hands and picks up the Sontaran by the torso and then tosses him into the mud in front of him, the Krogan then grabs his Graal Spike Thrower and drives the blade on the shotgun through the Probic Vent of the Sontaran killing him. The two Krogan both signal Wrex and the others the all clear signal and so Wrex and the other two Krogan join up with them and the five enter the building. In the main room of the abandoned building 15 Sontaran talk amongst themselves, at the back wall of the room sits a Sontaran Teleportation Pod. A Sontaran near the entrance door to the room walks by it when he notices the door's holographic opener activate. The Sontaran looks in confusion as the door then opens up to reveal Wrex pointing his M-300 Claymore right at the Krogan with the other Krogan having their Striker's out.

"Knock Knock!" Wrex says as he fires his Shotgun killing the Sontaran.

The other Krogan quickly sprint into the room and open fire with their Assault Rifles mowing down the Sontarans before they can even react or grab their weapons.

"Rooms clear sir." One of the Krogan say

"Huh and taken without these guys firing a single shot. Well except for that one outside, but he's still dead." Wrex says

Wrex and the Krogan check to make sure all of the Sontaran are dead and begin looking for something to explain why they were here.

"Sontarans teleported right behind our lines yet they didn't try to attack us from behind or anything like that. Wonder what their purpose for being here is and why they are here in this building?" One of the Krogan asks

"Nothing on any of these computers they fixed...Then again I don't understand Sontaran language." Another Krogan says examining the computers.

Wrex meanwhile quickly takes notice of the strange machine on the back wall. He enters the inside of the tube trying to figure out what this thing was.

"Uh sir do you think that's really a good idea?" One of the Krogan says seeing Wrex in the small machine.

Wrex then notices a control switch sticking out on one side and sees a single button on it, while he wonders what it does the other Krogan begin to gather in front of the machine. Wrex pushes the button and before the Krogan's eyes in a white/blusish light Wrex disappears into thin air.

Location: Sontaran Landing Sight of the Ninth Sontaran Fleet and Main Ground Base Operations for Invasion Force...

At a Teleport Pod in the Sontaran Base in the same light that Wrex disappeared in appears and in that Pod Wrex appears and then looks out of the pod and notices the many Sontaran in front of him who haven't seemed to notice him yet as they are busy either talking amongst one another or moving crates of supplies and weapons around. Wrex then sees before his eyes the Ninth Sontaran Fleet with the main flagship of the Ninth Fleet hovering in the air and the other lower class ships on the ground. Wrex then begins to notice the ruins before him and then quickly relizes where he is when he sees...The Shroud. The building built by the Salarians that had spread the Genophage all over Tuchanka and the one thing that had also saved his race when Mordin Solus sacrificed his life to cure the Genophage. He puts two and two together and relizes that he is now at the main landing sight and ground base operations for the Sontaran's invasion of his planet. He also quickly notices that some of the Sontarans have taken notice of him in the Teleportation pod, and soon all of a sudden every single Sontaran soldier looks at him in the pod.

"Haha um sorry um wrong place you see I was uhhhh (Wrex then begins pressing the button to try and get out of there but for some reason it does not work and he continues to press it hoping for it to activate to get him out of there) looking for the little Krogans room and so I uhh well I just be going now. Haha..."

One of the Sontarans quickly grabs his Blaster but Wrex draws his M-8 Avenger holding it with his left hand and firing the gun taking down the Sontaran just as the rest of the Sontaran grab their blasters as well. Wrex continues to fire his Avenger with his one hand as he still continues to press the button on the teleportation pod to get him out of there. He manages to take out 6 more Sontarans until he finds his clip spent. Wrex quickly powers up his Biotic powers and casts a Stasis blast at three approaching Sontaran and quickly follows up with a Lift Grenade which detonates near the Sontaran sending 7 Sontaran flying into the air and then falling back down with their falls either killing them or injuring them. He then takes his M-8 Avenger and hits the control panel with the butt end of the gun which seems to work as he soon finds himself back at the abandoned building.

"Sir what happened? Where'd you go?" One of the Krogan asks

Present Time...

"So this Teleportation Pod should allow us to travel right to the Sontaran's main ground base of operations and landing sight?" Grunst says

"That's right." Wrex says

"Okay but one problem I can see with this plan going wrong Wrex. First we would only be able to send maybe at least 3-5 Krogan at a time if we're lucky. Second, the Sontaran would just have to either disable or blow up the one at their side and that could get any of our men even us stuck there, and I don't think they would be able to fair well against the landing force that could be there. And third...Actually that's all I got." Grunt says

"Grunt who said that we were going to use this thing to launch a full scale assault on the base. We would get slaughtered most likely. Instead we're going to have our "little" friend over there do it." Wrex says

"Little Friend?" Grunt says confused

"I did mention how they were right next to the Shroud right. Well think about it for a moment. What else is there..." Wrex says

".......The two Maw Hammers that can be used to summon..."

"KALROS!" Wrex finishes

"Haha!! Now I get it, these Sontarans think they are so smart and tough let's see if they can kill the mother of ALL Thresher Maws!" Grunt says

"That's the plan after all." Wrex says

"So I guess that's where me and Aralakh Company come in?" Grunt says

"That's right. The plan's simple wait till it's night time when the Sontaran are all beddy bye in their tents or ships, you and your men use this to teleport over there, you take out any and all Sontarans who just happen to be up past their bedtime, and then split up into groups to activate the two hammers." Wrex says

"And then pretty much hightail it out of there before Kalros gets there for Sontaran Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner." Grunt says

"That's right." Wrex says


The Sontarans by this time are resting up either on their ships or in their tents that they set up all over. All over the camp Sontaran's on watch duty walk through the camp Blasters at the ready, a Sontaran on guard duty rests for a bit sitting on some crates near the teleportation pod. Still having his gun at the ready the Sontaran keeps a watchful eye out as ever for signs of something not quite right. The Sontaran takes off his helmet to get a breath of fresh air but as he does all of a sudden his mouth is covered from behind and he is pulled to the ground as a Krogan stabs him right through the head with his Graal Spike Thrower's blade.

"Haha didn't even know what hit him." Grunt says

"Alright men remember the plan we get those hammers activated to call Kalros we get the hell out of here." Grunt says

Grunt and his men split up into the two groups with each group conisting of 11 Krogan each. Grunt and his team head to the left while the second group lead by a Krogan named Narx head to the right. The two teams quietly enter the main camping ground where the Sontaran tents are which is past the ruins of the buildings in the area that surrounds the hammers. The two teams manage to take out every single Sontaran on guard duty either taking them out from the shadows, or grabbing them from behind and having another Krogan stab them with a blade from the Graal Spike Thrower. Both teams arrive to the walkways that lead to their respective hammer each and both leave two Krogan at the entrance to keep an eye out for any Sontarans that decide to wake up early. Grunt and Narx's teams both reach the hammers and Grunt contacts Narx to see if they are ready. Narx says they are ready and so Grunt tells them to do it at the same time at the count of three.

"Alright tell your guy to get ready. (Both Grunt and Narx tell their man who is ready to activate the hammer to wait for the signal) 3....2.....1.....Now!" Grunt says and at that exact moment the two Krogan activate the hammers which go off and the big blow and sound of the hammers could be heard for miles and miles.

The sound of this wakes up the Sontarans who are sleeping and soon a Sontaran who is stationed near the alarm post quickly activates the alarm which starts blaring all over the camp as the Sontarans quickly get up and ready for combat. Grunt orders Narx to get his men moving quickly to the teleportation pod and as he turns around he then notices some type of movement behind one of his Krogan.

"DUCK!" Grunt yells as he pulls out his M-300 Claymore and fires a shot as the Krogan in front of him jumps out of the way of the shot. The shotgun hits the thing behind the Krogan which is flies to the ground from the impact of the shotgun blast. Grunt and the other Krogan go over to inspect it and soon before their eyes a Sontaran appears in the spot, unkown to the Krogan this Sontaran is a Sontaran from the Special Assault Squad, a group of Sontarans who utilize cloaking tech for their fights.

"Cloaking Tech? Looks like the Sontarans had more toys then we thought." One of the Krogan say

"And here I was actually starting to believe that these guys fought with Honor." One of the Krogan say sarcastically.

Grunt quickly contacts Narx to warn him and his team about the Sontarans with Cloaking Devices. Narx hearing this says

"You there get to the lookouts and tell them to be on extra lookout for any kind of strange movement. We got Sontarans with cloaking technology." Narx says to the Krogan near the walkway to the hammer.

The Krogan turns around and is about to move out when he all of a sudden sees a Sontaran appear right in front of him with his sword drawn and brings it down on the Krogan. The Krogan tries to dodge the sword but in the process while the sword misses his head the sword manages to cut straight down the Krogan's left eye. The Krogan falls back and puts his hands in his face where his left eye use to be as blood begins pouring out from his cut eye and yells in pain. Narx quickly takes out the Sontaran with a shot from his Carnifex and orders one of his men to help up the injured Krogan as he continues to hold his hands where his eye use to be. Both Narx and Grunt get their men moving and when they get to the entrance of the walkway see that the cloaked Sontarans had killled the two watching Krogan. Grunt receives a call from Narx confirming that his men who were on watch were killed by the Sontaran which Grunt says that his were as well. Grunt tells Narx to have some of his men to get the dead and carry them back to the teleporter pod. Grunt was not about to leave his men in an enemy base and so for both groups four Krogan are forced to put away their weapons as two each pick up the dead body of the Krogans killed by the Sontarans. Both teams quickly start running their way back to the teleportation pod taking out any Sontarans that got in their way along the way. A Sontaran exits from a tent in front of Grunt's group, Grunt punches the Sontaran right in the probic vent causing the Sontaran to fall to the ground, and as the group run past him the last Krogan in last puts a slug into the Sontarans head with his Graal Spike Thrower. Soon the two groups are able to meet up as they quickly hurry back to the teleportation pod. Just as they approach the bridge Sontarans with cloaking devices appear on the overhead and begin firing down on the Krogans.

"GET IN COVER!" Grunt yells as he dives behind some rubble for cover and the other Krogan of Aralakh Company also get into cover.

Grunt takes out his M-76 Revenant and begins firing on the Sontarans on the bridge managing to hit two of the Sontarans who fall of the bridge. As he continues to fire some of the other Krogan take out their Striker's and start firing at the Sontaran's on the bridge as well. A few more Sontarans are hit by Krogan fire and either fall back on the bridge or fall forward off the bridge. As the Krogan continue to fire all of a sudden a red laser hits near Grunt's head causing Grunt to turn around to see what seemed to be the entire Sontaran Base on their rear.

"We need covering fire on our Six NOW!" Grunt yells as Narx and a few other Krogan quickly change sides of their covers and begin firing on the Sontarans behind the group.

"We're Surrounded!" Narx yells to Grunt

"Tell me something I don't Know!" Grunt yells back

"Be sure to make EVERY SHOT COUNT!" Grunt yells at his men. Grunt and the men of Aralakh Company soon find themselves in a fight for their lives as they are surrounded on both sides by the Sontarans. The Krogan kept on firing and firing taking down Sontaran after Sontaran but the numbers were to much as one would be shot dead and three more would take his place. The Krogan fired shot after shot after shot at their Sontaran enemies firing every single thing they had on them. Soon however after just a couple of minutes of firing at a never endless horde of Sontarans, the Krogan began to run out of ammo for their guns switching to any other weapon they had on them. One Krogan finds his Striker out of ammo and tosses it aside and pulls out his Carnifex when all of a sudden he is hit multiple times by Sontaran fire breaking through the barriers but the Krogan quickly gets back into cover. However all of a sudden a shot from the high right hits the Krogan in the head killing the Krogan. Grunt sees this and looks at where the shot came from to see a Sontaran Sniper. Grunt aims with his Revenant and fires it at the Sontaran killing the Sniper. Grunt finds himself on his last thermal clip for his gun and loads it into his gun. Just then the ground begins to shake all around the ruins. Tiny little rocks on the ground begin jumping up and down like crazy and the Sontarans and Krogan both stop firing as they try their best to hold their footing balance on the ground.

Grunt knowns why the ground is shaking and him and his men are thinking the same thing...Kalros. Just like that all of a sudden from the sandy wastelands jumping right out from the ground the mother of all Thresher Maws Kalros emerges straight into the air letting out a loud and bellowing roar. Every single Sontaran sees this looking up at Kalros, all of a sudden every single Sontaran gun is pointed right at Kalros as one of the commanders among the Sontaran yell "TAKE DOWN THAT BEAST!!!"

Every single Sontaran begin firing their blasters at Kalros, Grunt and his men see this and take the chance, they grab the dead and wounded and quickly start making a break for the teleportation pod. All of a sudden the feelings of more rumbling can be felt as all of a sudden right in front of Grunt and his men a small Thresher Maw appears from the ground. The Thresher Maw lunges towards the Krogan but the Krogan with Graal Spike Throwers quickly fire every single shot they have left at the Maw along with Grunt firing his Revenant managing to drive it back and back into the ground. Grunt and the other Krogan then see more Thresher Maws tunneling underground leveling the ground above them high up, they past Grunt and the Krogan however and instead head towards the Sontarans.

"Huh well that's just plain @$$ dumb luck right there. For us that is." Narx says

The Sontarns find their blasters having no effect on Kalros as it seems that she doesn't even feel them. All of a sudden 4 Thresher Maws appear before the Sontarans. The Sontarans quickly turn their attention to them and begin to fire as the Thresher Maws begin attacking the Sontarans lunging at them and swallowing up small groups of Sontarans, the Sontarans on the bridge begin firing at the Thresher Maws when all of a sudden two Thresher Maws appeare behind them and quickly lunge downwards not only destroying the bridge and killing some of the Sontarans but also eating up the ones who they lunged towards. Kalros meanwhile begins attack the Ninth Sontaran Fleet as the Fleet powers up and tries to leave but Kalros lunges forward swallowing up three ships with one attack and then begins to deal with the rest of the Ninth Fleet, even the Flagship is unable to escape from Kalros who just swallows it with one bite. Grunt and his men are able to make it back to the Teleporter pod as they look on as the Thresher Maws and Kalros begin to make quick work of the Sontarans and their fleet.

"Huh well I would say...Mission Accomplished." Grunt says as he presses the button on the console returning him and Aralakh Company back to the abandoned building.

Flagship of the Sontaran Tenth Fleet...

"Unbelievable SIR! What a cheap and dirty trick by those Krogans!" Commander Skorr says as he and General Staal watch the scene unfold of the Thresher Maws wiping out their Ninth Fleet and main Ground Base of Operations.

"These Krogan have truly crossed the line in dishonorament! No more...Commander Skorr prepare the troops, no more we end this war TODAY! And this war shall be won with the victory of the SONTARAN EMPIRE!" General Staal says

The Krogan-Sontaran War Week 5 Day 3...

All along the Krogan lines the Krogan's rest up in their trenches, foxholes, and tents as it is early in the morning. The sun has yet to rise as the morning mist covers all, Krogan sentries on guard duty keep a watchful eye trying their best to see through the morning mist. One Krogan sentry in his foxhole along the eastern front keeps his Striker at the ready pointing it out into the field waiting for any signs of Sontaran to begin firing his gun. However the mist proves too thick and the Krogan has a hard time trying to see through the thick mist, the ground remains muddy and wet as while it has stopped raining, the cold air of the mist keeps the ground from drying. Grunt still remains asleep in his commander tent tired from the mission behind the Sontaran lines. Wrex meanwhile is on the western front and he too is still in his bed tired from all of the battles. Back to the Krogan on the eastern front he moves his weapon side to side scanning the battlefield to keep an eye out for the Sontarans. All of a sudden the Krogan hears something, the sound that is made when someone walks through the wet mud. The Krogan looks in the direction he thought he heard it coming from and tries his best to see someone. All of a sudden a small object lands in front of him and then roles into his foxhole. He turns to see what it is and to his horror finds it to be a Sontaran Fragmentation Grenade.

"Oh $hit...WE'RE UNDER ATTACK!!!!!" The Krogan yells at the top of his voice as the grenade goes off killing him and causing a loud explosion. Grunt jumps up from his sleep as he hears the grenade go off, and every single Krogan on the line wakes up from the yelling of the Krogan and the explosion of the Grenade. The Krogans quickly get up and arm themselves and head to their positions as through the thick mist the Sontarans begin attacking the line doing a fast walk towards the Krogan lines. The Krogans in the fronter most foxholes stand no chance as the Sontarans kill the Krogan before they even get a chance to fire off a round. Soon the sound of Krogan screams and yells is heard all over as Krogan try to coordinate themselves to the defense. However the Sontarans attack so fast and without a warning that they easily bypast the fronter most foxholes without a problem. The Krogan in the farther foxholes seeing this begin to get out of their foxholes as the Sontaran close in while the Krogan in the trenches who are farther away begin firing back at the Sontaran giving covering fire to the Krogan retreating. Soon the Sontarans start tossing fragmentation grenades like crazy into foxholes and trenches. Soon explosions all over the line are heard from the grenades going off with many of them killing or wounding many Krogan soldiers. Grunt exits from his tent with his Revenant in hand to see a Krogan soldier run to the front lines but all of a sudden receive a shot to the head from a Sontaran with cloaking tech who deactivates his cloaking device appearing right in front of Grunt. Grunt quickly fires his gun killing the Sontaran.

"Great! Just what we need! (Grunt then starts contacting Wrex) Wrex do you hear me?"

"I hear you Grunt are you guys getting hit to." Wrex says


"Well every single line has been it and at the exact same moment. Seems like the Sontarans didn't like what we did to their ground base of operations." Wrex says

"Yeah you can say that again. (Grunt without looking raises his gun behind him and fires a single slug which then hits a Sontaran with a cloaking device activated killing him and deactivating his cloaking device) Looks like their hitting us with everything they got, they even got those Sontarans with the cloaking devices attacking."

"Yeah I've already encountered some of them. Try and hold the line as best as you......Scratch that just got word the North and South lines are falling the men there are in full retreat to the city. The Sontarans are really going all out."

"What do we do then!?"

"We have no choice fall back to the cities. We got no other choice! I'll contact Tali and the others to warn them." Wrex says

"AHHHH....Got it!" Grunt says

Grunt then quickly runs to the frontlines and arriving their sees many of his men in retreat. Grunt hears something from his right and looks to see a Sontaran yelling and charging at him with a sword. Grunt simply raises his gun and fires 10 rounds into the Sontaran dropping him quickly. Grunt then begins yelling at the top of his voice.

"FALL BACK!!! I REPEAT EVERYONE FALL BACK NOW!!!" At this the some of the Krogans begin abandoning everything from their cover to even weapons sometimes and quickly begin falling back. Many of the Krogan who don't leave their weapons quickly begin to run and gun running while firing back at the Sontarans. Other Krogans would run a certain number of steps and then turn around and fire some rounds off at the Sontaran trying to cover other Krogan and take out as many Sontaran as possible. Many of the Krogan who left their weapons behind begin to help carry the wounded with them back to the cities. Even Wrex and his men at the West Line have begun to fall back from the overwhelming number of Sontarans. As the Sontaran chase after them again many of them begin tossing grenades at the retreating Krogan. One Krogan as he is running does not notice a grenade on the ground in front of him and as he runs past it it goes off sending him flying and killing him instantly. Another Krogan passes a grenade which is by then covered with so much dirt that when it goes off a lot of mud and rock fly into the air but the Krogan is also hit from the grenade and flips on his back and loses his right leg. The Krogan yells in pain and he puts his hands over where his leg use to be, as two Krogan running by quickly drop their weapons and begin carrying him to safety. Grunt meanwhile continues to slowly walk backwards firing at the Sontarans giving his men covering fire, and slaying many Sontarans. Meanwhile for the Sontarans, as they continue the march in the middle of the large group walking with two rows of Sontarans behind him and without his helmet on to face the Krogans with honor is...Commander Skorr. As Skorr walks he sees a Krogan who had lost both of his legs as blood spills out from where his legs use to be trying to crawl away. However Skorr puts his right foot on the Krogan and with a evil laugh fires a shot into the back of the Krogan killing him. Skorr and his men then continue onwards

"This is too easy. Their running like a sly bait from a speal fox." 

At the outer city perimeters the Krogans who had not or were about to head to the front lines now wait in cover in foxholes, or vehicles they had moves weeks ago in case the Sontarans did reach the cities outer perimeter. They see the retreating Krogan and medics wait among the Krogan ready to take care of the wounded. Among the Krogan at the eastern defense perimeter is Tali along with a couple of Alliance Marines, Turians, Geth, Asari, Salarians, and Quarian from the group to help out as much as they can. The rest of the group meanwhile stay wih Eve and the female and children Krogan at the central underground shelter. Tali looks on in horror as the Krogans are retreating like she had never seen before, in fear. She then begins to see many of the wounded Krogans who were either hit by Sontaran fire which barely missed vital parts or those who had lost parts of their bodies from grenades. Tali hearing that Grunt was on the Eastern line continues to look out for him hoping that he is okay. As more and more Krogan arrive and quickly gear up again or take the wounded to the medics, Tali still keeps on looking as less and less Krogan appear to come from the mist. Soon Sontarans begin appearing from the mist causing the Krogans to open fire and quickly take them down. Tali is about to loose all hope when finally she sees Grunt run out of the mist carrying a wounded Krogan on his shoulder. Grunt hurries into the perimeter and hands off the injured Krogan to some medics, the medics along with some help from some of the other Krogan quickly begin taking them out of harms way on stretchers as Tali runs over to Grunt who huffs and puffs from the long run.

"Grunt!" Tali yells

Grunt then looks up to see Tali running towards him

"Oh hey Tali."

"You alright?"

"Yeah yeah don't worry about me. It was just a retreat while under constant fire and grenades exploding all around. Nothing big."

"HERE THEY COME!!!!" A Alliance Marine yells

Soon from the mist the Sontarans start appearing in huge numbers still fast walking towards the Krogan and their allies. The Krogans and their allies immediately light them up as they begin taking down many Sontaran soldiers. Meanwhile on the Western side of the city. Wrex and the last of his men arrive at the defensive perimeter and the Sontarans not to far behind as they too are also quickly fired upon by the Krogan soldiers already in their positions. Wrex sits down on a crate to catch his breath and then looks into the sky of Tuchanka as the sun begins to slowly rise and the mist begins to disappear. A Krogan medic runs up to Wrex to see if he's okay but Wrex just pushes the Krogan away saying "I'm fine don't worry about me look after the ones who are actually wounded."

In the middle of the Sontarans attacking the west side of the city stands General Staal who stares on as his troops assault the city. The Sontarans on all fronts continue to press their attack on the Krogans defense lines attacking them with everything they got. On the eastern front, in the fronter most foxholes as the Sontarans begin closing in, the Krogans in the holes quickly pick up from their foxholes M-451 Firestorms and begin firing the flames from their flamethrowers at the Sontarans setting them aflame to stop them in their tracks. However the Sontaran easily find a way around this as they begin tossing fragmentation grenades at the Krogans in their foxholes. The Krogans in their foxholes quickly begin to scramble to escape from these grenades and while some are lucky enough to escape from the grenades others aren't so lucky as they either don't notice the grenades to escape from them or cannot escape in time and are killed. Many Krogans die in their foxholes from either Sontaran fire or grenades. Tali continues to fire her M-3 Predator pistol at advancing Sontarans with Grunt still firing his Revenant. The Sontarans begin to get more closer and closer to the defenses in the cities. A Alliance Marine to Tali's right is hit three times by Sontaran fire and he goes down dead, Tali looks in horror to how close that was to her. Grunt also takes note and tells Tali "Tali stay close to me!"

Soon however the Sontarans begin to breach right through the defenses and soon Grunt has no choice but to order a retreat into the city. As the Krogan and their allies begin to retreat the Sontarans begin to enter the Krogan cities. Things are faring the same for the Krogan on the other fronts as well as they are forced to start retreating into the cities themselves to get away from the advancing Sontarans. In just 15 minutes the rebuilt cities have now become a warzone as the Sontarans fire all around destroying Krogan structures that can be destroyed by their weapons, and killing Krogan and some of their allies at the same time. Soon both the Sontaran and the Krogans and their allies begin heading to the rooftops of buildings to lay down fire to the streets below but also begin firing at each other on the rooftops. As more time goes by soon the streets are full of rubble as the Krogan and their allies and the Sontaran scramble all over the cities to fight each other. Wrex finds himself in the southern cities sector having gotten lost in all of the confusion but still finds Sontarans every now and then to kill. General Staal has also moved to the southern sector after hearing word that the commander of the troops attacking the southern sector has gotten killed and so leaves one his commanders that were with him in charge of the western sector troops. Staal soon finds himself in combat as Krogan troops try killing him, but with the backup of his men is easily able to kill many Krogans. To the east Grunt and Tali still stick together in all of the chaos of the battle. Tali is able to take out some Sontarans that try sneaking up on her and Grunt, and Grunt is able to take out some Sontarans who were firing from some second floor windows of one of the buildings. Skorr meanwhile is enjoying the carnage of the battle, as all around him the signs of fighting are seen. On the rooftop of one of the buildings, a Salaraian sniper takes aim at Skorr with his M-92 Mantis and fires a shot but a Sontaran soldier gets in the way of the shot getting killed in the process and Skorr seeing this looks up and sees the Salaraian sniper and fires his blaster at the Sniper managing to kill him with a shot to the head.

"HAHA! The Honor of Battle! The Glory!" Skorr says to himself

Just then Skorr notices to his right someone who might be a challenge for him. He turns to see Grunt as he kicks back a Sontaran soldier and fills him full of slugs with his Revenant. Grunt then raises his gun again after reloading it and aims at a group of 10-20 Sontaran all walking towards him with their guns pointing right at him. Grunt fires his gun at them while yelling "I....AM.....KROGAN!!!!!!"

The Sontarans in front of Grunt are no more as dust and dirt from the rounds impacting all around the Sontarans fly up into the air and Sontarans are felled by Grunt and his Revenant. Grunt takes out all 20 of the Sontarans but unfortunetly finds himself out of ammo. He tosses his gun as he takes out his M-300 Claymore and fires a shot at a Sontaran who appears from a alleyway to his left. Tali remains right behind him as she continues to fire off rounds from her M-3 Predator at the Sontarans who keep on approaching her. Skorr begins approaching towards Grunt who is preoccupied with a Sontaran who has locked guns with him as the two wrestle over the Claymore shotgun as the Sontaran had his gun knocked out of his hands by Grunt. The Sontaran is able to wrestle the gun out of Grunt's hands but as Grunt loses his grip the Sontaran finds himself barely holding the gun up as the gun proves very oddly heavy for the Sontaran. Grunt laughs at this and cracks his fists and then headbutts the Sontaran in the face making the Sontaran throw the gun up in the air and Grunt catching the gun and firing it point blank at the Sontaran. Skorr takes out his Rheon Carbine and points it a Grunt when all of a sudden a slug lands right in front of him catching his attention. He looks to he left to see Tali pointing her Predator at Skorr.

"HA A female with a gun don't be ridiculous. I do not fear you wench." Skorr says

"Yeah well maybe a slug to the brain will change your mind....Wow I've been around Krogans for to long." Tali says

Tali pulls the trigger but finds out that her ammo has run out.

"HA like I said I do not fear you. This is why females do not belong in combat." Skorr says

Skorr then raises his Rheon Carbine at Tali and begins approaching her as Tali begins backing up trying to get away from Skorr. She trips over a piece of rubble and falls back onto her hands and begins crawling backwards to escape him. Skorr begins to smile with a evil stare at Tali as he approaches her when all of a sudden


Skorr looks to see Grunt charging at him and then like being hit by the force of a truck Grunt headbutts Skorr in the stomach sending him flying back and crashing into the ground.

"Tali you alright?"

"Yeah thanks Grunt."

Grunt nods when all of a sudden. A Sontaran laser strikes Grunt in the right shoulder and with his barriers down from taking to many hits already the shot hits his shoulder directly. Grunt yells in pain as he turns around with his Shotgun in hand and sees a Sontaran soldier walking towards him and fire his last shotgun shell at the Sontaran killing him.


Grunt falls down on his knees and puts his left hand on his right shoulder and puts his left hand in front of his face to see it dripping with blood. Tali quickly runs up to him and checks his right shoulder. The shot had penetrated the armor and travelled right through his skin, blood begins to seep out from his wound on his shoulder. Tali quickly tries to apply Medi-Gel but Grunt pushes her away from it.

"Don't....(sighs) it's fine I'm alright." Grunt says

"Grunt I need to patch up that wound." Tali says

"I'm alright Tali don't worry (coughs) about me." Grunt says

Just then Skorr appears out of nowhere having survived from Grunt's attack and smacks Tali away with his left hand knocking her out against the wall of a building.

"TALI!" Grunt yells

Skorr stands in front of Grunt and unsheaths his sword.

"Come on you Krogan Brute show me what you've got. Or is that boo boo of yours keeping you down. HA what a "woman" you are to be kept down by that and I thought you Krogan were suppose to be a challenge." Skorr says

All of a sudden with a fit of rage Grunt headbutts the Sontaran Commander in the stomach making him fall back again. Grunt stands back up and Skorr quickly grabs his sword and stands back up as well. The two begin to walk around in a circular pattern as the stare at each other waiting for one of them to make a move. Grunt makes the first move charging at Skorr and trying to punch Skorr in the face with his left hand but Skorr easily anticipates this and steps to his side and slashes Grunt across the back as he passes but the thick armor on his back protects him from the sword. Grunt stops in his tracks turns back around and charges at Skorr again, this time Skorr ducks under Grunt's punch and swings his sword at Grunt's legs managing to cut across Grunt's right leg making him fall on his knees. Grunt breaths slowly and heavily as Skorr approaches him from his side.

"Huh what a pity and here I thought I had found a worthe challenger."

Grunt raises his head and looks at Tali but then notices Tali start moving her hand towards a Krogan M-6 Carnifex which lays next to a dead Krogan. She starts pulling the gun towards herself and then picks up the gun and raises it over her head as if she was about to throw it. Grunt gets the idea and as Skorr slowly raises his sword ready to deal the killing blow to Grunt. Grunt grabs a large piece of rubble by his left knee and then with all of the strength left in him swings it into Skorr's stomach managing to injure Skorr enough who drops his sword behind him, Grunt then uses his last remaining strength to stand back up even with his injured leg and then quickly rushes towards Tali who then uses her last strength to toss her gun at Grunt. The world begins to slow down all around as Grunt jumps forward extending his left arm out to catch the gun. Skorr seeing this quickly grabs his sword and then charges at Grunt. Grunt in the air is able to catch the Carnifex as he begins to head towards the ground. Grunt turns around while still in the air and aims the Carnifex at Skorr's head. Skorr runs towards Grunt but stares in horror as the gun points right at his head. Grunt then pulls the trigger of the Carnifex and a high-velocity slug exits the gun barrel and flys slowly towards Skorr. The Slug spins in the air gaining momentum and then travels in the air towards Skorr. The slug hits Skorr hitting him right between the eyes as the slug travels all the way through his head and exits out of the back of his head. Grunt lands on his back skidding across the ground keeping the gun trained on Skorr. Skorr stands there not moving a inch when blood begins coming out from between his eyes from where the slug hit him. Skorr drops his sword which clanks as it hits the ground and then the Commander Skorr "The Bloodbringer" falls down forward on his knees, and then falls down to the ground dead. The world seems to speed back up again as Grunt huffs and puffs so tired from the fight, he then falls down as he lays his arms and legs across the rubble he lays on. Grunt moves his head back and looks at Tali who herself is also tired.

"Huh...Thanks(breaths)Tali...Just saved my life there." Grunt says

"Yeah haha. How odd you were suppose to watch over me...Instead in the end I had to (coughs) watch over you."

"Haha yeah a little....twist of fate there I would say." Grunt says

"Man are we going (coughs) to be lucky if we (coughs) survive....this." Grunt says

"Yeah...Well we had a good run at least." Tali says

"Don't worry Tali...You'll make it. You'll see Garrus again. And then you two are (coughs) going to settle down...And well (coughs) have a family you know. Huh I wonder what Quarian and Turian children look like." Grunt says

Both Grunt and Tali laugh as they stare into the bright sky above them as if oblivious to the carnage that still continues around him.

The Krogan-Sontaran War Week 5 Day 3: Southern Krogan Cities Sector; Afternoon...

Wrex sends another blast of Biotic Shockwaves at more advancing Sontarans sending them flying back. Wrex charges forward as his men support him from the rear behind cover. Wrex runs forward firing his Avenger at every Sontaran he saw making sure he didn't waste as much ammo. He quickly begins running towards a large pile of rubble in front of him along the way grabbing from a dead Krogan a Striker assault rifle. Wrex begins to tirelessly climb up the large mound of rubble reaching the top in mere seconds no matter how tired he was. He then stans atop the large pile of rubble and looks on as a large army of Sontaran stand before him.


Wrex then begins firecly firing both his Avenger from his left right hand and the Striker from his left hand at the approaching Sontarans who begin firing back at him. Wrex continues to fire every last shot from his two guns taking out Sontaran after Sontaran after Sontaran. Wrex then tosses the Striker after finding it out of ammo and then picks up a large metal plate and throws it down in front of him. Wrex jumps onto the plate and begins sliding down the large mound of rubble on the metal plate firing his M-8 Avenger like crazy taking down many Sontaran who stand in his way. As he reaches the bottom he jumps off the plate which then flies into the air and hits a Sontaran in the face knocking him back. Wrex fires the last thermal clip of his M-8 Avenger and then tosses it aside as the Sontarans continue their advance no matter how many casualties they have just took from this one Krogan. Wrex then powers up his Biotics and activates his Barrier and then tosses out a lift grenade while doing so. The lift grenade explodes sending many Sontarans flying into the air and crashing back down to the ground on the ground or landing on top of other Sontarans. Wrex then casts Stasis at a group of Sontarans to his left and then follows up with a shockwave blasts sending them crashing into other Sontarans or into buildings and windows. He sends another Shockwave to the Sontarans on his right also sending them crashing into other Sontaran or buildings and windows. Soon he finds himself surrounded on all sides by the Sontaran who prepare to kill Wrex. Wrex prepares to give it everything he's got, and soon in his mind he begins to think about Eve, his children, Shepard, and also everyone else who has become his friend and has helped him to this moment to rebuild the Krogan and give his race a second chance, a second chance at life. All of a sudden someone yells


Wrex looks up to see Sontarans stand aside as one Sontaran individual comes out walking towards him.

"So Urdnot Wrex, leader of the Krogan peoples. We finally meet. Face to Face." The Sontaran says

"Huh okay so who are you suppose to be? And it's not exactly face to face when you hide your ugly face behind a helmet." Wrex says

"Like the honorable soldier I am I will look into my enemies eyes." The Sontaran says

The Sontaran then slowly removes his helmet to reveal the same facial look all Sontarans seem to have except this one seems to be much older then some of the others as he the showing of wrinkles on his face.

"I am General Staal of the Tenth Sontaran Fleet. Staal "the Undefeated"!" Staal says

"So your Staal the one who's the head honcho of this entire invasion force huh." Wrex says

"That is correct Krogan." Staal says

"And I'm sorry what was that last part. "The Undefeated" was it...well not anymore cause today is going to be your defeat at the hands of my people the Krogan people." Wrex says

"You speak words that you even know are not true at all. Look around you Urdnot Wrex. We have your planet in the grasp of our hands, we have killed many of your warriors, and now we lay waste to your city. What more do you need then this to show that you have been defeated?" Staal says

"We will never except defeat! Not here! Not now! Not EVER! You may defeat me and my people today. But by attacking me and my people you just brought the might of the Galaxy on your doorstep. Our allies, our friends will avenge us if we fall on our own planet and we have some powerful friends and allies. That you will not be able to stop." Wrex says

"We are the mighty Sontaran race. Many Species have fallen before our might and honor. And your race or your friends and their races will not be any different." Staal says

"Your wrong...So very very wrong you don't know my friends and their races like I do. They are the kind who like my race never give up. No Matter the odds, no matter how outnumbered or outgunned they or we are we will never give up. If it means giving up our own lives to protect our loved ones we are ready to as long as it means their safety and survival." Wrex says

"And that is why all of you species are weak. You would give up your lives for foolish reasons like friends, and families. This is why my entire race is a race of clones, why we don't share those weak emotions the rest of you species feel. That is why the Sontaran race it vastly superior then any other race in existence no matter what." Staal says

"Well...guess today we figure that out. Let's see if your race is as superior as you say it is. Come on General you and me right here...right now. This will decide everything." Wrex says

"I accept your challenge Urdnot Wrex. Let us prove it right here that the Sontarans shall triumph over all races no matter what." Staal says

Staal drops his helmet and his blaster and rheon carbine and draws his sword. Wrex on the other hand just cracks his fists and neck and begins glowing in the Biotic aura. The Sontarans all around back up from the fight forming a huge fighting circle for the two circles to fight in. Wrex makes the first move with a Biotic Charge slamming right into Staal who is sent flying back crashing through many Sontarans as the Sontarans quickly move to let the fight continue. Wrex charges at Staal who recovers as the Sontarans he had hit are either knocked out or crawl out of the way and Staal charges at Wrex. Wrex and Staal both charge at each other while yelling preparing to strike Staal tries to stab Wrex but Wrex jumps to the side and punches Staal in the face with his left hand and then his right hand. Staal stumbles back and starts swinging his sword at Wrex who manages to dodge the strikes, Wrex ducks under a high swing and tackles Staal to the ground and starts repeatedly punching Staal in the face. Staal quickly manages to stop Wrex from punching him anymore by catching his fists with his hands and then Staal kicks Wrex in the back with his right leg making Wrex flip over on his back as Staal gets up and Wrex also gets up but Staal grabs Wrex on his right shoulder and then punches Wrex continuously in his stomach and then swings a right hook at Wrex's face sending Wrex stumbling back a bit from the blow. Staal approaches Wrex but Wrex quickly headbutts Staal in the face sending Staal stumbling back and dazed from the strike. Wrex charges at the dazed Staal and uses his arm to hit Staal in the face making Staal fall back on his back. However Staal notices his sword right next to him and quickly grabs the sword and slashes across Wrex's face, Wrex however manages to barely dodge it and only receives a small cut across his left cheek. Staal once again tries slashing attacks at Wrex who just keeps on dodging them and then twists around and gets on his left knee and sends a Biotic shockwave at Staal sending him flying into a group of Sontarans. The Sontaran soldiers help their general up who is now badly beaten up as blood comes from his mouth and nose. Both Wrex and Staal stare at each other both starting to become tired from the fight huffing and puffing every second. Wrex and Staal then both prepare to charge again, and once again the world seems to slow down as both Wrex and Staal charge at each other. Staal points his sword forward ready to stab right through the Krogan leader. Both men yell as they charge at each other one of them knowing that this was going to be it. Within mere inches from each other both men strike. Staal drives his sword right into Wrex's right side while Wrex not feeling the pain punches the General right in the face sending him crashing to the ground. Wrex then begins walking and then falls down on one knee seeing the sword in his side as blood begins to drip from it. Staal gets up from the punch as Wrex pulls the sword out from his side and tosses it right next to him. Wrex begins to cough and even coughs up a few blood. Staal then turns to Wrex and seeing the state he is in

"Looks like I am victorious Krogan." Staal says while panting

"Once again honor wins me the day."

However to Staal's amazement Wrex stands back up and turns right towards him and begins to light up again. Wrex raises his left fist and then the sword next to Wrex begins to become surrounded by a blue aura as well. The sword then begins levitating in the air and the points right towards Staal.

"Now (coughs) it's over." Wrex says

Wrex throws his left hand outwards and like that the Sword flies right at Staal and stabs him right through the neck. Staal begins coughing and coughing up blood as he puts his hands to his next where the sword lays now through his neck. Staal falls down on his knees and then falls back and dies. The Sontaran stare in disbelief at their dead General. The Sontarans become angered by this and pull their blasters out at Wrex who stares at all of them.

"So, so much for your Honor huh." Wrex says as he prepares to accept death.

Meanwhile on the Flagship...

"It seems that our glorious General has fallen to these brutes. Which means that I am now the one in charge." A Sontaran with the next highest rank says with both Skorr and Staal dead.

"Sir what are your orders? With the General and Commander dead our troops are leaderless. The enemy is starting to push them back sir." The Sontaran next to him asks

"Simple we end this right now. These primitives may have defeated us. But they defeated us through means of tricks, and unhonorable fighting. So we shall show them NO MERCY. Prepare to blow this planet up soldier." The leader says

"But sir what about our men down there?" They shall die a honorable death like they deserve instead of a unhonorable death. Prepare the weapons to destroy this pitiful planet!" The Sontaran says

"Sir we are detecting unkown ships appearing from the depths of space!" One of the Sontarans yell

Just then from the depths of space the fleet of the many different species of the galaxy head towards Tuchanka. In the lead Turian ship on the bridge Garrus stands with Liara looking at the Sontaran fleet from the bridge.


Every single ship begins firing their big guns right at the Sontarans ships. The multi species fleet easily outnumber the number of ships that the Tenth and Twelth as well as fire power. With just the first barrage of fire many of the Sontaran ships are blown out of the skies and others receive major damage. The ships continue to fire and fire at the Sontaran ships while inside the flagship of the Tenth Sontaran fleet

"Unbelievable....Our mighty soldiers, and even our ships. Defeated these....primitives. How can this be possible." The Sontaran says as the ship begins blowing up all around him and the Sontarans begin dying from the explosions in the ship.

The Sontaran leader stares on in disbelief but then "You primitives shall pay for this.. Our race is infinite..we shall be back and will all be doomed...SONTAR-HAAAAAAA" The Sontaran leader yells as the ship explodes into pieces.

Back on the Planet Below...

The explosions of the Fleet are heard all the way down from the planet as Wrex who is on his knees looks up as well as the Sontarans around him. All over the city, Krogan, their surviving allies, and the Sontaran stop fighting and look up into the sky to see what has just happened. All of a sudden from the skies hundreds of kodiaks and gunships descend from the sky towards the Krogan cities. All of the Krogan and their allies who see this are about to rejoice from what they are all thinking "REINFOCEMENTS!!!!!"

The gunships start doing straffing runs on the Sontaran armies over the city where no friendliess are located mowing down every Sontaran who try to fight back but to no success. The doors of the Kodiak's open up as Alliance Marines, Turians, Asari, Geth, Salarians, and Quarians exit from the Kodiak's and open fire on the Sontaran's helping the survivors fight back. At Wrex's position a Kodiak flies above his position and the door opens to reveal Liara along with some Asari Commando's in the shuttle. The Asari quickly jump onto the rooftop and open fire on the Sontarans below taking out many of them and some of the Commando's using their Biotics to clear out more of the Sontarans in just a minute the Asari are able to clear the area of the Sontarans. Liara hurries down to Wrex,

"Hah Liara....thought you would miss the part..."Wrex then falls down but Liara manages to catch him.

"Hold on Wrex your going to be okay just hold on!" Liara says

Meanwhile Garrus is on his own shuttle as he looks down into the city below trying to look for signs of Tali. he finds himself over the eastern section of the cities and soon gets his wish. He then spots both Tali and Grunt on some rubble but is horrified when he doesn't see them moving.

"Pilot get me down here now!"

The Kodiak pilot lands the shuttle and Garrus along with some soldiers and medics head out into the area with the soldiers there to secure the area and the medics to take care of any wounded soldiers they find. Garrus hurries over to Tali and Grunt.  He puts his hands around Tali's head and lifts her up.

"Tali...Tali come on Tali say something to me Tali....Say Something!" Garrus says

Garrus looks on as he sees no signs of movement from Tali and for once in his life he begins to start crying.


All of a sudden


Garrus looks back at Tali's face to see her start to open her eyes. Tali then raises her left hand and places it on his cheek.

"I...I knew you would come back." Tali says

"Tali...Hold on your going to be alright Tali just hold on."

Aftermath of the Krogan-Sontaran War Day 1...

The sounds of rebuilding have returned. All around the many species work once again together to rebuild what had been destroyed. For the Surivors they all knew that the War was finally over. The Sontarans had been defeated and the Krogan race continued to live on. But as always with great victories....come great loss. All that the Krogan had worked so hard on building their cities was now once again in ruins, however this was not the worst. The Mass Relays had finally been rebuilt which is what lead Garrus and Liara's fleet arriving at the planet and saving everyone from total annahilation. This would also mean that supplies could now be brought faster as well as receiving help from other fleets who had already completed their rebuilding missions. The worst was the great loss of Krogan lives who gave up their lives to defend the future of the Krogan race. In just the 5 weeks plus 3 days the Krogans lost between 10,000-15,000 of their men. Some of the helpers who stayed behind also lost their lives, of the 90 who stayed behind with 15 from each of the different races only 30 of them survived in the end. However each of those lives were avenged with the death of the entire invasion force of the Sontarans which went into the high millions. Many Krogan were wounded from the war but with the new supplies their wounds could be treated perfectly. While both Urdnot's Wrex and Grunt sustained many wounds and some deadly ones as well from their battles. They were able to be perfectly nursed back to health in just a couple of hours. Tali Zorah also survived from her wounds from the battle. Garrus and Tali were happily reunited. Word from the Krogan attack on Tuchanka was quickly sent to the other species homeworlds to warn them to be on the lookout for any more Sontaran fleets.

Aftermath of the Krogan-Sontaran War Day 2...

A Quarian ship prepared to take off from the airfield as it was to be sent back to Rannoch to resupply as all of its cargo was already brough off the ship. and from there and bring in more supplies. With the Mass Relays fixed it was going to be a short trip there and back. Garrus and Tali stand in front of the ship as they prepare to leave with it. Tali had a shash over her to hold up her left arm which needed time to heal from the battle. Garrus stood next to her as Wrex, and Grunt both who were patched up to deal with the spots where they had received from their fights with Skorr and Staal and Liara standing with them all three stared at the turian and quarian.

"So you guys are really heading to Rannoch already to settle down and all?" Wrex says

"Well I'm pretty sure after what Tali went through she needs a lot of rest." Garrus says

"But uh yeah we agreed on settling down on my homeworld," Tali says

"Well hope we can see you guys soon. Don't become strangers now." Wrex says

"Yeah we just might need the two of you for your different skills and all. Like your calibrating skills Garrus, or you mechanical skills Tali, and maybe both your @$$ kicking skills." Grunt says

"Huh yeah don't worry we won't lose contact though you may not see us face to face for a uhhh while..." Garrus says

"Why's that?" Liara asks

"Well....(Garrus then looks at Tali who then gives a nod in agreement to something) huh well surprising thing is yesterday when I visited Tali in the hospital and stuff I uh well let's just say..."

"We're going to be a mother and a father soon." Tali says

"Really?!" Liara says

"Well yeah pretty much." Garrus says

"Haha! Well now Garrus aren't you feeling all high and mighty right about now aren't you!" Wrex says

"Well no not really. I've seen what babies are like and all and well.....Haha it's going to be a challenge but I think a challenge me and Tali are going to overcome." Garrus says

Just then the captain of the Quarian ship yells at Garrus and Tali

"Sir's we're about to take off."

"Well that's it I guess. Well good luck Wrex and Grunt." Tali says

"Yeah try your best to make sure the peace lasts and all yeah." Garrus says sarcastically

"Haha well hope to see you guys in the future. Try and stop by sometime when we finally rebuild our homeworld. I promise you guys it's going to be breathtaking." Wrex says

And with that Garrus and Tali board the quarian ship and wave goodbye to Liara, Wrex, and Grunt who wave goodbye back. The future of the galaxy was unkown for now. But one thing was for certain. Whatever new threat would threaten the Galaxy the species of the Galaxies would face the threat together...As ONE United Galaxy.

The Deadliest Warriors: THE KROGAN RACE!!!

Expert's Opinion[]

The Krogan's won this battle because they had the much more better and more different variety of weapons, the much more better Leaders and because they took the important X-Factors of Combat Experience, Armor Metallurgy, Strength, and finally Durability.The Krogans have proved themselves that they are the toughest species in the entire Mass Effect Universe. They have shown that their incredible strength, and their strong durability is all they need to make them a deadly species in the universe. They have survived through much more worser situations that the Sontaran have never experienced, their armor had superiority over the Sontarans which could not stop even modern day bullets from killing their wearers, and in the end the Sontaran's belief in fighting with Honor and never taking care of their wounded who could still help out in a battle would lead to the defeat of the Sontarans.

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