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Battle vs. Sauron (by Sppople)[]

On the slopes of the Lonely Mountain of Erebor, Sauron stood alongside 10 Orcs. They had come to the Mountain to, not tust to steal it's gold, but to take over it and use it as a fortress. They walked into the Mountain down to the Great Treasure Horde, and there lay Smaug, a great Dragon that had control over the Mountain. Smaug was asleep in his treasure, so Sauron had an advantage of killing him in his sleep. "Master?" An Orc asked to Sauron in black speech. Sauron turned to him. "Attack him!" Sauron ordered. Without hesatation, all of the Orcs yelled and charged at the sleeping Smaug, Armed to the teeth. However, Smaug was awoke by the yells of the Orcs. Smaug got up and roared. "You dare challange me!" Smaug growled. "Orcs kill him!" Sauron yelled.

Smaug sent an Orc flying in a single swipe from his great bulking claws. Another Orc struck at his tough hide with a blade. "Die filth!" The Orc cursed. Smaug then struck the Orc with a crack of his tail. "Your blades cannot pierce me!" Smaug cackled. Two more shot arrows at Smaug, who shrugged them off of him. "And you're Morgul Arrows deliver little more than tickles!" Smaug informed, before grabbing one of the Archer Orcs with his mouth and throwing him into the other. The remaining six Orcs brought out their blades and charged. Smaug gave a sinister smerk. "And My breath is your death!" Smaug let out a powerful jet of fire from his jaws, straight at the Orcs. "Fire!" The Orcs cried out. The Fire hit them and killed them all. Smaug turned to Sauron and sneered. "And then there were two!" Smaug grinned. Sauron was not in the slightest nervous. He brought out his Great Mace and prepared for battle. "Your mine, you beast!" Sauron bellowed.

Smaug blasted a stream of Fire at Sauron. Sauron merely walked through it without pain to Smaug's astonishment. "You pester me!" Sauron arrogantly smerked. Sauron charged to Smaug, mace in his hand. Smaug charged with his sharp claws and strong tail and they met. Sauron struck Smaug with his mace, sending the fire drake across the Treasure Horde until he hit a strong Dwarven wall and fell down. Smaug grumbled to his feet. "You dare strike me!" Smaug boomed. Sauron then used telekenesis to smash Smaug into the top of the hall room. Sauron then used it to throw Smaug into another wall, before letting him drop. Hurt, but not mortally, Smaug got to his feet. "Alright" Smaug roared. "To the death!" Sauron ran at Smaug with his mace. But Smaug flew through the Hall with his strong wings and with his claw, he swiped Sauron, sending the Dark Lord sprawling across the Stony Floor. Smaug then struck Sauron with his tail, sending Sauron flying across the room into a wall. "My tail is as long as a tree is tall, and hit with a force more than a thunderbolt can bring" Smaug laughed. "Your Mace with a tough hit and control over objects and others without touch pales in comparison to my deathly breath, impenetrable hide and Hook like Claws! What else do you have to bring to this battle?" Sauron gave a villainous grin from inside his Helmet. "My Dark Sorcery!" Sauron replied, and without word, he blasted Dark spiritual energy at Smaug. Smaug was sent tumbling through the air, by the immense power of Sauron's Dark Magic. Smaug smashed through the wall and stone of the hall, landing outside of the Lonely Mountain of Erebor. Smaug got up as Sauron came out of the Mountain and faced Smaug. "You fool!" Sauron spoke. "Accept your defeat, Accept your Doom!".

Smaug took flight. Smaug flew towards Sauron, and chomped down on him with his giant jaws. Sauron screamed in pain. Smaug then flew up into the sky with Sauron in his jaws. With his Great Mace, Sauron smashed Smaug in the face twice, in attempt of having the Dragon open his mouth. Instead, Smaug crashed into the mountain yet continued to fly. Sauron struck once more, and Smaug growled in agony and pain. He threw Sauron into the Mountain where he hit the Stony slope and stumbled down it. Smaug them fell down and crashed into the Mountain, before falling to the Ground below.

After stumbling down the Mountain, Sauron got up and strolled to Smaug. Smaug got up. "Go on Lord Sauron" Smaug said to Sauron. "Show me your true power...and I shall show you mine!" Smaug blasted an incredibly powerful jet of fire, making Sauron merely stumble back. Smaug then smacked Sauron with his strong hand, sending the Dark Lord to the Floor. Sauron then struck Smaug in the face with his mace twice, before uppercutting him with his Mace, sending Smaug to the floor. Sauron then brought out a Black Arrow. Smaug wasn't too suprised. "You brought one?" Smaug said. "Indeed. You are Cunning, and a Master Planner. You would obviously be prepared." Sauron nodded. "We have alot in common, Dark Lord of Mordor" Smaug concidered. "How would you consider an alliance? I will take control of Erebor and it's riches, yet it is at the command of you and Mordor. I will fight for you, if you but leave me to keep my treasure and my riches, and bring me more riches from the kingdoms you conquer! I am the last Fire Drake of the Third Age. The Last Dragon of Middle Earth! You would benefit very promisingly, if you had me as your soldier! What say you my Lord Sauron the Cruel and Nameless Necromancer?" Sauron paused for half a minute, and then turned and said, "I say... Die!". Smaug growled. "So be it! If you will not be my ally...YOU WILL BURN!" Smaug opened his mouth to blast even more fire than before, but whilst it was open, Sauron threw his Black Arrow into Smaug's mouth and down his throat. Smaug screamed and gaged and coughed. "Bleed!" Sauron chuckled. Smaug then dropped to the ground like a stone. Smaug the Tyrannical, Smaug the Stupendous, Smaug the Last Great Dragon of Middle Earth...had fallen to the Dark Powers of Dark Lord Sauron.

Expert's Opinion[]

Despite Smaug's great size, strength and Durable hide, Sauron's Dark Magic, Powerful Weaponry and Great Intelligence ultimately triumphed over Smaug. Sauron was immune to Smaug's fire as Sauron has control over fire and had adapted to it. His Magic was too much for Smaug to battle and due to Sauron being a brilliant stratagist, and how powerful his Army and Realm is, it was very likely that Sauron would bring a Black Arrow if he was to face Smaug.

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The battle was declared unfair for Smaug since the original author used Sauron at his peak who could easily defeat the dragon using his vast and powerful magical abilities.