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The Skynet Funding Bill is passed. The system goes on-line August 4th, 1997. Human decisions are removed from strategic defense. Skynet begins to learn at a geometric rate. It becomes self-aware at 2:14 AM Eastern time, August 29th.
— Narrator

Skynet is a highly advanced artificial intelligence. Once it became self-aware, it saw humanity as a threat to its existence and decided to trigger the nuclear holocaust Judgment Day and deploy an army of Terminators against humanity.

Skynet is at full-fledged war with the Resistance in 2018. It has mass-produced Series 600 Terminators that it is using as primary foot soldiers as well as its Non-Humanoid Hunter Killers.

It is also kidnapping humans en masse to study their skin for the upcoming Series 800 Terminator. Skynet is also actively seeking to capture and terminate both John Connor and Kyle Reese, key persons of the Resistance.

It succeeds in deploying a different tactic than before, fooling Resistance command by faking a vulnerability in the Terminator signals. By using the tactic, Skynet located the USS Wilmington and destroying the submarine along with the high-rank Resistance commanders and officers. However, it fails to kill John Connor and Kyle Reese and suffers a tremendous setback when Skynet Central is destroyed.

Battle vs. OmniCorp (by Deadliest Issue)[]

5 EM 5 T-800

In a Skynet factory,5 EM 208s are searching for the Skynet main computer to destroy it due to the Omnicorp's fear of mass destruction caused later.An EM sees a shut downed T-800,but then the EM detects the T-800 is going to wake up,EM shot the T-800 with the Armor Piercing round

5 EM 4 T-800

4 T-800s emerge and shoots their Miniguns.One EM was caught and get destroyed

4 EM 4 T-800

The other EM shoots with the Flamethrower round but effects a little on a T-800 and then rushes to the Terminator and kicks the head into the ground

4 EM 3 T-800

A T-800 sees an M27 Westinghouse Plasma Rifle and shoots it to 2 EMs and the 2 EMs countered with 2 accuracter shots

2 EM 3 T-800

The EM sees an explosive barrel and kicks it to the Terminators and shoots it and it explodes

2 EM 0 T-800 5 T-1

Out of nowhere,5 T-1s emerge and barrages the 2 EMs with the Chainguns but one managed to destroy one.

5 ED 0 EM 4 T-1

An ED-209 bursts out of the window and shots the T-1s with the Cobra Assault Cannon

5 ED 2 T-1

The T-1 "Rushes" to the ED and shots to the face with the minigun

4 ED 2 T-1 5 HK Aerial

5 HK Aerials bombed the place unknowingly with the T-1s inside the factory,all destroyed

5 XT-908 5 HK Aerial

An HK spots an incoming XT and shoots it but XT's speed managed to prevail the shot and counters with the Surgical Bomb Units to 3 Aerials

5 XT 2 HK Aerial

The 2 HK Aerials split up and 3 pursuits and 2 pursuits.The firsts HK shots a burst of Missiles to the 2 XTs and managed to bring it down

3 XT 2 HK Aerial

The other HK Aerial goes down to a trench below the pursuit area and the XTs follow the HK but then the HK stopped and when the XTs are still down,it drops bombs.

1 XT 2 HK Aerial

A XT bursts to the HK an destroys the whole body by ramming itself to the Hunter Killer

1 Vs 1

Now the XT spots the HK Aerial and flies towards it,ready to bring the Micro Missiles.The HK Aerial also bursts into speed and when they both almost crashed the HK counters the Missiles with it's own missiles too and finishes the XT with the Machine Guns,then the HK goes back to the Skynet main compute room

Winner : Skynet

Expert's Opinion[]

The Skynet has managed to declare a war on the Earth and nearly destroyed it all.So facing a private civilian corporation is OK for Skynet although Skynet nearly lose technology to the Omnicorp

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Battle vs. Flood (by Prometheus5)[]

Battle being written.

Winner: It is a Tie.

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Battle vs. Separatist Droid Army (Legends) and Borg Collective (by Astrotorical)[]

A fleet of driod ships are flying at light speed, in pursuit of a group of republic supply ships. Suddenly they are pulled out, warnings flashing every where. The commander of the flagship vessel, general grievous, frantically begins ordering his troops, attempting to solve the problem. "Navigations, report our status" "Sir, we are picking up an error, it seems--" "Why arent we at lightspeed, is there a fault in the hyperdrive!?" "Ughhh.. we are at light speed sir, it seems we have come into the vicinity of a black hole, sir" "communications, instruct the fleet to fall back from my position" "Sir, communications are malfunctioning as well as the sensor array and all of the droid fighter escorts have been pulled in side"

Meanwhile, a fleet of borg cruisers return from assimilating a star system. They increase their speed, leaving the planet's orbit and entering warp. "adjusting parametres, sensors active, shields offline, weapons offline,warp drive online.. Warning warning, gravity well detected, altering direction. Moving all available power to engines, moving emergency power to hull integrity. Primary systems begining to fail.." as the two fleets enter the darkness, the borgs vision blurs as their mechanical parts lose power, as does the rest of their ships and the CIS fleet. then the light returns, as the power flickers on and they find themselves in front of a lone planet.. To the droids, this planet is unfamiliar, and they attempt to scan the planet before them. But to the borg, this planet represents a victory greater than any they have had before. "scanning planetary system.. Current location:Sol system, Planet: Earth, United Federation of Planets. Scanning for any starfleet ships. Unidentified fleet approaching. Sending transmission" meanwhile on the bridge of the droid flagship.. "what was the status of the scan" "a population of humanoids and droid technology. Possibly a droid force attempting an alliance the natives. They appear to be a colony with metal based projectiles...slug-throwers sir...sensors are picking up another vessel in the area..a second vessel has just entered short range sensors.. an alien fleet is in orbit general" "Republic?" "no sir, infact the CIS Database has no information on that type of vessel" "General, receiving a transmission" raise the shields"

"*We are the borg. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile" "charge up all weapons and tell the fleet to open fire on any and all vessels on my command" the borg ship begins to raise their shields and charge up their weapons after scanning the droid ship "transporting drones to surface, moving power to shields, firing main weapons" "sir the alien vessel has sent soldiers down to the surface" *FFZZZTT!!* "what was that?" "we were hit by some sort of photon based weapon" "return fire, garrison our troops on the surface and send out the fighters"

On the planet below, a group of hunter killers and moto-terminators are transporting some humans to a camp when some of them are hit by a phaser blast. The moto-terminators quickly escape the explosion as a garrison of borg energises. the remaining HK's dispatch their harvesters, while a wing of borg scout ships attack them while the moto terminators attacked the borg ground forces. A number of CIS landing craft dispatch some super battle droids and a squad of droidekas, which immediatly roll off after the moto-terminators and the super battle droids fire at the borg. The droid landing crafts lift off as their vulture droid escorts fire at the harvesters which in turn begin to swipe at them and shoot at them. Up in space the battle rages on. One of the cis freighters explodes and begins to fall under the planets gravity but not before a number of newly destroyed borg cubes explode and begin to plummet. The droid fighters aided by a wing of bombers begin their attack run on a borg cube but are quickly destroyed by the photon torpedoes, only to be replaced by another two wings. Fighting their way through the cross fire the bombers drop their payload, and aided by the turbo lasers of their capital ships, destroy its shields. The bombers break off while the vulture droids blast a hole into the side of the cube they fly inside and reek havok among the borg ranks. The vulture droids are eventually assimilated into the hive mind but it is too late as trans-warp core overloads and the ship explodes. On the planet below, the borg quickly adapt to the droids weapons fire and take out a number of the super battle droids before being taken by a harvester. A lone moto-terminator returns to the scene, attacking the droid forces before being destroyed by the pursuing droidekas. A borg sphere flies over head, aided by its scout ships and fires at the harvesters, destroying them as it is in turn fired upon by a fleet of droid tri-fighters. The droid vultures circle the last remaining harvester as it goes down by a barrage of proton bombs. With only a few ships left, the borg spheres activate there time travel drives and the remaining borg cubes plan a collision coarse onto the surface. the resulting explosion from the trans-warp drives destruction, eliminate the remaining skynet force, vaporising them. With a victory at hand, the remnants of the CIS fleet plan their next coarse of action. "general, the enemy fleet has retreated and the alien droid technology has been defeated." "any other ships in range?" "we have detected an energy surge, much like what was seen before arriving here" "engage the hyper drive, i think we have found a way back..."

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The battle was disregarded because no information was given on the warriors involved.