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Maybe... but he made RAAM look like a goddamn pushover.

Before Emergence Day lead to the Locust horde bursting out of the Serra's soil and invading the human-controlled COG to take back their home planet, Skorge was the High Priest of the Kantus, the Locust that served as monks learning in the ways of their believes and praising their highest deity, the Rift Worm. As leader of the Kantus, only Skorge was permitted to speak directly to and command the massive Rift Worm, an art practiced through screams. Other screams used by Skorge and the Kantus allow them to heal their allies and selves in combat, direct their troops and summon and order the lesser Rock Worms in the hollows.

When General RAAM was killed during the Lightmass Offensive, the Rift Worm was awakened from its slumber in the underground Hollows, allowing Skorge to advance in rank to Queen Myrrah's highest ranking general. Commanding the Rift Worm to attack, Skorge was able to sink entire cities and population centers underground, devastating the human ranks and leaving the COG desperate enough to launch an invasion on the Locust controlled underground. After a number of successful counter-attacks on the COG forces, Skorge found himself unable to cope with both the invasion of the COG, the breaking out of a Locust civil war between the Lambent Locust and the regular, and his duties to defend the Queen. Marcus Fenix and Skorge battled in the Queen's throne room, but the Gear proved too effective in battle and overpowered Skorge, forcing him to retreat on his Hydra. Marcus and the rest of Delta Squad pursued the Kantus on Reavers, eventually killing the Hydra, leading Skorge to fall to his brutal death.

Battle vs. Arbiter (Ripa 'Moramee) (by JoseEscobedo115)[]

No battle written


Expert's Opinion[]

Skorge's ability to heal thanks to his Kantus calls was a gamechanger in this battle, and when combined with his far superior mobility, his disruption-based weapons like the Ink Grenade and his superior firearms allowed the Kantus to take the battle.

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