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If it's just an game, at least be brave enough to run towards the guns and die!
— Sinon to an scared teammate

Shino Asada (朝田 詩乃, Asada Shino), better known under her online name Sinon (シノン, Shinon), is a major supporting character in the Sword Art Online series of light novels. She one of the best players in the VRMMORPG shooter Gun Gale Online and a close ally of Kirigaya Kazuto, better known as Kirito. Because of an incident in her youth where she disarmed and killed a robber with his own gun in front of her mother, Sinon had developed a phobia of firearms. In the hopes of helping her overcome this phobia, her friend Kyouji Shinkawa introduced her to Gun Gale as a form of exposure therapy.

During a string of murder committed seemingly through Gun Gale by a player who dubbed himself 'Death Gun' in late 2024, Sinon aided Kirito, who was investigating the murders for the Japanese government. During the 'Ballet of Bullets' tournament, they uncovered the true identity of the killer as being Kyouji and Shouichi Shinkaw, the former of whom would kill the victims in real life while the latter controls the Death Gun avatar. Though they tried to Sinon and Kirito, the killers were subdued and arrested.

Afterward, Sinon continued to play Gun Gale and occasionally joined Kirito and his friends in other VR games.

Battle vs. Python (Metal Gear) (by Laquearius)[]


Winner: Sinon

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