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We evolve beyond the person that we were a minute before. Little by little, we advance with each turn. That's how a drill works!
— Simon

Simon was born in Jeeha Village, one of many subterranean civilizations on Earth in the far future, and orphaned at the age of seven as he saw his parents getting crushed before his eyes during an earthquake. The incident traumatized him and gave him a harsh phobia for earthquakes. He eventually befriended the local gang leader, Kamina who eventually recruited Simon into his gang called Team Gurren. The two became so close that they started to call each other brother.

One day, Kamina was caught while he tried to escape to the surface and was jailed. While Simon was helping him break out Jeeha Village is attacked by a large mech while a girl with a gun, by the name of Yoko Littner comes in to stop it. Simon, Kamina, and Yoko were able to defeat the mech with a smaller mech, Simon found earlier that day.

It was then revealed to Simon and Kamina that the surface world is being ruled by animal/human hybrids called Beastmen who pilot giant mechs called Gunmen. Deciding to free the surface world from the Beastmen, Kamina and Simon joined Yoko in her fight against the Beastmen.

Simon succeeded in overthrowing the Beastmen and their king Lordgenome at the cost of losing Kamina, but soon discovered their reason for ruling Earth and oppressing the human population. Would they develop any further, a being called the Anti-Spiral would come out to Earth and wipe it out in order to prevent a galaxy-wide apocalypse. With the aid of Team Dai-Gurren, Simon managed to defeat the Anti-Spiral and convinced they would be able to stop the apocalypse.

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Battles here were deemed to be unfair or otherwise not in accordance with wiki standards, and have been removed from the statuses of the warriors and displayed below.

Battle vs. Blackheart (by MrPacheco101)[]

Prelude: Soulless[]

The Spirit World

Within the Spirit World of the Spiral Universe a battle ensures between the deceased members of Team Dai-Gurren and a dark, malevolent being. “Dammit Kamina , what the hell are we gonna do!?” A blonde hair man said impatiently. The blue hair tattooed youth turns his head to face his impatient comrade. “We stand in fight until we can’t fight any more Kittan.” He said. “Are you crazy!? There are only four of us left!” The blonde man then clenched his fist. “But Zoushi , Kidd , Aiika , Jougan , and Barinbou all perished without even hitting him! It pains me to say this Kamina, but I think we should retreat.” He said putting his head down. Kamina grabs Kittan by the collar.”And leave their deaths unavenged!” he yells.” I thought you were a man Kittan, we must fight and avenge our fallen comrades.” A hand is placed on Kamina’s left shoulder; the blue haired man turns around and sees a tall, muscular, bald man with a goatee . “There’s no need to come in conflict with your own ally Kamina, he is not the enemy you seek.” He said. “You’re right Genome, sorry Kittan for attacking you.” Kamina then let’s go of the blonde haired man. “Our true foe is over there.”A short, bald man said pointing his finger straight into the distance. All four warriors look at the same direction and see a dark, robust figure with quill like hair and dark red eyes standing before them, its arms crossed and its long slender tail wagging around freely. “You will be avenged my friends!” The short bald man then pulls out a katana and charges at the dark being, all of a sudden the bald man transforms into a giant, blue shogun like Gunmen with two katanas.”DIEEEEEEE!!!!!” the bald man yelled in rage as he lifts his Katanas at the dark being, but the being didn’t move one bit. The figure stared at the gunmen with his demonic red eyes and said. “Burn.” All of a sudden the blue gunmen burst into black flames. “Grauuuuuggghhhhhhh!!!!!!!!” the bald man screamed in pain as the blue flames covered his body. The blue gumen‘s body then disintegrates revealing the burnt body of the short bald man. The dark figure then grabs the bald mans body by the throat.” Come to me.” The figure said. The bald mans body then turns into blue energy and is absorbed by the dark figure. “Makken!” Kittan yells in despair as he sees his fallen comrade being absorbed by the dark figure. “Damn you! You’re gonna pay!” Kittan then transforms in a golden, star-like gunman with a lance and shield. The golden gunmen then charges at the dark figure “Take this!” kitten then raises his lance and attacks the Dark figure. With a mere thought, the dark figure pushes Kittan far away. ”Pathetic.” The dark figure said disgustingly. “I wouldn’t use that word so loosely.” A voice said from behind. All of a sudden a pair of arms locks them themselves between the dark figures arm. The dark figure turns his head to see that Genome was the culprit who did this, the former Spiral Lord then smiles slyly at the black beast. “Now Kamina and Kittan do it!” he yelled out. “That’s our queue Kittan!” Kamina said as transforms into his gunmen Gurren. “Right on!” Kittan then points his lance at the shackled being. “Space Sunbeam!” the lance then fires a burst of yellow energy at the demonic being. “Double Boomerang!” Kamina then throws his dark sunglasses at the dark being. The two attacks combine in mid-air to form an even more devastating attack of massive destruction. “What a bright light.” The dark figure said calmly, he then turns his head to face Genome. “Too bad you’re gonna be caught in it.” He said to the Spiral Lord. “What!?” All of a sudden the dark figure disappears before Genomes very eyes. The Spiral Lord is then hit by the combination of Kamina and Kittan’s attack, ripping Genome in half. “No!!!!!!!! Genome!!!!” Kittan yells as he sees his comrade ripped apart. “Heh…outsmarted…again.” Genome said weakly as he hits the ground. The dark figure teleports next to the ripped corpse of Genome and grabs the upper body. “Tisk…tisk such a waste, but don’t worry your soul will be useful for my cause.” The dark figure then absorbs the Spiral Lords body into its own; the figure then turns his head to face the final two warriors. “And now there’s only two” The specter said and then he disappears into thin air. “Dammit where did he go?” The two figures began to analyze their surroundings closely to see if their foe will pop up around them. Unbeknownst to Kittan the dark figure transports behind him and plunge his hand into blonde haired man’s backside. “KITTANNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!” Kamina yelled as his friend has now become one of the figure’s victims. “It’s such a pity that your friend won’t be alive to see the end of this era.” The figure said as he absorbs Kittan into its own body. The figure then turns his head to face Kamina. “It’s a waste to use less than a percent of my powers on you pathetic fools.” He said to the blue haired man.” Less than a percent!? He must be bluffing.” Kamina thought to himself, he then clenches his fist. ”Your gonna pay!” Kamina charges at the dark figure and try to land a blow, but Kamina stops midway for no apparent reason. “What the hell!?” The dark figure begins to chuckle “Hahahaha what a pitiful attack from such a worthless hero.” The dark figure clenches his fist causing Kamina to be ripped out of his gunmen shell and float before the dark beast. “You’ll never win! My friends won’t let you get away with it.” Kamina said to the dark being. The shadowy figure grabs Kamina by the throat and pulls him closer to its menacing face. “Oh really? What if I told you that I took all of your friend’s soul! Dyakka , Roussio , Leeron , and your love Yoko have become one with me.” Kamina began to laugh. “It doesn’t matter, I know that one person in the world will stop you dead in your tracks and you’ll soon learn not to mess with us humans!” The blue haired man said to malevolent being. “My my such a strong spirit you have for your people, I’m gonna enjoy breaking you bit by bit.” The dark figure then starts to chuckle once more.

Battle 1: Earth[]

Outskirts of Kamina City, Nighttime

Within the outskirts of Kamina City the elder Simon is traveling where the vast winds takes him, he is accompanied by his pet mole Boota .” Man Boota I hope we hit a town soon, it be real nice to sleep in bed for once don’t you think?” hr asked his pet mole. “Boo Boo!” the mole said in agreement causing the elder man to chuckle. Simon looks up into the vast night sky, looking at the millions of bright stars. “I wonder what everyone is doing right now?” he thought. Boota began to nudge Simon’s neck. “Hmm what is it Boota?” The mole starts to point his nose in straight direction. Simon turns his head and sees a man lying next to a rock. “Hey good eye Boota, he might know where a nearby town is at.” The elder Spiral warrior then walks up to the sleeping man. The man had long quill like black hair wearing a ragged black cloak over a pair of torn up white shirt and pants. “Excuse me.” Simon said to the sleeping stranger. The man opens his eyes and stares at Simon. “What do you want stranger?” the man responded. “I was wondering if you know any towns that are nearby.” Simon said. The man points his arm to the left.” There’s a town a couple of miles east from here.” The man responded. A smile appears on Simon’s face. “Thanks for the help stranger.” He said and then went on his way. An evil grin appears on the stranger’s face.

After a couple miles of walking Simon stops and sees a sign standing before that reads Christ’s Crown. “Christ’s Crown, what weird name for a town eh Boota.” Simon said as walks into the town. The town had everything a library, a bar, a restaurant, a city hall, and a couple of local shops, but something didn’t feel right to the Spiral warrior it was very…quiet. “Where is everybody?” Simon said as he looks around desolate town. “Looking for a place to stay stranger?” A voice said from behind. The voice startles Simon and he slowly turns around. “Huh?” A woman in her mid 50’s with brown hair and cold, blank grey eyes wearing a rustic style dress stands before him. “I said looking for a place to stay stranger?” she said once more. “Y-yeah.” Simon responded while scratching the back of his head. A smile appears on the elderly woman’s face “Well I got a bed & breakfast place, so why don’t you come with me.” The woman turns around and begins to walk with Simon following suit. A door opens revealing a colonial style living room as the woman and Simon walk in. “You’ll be sleeping upstairs.” The woman said while she walks up the stairway with Simon right behind her. “Wow, I guess we hit the jackpot Boota.” Simon said to his pet mole. “Boo boo!” the mole barked in agreement. The woman opens one of the room doors revealing an eloquent looking bed with a canopy, cherry wood dressers, and a bathroom. “This is where you will be staying.” The woman said as Simon enters the room. “Nice.” Simon said while looking around. “Breakfast will be served around 8:30, so sleep well stranger.” The woman said as she closed the door. Simon takes of his brown cloak and boots and flops onto the bed with Boota crawling onto his chest. “Ahhh it’s great to be sleeping on a bed eh Boota.” Simon said. “Boo.” Was the only word the mole said as he snuggles onto his master’s chest. “Haha you can say that again, well good night buddy.” Simon then closes his eyes and drifts into sleep.

Simon a voice calls out. The Spiral warrior wakes up with sweat coming from his brow. “Who’s there?” Simon said, as he looks the darkly tinted room, suddenly a girl appears out of the shadows. “It’s you.”The girl had light blue-lemon colored hair and blues eyes while wearing a pink dress . “Nia.” Simon said looking at the young beauty. The young girl smiles warmly at Simon. “Yes Simon it’s me.” The girl said warmly. “But you’re supposed to be dead.” Simon said, shocked to see that his true love is alive once more. Suddenly Nia jumps onto the bed and embraces Simon. “I was, but then I came back once more just to be with you.” She said while burying her head into Simon’s chest. The Spiral warrior was hesitant since his love suddenly appears before him after death, but he soon returns the young girl’s embrace. “I don’t know how you done it, but its good to be with you again Nia.” Simon joyfully. “Same here.” Nia responded back. The two lovers looked at each other deeply and embraced with a kiss, the two lovers lips parted away and Nia once again lays her head on Simon’s chest. “Hey Simon can you do me a favor?” the young girl asked. “Anything my love.” Simon responded back while brushing her hair gently. “Kill yourself Simon.” Nia said bluntly. Simon stops brushing Nia’s hair and stares at his love. “I-I’m sorry can you repeat that?” Simon said confusingly. “I said kill yourself Simon.” Nia said cheerfully. “What do you mean Nia.” Simon said seriously. “You know what I mean Simon, suicide. Like go hang your self with a barb wire or slit your wrist and slowly bleed to death… stuff like that.” The young girl said with a bright smile. “Wait a minute Nia would never say those things, just who in the hell are you!?” Simon said, pushing the fake Nia away. The fake woman starts to giggle sinisterly. “Snap I thought this form would’ve easily made you cut the strings for easy picking, guess I was wrong.” The fake voice changes into a dark, male, charismatic voice. “What are you talking about? Just who the hell are you!?” Simon demanded. The fake Nia starts to chuckle and looks at Simon with dark red eyes.. “You’ll find out soon enough, if you’re still alive.” She said calmly as she slowly disappears. “Wait a minute, just what do you mean by if I’m still alive?” Suddenly Simon’s vision goes black. Simon opens his eyes and sees the woman that let him stay at her place hovering above him with a knife. “Die!” she yells as she plunges the knife into Simon, but the Spiral warrior rolls out of the way just in time and off of the bed. Simon then gets up and looks at the crazed woman. “What are you nuts!?” he yells. An evil smile grows on the woman’s face. “Now deary just calm down and let me release your life for it is my lords command.” Her eyes then change from gray to a dark shade of red. “Your crazy as hell if you think I’m gonna let you do that.” He said to the insane female. “Oh you don’t have a choice deary it’s his command, so please just DIE!” The woman then charges at the Spiral warrior and tries to stab him once more, but Simon grabs the woman by the arm and throws her out of the way. “I don’t have time for this, come on Boota let’s get out of here!” The Spiral warrior said. Simon runs into the window in the room and crashes into it, landing on the ground with ease as the shards of glass fall afterward; Simon then looks up and sees the entire townsfolk surrounding him, their eyes gleaming red. “Kill. Kill.” They all said in union as they come closer to the Spiral warrior. “Just what the hell is going here?” Simon thought to himself as the townsfolk come closer and closer to him. What will you do Simon? Are you going to kill them to save yourself or are you gonna let them rip you to shreds a voice said in Simon’s mind. “What?” All of a sudden the townsfolk began to swarm all over the Spiral warrior, trying to rip him to shreds with their bare hands and teeth. “Grauaaggghhhhh!!!!!” A spark of green energy appears above the townsfolk, and in a flash all the townspeople were pushed far away from the Spiral warrior by an unseen force. “No one will be killed tonight.” Simon spoke aloud. A clapping sound can be herd from behind Simon. “Wonderful! Such a passive way to showcase your powers Simon magnificent.” Simon turns around and sees the man who gave him the directions to this town standing before him. “You! You’re behind all this!” Simon shouts in anger. “Well I guess you can say that, I mean they do have the same eye color as their master.” The man said with a sly grin. “Let these innocent people go you bastard, it’s me that you want.” Simon demanded. The man suddenly began to chuckle. “Innocent? Oh my dear boy these people are far from innocent, but then again isn’t all of humanity far from being innocent?” The man said looking at his mind-controlled puppets. “Just what the hell are you getting at?” Simon questioned. “Don’t you ever wonder Simon, about your reasons on protecting these people? They steal from each other, kill each other, rape reach other, and even betray their own savior. Do you ever wish to destroy those who betrayed you Simon?” The man preached to the Spiral warrior, suddenly a dark aura starts to cover him from head to toe. “What in the world?” Simon looks in awe as the man transforms into a large, black hulking figure with quill like hairs, dark red eyes, and a long tail. “Just what in the hell are you?” Simon said in awe. “What am I? Why I m many things Simon. I am greed, I am lust, I am wrath, I am greed, I am pride, I am the son of man, but I am mostly known as Blackheart. “ The entity said while politely bowing to Simon. “And I have come to this world for one thing.” He said looking at Simon with his hellish red eyes. “And what is it that you want Blackheart.” Simon asked the demonic entity. A gleam of delight appears in Blackheart’s eye.” I want you to join me Simon! Join me in overthrowing the foundation of this dying race’s holy beliefs of righteousness. Join me in creating a new era where humanities freewill can breed its true self of corruption and greed. Join me and I shall give you everything you ever dreamed of!” The demonic entity said reaching his hand to the Spiral warrior. Simon started to laugh in Blackheart’s face. “As if I’m gonna join you. Even though humanity has its flaws it’s not what you depicted it, from what I’ve seen through in my life every person would rather help each other out in the darkest of cause instead of leaving them to suffer. So if I were you…” The ground began to crumble below the spiral warrior, sparks of Spiral energy surrounding him. “ Hahahahha go figure. Either way Simon you will help me in my cause whether you like it or not.” Blackheart said as dark energy surrounds his body. “So bring it Blackheart.” Simon taunted to the demon. “With pleasure.” Blackheart clenches his fist and all of the townsfolk turn to skeletons.

The Demonic entity then shoots a beam of dark energy at the Spiral warrior, but he dodges the blast with ease. “Is that the best you got?” Simon then charges at Blackheart and punches him square in the face, sending him crashing into the Library building. Blackheart gets up from the rubble and brushes himself off. “Hahahaha my my such strength you have no wonder people revere you so much as a hero, but it’ll take more than that to stop me.” Blackheart then disappears into thin air. He teleports behind Simon and slams both of his fist in the back of Simon’s head knocking the Spiral warrior into the ground; Blackheart then grabs Simon by the face. “Nothing personal, but I’m going to enjoy breaking you apart.” Blackheart charges his hand with dark energy and blast the Spiral warrior in the face knocking him into the distance. Simon gets up from the ground and wipes the blood trickling from his mouth. “Not bad, you throw quite a punch Blackheart now let see if you like this.” Simon then punches the ground sending a tremendous shockwave towards the son of Mephisto, but the demon barley budged as the shockwave hits Him straight on. “Is that it !? Now let me show you true power Spiral warrior.” Black raises his hand up in the air causing several buildings to pull up from the ground; he then pushes his hand forward causing the buildings to hurl over Simon. The Spiral warrior then creates an energy barrier, shielding him from any damage as the buildings come crashing to. “What’s the matter Blackheart? Is that all you got?” Simon taunted. The demonic entity flies up into the air. “Oh my dear boy I’m using only a mere quarter of my powers for the likes of you.” A small black ball appears in Blackheart’s right hand, he then throws into the ground. The black ball hits the ground with a small thud; suddenly the black expanded itself into a miniature black hole that’s about the size of the town, a flash of blue energy bursts out of the hole. “What in the world!” Simon looks in awe as Blackheart showcases a mere quarter of his strength.” FEEL MY WRATH MORTAL!” The demonic entities eyes glow red as giant shards of rock coming from the netherworld burst out of the hole at about 250 miles per hour, the rocks tears the entire town to shreds. Simon’s energy protects him for a little while until a couple of shards ripped the barrier apart, piercing and slashing into Simon’s flesh. “Ahhhh!” The Spiral warrior screams in pain as he gets by an endless barrage of sharp rocks. “Hahahahaha face it Simon you’re now match for my strength! So lets make this simple for both of us and just- SHUT UP!” Before Blackheart can finish his sentence the Spiral warrior silences him. “ I don’t care if you use all of your strength I’m not going to join your stupid cause!” A glow of green energy covers Simon’s left hand. “So lets make this easier for both of us and…” Simon then raises his glowing hand up in the air. “ Just DIE!” Simon’s glowing hand then turns into drill that is 20 times larger than the Spiral warrior himself. “Giga Drill BREAKER!!!!!!!!!!!” The Spiral warrior then drills himself towards his opponent, piercing into every rock that gets in front of him. “My my such an admirable decision, but it will be your fatal mistake!” Blackheart then puts his left hand in front of him, causing a barrier of dark energy to surround him. The Giga drill crashes into Blackheart’s barrier, causing their two energies to clash against one another. “Face it Simon you’re no match with me, so just GIVE UP!” Blackheart pushes his barrier against Simon’s drill. “Never Blackheart not now…not EVER!” With one push Simon’s drill breaker breaks into Blackheart barrier, ripping apart the demonic entities left hand. “Grauuuuuuggggghhhhhh!!!!!!!” Blackheart screams his pain as the Spiral warrior takes one of his arms.

The black hole then disappears leaving the ruins of the town known once known as Christ’s Crown; both warriors then land on the ground at the same time. “Not so high and mighty now since I took that left arm of yours eh you evil bastard.” Simon said to the injured demon. “ I misjuged you Simon, you’re far more powerful than I imagined.” Blackheart said looking at the equally injured warrior. “ But don’t get cocky just yet, because this battle is far from over.” Suddenly a portal rips open behind Simon. “What the!?” With a mere thought Blackheart pushes the Spiral warrior into the portal and closes it. “ Waaaahhhhh!!!!!” Simon yells as he spirals into the hellish wormhole. Blackheart was right this battle was far from over.

Battle 2: Hell[]

Simon lands on the ground with a large thud, he then slowly starts to get up. “Ugh. My head.” Simon groaned while rubbing the back of his head. The Spiral warrior then takes a good at the environment he is in and becomes baffled at the sight; words couldn’t describe what he saw. Rigged sharp mountains cover the landscapes, flames burst out of the grounds like flaming geysers, and millions of starving looking people flood the land with despair and hopelessness. “What is this place?” To Simon this land makes the illusions he had against The Anti-Spiral look like a sweet dream. “What do you think?” A voice said from behind Simon. The Spiral warrior looks behind and sees the demonic entity Blackheart with his left arm fully attached. “Welcome to hell Simon, my domain! The land where the dammed are sent to, where those you have saved go to for their corruptive nature, and where you will spend here for the rest of your life hahahahahahahah!” Blackheart bellows, laughing maniacally. Simon’s temper starts to rise. “SHUT UP!” The Spiral warrior charges at the demonic entity and punches him in the face, ripping his head from his body with ease. “hahahahaha my my Simon such a temper, but you won’t kill me that easily.” The disemboweled head of Blackheart said as it hits the ground with a thud. “This is my domain, only my rules apply. I am the all seeing one here while you are obsolete!” Suddenly Blackhearts body and head seeps into the ground without a trace. A crooked road then appears before Simon. “If you want me Simon then by all means go right ahead, because I have something especially store for you.” Blackhearts voice echoed from a distance.

Simon then follows the crooked path to Blackheart’s domain; a group of accursed souls followed him from behind. Save us they constantly whispered to the Spiral warrior, but he ignored their pleas for he has know time to deal with the damnation of the dead…for now. “Just what is he? Why is he here? Where did he come from?” Simon ponders on the thoughts of his mysterious foe Blackheart who knows more about him than he knows about the demonic entity. “Well whatever he is I won’t let him take this world’s freedom away!” Simon said to himself, determined to take down this mysterious nemesis. “Simon.” A voice called out in the distance. “Who said that? Was it you Blackheart?” Simon said trying to get a respond. “Simon.” The voice called out weakly, but it wasn’t Blackhearts. The voice is coming from the end of the crooked road. “Whoever is calling me, is definitely not that black bastard.” Simon runs as fast as he could to find out who has been calling him. As he reaches the end of the road he sees a small figure of a man from a distance. “What the?” Simon then takes a closer look and sees a worn out, torn body of a blue haired man shackled to the ground. “Dear god, Kamina!” The Spiral warrior rushes to be by his soul brother. “My god bro what are you doing here? You shouldn’t be in this place.” Simon said. Kamina then looks at Simon with his cold blank eyes. “Where you when I needed you?” he asked. Simon was confused by his friend’s statement. “W-what do you mean bro?” Simon asked. “Where you when I needed you Simon? I was crying your name when he took me away!” The broken man cried out. “ I didn’t know Kamina, I di- Silence!” Simon was interrupted by his friend. “Do you know what he did to me Simon, do you!? He made my life a living hell, an endless torment!” Kamina clenches his fist. “ But I had my hopes up Simon I knew that someday you will come and rescue your friend soon, but that day didn’t come and all that was me turned to dust.” Tears begin to flow under Kamina’s soulless eyes. “What are you talking about bro? I’m here just as you said and I will take you away from this desolate place.” Simon tries to reason with his broken friend, but with no prevail. “It’s far too late for that Simon, all that I want from you is revenge!” Suddenly a dark aura begins to surround Kamina. The vengeful warrior then transforms into a darker more sinister version of his gunmen Gurren. “Now you will feel my pain!” Kamina tries to slam his fist into Simon, but the Spiral warrior dodges at the last moment. “Kamina what the hell are you doing!? Its me your bro.” Simon pleaded to him. ‘Im not your bro Simon not anymore.” Kamina then charges at Simon and tries to punch him once more, but the Spiral warrior dodges the attack once again. “Just what the hell is going on here? Why would he fight me so ferouciostly.” Simon pondered, suddenly a mysterious figure traps Simon between his arms. “What the?” Simon turns around only to see another familiar face. “Kittan!” The Spiral warrior is shocked to see another one of his allies dwelling in the netherworld. “Kamina is not the only one who wants a piece of you, we all want to have some too.” The fallen warrior said. Simon then finds his fallen allies Makken, Zoushi, Kidd, Aiika, Jougan, and Barinbou appearing before him theirs now shade of dark red. “What’s going on here?

Why are these things happening?” Simon thought. “Hahahahahaha! How ironic the men you fought by your side are now here to rip out your sides, priceless!” A familiar voice calls out. Simon turns his head to the side and sees his nemesis Blackheart sitting lazily in his crooked throne. “Blackheart! This is all your doing! Why are you here!? What is your purpose for coming to this world?” Simon screamed out. The demonic entity started to chuckle. “My Simon your like a baby wanting to suckle their mother’s breast! Very well then I shall give you the answers you seek.” Blackheart then transports himself in front of the bound warrior. “You see my dear boy I’ve come from a world similar, but far more different than yours.” Blackheart holds Simon’s face up by the chin. “ I was only a cesspool of evil that man has created over the decades in a town known as Christ’s Crown, until a hellish Lord known as Mephisto my father gave me life. He helped me explore the nature of evil under his care, that is until I tried to overthrow him. My first time was a failure and that bastard sealed most of my powers, but the second time fared quite nicely with a little help from a friend and I gained all my powers back plus more! Soon I was the new Lord of Hell with nothing to loose and everything to gain, but that was all cut short when the Rider and his allies banished me from their dimension.” Blackheart clenches his fist for that this memory brought s much anger that dwelled within him. “Soon I found myself aiming wandering aimlessly from one dimension to another, until I found myself in your world Simon.” Blackheart glared into Simon’s hateful eyes. “ And so I watched everything that happened in this world from a distance and I watched everything Simon from your victory against the Spiral King to your untimely wedding with your beloved Nia. Soon I realized it was time for me proclaim my rule over this world and it’s surrounding, but in order to do so my dear Simon I needed the souls of the heroes that saved this world from damnation.” A gleam of delight appeared within Blackheart’s eyes. “And who better to serve that role than the great Team Dai-Gurren .” Simon’s eyes start to widen when Blackheart utter that word. “No.” Was the only word that Simon spoke. “Oh yes, and they’ve been dying to see you Simon!” Blackheart then raises his hand; soon Simon’s allies and friends Roussiu, Yoko, Gimmy , Darry , Leeron, The Black Siblings , Dayakka, Tetsukan , Reite , Attenbourough , Gabal , and Viral appear before him crucified upside down in a cross of thorns, their eyes emotionally blank. “No! Yoko! Gimmy! Leeron! Evreyone!!!!!” Simon screamed begging to hear a response, but none came. “Hahahaha they can’t hear you SIMON! They lost their free will! Their hopes! Their dreams!” Blackheart taunted, pulling Simon’s face to his. “Now the only thing they have is the will to serve their new master ME HAHAHAHAHAHA!” Blackheart laughs in front of the Spiral warriors face causing his blood to boil. “You bastard I’ll kill you!” Simon screamed trying to get out of Kittan’s grip. But with no prevail. “Indeed I am a bastard! I will admit taking the souls from the living members prove to be a cinch, although the deceased members did put up a fight when I reached them but they soon learned of their fate and accepted.” Blackheart said looking at his slaves holding down Simon. “Now to finished my conquest I needed one more soul, the soul that was purest among the heroes of this world… and that soul is yours Simon.” Blackheart looks at the chained Spiral warrior. “So as a reasonable businessman would do I offered you a chance to join me in my cause and save you from the fate that your friends experienced, but as the fool you are you refused my offer and tried to fight me… a dire mistake.” Blackheart’s tail crashes into the ground. “So I’ll give you one more chance Simon. Join me or suffer eternal torment.” Blackheart reaches his hand towards Simon expecting the right answer. A slew of thoughts slammed into Simon’s head like a jackhammer. Man this guy is way stronger than the Anti-Spiral maybe I should give in and face the truth. Was one of Simon’s thoughts. No I can’t give in and betray my freedom for this freak, I saved this world once I’ll save it again even if it kills me! So many thoughts were swarming in Simon’s head that it began to make the situation he is in even worse, until something struck him. Save us a voice calls out. “What?” Simon said to himself. Save us the voice called out again. The voice sound familiar to Simon, he heard it before. Save us The voice called out once more. Simon looks at the enslaved souls of his friends that are holding him captive and sees tears of blood coming down, it was them that we’re calling out to him to save them… With a new revelation Simon knows what he needs to do. “Well do you have a decision Simon?” Blackheart asked. A smile appears on Simon’s face. “Yeah, you can have your deal and SHOVE IT UP YOUR ASS!” Simon replied back. Blackheart’s fist starts to clench. “A fatal mistake.” Blackheart said. “Oh yeah? Well who gives a damn this battle has already been decided in my favor.” A burst of Spiral energy comes for from Simon. “W-w-hat!?” Blackheart is surprised that Simon’s powers are working in his own realm. “ I finally realize something about you Blackheart you get your kicks from seeing someone suffer, well how do you feel when they become free from your control!” Another burst of Spiral energy comes out from Simon once more. Suddenly Makken, Kamina, Zoushi, Kidd, Aiika, Jougan, Kittan, and Barinbou bodies turn to light and is absorbed by Simon. “How can this be!?” Blackheart is shocked to discover Simon’s powers are increasing by the moment. “Rossiu, Yoko, Everyone Time to wake your sorry asses up now!” The Spiral warrior yells out as he raises his hands up in the air. A spark of life appeared in each of the crucified captives eyes and soon they are alive once more “Ugh…. What happen? Wait why am I like this!?” Gimmy said realizing that he is crucified. “ I don’t how I got into this position but it feels so goood!” Leeron said with a blush.. “Ugh… Simon? Simon! Oh Simon you better tell us what the hell is going on here and why am I like this!?” Yoko screamed out after she realized what kind of situation she is in. “You better tell us what the hell is going on here Simon!” Viral yelled out. Simon smiled. “ Listen you guys I have no time to explained what has happened, but to make it short and simple there’s a new threat to our existence I need your help so are you guys with me?” The Spiral warrior said. Realizing what must be done they all shook their head in union. “YES!” They all yelled together. Suddenly all of the captive members of Team Dai-Gurren’s bodies turn into celestial light and is absorbed by Simon. “Prepare yourself Blackheart to face the true power of Team Dai-Gurren!” The Spiral warrior yelled as a pillar of Spiral energy appears before Simon. “What is happenng!?” Blackheart yelled. The Spiral warrior known as Simon then transforms into a giant gunmen that is 30 times larger than the demonic entity known as Blackheart.

The giant gunmen had the same design as the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann , except that it had a more bulky shoulders, Four sets of angelic wings from behind, golden eyes, and white color finish; Within the Gunmen Simon and the rest of the gang have changed from their wrinkled elder selves to their younger adult self due to the rejuvenation of the Spiral energy. “Mark my word Blackheart. This drill will tear open a hole in the universe! And that hole will be a path for those behind us! The dreams of those who’ve fallen! The hopes of those who’ll follow! Those two sets of dreams weave together into a double helix! Drilling a path towards tomorrow! We are Ultimate Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and we drill towards the path to the heavens!” The Gunmen then points its finger up to the sky. “Just who the hell do you think we are!?” They all said in union. The ground beneath Gurren Lagann starts to shake. Blackheart’s eyes start to glow red. “You think growing into some giant robot is gonna scare ME!” The Demon entity then grows to size of Ultimate Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, both towering over the netherworld. “ This is MY world got that!? Only my rules apply no one elses! A world where I am God and your are nothing but a insignificant ant!” Blackheart said poking the gunmen’s chest. “And it’s time to teach you a lesson on obedience!” Blackheart then slams his hand over Gurren Lagann’s face and slams the gunmen into the ground with a loud crash! “Go screw yourself Blackheart!” Gurren Lagann then kicks Blackheart in the stomach knocking him back and the gunmen quickly gets back up. “Your rules don’t apply anymore.” The mighty gunmen charges at the demonic entity and tries to land a right hook, but Blackheart grabs the gunmen’s fist before it can touch him. “We’ll see about that!” Blackheart then slams his head against Gurren Lagann’s; The gunmen counters the attack by grabbing the demon by the arm and slamming him overhead onto the ground, Black hearts eyes glow red and he shoots a blast of dark energy from his eyes into the Gurren Lagann’s head knocking the gunmen back. Blackheart gets up and tries to land an uppercut on Gurren Lagann, but the gunmen blocks the attack and roundhouse kicks the demon in the sides. Blackheart counters the attack by tripping the gunmen with his tail and stomping on its chest with his feet. “This battle is mine, so just give up!” Blackheart heckles as he stomps on the fallen gunmen, suddenly Gurren Lagann grabs Blackheart’s feet. “Never.” A portal rips open behind the demonic entity. “ Impossible! Nobody can do that in this dimension except me!” He said while looking back. “This battle is far from over.” The pilots of Gurren Lagann said in union and then they push the demon into the wormhole.

Final Battle: Super Spiral Universe[]

Blackheart appear out of the wormhole first. He looks around and finds himself floating in deep space, with multiple galaxies surrounding it like bright looking stars. “So this is where the anti-Spirals fall.” Blackheart said. “And this where you will fall also Blackheart!” A familiar voice called out. Blackheart turns around and finds Ultimate Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann standing before. “Ohhhhh I’m so scared! You think a change in scenario is gonna help you then you are sorely mistaken Mortal.” The demonic entity taunted. “Wrong! It is the dreams of those who have fallen! The hopes of those you have crushed! And our strong will that will bring us to victory!” They said, pointing their finger at the entity. “Now feel the true strength of humanity!!!!” Suddenly an army of a thousand Arc-Gurren Laganns appears behind the holy mech. Blackheart starts to laugh. Hahahahah so this is the true nature of Spiral Energy. Such Power! Such Beauty!” Blackheart then raises both hands up in the air. “Now feel the true strength of The Demon Lord!” Suddenly thousands of demons of various shapes and sizes appear behind the demonic entity. “Attack!” Blackheart poits his finger towards his opponent and the demons rush in frenzy for bloodlust. The Gurren lagan does the same thing and soon a great war has begun.

In the midst of The Super Spiral Universe a great battle between demons and Gurren Laganns has begun. Demons are tearing into the gunmen’s metal flesh, while several others are burning the Laganns with their demonic hellfire. The Arc Gurren Lagann’s are ripping into the demons with their giant drill, ripping their bodies in two, and blasting them away with their laser blast. Several hundred demons swarm over Ultimate Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. “Take this!” The might gunmen then fires a hundred drills which tear through the first waves of demons with ease, after that the drills then shoots out a flurry of green laser beams which rip through the rest of the waves. Hundreds of Arc Gurren Laganns start to swarm over the demonic lord Blackheart, while another hundred start shooting at him from a distance. “Begone!” With a thought all the Arc Gurren Laganns that were attacking him plus several galaxies are destroyed. The attacks from The AGLs were beginning to annoy the demonic lord, for they were distracting him from the main course…Simon. “Begone you wretched fleas I have no time for this useless squabble!” Blackheart then flies towards his main opponent. The mighty Ultimate Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann sees his opponent flying towards him. “Finally the real battle is about start.” The gunmen soon flies off towards his destined foes, Their eyes burning with rage over one another as they see each other coming closer and closer together. “SIMON!!!!!!” Blackheart arches his left fist back. “BLACKHEART!!!!!!!” Gurren Lagann arches its right fist back. Once they came close their fist clashes with one another, which causes an explosion of their energy destroying their armies plus a couple of galaxies. The two warriors then punch each other in the face at the same time causing them to get knocked back; The warriors recover and kick each other in the stomach at the same times causing them to knock themselves back again. Gurren Lagann pulls out a twin set of katanas.”Grauughhhh!!!!!” The mighty gunmen start to charge at the demonic entity ready to hack him to death. A pair of blades burst out of Blackheart’s forearms and soon the two warriors start to clash blades. The warriors clashed blades amongst themselves with neither one of them giving in, until Blackheart ensares Gurren Lagann by the neck with his tail and throws him off. The gunmen soon recovered from the assault and fired a flurry of green lasers at the demonic entity.

Blackheart counters the attack by firing a beam of demonic energy that negated the lasers. “It’s time to end this demon!” Gurren Lagann’s hand transforms into a drill that’s twice the size of the universe they are fighting in. “Ultimate Giga Drill Breaker!!!!!!!” Gurren Lagann then aims the drill at Blackheart. “Take This!!!!!!” Blackheart shoots a blast of Dark Energy That’s equal proportion to the UGDB. The two attacks clashes against one another with neither one giving in. Gurren Lagann soon pierces into Blackheart’s Dark energy blast coming closer to the demonic entity. “Die mortal.” Blackheart adds another burst of Dark energy to the blast trying to hinder the gunmen, but with no prevail. The gunmen soon starts to sacrifice each celestial body until only Simon was left holding the drill. “No it can’t be!!!!!!!” Blackheart says as Simon comes close to him. “IT ENDS NOW!!!!!!” Simon then plunges the Giant Drill into the demon’s chest. Simon is then standing behind Blackheart who now has a hole in his chest. “Its ove Blackheart you loose.” Simon said. “NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!” Blackheart screams out as his body explodes destroying The Super Spiral Universe.

Simon is then teleported to the desert; he now looks like his elder self. “Rest in peace my friends.” He said looking up to the sky. “Its finally over.” A smile appears on the warrior’s face. “Oh no the contrary my friend, this battle his far from over.” A familiar voice said from behind, then something is plunged into Simon’s back. Simon turns around and sees Blackheart, alive and well with his hand plunged into Simons back. The demonic entity then lifts Simon up in the air. “B-but how!?” Simon asked in shock. “ Silly fool evil can never be destroyed for it can be reborn once more.” Blackheart proclaimed, he then absorbs Simon’s soul and tosses the body away. The Spiral warrior’s soul glowed in the demon’s hand. “ Hahahahaha it’s finally mine! Now this world no this universe belongs to Blackheart!” The earth then crumbles below the demon’s feet.

Epilouge: The Age of Blackheart[]

Deep within the hellish landscape of what was called Earth Blackheart is sitting lazily on his throne, his feet resting on the back of Simon whose eyes are emotionally blank. “Ahh what a glorious day it is to be king don’t you say Darry?” Blackheart said looking at his soul slave who is right by his side. “Indeed Blackheart would you like a drink of wine.” The girl said holding up a pitcher. “Indeed my slave.” Blackheart lift his cup up and the girl poured out his wine. The demon takes a sip of his drink and walks up to the Cliffside, looking at the souls tortured from down below. The demon then looks up to the blood-red sky and lifts up drink.

“Soon Ghost Rider I’ll be coming for your world next.”


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The battle was declared invalid for buffing Blackheart's telekinesis to the point that it could rip planets in half.