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I can kill anything that lives, even if that thing is God!
— Shiki Ryougi

Shiki Ryougi was born to a family of skilled martial artists who were descended from "demon hunters" in late 20th-century Japan, Shiki was born with two personalities, one male and one female. Shiki was hit by a truck sometime in her final year of high school, placing Shiki in a coma for two years from 1996-1998. During her coma, Shiki loses her male personality, stating that "he" died in her place.

Shiki also gains her signature power "Mystic Eyes of Death Perception" allowing her to see "the mortality of all things", essentially enabling her to kill any living thing, destroy any object, and dispel any magic with only her trademark knife. The mystic eyes manifest themselves as lines that only Shiki can see or interact with. Cutting a line will bisect an object, in the case of a human, often severing a limb, while thrusting into the point where the lines meet will instantly kill any living thing, destroy any object, or dispel any magic. Shiki also has a magical prosthetic arm that can grip objects from a range and grip spirits. Shiki also has superhuman speed, enabling her to lunge with her knife a distance of three meters at extreme speeds. Also, using a katana, Shiki can extend her lunge distance to nine meters.

Battle vs. Saint of Killers (by LokoDito)[]

The vampire Cassidy suddenly woke up from a seemingly long nap. He found himself in an unfamiliar street, in a place unknown to him. Scared, nervous, and had no idea what the hell was happening, he looked around and deduced that he was in some Japanese city. He didn’t know how he got there; he probably got drunk and wasted for a whole week after finally becoming human, and probably jumped on some boat or plane. Now, he needed to get himself together and find a way to get back home.

He walked to the streets, trying to talk to people and hoping one of them can speak English and help him. Sadly, that was not the case. Not giving up yet, he went to the park, and saw a white-haired African-American girl he thought was American. Without delay, Cassidy went to the girl in the hope that she can help.

“Hullo?” Cassidy asked. “Little miss. Can ya help me? I don’t know where I am and I don’t know where ta’ go. Do ya know where the American embassy i—”

But before he can finish, he saw another girl, this time a black-haired Japanese. And in front of them was another much younger white-haired girl dressed in some god-awful magical girl costume. The white-hair girl yelled “Miyu!” before both the African-American girl and the Japanese looking girl locked their tongues and Frenched each other.

Cassidy just stood there. His eyes widened in disbelief and his mouth wide open and shaking. He then ran away in total shock and trauma, “Dafook is this place!!!!!”

But then, he felt his leg gave up on him and bursted in pain, and he fell to the ground. He yelled as he saw that his leg was actually cut off, and behind him was a teenage black-haired girl in red. It was the legendary demon killer Shiki Ryougi, and she stood there and looked at Cassidy with sinister eyes. “Where is GOD?” she said.

“What ya talkin’ about?” The Irish vampire can only ask in fear.

“I have boasted for many years that I could kill anyone,” Shiki replied. “And that includes God. I know that you have made a deal with Him a while back to become a human. But now I want you to tell me how to get to him.”

With tears and fear in his eyes, Cassidy begged, “Please… leave me alone. God is dead. The Saint has killed Him. Go to him he is the one ya want!”

And with that, Shiki finally finished him off with her Mystic Eyes and knife. It’s been decided now, that if she can’t kill God, she’s going to kill the man who killed Him. It is time for her to be on the hunt once again.

The being known as the Saint of Killers sat comfortably in his throne in heaven. Around him were the decaying corpses of thousands of angels he had slain. He didn’t mind the smell of rotting holy flesh or the atmosphere of death around him. He IS death… and now he is also life. He is God now and he is the center of the universe. Simply put, he was now the ultimate badass. But then, he felt a disturbance in the air. He saw the soul of the now-dead Cassidy, shouting at him and telling him of a mysterious girl who bragged that she had the power to kill anyone, even God. The actual godkiller, though uninterested at first, grew curious. He then stood up from his throne and walked. Wanting to know who or what this power was that Cassidy spoked, he went to back to Earth to find out.

Shiki was in her Japanese suite, sitting in her patio and meditating in the night, before her activity was interrupted by an uninvited guest. The Saint came walking in not minding the customs of the Japanese where one should take off his shoes when entering another person’s household. He stomped his dirty boots on the floor as Shiki watched. The young girl took a sip of tea and smiled; her opportunity has finally come.

“What’s yer name lil’ girl?” The Saint of Killers asked with a deep, almost hellish but booming voice.

“It doesn’t matter. None of it wouldn’t matter,” Shiki said with a calm and stoic tone. “Not to you anyways when I finally erase you from existence.”

And with that, Shiki stood up and attacked the Saint with her spirit hand and tried to choke him. But the Saint was unfazed by this attack, and he just stood there without much care to what she was doing. Without any delay, Shiki threw a tanto at the Saint’s face, which only bounced off like it was made up of rubber.

Undeterred, Shiki ran to him and gave the Saint multiple slices with another tanto knife. But she couldn’t even make a dent, and her attempts made her knife shatter into a million pieces. Shiki then retreated by flipping back to her original position. She knew that she was in deep trouble as none of her traditional attacks worked.

As the Saint stood there and waited for Shiki to make another move, Shiki started thinking and needs to make a decision quick. She knew that ordinary attacks wouldn’t work, and that she had to unleash her eyes right there and now since she couldn’t even draw a drop of blood off this bastard. The Saint continued watching with curiosity, and knew that something was up.

Shiki unleashed her eyes, and it widened and saw the Saint’s lines. Even though this guy was immortal, she saw all the lines of his morality ripe for her picking. She saw EVERYTHING that she can cut and dissect. She used her spirit grip to grab the knife she threw and readied herself.

With blinding speed, she dashed towards the Saint. She can feel the air and her heart accelerate as she got closer to her target. And Shiki couldn’t wait any longer, she was really excited to finally cut those lines and achieve her objective.

The Saint on the other hand, just took a glance at the speeding girl, and without any trouble just drew his gun and shot the demon hunter right on the spot. Shiki couldn’t believe the godly speed that the Saint had and even though she tried to dodge it, the magical bullet was for some reason, unescapable. It tore through Shiki’s head, and her body crashed into the furniture of her suite. She was dead alright, with her corpse lying on the ground, eyes wide open and blood-covered mouth open in disbelief.

“I couldn’t take it any longer. You bored me lil’ girl,” The Saint said as he spat on the floor. He then left like a badass and left that corpse to rot in the night.

Expert's Opinion[]

Experts believed that while Shiki’s Mystic Eyes were more powerful than the Saint’s Divine Colts, the Saint of Killers still won because of his superhuman speed and inhuman accuracy that made sure he will be the one to strike first. One strike was enough for him to win the day.

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Battle vs. Michael Wittmann (Dies Irae) (by SPARTAN 119)[]

December 24th, 2006, it was cold winter's night in Suwahara City, night before Christmas. The downtown of the city was bustled with activity, countless couples on dates, as was the Japanese tradition of the foreign holiday, the Christmas lights and lighted storefronts glittering around them. By contrast, Tsukinogawa High School was deserted, its windows darkened, the students having gone home even before the usual winter holidays, the school being shut down early out of concern for the students after a few mysterious murders earlier that month.

But this was no ordinary Christmas night. The sixth point of the swastika-shaped portal that would herald the return of high-ranking Nazi turned occult abomination Reinhard Heydrich had been opened, allowing his three "Einherjar", Heydrich's most powerful servants, to return to Earth. On roof of Tsukinogawa High School, one of the three, the tank ace Michael Wittmann, now an amalgamation of machine and sorcery with the power to end any existence with his bare fists, a literal Deus ex Machina, descended to earth. The somber knight turned towards to center of the city, where he could sense the soul of his destined adversary. Before he could make his way to their destined battleground, however, he sense another attacker behind him...

Shiki Ryougi burst through the roof access door of the high school and lunged through the cold night air. She had been sent to this city on a mission of utmost importance. Her client had uncovered intelligence that a the little-known Nazi occultist organization, the Longinus Dreizhen Orden would converge on Suwahara to enact the ritual to return their leader, a man believe by most to be dead, to Earth and pave the way for his ascension to godhood. Furthermore, the mysterious murders and accidents in the city over the last month were no coincidence: The ritual had already begun! Protected for any normal weapon save perhaps a nuclear warhead and even the ravages of 60 years of time itself by a macabre sorcery powered by the life force of thousands slain, the LDO thought there was nothing that could stand in the way of their final victory, their Dies irae.

But they had not expected the power of Shiki's Mystic Eyes of Death Perception. With this power, even the "armor" of Die Ewigkeit would be pierced by a single strike. Shiki's eyes glowed with an ethereal blue light as she lunged at superhuman speeds, her Mystic Eyes revealing the lines of death, the inherent mortality of all things, on her target. It would be over with a single strike.

At the last second, Machina evaded the attack. Compared even to other LDO members, his movements were sluggish, but still far faster than a normal humans. Nonetheless, as a veteran of millions of battles with the hellish "Valhalla" he was forced into after his death, Machina was all to familiar with detecting an attack from a faster adversary.

With Machina's last-minute evasion, Shiki's sword, the magical katana Kanesada Kuji instead cleaved through the chain link fence surrounding the rooftop, before continuing to slice a park bench clean in half. With the power of Shiki's Mystic Eyes, the blade cut through all without distinction, slicing through the fence as easily as though it were made of paper.

Machina remained unscathed, having evaded the strike, and spoke in a low voice, most unlike what would expect of a proud warrior going to battle. Instead, Machina spoke with with a sullen, downtrodden voice, like one resigned to their fate. "You are like me, but I do not sense you are my destined adversary. And yet you lack but a single soul- none but one who has taken hundreds of thousands of souls for a desire such as mine, for the final warrior's death I was denied, should be able to wield such a power."

"You're 60 years overdue to die, Michael Wittmann!", Shiki replied, sword in hand, "I am here to correct that!"

"Your knowledge of my past changes nothing. My fate was determined the moment I triumphed in that gauntlet of malice I was forced into after I should have burned alive in the wreckage of my tank. Since that, I serve because Herr Heydrich wills it, There is no force in the universe that can stop him.", Machina said.

Then, Wittmann retaliated, Shiki ducking his all-ending fist, which instead struck an air conditioning unit, which exploded into pieces, spraying sparks and arcs of electricity as it was destroyed. Shiki hardly even registered the pain as a fragment of the AC grazed her side, only barely drawn blood. Shiki then made an inhumanly fast lunge across the roof, appearing to normal human observer to have teleported.

But Machina was no normal human, with his ability to sense the soul of his target given by Die Ewigkeit, Machina swung his fist forward in a right hook. The blow struck something solid, but it was not Shiki's body. Instead, Machina's fist struck Shiki's sword, the blade snapping in half as Machina's fist destroyed it as it would any other object. Shiki did a rapid backflip, evading the a second upward strike from Machina, before appearing to teleport about three meters and drawing a knife.

"Your resistance is admirable, but futile. This world will fall into Herr Heydrich's Gladsheimr, there is no force in existence that can stand before his power.", Machina said as he prepared another strike.

"I wouldn't be so sure of that!", Shiki replied, "I can kill anything that lives, even if that thing is God!"

"I tire of this jest. Time to end this.", Machina responded, "Death, O glorious, final death! Savior of man! My heart, drowned in venom, ravaged by time, may beat its last within your embrace. May spear’s wound, may venom’s bane, all perish at your coming. Aye, behold! This festering void gnawing at my soul... Clasp your blade, draw your steel! And plunge deep, deep till the hilt! Hark, brave knights, and know this: As the sinner finds his last refuge, his anguish done. So shall divine light be shower’d from the heavens above. Beriah: Midgardr Völsunga Saga!"

Machina kept maneuvering, able to evade even Shiki's faster speeds even as he recited the aria to his Beriah. As he spoke, a great iron gauntlet covered his fist as his blasted forward like a shell from from a tank gun. At the last second, Shiki jumped into the air going over Machina's head. Instead, Machina's fist impacted the entrance the roof access stairs of the school. The impact completely annihilated the entrance, erasing it from existence and leaving on a hole in the roof in its place.

Shiki, however, was unscathed, and she lunged forward again just as Machina turned around and brought his all-ending fist forward as Shiki's Mystic Eyes glowed an ethereal blue. It was the clash of an unstoppable force and an immovable object. As the two were about to make contact, Shiki moved at inhuman speed beyond even that of Machina, evading the strike of his all-ending fist and made a strike with her knife. The blade cut thorough Machina's arm with far more force than a normal blade of that side should have, instantly severing his all-ending fist. A fraction of a second later, Shiki plunged her blade into Machina's origin.

Machina collapsed forward, falling face down on the roof. Would his soul simply return to Heydrich's hellish "Valhalla" like it had so many times before, or would Shiki's Mystic Eye finally grant him the final end he had desired for over half a century? Shiki did not know or care about that particular detail, he was but one target destroyed, of the twelve more she had to destroy this night.

WINNER: Shiki Ryougi

Expert's Opinion[]

Shiki Ryougi won this battle because of her superior speed and reach with her sword and dagger. In a clash of two foes who could both one-shot the other, Wittmann's durability conferred no real advantage, while his speed, described as slower even than weaker enemies, would allow Ryougi to run rings around him and get into position for a killing blow while evading his attacks.

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Battles here were deemed to be unfair or otherwise not in accordance with wiki standards, and have been removed from the statuses of the warriors and displayed below.

Battle vs. Voldemort (by SPARTAN 119)[]

Shiki Ryougi walked into a dark graveyard, knife in hand. In front of her stood a mass men in black robes and masks, centered around a white-skinned man with slit-like nostrils similar to those of a snake.

"It appears we had a guest, stand aside, I must 'welcome' her", Voldemort said, commanding hid Death Eaters to part, Allowing Voldemort to walk out and face Shiki.

"What brings you here tonight, Muggle?!".

"You are Lord Voldemort, right?", Shiki responed with another question.

"As a matter of fact", Voldemort said, almost mockingly, "I am"

"Oh, I see, you certainly are evil, I guess...", Shiki said drawing her knife, her mystic eyes glowing bright blue "I'LL HAVE TO KILL YOU!"

"You think you can kill me, Muggle?", Voldemort asked, "I who have walked further along the path to immortality than any man?"

Shiki laughed at this, "It matters not, I can kill anything that lives, even if that thing is God!"

"We shall see about that", Voldemort said as he raised his wand and shouted, "Avada Kedavra!"

A beam of green light flew at Shiki. Ryougi raised her knife and made a perfectly timed slice, which made contact with the beam, dispelling the death curse.

Voldemort looked surprised, but quickly regained his composure, "So, there is more to you than there appears, Muggle", he said.

"Mystic Eyes of Death Perception", Shiki said, "I can even kill your spells!" Shiki lunged at Voldemort with her knife, but Voldemort disappeared. Shiki looked left and right, Voldemort was nowhere to be found. Suddenly, she heard the whoosh of an Avada Kedavra curse flying through the air. Ryougi dodged three meters to the right, so fast she seemed to teleport. The curse missed and shattered a tombstone.

Shiki turned on the spot, making another lunge at Voldemort, who apparated out of the way again, reappearing on top of a large, seven-foot-tall statue on top of a particularly ornate tomb. Shiki attacked Voldemort, missing and hitting the tombstone, causing it to crumble.

Shiki coughed as she inhaled the dust from the shattered tombstone. As she coughed, she was struck by a spell from Voldemort. Shiki did not die, it was not an Avada Kedavra curse. Instead, Shiki screamed in pain as she felt the sensation of heated knives piercing every inch of body.

Shiki fought against the pain caused by the Cruciatus Curse, she had felt far worse, she'd been hit by a car and had her arm torn off. Shiki grabbed Voldemort's wand with her Spirit Grip and snapped it in two. The pain stopped at once.

Shiki lunged at Dark Lord, who said in Parseltongue, "Nagini, kill her!"

The giant snake slithered in front of Shiki. Ryougi sliced through the snake, decapitating it. Voldemort seized the wand of one of the Death Eaters and aimed it at Shiki, but she was to fast for him.

Shiki's Mystic Eyes glowed, showing her the lines running through Voldemort's body, running out from his "origin". Shiki sliced across each of the line running along Voldemort's limbs, slicing each of them off in a spray of blood, before she thrust her knife right into Voldemort's origin, finishing him off. The Dark Lord was no more.

WINNER: Shiki Ryougi

Expert's Opinoin[]


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The battle has been declared unfair because of Shiki's Mystic Eyes of Death Perception.

Battle vs. SCP-682 (by SPARTAN 119)[]


After an Experiment (REDACTED) confirmed that it is possible to bring persons from SCP-826 into reality by maintaining physical contact with the person as you remove the contents from the bookend, much in the same manner as is possible with an inanimate object. The person will be returned to the world of the story by replacing the story into SCP-826 and removing the book/DVD/other media without making physical with a character. Command has approved attempts to bring a fictional character into reality in an attempt to destroy SCP-682.

Cross-SCP Termination Experiment T-98816-OC108/682-826B

Item: SCP-826 equipped with a DVD box set of the anime movie series Kara no Kyoukai

Additional Notes: Experiment was proposed by Research Assistant (REDACTED). The experiment involved the use of SCP-826 to bring Shiki Ryougi, a character from anime Kara No Kyoukai into existence in an attempt to neutralize SCP-682. Ryougi possesses a power known as "Mystic Eyes of Death Perception", which allows her to see the "origin" of an object, and, by attacking the aforementioned "origin", can kill any being, even those which are normally immortal. Ryougi works for a paranormal investigation service, so it should be possible to hire Ryougi to terminate SCP-682 through the use of this ability. As 682 has shown himself unwilling in attempts to lure him back into 826, RA (Redacted) proposed attempting to transport Ryougi into our reality to eliminate 682. Should this fail, a D-class subject will be used to place 826 into 682's containment chamber and place Kara no Kyoukai in the bookends.

Record of initial entry into Kara no Kyoukai universe via SCP-826[]

Subject: Agent (REDACTED) Equipment: one (1) File containing data on SCP-682, one (1) Briefcase containing 1000,000 Japanese yen, one (1) watch, one (1) Glock 17 9mm semi-automatic with extra cartridges, one (1) hidden video camera attached suit.

'R'esults of Experiment: Agent (REDACTED) placed Kara no Kyoukai DVD box set from Research Assistant (REDACTED)'s personal anime collection into SCP-826. The scenery immediately changes to that of an apparently abandoned building, actually the headquarters of a paranormal investigation agency known as "Garan no Dou". Agent enters and immediately ascends the stairs to the fourth floor, where business proprietor Aozaki Touko's office. The agent find Aozaki and Ryougi present in the office at the time.

Transcript of conversation is as follows:

Agent: "This is the Garan no Dou agency, you are Aozaki Touko, correct?"

Touko: "Correct. To be honest I'm surprised you found us. You must have business with us."

Agent: "Correct, my name is "Smith, John Smith", I have need of the specific talents of Shiki Ryougi."

Shiki: "Specific talents, you must be talking about my eyes. I didn't think anyone knew about them apart from Touko and Mikiya.

Agent: "I have my sources. In any case, I require your services in the termination of an extremely dangerous hostile paranormal entity designated SCP-682. The information should be found in this file. You will of course be well-paid for your services *opens the briefcase of cash*"

Touko (perusing the files): "There's a lot redacted in here, but it seems like you intend to have Ryougi use her powers to circumvent this thing's regenerative abilities.

Shiki (reading the files over Touko's shoulder): "Looks easy enough, I'll take the job if you're fine with it"

Touko: "Just make sure you return Shiki to me in one piece!"

Agent locates SCP-826 on a bookshelf, and suddenly grabs Shiki as he removes the DVD from the bookshelf. The scenery of the movie dissolves, however Ryougi remains in the room.

Agent states that he has used an esoteric form of magecraft to transport himself and Ryougi to the containment facility. Ryougi is introduced to a number of facility staff, including Dr. (REDACTED) and Research Assistant (REDACTED), and escorted to the first airlock of SCP-682's containment facility.

Main Battle[]

NOTE: This section of the battle is written in "story format" rather than "report format".

Ryougi entered the third and final secure blast door door to the temporary containment chamber, which Ryougi was to face SCP-682 in. The room was a large, steel-walled chamber with nothing inside except for a large reptile, about five meters long and a meter and a half tall similar to an oversized crocodile, but armored with bony plates.

SCP-682 opened its mouth to speak. The monster said in very low-pitched voice "This is what they send to destroy me?! This filthy creature armed only with a blade. There is no wound I cannot recover from. You will die like the rest of your worthless species!"

"So you're SCP-682...", Shiki said, "I'm sorry, but you're going to have to die!",

SCP-682 gave a low-pitched, evil laugh and said, "You came from that device, didn't you... The last time I went in there, I met something that said it could kill me... I tore it to a thousand pieces! There is nothing in the universe that can kill me!"

"I wouldn't be so sure of that", Shiki said, her Mystic Eyes starting to glow blue, "I can kill anything that lives, even if that thing is God!"

At that, Shiki and 682 lunged at each other, each with the intent kill the other. Shiki struck first, swinging her katana, slicing off the front half of SCP-682's jaw, and then severing one of its front legs.

With SCP-682 incapacitated, at least for a couple seconds, Shiki used her Spirit Grip to grab one of the large bony protrusion's on 682's back, jumping onto the creature's back. Ryougi pointed her katana downwards, ready to plunge the blade into the reptile's "origin".

Suddenly, a powerful shockwave of energy was emitted from 682's body. Every atom in Shiki's body seemed to vibrate as she was launched in the air and slammed into the roof of the containment chamber, before striking striking ground, dropping her katana in the process. SCP--682 stepped on the katana, snapping it clean in half

SCP-682 had by now regenerated his limbs and jaw, and rounded on Shiki, who rolled out the way to avoid a strike from 682's massive claws, which almost decapitated her. Shiki drew her tanto and ran at SCP-682, trying to get under him and attack his "origin" from below.

SCP-682 spun around, striking Shiki in the side of his bony tail club, knocking the artificial arm she wore since she lost her arm in a fight with Asagami Fujino. Shiki, however, was unphased, and sliced off 682's tail with her tanto.

The monster roared at the loss of its tail, and spawned two tentacles with sharp points from where his tail was. The spikes struck Shiki right in the eyes, causing her to scream in pain.

"I thought so", the Keter-class SCP said, "Without those eyes, your nothing but a worthless sack of bodily fluids!"

SCP-682 then tore off of Shiki's left leg and devoured it, spraying blood around the room. This was then followed by the rest of Shiki's limbs. After losing her second limb, Shiki grew too weak to even scream. She weakly spoke final word, the name of the loved on she would never see again, before she expired: "Mikiya...."

SCP-682 messily devoured Shiki's corpse, spraying blood all over the enclosure. As the reptile finished its mean, its eye (all 15) began to glow blue.

"What hell are these lines?", 682 yelled angrily, flailing about. As his claw struck the enclosure, the metal was sliced open, allowing 682 to escape.

Several guards fired on 682, to little effect. The reptilian horror slew them with even greater efficiency thanks to Shiki's eyes.

"In your efforts to kill me, you made me unstoppable. Now witness the end of your race, human filth", 682 said, "but first I have some business with 173 to attend to..."


Final Report[]

Cross-SCP Termination Experiment T-98816-OC108/682-826B

Item: Shiki Ryougi of Kara No Kyoukai, equipped with tanto and katana used in original media. Materialized for SCP 826.

Tissue Sample Test: N/A

Termination Test Record: Ryougi engages in combat with SCP-682, severing frontal limbs and part of the head before attempting to attack 682's "origin". SCP-682 releases a shockwave from its body, throwing Ryougi to the ground. After engaging in combat for three additional minutes, SCP-682 releases two spiked tentacles that destroy Ryougi's eyes. Ryougi is then messily devoured by SCP-682. Upon consuming Ryougi, SCP-682 gains Ryougi's "Mystic Eyes of Death Perception", using them to destroy the wall to the containment facility, causing (REDACTED) casualties. SCP-682 is finally disabled through the use of aerially dispersed napalm and returned to acid immersion. It is not known how long SCP-682 keeps the "Mystic Eyes", as his eyes are destroyed by the napalm and acid immersion, though they are not present as of a next containment breach as of (REDACTED). All other SCPs stored at high-security sight (REDACTED) remained contained, though SCP-173 was found broken into hundreds of concrete fragments. As of (REDACTED) SCP-173 has not reformed in any way, and has been reclassified as neutralized.

RA (REDACTED)'s copy of Kara no Kyoukai now features an episode where Ryougi is accompanied by a figure matching an "anime-styled version" of Agent (REDACTED) to an unknown location. After not Ryougi does not return for a week, Mikiya Kokutou and Aozaki Touko attempt to locate her, to no avail.

Notes: As of this incident, all attempts to use SPC-826 in the neutralization of SPC-682 have been suspended. We're just lucky 682 did not permanently acquire Ryougi's abilities -Dr. (REDACTED)

Expert's Opinion[]

While Shiki's Mystic Eyes would have allowed her to kill SCP-682 (at least in theory) if she could hit his "origin", 682's ability to adapt to any situation made that exceedingly unlike with Shiki armed only with melee weapons. Though, as one expert pointed out, thing might have gone differently if Shiki had a firearm.

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The battle has been declared unfair because of Shiki's Mystic Eyes of Death Perception.