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Sheik appears on the scene!
— Sheik's splash art

Sheik is the Sheika alter ego of Zelda which she used to evade Ganondorf for several years, aiding Link along the way, teaching him how to play magical songs on the Orcarina of Time.

Once Zelda and Peach were saved by Snake, Lucario, and Meta Knight, they were told to stay put until the Halberd was under their control. Deciding to aid their recuers instead, Zelda transformed into Sheik and fought her way up to the Halberd's deck. There they witnessed Fox's Arwing attacking the Halberd, but were nearly caught in the crossfire. In response, Sheik leapt into the air and teleported onto the Arwing, striking its windshield and forcing Fox to jettison. They fell back to the Halberd and began to fight, but Peach convinced both to back off with tea.

Shortly after, several Mr. Game & Watch copies fell from the bridge and turned into shadow bugs and coalesced to form Duon. The three were soon joined by Lucario, Snake, and Falco who aided them in batteling the robot. Once it was defeated, Duon turned into a trophy of Mr. Game & Watch, which Peach revived.

Shortly after, Sheik and the other heroes journeyed into Subspace for the final battle against Tabuu. Sometime when the Halberd was retaken, but before the Isle of Ancients was consumed by Subspace, Sheik had transformed back into Zelda.

After Zelda was incapacitated by Galeem, Sheik was seperated from Zelda and used as a mold for it's spirit controlled-copies. She was later freed and rejoined her other half.

Battle vs. Zero Suit Samus (Super Smash Bros.) (by Wassboss)[]

No battle was written.

Winner: Sheik

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