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I am Shao Kahn, Konqueror of Worlds! You will taste no victory.
— Shao Kahn

Shao Kahn is the main antagonist in the original timeline of the Mortal Kombat series. A powerful and cunning combatant and ruler of Outworld, Shao Kahn is one of the greatest threats to peace.

Long ago, Shao served as the advisor to Onaga, the Dragon King, before assassinating him and assuming his throne. Now the Kahn of Outworld, Shao continued Onaga's plans for conquest by invading the neighbouring realms through direct conquest or by right of Mortal Kombat, a series of tournaments in which Shao Kahn's champions compete with the defenders. His greatest milestone in this series of conquests was the realm of Edenia, whose queen and crown princess, Sindel and Kitana, he took as his wife and daughter respectively.

Shao Kahn's gaze would eventually fall on Earthrealm, which he nearly conquered through Mortal Kombat, only for his greatest champions, Goro and Shang Tsung, to be defeated at the hands of Earthrealm's champion, Liu Kang. After this failure, Shao Kahn forced Earthrealm to partake in a second tournament, only to be defeated by Liu Kang. Out of desperation, Shao Kahn manufactured a caucus beli by resurrecting Sindel and brainwashing her, giving him an excuse to invade under the guise of trying to rescue his queen. This too failed, as Earthrealm’s defenders successfully repelled the invasion.

Greatly weakened, Shao Kahn was forced to regain his strength. During this time, Edenia managed to break free by allying with the Shokan. However, he would later regain the latter's loyalty by pinning a false assassination attempt on Goro's life on the Edenians. Once again at full strength, Shao Kahn reassumed control of Outworld just in time for the Battle of Armageddon.

Joining the Forces of Darkness, Shao Kahn stormed the Pyramid of Argus and successfully slayed its guardian, Blaze. In the end, Shao and Raiden, Earthrealm’s protector god, were the final combatants of either side who were still standing. Before Shao could strike the final blow, Raiden sent a message to his past self, changing the timeline so Shao could never gain ultimate power.

Battle vs. M. Bison (by Samurai234)[]

M. Bison is walking across a temple resembling Earthrealm. Suddenly, he hears a growl. He turns and sees Shao Kahn, The emperor of darkness, starring at him. Bison yells, "Pyscho Cannon!" and releases a ball of Pyscho energy at Kahn. Kahn, however, puts up his emperor shield ad deflects the attack. He returns fire with a light arrow, which Bison barely avoids. Bison charges at Kahn, but is knocked off his feet when Kahn performs his Charging Spikes attack. He then picks Bison up and hurls him across the arena. Bison gets up and tries to punch Kahn, but Kahn's large size makes it hard for him get good blow. Kahn lands a hard punch and sends Bison flying. He runs in to finish Bison off, but Bison yells, "Pyscho Crusher!", and then charges his right hand with psycho power. He then surrounds himself with psycho energy while flying spinning towards Kan, and send the emperor flying. Bison yells "Scissor kick!" and kicks Kahn. He grabs Kahn, charges his hand with psycho energy, and Yells,"Kneel before my psycho energy!". However, Kahn Summons his wrath Hammer and smashes Bison on the head with the hammer. He then smashes Bison so hard with the Hammer, Bison goes flying, before landing on the ground with a loud thud. Kahn raises the hammer in the air and lets out a yell that echo throughout the Battlefield.

Winner: Shao Kahn

Expert's Opinion[]

Bison's Pyscho energy proved to be a good macth for Kahn, but Kahn's larger size, and strenght is what won this battle.

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Battle vs. Seth (by Lasifer)[]

The Battle starts off with Baraka and Tarktan troops invading Seths base and reaching his office, Seth manages to take down Barkaka and his troops. But then a portal opens up and sucks Seth into Khans Koliseum. Shao Khan yells "Dont make me laugh, this is my oppenent!, He is not even worthy for my precence!" Seth then says "I am more than worthy." and Khan yells "We shall see mortal!" and the battle starts off.

Seth then uppercuts Shao Khan and lands a 4 hit combo on him. Khan falls down then Seth tries to stomp his face but Khan rolls out of the way. Khan then hits him with his hammer into air and crushes him back down. Khan pulls out his sword and tries to finish Seth off but Seth teleports behind Khan and uses his focus attack to tackle him. Khan punches Seth a couple of times in the face then Seth teleports behind him and fires 5 sonic booms at Khan, two of which miss. Khan tosses his Light Spear but misses. Khan tries to find it but it is covered in dirt so he couldnt. Khan kicks Seth on the ground and points at him and yells "Is that the best you got!" Seth grabs Khan's arm and swings him over shoulder. Seth tries killing Khan but Khan kicks him away and hits him with his Hammer. Khan notices a light in the dirt and picks up his light spear and thrpughs it at Seth. It pierces Seth in his Chest, he then pulls it out of his chest and acts like it was nothing. Khan then Pulls out his Sword and lashes 3 times in Seth's stomach. Seth then kicks Khan on the floor and picks up his sword and breaks the top of the blade off the sword. Khan grabs Seth's neck and slams him on the ground while Khan gets up and picks up the broken top part of his sword and jabs it in Seth's chest. He picks up Seth by the neck and shoots off Seth's Legs with his Explosive Balls. Seth, still alive, fires 3 sonic booms at Khan, in which 2 miss. Khan says "Its official, YOU SUCK!" and picks up the rest of Seth, throws him in the air, summons his Wrath Hammer and smashes Seth into pieces. Khan then picks up Seth's Head and yell, "FATAILTY!" and the Audience cheers.

Expert's Opinion[]

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