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It's time to play god.
— The Sentry

At first glance, the man named Robert "Bob" Reynolds looks like any other normal civilian. He lives together with his lovely wife, has a normal everyday job, and lives in a peaceful suburban home. But unbeknown to everyone, he is actually the alter-ego of a long forgotten powerful superhero named the Sentry. When Bob foresaw the return of his archenemy the Void, he is then forced to again become the Sentry.

Although relatively forgotten by other prominent superheroes, Bob tried to get people to remember the Sentry again. Throughout his history, he had worked with other famous heroes and helped saved the world countless of times. The Sentry had taught Angel how to conquer his fear of falling. Peter Parker's photograph of the Sentry earned him a Pulitzer Prize and fame. Hulk had never forgotten the Sentry, whom he called "Golden Man". Under the Sentry's influence, Hulk had been a force for good which had redeemed his violent actions and won the adoration of the public. Mister Fantastic remembered the Sentry was his best friend and that the Fantastic Four had teamed up with him on many adventures. Meanwhile, the general public gradually came to remember the Sentry, as did Reynolds' old sidekick, Billy Turner who was formerly known as the Scout (now scarred and missing a forearm, due to an attack from the Void).

The Sentry would later become insturmental in many of Marvel Comic's modern crossover events such as World War Hulk (where he was the only one to go toe-to-toe with the Hulk) and Secret Invasion. The character of the Sentry was actually made to be a pastiche of Superman together with the other Kryptonian analogue named Hyperion.

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