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They were originally organized with a focus on capturing or killing highly dangerous individuals or groups of individuals.
— Wikipedia

The Search Bloc were Colombia's drug cartel hunters. Trained by the United States's Delta Force and the Columbian Army, and specially selected for being impervious to police corruption. they became more and more effective over the years, and eventually were able to kill Pablo Escobar. Though their mission wasn't with obstacles as there was a spy within the group and were accused of collaborating with anti-Escobar vigilante groups such as Los Pepes. After dismanteling the Medellín Cartel the Search Bloc was transferred to Cali to find and shut down the structure of the Cali Cartel before being disbanded by the Columbian goverment.

However, the Search Bloc was recreated in 2004 to stop and dismantel the Norte del Valle cartel, and once again in 2007 to take down the Black Eagles gang.

Battle vs Special Brigade (by Goodboy12)[]

Search Bloc: BlueBlueBlueBlue Blue Special Brigade: RedRedRedRedRed

In the outskirts of a large Colombian city, five Special Brigade members approach through the grass field. Two are carrying an M79. Meanwhile, in the city, five Search Bloc members are getting into defensive positions in an apartment. Their sniper looks through his scope, aiming at a Serbian, but the man with the M91 blows his head off. Blue The M79 handlers try to get a Colombian in their sights, but the one with the LAW fires and kills one of them. Red The other one survives, but cannot get up. He takes out his CZ-99 and spots the Uzi wielder. He kills him, but the gun fires, killing the Serbian. Blue Red

The remaining three Special Brigade members move in to the house. One with an Uzi fires at the UMP9 handler, killing him. Red The two hide behind the wall. One picks up his UMP9 and kills the Colombian on the staircase. Blue The Serbians move up the stairs, and one enters the attic. His head is shot off by a Galil. Red The last survivor with his AUG ready enters the room and manages to kill a Colombian with a PSG1. Blue

Now the two squad commanders face off. They both pull out their sidearms. They fire at each other until the Colombian has to reload his P226. The Serbian shoots him four times, then punches him onto the ground. Blue The Serb yells "Serbia forever!" in victory.

Winner: Special Brigade

Expert's Opinion[]

The reason why the Special Brigade won is because they could fight better trained groups. The Search Bloc was just not ready for the job. To see the original battle, weapons, and votes, click here.