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Who dares wins.
— Sayeret Matkal motto

The Sayeret Matkal are Israel's main special forces unit along with the Shayetet 13. They are commonly used in counter-terrorism, as well as combat in war. They are modelled after the SAS. As are several other special forces units such as the Australian SAS, Delta Force, Special Services Group, and many others.

Many federal counter-terrorism units are modelled after their hostage rescue tactics. The Shayeret Matkal cross-trains with the SAS and Delta Force. One of their most notable operations is the Sabena hijacking in 1972 whee they rescued 85 innocent passengers from 4 hijackers. The Shayeret Matkal continue to prove to be one of the greatest special operations units in existence and are often compared to units like Delta Force, Navy SEALs, the SAS, Shayetet 13, and many others.

Battle vs. Gurkha (by MilitaryBrat)[]

5 Commandos and 5 Gurkas are patrolling an urban area. The 2 groups meet each other in the middle of a street. They take each other as threats and open fire. 2 Commandos are killed by Gurkas with G36c's and 1 Gurka killed and another is wounded by Commandos' galils.

Commandos: 3

Gurkas: 4

The wounded Gurka is set down in an ally by his comrades. A Commando spots him and detonates the semtex by the Gurka he had set in this very ally 10 minutes ago.

Commandos: 3

Gurkas: 3

A Commando spots another Gurka and shoots him with his Glock 19. In turn he is spotted by a Gurka and shot by the Gurka's Beretta M9.

Commandos: 2

Gurkas: 2

The Commando leader kills a Gurka with his galil and the Gurka leader kills a Commando with his M9.

Commandos: 1

Gurkas: 1

The 2 leaders pull out there knives and begin to do hand to hand. The Gurka has the upper hand at first but the Commando kicks him in the balls and slits his throat and stabs his chest with his Ka-Bar.

Commandos: 1

Gurkas: 0

The Commando pulls out his Ka-Bar, holds it over his head and shouts "ISRAEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!".


Expert's Opinion[]

The Gurkhas were great during the days of WWII, but now they're very much limited in what they do. They aren't really special forces anymore since the UK is using them less and less and using their own forces, like the SAS and SBS, more often. The Israelis had better experience and weapons that backed them up.

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Battle vs. Joint Task Force 2 (by Detective Loki)[]


Expert's Opinion[]

The arsenals were pretty even across the board. As a result, the greater worldwide involvement and experience of Joint Task Force 2 proved to be the deciding factor.

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Battles here were deemed to be unfair or otherwise not in accordance with wiki standards, and have been removed from the statuses of the warriors and displayed below.

Battle vs. Dac Cong (by Sport Shouting)[]

5 Dac Cong troops are heading into a tall building. Approximately 40 yards away, 5 Israeli Commandos enter the back door. 3 Dac Cong troops patrol the floor and 2 patrol the higher floors. The 5 commandos see the Vietnamese soldiers and open fire. In the firefight, 1 Dac Cong soldier is hit by a TAR-21 shot. Dac Cong- 4. The 2 remaining commandos call for backup. 5 seconds after the call, 1 commando is killed by an AK-74 shot. Commandos-4. The backup arrives with 1 infantry man and 1 sniper. The commando sniper quickly picks off the Vietnamese sniper. Dac Cong- 3. 1 Commando calls for a MATADOR and stalls the Vietnamese. He soon gets his weapon and kills 2 Vietnamese men. Dac Cong-1. The last Dac Cong man runs to higher ground. He kills a charging Israeli with his pistol. Commandos- 3. Another commando hears the death and runs upstairs. The Vietnamese man comes up from behind, holds his mouth and shoots his throat. Commandos- 2. Suspicious after 1 minute, the Commandos come upstairs. They see the Dac Cong man running and open fire. All shots miss. The 2 commandos split up. 1 goes back downstairs to check the dead bodies for intel, while the other chases after the Dac Cong soldier. Out of nowhere, the Dac Cong man throws a knee kick at the Commando. It lands and then a palm strikes breaks his nose. The Commando calls for backup. To hold on he smacks the Vietnamese soldier in the temple with his pistol. The Commando steps on the Dac Cong man and then sits on him and continuously pulls his arm. The other commando then comes up and shoots him with his pistol. Dac Cong- 0. " I found some intel, let's head back to camp." says the other commando. The 2 then walk off away...


Expert's Opinion[]

The Dac Cong was just too young. The Israeli Commandos were more experienced, and dominated in weapons and training.

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The Vietnamese Special Forces were given weapons they do not utilize.

Spec Ops Battle Royale (by Godess of Despair)[]

Army Rangers Green Green Green Green Green

Alfa Group Red Red Red Red Red

Shayeret Matkal Purple Purple Purple Purple Purple

French Naval Commandos Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue

Special Air Service Regiment Yellow Yellow Yellow Yellow Yellow

The Ranger sniper sits ontop of a building awaiting a target when his spotter points out Alfa group moving into the area. "Gamma this is bravo, we have armed targets moving into the town, orders?" his leader responds "No friendlies here besides us, take e'm out." The Ranger sniper aims his SR-25 carefully, and blasts a round into a Alfa group soldier. Red  The Ranger sniper fires a second shot, but misses and the Alfa group enters a building. Suddenly another sniper shot is fired, and the Ranger spotter's head explodes from the round. Green  The French operative pulled back his bolt when the Ranger sniper fires back, his round goes through the side of the scope and into the man's eye socket. Blue The Ranger quickly turns his attention to the French spotter, who grabs the FRF2 but is pelted with sniper rounds before he could lift the weapon. Blue The Ranger gets on his radio "Sir I have engaged several hostols, French and Russians, Jason is down and..." his sentence ends there when a shot fired from a Shayeret Matkal rams into his throat, silencing him. Green

Alfa group enters the building with caution. The man taking point suddenly falls victim to a burst of Galil fire. Red The rest of Alfa group light up the Shayeret with rounds and he falls down, blood pouring out of his body. Purple  Doors suddenly fling open and the Rangers burst into the room, SCARs in hand. Both teams get in cover, and both sides get into a firefight. 2 Rangers move to flank Alfa, but one member was flanking as well, and raised his Makarov faster then the SCAR, and put two rounds into the first Ranger's chest, but a burst of automatic fire killed the second. The Alfa member turned and his teamate merely smiled and the two continued to advance on the final Ranger.  Green Green  The Ranger popped out of his cover and fired 3 rounds of his Berretta at Afla, but  he missed all shots and was riddeled with bullets before he could fire another. Green Alfa group regrouped and advanced up stairs to the roof of the building. The shayeret sniper readied a glock and his spotter raised a galil. Suddenly a burst of sniper rounds hit the spotter. The shayeret sniper looked around confused and was dispatched equally fast by an Alfa group sniper. Purple Purple  Alfa group stormed the roof and upon seeing the dead, they ordered their sniper to relocate before he was spotted. Before relocating he scans the area once with his scope and spots the last Shayeret operative. He fired two rounds into the man's chest then began to move to a new location. Alfa group set up positions on the rooftop and awaited furthor orders from their captain.

The SASR team enter the town and catch the Alfa group sniper before he could get set up. Red SASR splits up in groups of 2 and 3. The frist team locates Alfa group's building. The Alfa group notices them as they set up their SR-25, and quickly gets in cover. The SASR operatives sigh and prepare to move when they spot the French and they quickly fire from their FAMAS, but the rounds never hit the sniper, and 2 of the French get mowed down with sniper fire. Blue Blue The last French operative fires his FRF2, hitting the SASR sniper's eye. Yellow  But a sudden burst of machinegun fire from a rooftop takes out the commando and the SASR. Blue Yellow Alfa group scans the horizon for the remaining targets and spot the last three SASR operatives entering their building. They quickly run down the stairs and fire their AN-94s at the SASR team. One burst hits a man's shoulder. Yellow The SASR team retaliates with their M4A1, several shots hit an Alfa group members head. Red The Alfa leader one last burst out of his AN-94 hitting nothing but the wall. He rolls into cover and draws his makarov, firing the first 4 rounds into an advancing SASR member. Yellow He fires the last 4 rounds at the SASR operative, however he doesn't hit the man and is forced back into cover by gunfire. He serches for another magazine when he sees the SASR's shadow coming closer to him. He jumps up, grabbing the SASR's M4. The two wrestled for control of the weapon. SASR head butted the Russian back, but he retaliated by kicking the rifle out of the man's hands. The SASR operative drew his pistol but the Russian had already closed the distence and punched him in the nose, breaking it. He shoved the man into a nearby crate, causing him to drop is usp. The Alfa member lifts the pistol and puts it to the man's throat. Yellow

Expert's Opinion[]

1st: Alfa group due to their sniper rifle being surpressed.

2nd:SASR due to their weapons lacking Alfa group's range.

3rd:French Naval Commandos due to their weak assault rifle, but accurate sniper.

4th:Shayeret Matkal due to their weapons only having slight ammo advantages over the Ranger equipment.

5th:Rangers due to their weapons being the worst out of the teams.

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Alpha Group was given weapons they do not utilize.

Battle vs. Irish Republican Army (by KevlarNinja)[]

(This first part I put to build up to the battle, so bear with me. Oh, and I just picked random Irish first and last names, so don't think I'm pointing fingers or anything...)

In a Irish pub, which has IRA meetings in the back room, five members of the IRA, Darren Moore (the owner of the pub), Shawn Kelly, Patrick King, Kevin Duffy, and Brian Power, are haveing a meeting. Darren, who is also there leader, is showing a map he got off the Black Market of a base in Israel, which he plans for them to steal from. As he finishes describing his plan, he asks if there are any questions. The rest of the rebels eye each other with unease. Finally, Brian asks "It's a good plan, but is it right? I mean, the Jewish have been thought enough without us coming in and stealing from them." Darren explains "I know, I know, but this is a one time only thing. And, not only will we have lots of new weapons, but the British might take us seriously." "OK." answers Patrick. They all raise there fists in the air and shout "FOR IRELAND!" As they leave the room for some Guinness, we zoom out to a room in Israel, were agents from MOSSAD (Israel's version of the CIA) have heard the whole thing via a bug in the wall of the pub. One agent says "I told you the IRA were up to something." A second agent says "Ken, thank god for MI6. We better tell the base......"

(Here is the battle)

IRA: 12345

Israeli Commando: 12345

The IRA have made it to the base, and Kevin is hacking into the security from a laptop, well the rest of them guard from the outside. It's so far been easy, too easy. From a room not to far from the laptop room, five Commandos are watching from a hidden camera. There the only other people in the base except for the IRA, for safety. The squad's explosive expert is waiting for him to almost break in. Suddenly, the explosives expert (who is a internet fan) presses a butten, which makes the words 'EPIC FAIL' apper in red on the screen, which shocks Kevin before the explosives expert sets off the Semtex in the laptop.

IRA: 1234

Hearing the explosion and seeing Kevin's severed head roll out of the room, they find out why it was so easy; it was a trap! As they run for safety, the Commandos run out of the room, and Patrick shoots the explosives expert in the head with his Browning Hi-Power.

Israeli Commando: 1234

The two teams split up. The Commando Leader shoots Brian with his Micro Galil.

IRA: 123

Meanwhile, across the base, a Commando and Darren fire back and forth. The Commando goes into an elevator, but Darren throws a pipe bomb into the elevator, killing the Commando.

Israeli Commando: 123

Another Commando tries to kill him, but he hits him in the left eye with a slingshot.

Israeli Commando: 12

Back across the base, the second Commando backing up the Commando leader kills Patrick with his Glock 19.

IRA: 12

The two Commandos soon run into Darren and Shawn. Shawn kills the other Commando with his AR-15.

Israeli Commando: 1

The Commando leader shoots Shawn with his Glock.

IRA: 1

Darren trys to take the leader's life, but, with all his planing, Darren did not count on one thing: Krav-Maga. The leader kicks Darren in bettween his legs, and as he falls to the floor, muttering in pain something that ends in "-nker", the leader stabs him in the head with his KA-BAR.

IRA: 0

The Leader holds up his bloodly knife in the air and shouts "FOR ISRAEL!!!!".

Winner: Israeli Commando

Expert's Opinion[]

This was a rather easy win for the Commandos, as this was basically special forces versus terrorists, and in almost all cases, the former has beaten the latter.

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Battle was declared unfair due to the vast differences in experience, training, and logistics.