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Battles here were deemed to be unfair or otherwise not in accordance with wiki standards, and have been removed from the statuses of the warriors and displayed below.

Battle vs. Voldemort (by Death'sapprentice77)[]

Saruman is walking through the courts of Orthanc, all of a sudden a bolt of green energy surges past his head he turns and sees Voldemort his wand raised for battle. Saruman retaliates hurling a bolt of lightning at Voldemort who apparates away from it and reappears near the wizard and casts Crucio on him. Saruman screams and falls to the ground, writhing in pain. The Dark Lord lifts the curse and prepares another spell but Saruman trips Voldemort with his staff and begins viscously beating him with it.

Before he can suffer any more damage Voldemort apparates again a bit further from him. Saruman throws a Fireball at him but Voldemort apparates away and the projectile hits the ground and explodes. He reappears with Nagini and hisses to the snake in parseltounge and Nagini slithers into a nearby brush. Once again Voldemort casts Avada Kedavra. Thinking fast Saruman fires a bolt of lightning hitting the green bolt causing an explosion. Saruman hears hissing and finds that Nagini has slither up next to him ready to bite. Saruman throws the snake with telekinesis and fires a burst of lightning at the snake, frying it.

The wizard is caught off guard as Voldemort had appeared next to him and had cast Crucio on him. The dark lord lifts the spell and apparates away not to repeat the first time. He attempts again to cast Avada Kedavra but he is interrupted by Saruman's telekinesis and is pulled across the ground. Saruman spins his opponent around rapidly and then hurls upward. As Voldemort comes down Saruman speeds up the fall and causes the Dark Lord to land head first with a sickening crush. He then allows his Uruk-Hai to dine on his dead opponent.

Expert's Opinion[]


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The battle was declared invalid for nerfing Voldemort and Saruman's magic.

Battle vs. Anders (by Greenberet69)[]

Anders is walking in Middle-Earth still on the run from the Templars and with the war between Middle-Earth and Thedas he doesn't expect the Templars to think that he is in Middle-Earth. He is walking when he soon notices a strange dark tower in the distance and decides to check it out. Unknown to him the tower is the Tower of Orthanc and inside the Tower is Saruman. Saruman walks onto the balcony and stares off into the distance and soon spots Anders. He walks out of the tower and walks down his path and Anders soon enters Isengard or whats left off it since the ents destroyed Isengard. Anders sees Saruman and sees his staff and thinks that he could be a mage from the Circle sent by the Templars and gets his staff Freedom's Call ready. Saruman is walking towards him and sees him prepare for battle and so thinking that this will be a quick and easy battle he casts his Fireball spell at Anders. Anders casts Winter's Grasp but the Fireball is to much and easiy disintergrates the spell and Anders is barely able to dodge it. Saruman surprised that he is stil alive is about to cast another Fireball spell but Anders reacts first and casts the Stonefist spell which hits Saruman at full force sending him flying back. Saruman gets up in anger and casts his Telekinesis spell and throws Anders against a some wooden rubble which comes crashing down on him. Saruman moves in to see if his foe is dead and just then Anders crawls out and so Saruman again casts Telekinesis picks him up and tosses him at the Tower. Anders hits the Tower at full force and hurts his back but is able to recover and then casts Winter's Grasp at Saruman. The spell hits Saruman and because off the water he feet freeze up and he is unable to move. Anders then casts Stonefist and once again Saruman gets knocked back but the force frees him from the frozen water. He gets out from under the unfrozen water spitting out the dirty water and casts Lightning Strike but Anders reacts quickly and casts the Chain Reaction Lightning spell and both spells get in a deadlock. Both Mages start moving towards each other trying to strengthen their spell but as soon as they get really close Saruman disengages and casts the Wizard Blast Spell sending Anders flying back at the steps of Orthanc. As he is lying there trying to recover he notices a barrel of oil and casts the Stonefist spell knocking it over and making the oil enter the water. Saruman is puzzled at why he did that and soon Anders stands back up and casts the Firestorm spell and before Saruman knows it the oil in the water gets lighten up with flames and sees that he is standin in a puddle of oil and as soon as the flames reach him he is lighten up in flames and yells in pain. In 5 minutes Saruman burns to death and falls into the oil water. Anders casts the Winter's grasp and makes a bridge out of the frozen water and leaves Orthanc to find somewhere else to hide from the Templars.

Winner: Anders

Expert's Opinion[]

Anders won because of his better spells, and because of him having more combat experience then Saruman.

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Battle was declared invalid due to nerfing Anders' spells.