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He has a mind of metal and wheels; and he does not care for growing things, except as far as they serve him for the moment. And now it is clear that he is a black traitor.
— Treebeard on Saruman

Saruman the White, also known as Sharku, Curumo and many other names, was a powerful Istari wizard who lived in Middle-Earth during the Third Age, taking a notable role in the War of the Ring. Originally he was known as Saruman the Wise, and was one of the most trusted of Middle-Earth's Istari, but he became swayed by the power offered by the One Ring, and became one of Sauron's most powerful allies, though he secretly plotted to betray his new master and take the power of the Ring for himself.

Saruman's persuasive presence and cunning intellect allowed Saruman to poison the minds of his enemies and deceive those around him to hide his vile plans. In secret, Saruman was able to transform his home of Isengard into a massive industrial center and create an army of Orcs and Uruk-Hai to challenge the armies of Man, taking them by complete surprise. So great was this illusion, even his old friend Gandalf was unable to discover the truth behind Saruman's intentions until it was too late to stop him.

While his armies and technology were powerful, in the end his ambition was too great and his plans destined to fail. After his forces invaded the lands of Rohan, and were defeated at the Battle of Helm's Deep, he was left nearly defenseless against the unpredictable attack of the Ents, angered by his industrial cruelty, and he was left powerless. After being confronted by the Fellowship, and removed from his position, he fled, becoming known as Sharku and leading an army of Ruffians to invade and raze the Hobbit's home, The Shire. He was defeated and finally killed when the four Hobbits of the Fellowship- Frodo, Sam, Pippen and Merry, returned home and rallied their people to take back their home, ending with his longtime servant Wormtounge stabbing him to death with his dagger.

Battle vs. Count Dooku (Canon) (by Jon memeing)[]

There was excitement in the air as Count Dooku stood in the center of Isengard, in front of the castle of Saruman the White. In a booming voice, he commanded the wizard, “Open this fortress in the name of the Confederacy!”

Saruman came out into the balcony and laughed, “On whose permission?!”

Count Dooku replied, “Of my own and nothing more…”

The wizard then raised his hands and chanted. A large lightning bolt struck the area where Count Dooku stood. The ensuing blast threw the Sith away. Although hurt and a bit bruised, Count Dooku felt only annoyance from this act of resistance. He got up, dusted off his cape, and leapt to the balcony where Saruman stood.

Backing away and preparing his staff, Saruman said, “So you have chosen… death!”

Count Dooku struck the wizard with lightning, but Saruman blocked it with a forcefield. Saruman used telekinesis to throw a large debris towards Count Dooku but the sith sliced it in two with his lightsaber. He then charged and attempted to slash Saruman, but the latter struck him with powerful energy that threw him into a wall. The wizard then fled.

The fight continued downstairs. Saruman attempted to blast Dooku again but this time, the Count anticipated it and force pushed Saruman away. Grunting, Saruman got up quickly and swiped at Dooku with his staff, but the Count blocked his attack. The two went back and forth in melee before the sith’s saber scored true, searing off Saruman’s shoulder.

Yelling in pain, Saruman sent forth a flames that engulfed Count Dooku. The sith, thought burned and smoking, retaliated quickly with a choke. As Saruman was raised into the air, with a yank, Dooku forced the staff away from the wizard’s hand. He then brought Saruman towards him before finally beheading the wizard with his lightsaber.

As Saruman’s remains fell, Count Dooku fixed himself and called for his army to come forth. They now had a new fortress that they could use.

Winner: Count Dooku

Expert's Opinion[]

Count Dooku won because of his more dangerous and straightforward powers and weapons. Saruman, while experienced and equally powerful, has one glaring weakness and that is the loss of his staff, which Count Dooku can exploit to his advantage.

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